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military sparring ballbusting army female domination fighting

Update: 13.04.2018

W-513 "Cadet vs Sergeant"

Gallery size: 220 Full HD pictures

Mixed fighting freestyle, 220 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Over the last fifty years or so women have come a long way in empowering themselves to pass the equality line where we now see women surpassing men in many skills. Women have continued to climb above men in all aspects of their lives, especially within the physical attributes of a women who have now become better and even stronger as they override men to lead and rule. In sport women are winning against men in many ways, especially in wrestling, boxing and martial arts. Young and petite women who excel in self-defence against men using other martial arts skills were being noticed by female military officers. Female officers were very quick to encourage girls who were deemed exceptional in self-defence to enrol and learn different types of hand to hand combat rolls. This type of training that were very much suited in defeating men in new hand to hand combat seniarios. Most of these young women accepted the challenge as their pay was put up much higher when compared with their male counterparts. Once the girls have passed medical and physical tests they are accepted and enrolled into the army. They are then sent to specialized military bases for further training in secret hand to hand combat skills. The girls main purpose once they have passed all their training skills are basically to fight and kill men by hand to hand combat during an ambush against men. The girls became highly skilled in a variety of martial arts tactics that they would use against an enemy of male soldiers. One of the best highly skilled young ladies called Karen was sent to Camp Zebra that was situated on a small tropical island near the Fiji Islands in the pacific. She had now been training there for just three months under the watchful eye of the drill sergeant who they named Brutish. The drill sergeant who sometimes had his own agenda with girl trainees that he had tricked to be alone with him. The girls were well look after and their dormitory contained thirty girls and ten black male slaves, who had to be completely nude always. The slaves were locked up at night in a large cage which was surrounded by bars, so the girls could see and make jokes of their nightly erections. The slaves of course always felt weak in front of the girls when displaying their nude male bodies. This helped the young women overcome their shyness when seeing the weakest parts of a male, his genitals that flopped and bounced as if it were a show. The girls often used a soft whip for amusement as they cracked the whip to contact his dangling balls. The girls laughed and giggled as they found it funny to hear him yelp and jump. As the girls became more dominant they would gang up on one of the slaves and practice kicking, especially at the male slave’s balls, as they just loved to see him fold up his body and grip his hands around his genitals. As he falls to his knees he would often bend forward until his head had eventually hit the floor. All slaves in the camp attended to the girls needs in cooking, cleaning, washing clothes and even making the beds so the girls were very happy in the quarters. Brutish the drill sergeant was also an expert in most martial art moves and was responsible for training in drill procedures such as precision marching and parade procedures. Karen belong to this group of fifteen girls as the other half were being trained by a different drill Sargent. In Karen’s group they had Brutish, a mean and sarcastic man who was the drill Sargent who always picked on weaker girls in the group to make fun of her. He often molested these girls by pulling at their leotards from around their crutches just for a bit of fun.  But this time Brutish had made a big mistake in picking on Karen, as Karen was already planning that one day she would have a chance to beat him up using her specialised skills. It was after the last training lesson that practiced marching with heavy rifles and hand weapons. Brutish called Karen aside when the practice march was completed and dismissed all the other girls. Karen had already been assaulted by Brutish during the morning and she was becoming scared, even though she was well trained in martial arts she still felt the fear. It was a relief to Karen that Brutish just wanted her alone to help him sort out some paper work for the equipment. Brutish loves to talk about his battle endeavours and he always kept expressing how good he was in fighting. They were finished in less than an hour and Brutish dismissed Karen to return to her dormitory. As Karen walked back she knew that she had already make up her mind that she would give him the beating of his life. She decided that now was the time and she would return to beat him into pulp in about ten minutes time. Karen knew exactly what to do, firstly she rounded up five of the nude male slaves and told them to immediately assemble at the training shed in front of the fence of the drill parade. The nude male slaves always obeyed orders from the girls very smartly, and if not, they would expect to have red and swollen balls hanging heavily between their thighs for at least a week. The slaves Immediately left, and Karen went to her chest of draws beside her bed and pulled the bottom draw open. Reaching in towards the back she pulled out a brand-new pair of stretchy and tight-fitting army issue leotards. The leotard fitted her like a glove that showed every lump on her sexy body. It was a real turn on as the straps on her shoulders were a little long leaving the skin on the top part of her breasts partially exposed from the army colour material. Karen waved at the girls as she walked out the front door and planned her moves in how to defeat Brutish.


She had already re brushed her hair into a neat sexy looking pony tail and she also had no shoes or sandals, just her bare feet with a stretchy sexy leotard clinging tightly to her body. Her hair, brushed back with the neat pony tail that whirled about her head as she ran showed strong femininity expressing her strength with strong girl power. Brutish the drill sergeant had taken his shirt off leaving his trousers and boots intact and he had just finished putting away some training equipment when five nude male slaves arrived and assembled along the fence. Before he could ask the nude slaves why they were there, he suddenly saw Karen walking up through the gate further down. Brutish mouthed some foul words and straightened his back to look tall as he was putting a mean and angry look on his face. Brutish, the all-powerful alpha male sergeant put his hands behind his back to look at ease while waiting for Karen to walk up and face him. When she arrives, she walks very close to him as they stare down at each other, with both looking very determined. Karen takes a few steps back and gets into a fighting pose hoping to try and scare him, while Brutish the sergeant keeps his hands behind his back and holds the look of amusement which was becoming difficult. Karen just keeps walking around him, looking sexy and powerful as she poses her body in different attack positions. Brutish begins to feel uneasy as Karen appears to be very confident as she moves her body quickly at times that makes her blonde ponytail swing from side to side from her head causing Brutish to be distracted by her show of sexy strength. Brutish waits for her to attack as he feels he is becoming aroused by her acting in this way. Suddenly she comes at him swinging her legs up into high kicks, but he quickly blocks everything with one hand and kicks her in the lower stomach, very hard. She is in terrible pain, but she regroups her senses quickly and attacks Brutish again. He looks a little bored as he blocks all her kicks, but Karen manages to kick him across the face while he was not expecting it. Brutish stumbles back and looks at her with wide surprised eyes. Karen is now smirking at him and with each following kick that hits him she smiles broadly with glee. Now Brutish begins to take it seriously by getting into his own fighting stance as they both face off once again. This time Brutish is more carful and determined as he users all the skill he can muster. The fight continues, and it becomes an even and slow fight between two skills opponents with lots of blocking and dodging. Both get a few light hits in, but not enough to drop their apposing attackers. Then Karen gets smart and hits Brutish with a few rapid kicks to his face, stunning him. Brutish backs up to recover and is quite surprised that she has hit him so hard and fast. Brutish gets back into a fighting stance and he is now full of hostile anger and wants to kill her. Brutish attacks her, but this time it is Karen that blocks everything and with her speed as a supreme woman she manages to kick back at him to hit him around his head and legs. Brutish can not ward off the blows and he tire. Karen changes her tactics and starts to kick her boots towards the cloth shape bulge of his genitals which are clearly bulging in the crutch of his pants. Karen keeps kicking Brutish repeatedly and eventually she manages to get some light kicks into his balls. Karen could hear the naked male slaves groan each time they heard the resounding noise of a kick whacking into Brutish private’s causing the naked male slaves to become aroused and embarrassed. With repeated ball strikes with her feet, Karen could see that Brutish was beginning to feel exhausted from the sheering pain of repeated kicks to his balls. After a little while, Karen started to laugh and toy with him as she knows now that she is going to win this fight against Brutish. Karen wants to keep it slow, so Brutish will suffer slowly and keep the fight running to take more time in ending. Brutish is now starting to look as though he is a drunk, as though he is tripping over his feet. Karen now starts to own him in degrading ways by kicking at his balls and arse when he is down making it an amusing sight for the girls. Brutish bends and buckles his body in pain and falls over on to the ground after another successful ball kick. Karen still does not leave his balls alone as this time she uses her hands to try and pull his balls out through the fly of his pants as a joke for the girls. Brutish is unable to get up off the ground, so Karen reaches down between his legs and gives his balls some hard punches just for a little more fun to make Brutish squeals and squirm.  Karen hears a man moaning near the fence and she looks up and notices that three of the male slaves are snow sporting very solid and upright erections. Karen laughs about the supreme female power that women can use when fighting males, especially the magic within the female sex to arouse males so they become weaker in a fight. The end of the fight is now very close as Brutish is just managing to stand up and is still bent over with his hands across his groin trying to protect his bruised and battered balls. He looks terrified as she changes tactics and kicks her heel into his face again and again. She starts to punch and kick at the same time as if though he was a punching bag for her to enjoy. He stays standing up, right where he is, upright as if glued to the ground and was not even trying to block her. She stops for a second and looks into his terrified eyes and then Karen gives him one last punch that is a very strong and makes Brutish spin around like a top and he stops with his back is to her. His legs are apart as if to keep his balance and Karen reaches in between his legs from the back and grabs the shape of his bulge sagging low in the crutch of his pants. This time she has a very hard grip on of the bulge and she could feel the internal slippery organs within the bulge slide around in his ball sack as she pulls and twists his balls violently. He screams as she lifts him up by her other strong arm and twist his balls even more as she throws him across her back with one hand holding his groin and the other squeezing his throat. Brutish crashes to the ground like a rag doll and stares straight up at the darking sky. Brutish appears to have passed out and Karen wastes no time in placing her foot hard into his groin as she waves and cheers to the girls in the shed. Brutish weakly raises his head to look at her, barely conscious he still shows fear of her as he trembles and shakes. Karen laughs as she eases the pressure for a second, then she winks at him as she shoves her boot hard down on to his bulge. Brutish gasps and his body quivers as his legs spasm, jumping off the ground and holding for a second or two as the pain between his legs kicks in. His legs crash back to the ground and his head slowly slumps back into the dirt and his eyes close. Suddenly Karen notices the girls looking out the shed window holding what looked like camera’s. Yes, they are cameras, she thought as the cameras began to flash from the window. Karen looks hard at the window and sees her girl class mates screaming as they excitedly vacant the shed. All the girls except for Karen were told by the remaining slaves that Karen had come up to fight and pay back Brutish for his acts of sexually molesting girls. Karen had already notice the girls sneaking into the shed just after the fight had started and she felt thrilled for their female support. Karen felt a strong confidence in the punishment being dished out by her to a horrible man who thought he could beat Karen in a no holds barred fight. The fight had ended with Brutish laying on his back in the grubby dirt. As Karen circled Brutish with her arms help up in a victory stance she knew that she was not finished with him yet. First, she gave his groin some hard blows with her foot as she kept waving and walking. Laughing loudly Karen now jumped on him to sit astride of his neck and punch her fists into his face many times. She then bounces on her way backwards over his body and stops astride of his stomach, where she bounced heavily up and down on his stomach while cheering and flexing her arm muscles above her shoulders in celebrating her female victory over the male. Then she stood up and immediately jumped upon him with her knees folded so she would land on his stomach driving her knee caps into his stomach extremely hard. Karen then moved and straddled her knees over his chest and out to his shoulders to hold down his arms. While he was held very firmly, Karen would punch hard into his face without Brutish being able to defend himself. Once Brutish had a black and purple face Karen started to laugh and laugh. Karen again stood up again and instead of attacking him further she ridiculed and tormented him verbally in front of the girls who also cheered, clapped and laughed. Karen was starting to run short of options, so she decided to thump her foot into one side of his face to twist his head sideways and pushed into the ground. Brutish regained conscious came to at that moment and all he could hear was Karen laughing as she pointing to the five slaves who were sporting very hard erections. Brutish had no other choice but watch in the direction of his head that was being held down. As he watched he was aware of tingling sensations in his groin as he could see that the slaves were trying to control their own erections but were unable to. Brutish was still laying in the dirt and moving a little as he started to recover further. The nude male slaves were still sporting large wobbling erections as they moved about as though in shame. Five or six girls then gave orders to the male slaves that they were to go back to their normal duties. As the male slaves marched their hard cocks seemed to wave a message of surrender in a mast of defeat portraying the males flag of surrender to a female. The fight was now completely over without any requests for a rematch.  Brutish resigned two days later and is now working in a female clothing factory. He is now very scared of women and has no faith in his high level of self-defence, so the women staff have a great time as they ridicule and tease him to cause some groin swelling. Karen gets a promotion with honours and she becomes responsible for choosing a new male sergeant to replace Brutish. Karen makes her own choice knowing that the new sergeant is shy and reserved so the girls just love to overpower him as strength testing between the sexes. As incredible it may seem, Brutish seems to love being overpowered by the opposite sex, so they love him even more, so much so that they can’t wait to learn more of the difficult steps in marching. The new sergeant has submissive tendencies which the girls love and for the return they honour him by doing their absolute best in learning. The girls are always very obedient to the new sergeant which is all part of honouring his submission and knowing he is the weaker sex. He receives a prize for being the best teacher in parade marching and an award from the camps female officers in being the best loved sergeant ever.

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