Armed girls vs guys - sexy killers!

Fantasy mixed fight: cruel Sofia armed with a whip against unarmed Spanish fighter Juan. 45 pictures 1280*1024 32-bit colour. No nudity, some blood exists.
Women who are given testosterone supplements not only reveal increased sex drive, but also more aggressiveness, greater willingness to start fights, and less aversion toward taking risks. But even without such supplementation, many women prefer taking on the role of superior. Women experience a power in knowing that they’re erotically cherished and adored the object of a man’s strongest craving. Male is so enamored of a woman that he’ll do anything to satisfy her, if he is enslaved by her beauty. Power of the heroine to erotically ensnare the man through his overwhelming desire for her. Woman may put man in a submissive position and define the terms of her domination. Sofia wearing a lycra leotard cut high over her hips and clinging to her body like a second skin with jutting nipples on small mounds, she is sure Juan would be agreed to have a cage fight with her rules. Juan was sure he is stronger than any woman but Sofia really knows how to use her deadly whip.
Sofia says: "ALL women like to control men and inflict pain. The whip is actually an symbol of a female power. The sexiness of a beautiful female body combined with a flexible whip, might be very painful. I stared at the mirror in my vanity table. Placing a dark leotard on and slipping high-heeled boots onto my feet I smiled provocatively. The dark makeup in my eyes was as much alluring and provocative as it was bloodcurdling. Picking up my red lipstick I played it against my soft lips and smiled at the mirror. My light ponytail cascaded down my back and I could see why Juan would be agreed with MY rules of fight. He obviously finds fighting a leotard clad girl very stimulating. But losing to me would invoke him to erupt in submissive admiration of my superiority!"
Juan says: "Sofia and I have experimented with whip. I have been attacked a little and I was floored. It was interesting for both of us. Now I know how dangerous can be a woman armed with whip. It was very humbling for me to discover slim girl could floor me so easily!".
her deadly whip Sword fight femdom ballbusting assassin killer woman fighter female warrior Spy girl infiltration High heels for his balls!
Young 18 y.o. princess against her brother of same age – fighting for the inheritance of dead king! I wonder if the looser, possibly the brother becomes a slave for the young princess who has taken all.
Princess says: "Why would a girl want to fight a boy? She gets a feeling of her superiority from beating up a boy. That's why women or actually girls at a young age should be taught martial arts and strength training. The girls must be strengthened to match or even exceed average men and learn deadly fighting techniques that would support female superiority. That morning when our father died I've jumped from my bed, put my boots on and quickly runned to my brother's bedroom. I decided to seize a throne because I'm stronger than my brother, our kingdom needs for strong monarch! I tried to kick him in the balls but he was ready and we started to fight. I had no time to defeat him and asked him to stop a fight. When he did, I've told him let's kiss each other and my brother went to go give me a kiss, when he hugged me I lifted my knee up and hit him right in the crotch. Needless to say, he fell to his knees. It was the best of my ways to hit a boy in the balls is by knee. If this is a dating issue, I would pretend to be about to kiss him or hug him and then knee him. I also use the stomping ballbust technique and step on his foot and then knee him and sit on him so he gets a boner which hurts him more. To take him by surprise, give him a front wedgie which will hurt his balls and if he wears boxers will hurt more. So, my brother was in pain on the floor, I've jumped to wall and got a sword, being ready to force him to accept my superiority!".
Prince says: "My sister always hated me. Year ago she asked me what it felt like to get hit in the nuts, so I told her and she didn't believe me. So she knees me as hard as possible in the crotch without any warning, and I fall strait on the ground and start rolling around in pain. She then begins to laugh and make rude remarks about females being a higher race and being stronger. When our father died she entered my bedroom looking seductive yet dangerous in her leotard. I knew, she uses her sex appeal and her intelligence to manipulate men into helping her get ahead, or feel good about herself. I've just got up when she jumped closer to me and tried to kick me in the groin. Me and my sister were fighting and she said lets stop fighting and make out and I said ok so we kissed and she kneed my nuts pretty soft I was still standing and she was pretty surprised so after a minute she kicked my nuts as hard as she can I couldn't breathe for a whole minute! She grabbed a sword from wall and shouted let's have a real fight for crown! I was forced to take another sword and defend myself. It was my mistake to get her closer in fight, she grabbed my balls and squeezed them so hard that I yanked for about 30 seconds after a contest. I felt on ground. the pain was very much. I rolled over in pain and crying and she giggling and said "I'm stronger and now I'm the Queen!".
Edith, a young cadet of police academy was on assignment of her first mission in arresting a pervert who has raped women. Looks like, this mission is not so simple as the pervert had experience in martial arts to help him overpower and rape women!
Can Girls beat up Guys? The average man is only so strong and most women can exceed that average with strength training. As far as beating a guy up, fighting skill is number one and a girl can take down a bigger man with good fighting skills. A small girl black belt in martial arts for example can be more deadly that a big brute man. Just look at this action: young sexy 18 y.o. female spy entering to secured building. Now she must destroy two male guardians!
Steel rapier and ballet boots with high heels - this female dancer looks sexy and deadly, just one wrong step and her male opponent has a great damage of his groin!
The tall blonde swordsgirl opposed to him was dressed in a black leather leotard with long black latex gloves and thigh high boots. She lunged at him with her rapier at a startling speed. They fought a duel and she drove her sharpen high heel through his groin. Finally towering over his naked body in her black leotard and leather stiletto boots, girl gives him a wicked look. She announces she's going to pierce his balls.
That's an armed sparring - fight to first blood! Young sexy skilled girl armed with epee against strong muscle powerful barbarian male armed with heavy battle axe. They was agreed to fight to first blood, but don't wait that blood just from their weapons. This fight can have an unexpected finish!