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homemade apartment mixed wrestling young wife in lace leotard headlock her old husband

Update: 29.04.2016
Gallery W-403 "Old Ed's young wife"

Gallery size: 150 Full HD pictures

                         Mixed wrestling, 150 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Old pervert Ed and his young wife - apartment mixed wrestling!

Roselle, Ed's wife, says: "I wrestle with my husband sometimes for a fun, competitive foreplay. I am shorter than him by 3 inches and maybe 30lbs lighter but i always win. I have seen him with tears running down his face when i had him in various holds with my legs. He would just resist accepting defeat until he gets hurt or near passing out. One time he thought he had me while i was on my back, but my thighs were around his head. His face turned completly white and i asked him are you ok? you dont look ok. he just wouldn't give in. Then another time i had my legs around his body, he had tears running down his face because he wouldn't admit I was winning. Thankfully i did not break his ribs! I just dont understand the stupid male ego. you were in pain, you lost, just admit it!!"

Old pervert Ed says: "I personally saw a picture in a magazine when I was about twelve, that featured a couple of very attractive women in swimsuits wrestling in a very sensual and aggressive way. The picture really resonated with me and I did everything I could to find a female wrestler. I love girls to defeat guys in wrestling and I was glad to know my young wife as skilled wrestler. I found out my wife was stronger than me one evening. I had been out a little later than usual and had missed a dinner date with my in laws. when I got home she was not really happy with me at all. She is a little taller and she had been working out for a while and had built up some strong arms and a six pack. I am thin and not really very strong. She was waiting for me at the door and grabbed me as I came in. She marched me over to the couch and pushed me roughly onto it. She said that it was time she taught me a lesson. She was wearing a leotard and I could see her arms and they looked pretty big. I couldn't do anything to stop her as she pulled me across her lap. I was spanked for a while and was helpless across her knees. She stopped as I whimpered I was sorry. She wasn't done yet thought she dragged me onto the carpet and began to wrestle me. I had no resistance at all as she put me in holds I couldn't escape. For a half hour she dominated me and told me how much she was enjoying it. I kept repeating that I was sorry but it didn't help. She pulled me to my feet and got me in a bearhug. I lay in her arms about ready to pass out. She dumped me on the carpet and pinned me. I lay their underneath her and said I would never disobey her again. She smiled and said I know you want and made her biceps pop out and put my hands on them. She is the boss!!!"

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