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Update: 11.02.2022        W-715 "Titles on the line"

Mixed wrestling, 370 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

This is going to be a night of title matches. In truth, there will be only two title matches. However, both a huge fan draws. The arena is full to capacity. 11,000 fans fill the seats. In several dressing rooms wrestlers are preparing for their matches. First up will be a match for the middle-weight championship. It will feature The current reigning champion Demon Fierce. Demon has been the champion for almost 4 years and this will be his 17th title defiance. 

His opponent for this title match will be Allison Regal. She will be making her 3rd attempt at winning the world title. In her first two title matches, the champion has pinned her once and forced a submission from her once. The reason for this match tonight is that Allison has once again climbed to the top contender. 

Allison is first in the ring. She is a strikingly beautiful woman. Blond hair, blue eyes and a great body. She enters the ring wearing a thong cut shiny white leotard. She wears that over shiny black pantyhose and white boots. As for Demon, he wears a shiny black wet look thong and black boots. And for this match his gold World Title Belt. 

The match is just about to start. Demon waves to the crowd, he then removes his gold world title belt. He holds the belt over his head as the crowd cheers. Then the bell rings to start the match. Demon is very quickly out of his corner. Allison also exits he corner quickly. As she approaches Demon he is ready for her. BAM!!!! His fore-arm slams into Allison’s chest very hard. The gorgeous challenger staggers back a few steps and drops to the mat on her back. Not wanting to waist a golden opportunity Demon standing over his fallen opponent stomps her several times.  

He then drops to the mat and locks a SCISSORS on her. Trapped between Demon’s powerful legs Allison screams out in pain. OOOOOOHH!!!! Her face contorts as she is squeezed tightly. Allison is stretched out on the mat taking punishment from the world champion. She covers her face with her hands as Demon pressures her with the scissors. 

Next he moves from the scissors to a crippling leg lock. The onslaught continues as Demon moves from one leg to the other. Over the next ten minutes, he displays his vast knowledge holds. Demon moves from one hold to the next one flawlessly. 

Allison is in desperate condition. The pain begins just below her breasts and continues down to below her knees. She is having trouble both walking and breathing. On her feet she staggers toward her corner. Reaching out she grabs the top rope for support. Demon follows her into the corner and begins to pound her with both hands. Allison desperately tries to cover up, but many of Demon’s punches are finding the mark. 

At this point Allison needs to sink or swim, she must fight back. With the punches still flying at her, she decades to fight. She stops trying to block Demon’s punches and start throwing her own. Almost instantly it turns into a good decision. 

Her very first punch slams into Demon’s jaw. The champion is surpassingly stunned by the punch. His hands sag down to his sides. This is the opening that Allison needs. Her next punch lands hard on the opposite side of her male opponents face. It too stuns the male wrestler. After this Allison opens up with everything she has. Punch after punch slams into the champions head and body. Now it’s the world champion desperately trying to cover up and block her punches. 

Without the ropes to lean against Demon staggers backward into the center of the ring. He has been badly hurt by Allison’s punches. This is only the beginning for the popular male champion. Allison is quickly out of the corner and after Demon. She picks up right were she left off, punching as hard as she can. 

Standing in the center of the ring there is no place for Demon to hide. Punches come at him faster than he can react. A hard left hook slams into his jaw. His head is twisted to his right. Then two explosive body punches slam into him. He grimaces as the punches crash into his mid-section. It is then that Allison lands her hardest punch of the match. It slams into Demon’s stomach. The champion grabs at his mid-section takes a step back and drops to the mat on his bottom. 

Acting very quickly Allison move toward him and delivers a SIDE KICK to Demon’s head. The world champion is now stretched out on the mat. He quickly begin struggling to get up. Allison quickly puts a stop to that as she gets behind him and locks a LEG SCISSORS on him. He pounds on her legs and tries to pry them apart. His face is contorted in pain as his mid-section is crushed by the scissors. 

Allison now moves smoothly between holds. She gets a LEG SPLIT on him. Again Demon’s face is a mask of pain. He grabs at his legs trying to pull them back together. It is no use, he just does not have the strength left to do it. Inch by inch, Allison spreads the champions legs farther and farther apart. The pain in his legs has caused the champion to fall backwards. He is now totally stretched out on the mat. 

The pain in his legs as well as between his legs is overwhelming. Demon covers his face with his hands so on one can see his tears. The ref sees that he is in very serious trouble, "Demon, have you had enough? Are you ready to submit? Has Allison defeated you?" There is silence from the male wrestler. He says nothing. However there are signs that he is very close to defeat. The most obvious is his huge DEFEAT BONER inside his shiny black thong. Again the ref tries, "Demon, you have to answer me!!! Are you done champ? Has she beaten you?" This time a very weak throated answer comes. "No-no I’m not beaten yet!! I won’t lose my title!!! I don’t submit to her!!!" 

Allison now has no choice, she has to continue to punish Demon. Scoping up his shiny black boots Allison tucks them under her arms and roll Demon over onto his stomach. She then bends down locking him into a BOSTON CRAB. 

The World Champion screams In pain. "Dear god my back my back!!!! OOOOOOOOUUU!!!!! She’s hurting me!!!! Oh god, she’s hurting me!!! At this point, Demon is just about bent in half. There seems to be no way he can stand this much pain for long. The fans think he must submit very soon. 

Those fans a absolutely correct, he can’t stand the pain for long. Allison soon has him screaming his surrender. "PLEASE- PLEASE!!! No more, I’m done!!!! Can’t take any more!!!" The ref quickly moves beside the trapped male wrestler. "Is that it Demon? Are you finished? Do you want to submit to Allison?" 

The now beaten champion’s answer comes almost instantly: 

"Yes-yes!!! I’m finished, she’s got me!!!! I submit, I submit!!!! Make her stop!!! Dear god, make her stop!!!! I give up!! I give up!! She’s beaten me!!! She wins!!!" 

That’s it, the match is over. Demon has been defeated. After 17 successful title defenses he has been beaten. Allison lifts him up off the mat and drops him on his back. A very sad sight, the now former world champion, lying on his back in the center of the ring he once commanded. 

Standing over him with the title belt now around her waist is the new World wrestling Champion Allison Regal. Demon struggles to his feet. He stands bent over holding his back. Slowly he makes his way to Allison and offers his hand. "You’ve defeated me. I wish you luck, you’re the champion now !!!!" That ends the first title match. 

It’s now time for the second title match. This will be a two out of three falls match for the World Junior Tag team Championship. Entering the ring first are the challengers. They are both 19 yrs old. Penny Burton and her partner Tracy Miller. Penny and Tracy come to the ring wearing bright yellow thong cut leotards, along with shiny tan pantyhose and shiny yellow boots. 

Now comes the World Champions. First is Todd Adams and his partner Jerry Orland. Toad is 19 yrs old and his partner Jerry is 18 yrs old. Jerry is the youngest champion in league history. They are undefeated and has held the title for just over 6 months. They enter the ring wearing black dotted pantyhose, shiny black thongs and shiny black boots. They also wear their most important item their shiny gold world title belts. 

With both teams in the ring the match can start. For the world champions 19 yr old Todd will start and for the challengers Penny will start. BONG!!!!! The match has begun. Both teenagers exit their corners and move toward each other. Before anyone can see, Penny uses her amazing speed, gets behind Todd and now has him locked into a HAMMER LOCK. 

Everyone in the arena is stunned by the speed of the young female wrestler. The person most stunned is her male opponent Todd, As he is trapped in her hammer lock. Not only is he learning about her speed, he is now learning about her power. He is trapped in the most painful HAMMER LOCK he as ever felt.

Not wanting to give his female opponent a clue as to how much she is hurting him, Todd is trying as hard as he can not to cry out. However, his soft whimpering under his breath is giving it away. As Penny continues with the HAMMER LOCK Todd grabs at his painful arm and shoulder. With lighting speed, she reaches across her body grabbing Todd’s other arm. 

Before the 19 yr old male wrestler can do anything, Penny has pulled his once free arm across his chest and up around his neck, using her over powering strength she pulls his arm tightly around his neck. At this point, Todd no longer cares about tipping off Penny how much pain he is in. Penny has Todd trapped in a crushing COBRA CLUTCH. 

"She’s got me!!!!! Dear god she’s got me. I can’t stand this pain!!! It hurts too much!!!! Oh god she’s got me!!!" At this point Todd’s knees buckle and he sinks to the mat. "Oh, oh she’s hurting me!!! OOOOOOUUU!!! Help me Jerry, please help me!!! Hearing his partner crying out for help, Jerry enters the ring trying to help. He manages to take several steps and BOOM!!!! The soles of Tracy’s boots explode against his chin. 

Tracy Miller, Penny’s 19 yr old partner has just landed and powerful DROP KICK right on 18 yr old Jerry Orland’s chin. Todd’s young partner is sent flying back toward his corner. He lands just inches away from where he entered the ring. Jerry will be of no help to his partner Todd. The youthful male wrestler has been knocked out. 

With Jerry stretched out on the mat, Todd is on his own now. Looking toward his corner Todd can see Jerry on his back unmoving. He can also see that Jerry now has a DEFEAT BONER between his legs. It is just like the one Todd now has between his legs. Doth of the male wrestlers have DEFEAT BONERS. 

"Oh jazzes, I can’t take any more!!! It hurts too much!!!! Let me go!!!! Please Penny, let me go!!!" Hearing Todd begging for mercy, the ref steps in. "what do you say Todd? You want to call it quits? Are you done son?" Todd waists no time is surrendering the fall to Penny. 

"YES-YES, I’m done!!!! I just can’t take any more!!! She’s got me!!!! I give up!!!! Please ref, get me out of this!!! She’s hurting me bad!!! I’m done!!! I SUBMIT!!!! I SUBMITTTTT!!" 

The bell begins to ring signaling the end of the first fall. In a strange turn of events, both male wrestlers are now stretched out on the mat. 19 yr old Todd lies face up on the mat moaning softly. And his tag team partner, is lying face up, just 5 feet away. One has just submitted the fall and one has been knocked out. 

Todd struggles to his feet and suddenly realizes that his 18 yr old tag team partner is lying on the mat unconscious. Todd goes to his partner and kneels beside him. "Jerry, jerry are you OK? Come on Jerry you have to wake up!!!! Please Jerry wake up!!!! I need you!!" After almost a minute the young male wrestler begins to come to. "Todd, what happened? Did you win the fall? What happened Todd?" Todd explains to jerry that they have lost the first fall. He tells his tag-team partner, that he Todd was forced to submit the fall to Penny. And that he, Jerry was knocked out when he tried to help Todd. 

Todd helps Jerry get to his feet and back to their corner. Both tag-team champions know they are is big trouble. All they need to do is look down at themselves. Both champions have DEFEAT BONERS in their thongs. Jerry exits the ring as Todd must start the fall. He quickly pulls up and smoothes out his black pantyhose and his thong. 

The bell sounds to start the second fall BONG!!! Todd leaves his corner and advances toward Penny. Before he can do anything, Penny has him in a FRONT HEAD LOCK Todd is bent over at the waist as she squeezes his head. It isn’t long before Todd is getting dizzy. Slowly his knees buckle and he sinks to the mat. From his corner Jerry shouts to him "Tag me Todd!!! You’ve got to tag me!!" 

Jerry is correct, Todd needs to tag out. He struggles to his feet and extends his arm toward his partner. He begins to drag Penny toward his corner. Penny knows she too must tag out as she is getting tired. She has no choice. She releases Todd and he races over to in Jerry. Penny returns to her corner and tags in Tracy. Now it will be Tracy Vs Jerry. 

Tracy and Jerry meet up in the center of the ring. Tracy extends her hands inviting Jerry to try a test of strength. Their fingers interlock and they begin. After only 3 seconds it is obvious that Jerry is no match for Tracy. The 18 yr old wrestlers face contorts in pain. Instantly his knees buckle and he is driven to the mat. 

From his corner, Todd shouts, "NO Jerry NO!!!! You have to get up!!!! Don’t let her submit you, don’t give up Jerry." No sooner has Todd finished than Jerry begins to rise off the mat. Todd is happy his words have motivated his young tag-team partner. Todd’s happiness turns to concern as he sees Jerry’s face. It is obvious that the 18 yr old male is in great pain. 

Tracy has turned his wrists over and is now forcing the young wrestler back to his feet. Jerry is now on the tip toes of his shiny black boots. His hands are at his waist as he tip toes around trying to ease the pain. It is then that Tracy disengages one of her hands, making a fist she drives it into Jerry’s mid-section as hard as she can. 

Jerry gasps in pain as the air rushes out of his lungs. He grabs at his stomach as he is doubled over. Now bent at his waist, Tracy locks on a FRONT HEAD LOCK. She spends the next several minutes weakening him. Then she suddenly lets him go. However before he can stand upright, Tracy leaps high in the air. She comes down landing an ELBOW SMASH to the back of his neck. Jerry drops instantly face first to the mat. 

Jerry is badly dazed. Tracy is on him quickly. She jumps on the back of his thighs. Reaching forward she grabs Jerry’s arms and pulls them up and back. Slowly she begins to rock back and forth. A few seconds later, she lifts Jerry off the mat. He goes up and over and right into a MEXICAN CEILING HOLD. This is the most painful hold in all of wrestling. On one escapes from this hold and Jerry is no different. 

Within a second or two, Jerry is screaming in pain. "My back, OMG my back. She’s going to cripple me!!!! PLEASE-PLEASE, let me go, let me go!!!! Tracy answers her male opponent. "How about it little boy. Have I got you? Are you ready to submit to me?" Jerry is almost breathless as he answers her. "Yes Yes, you’ve got me!!! It hurts too much. Please let me go!!" 

Turning to the ref Tracy says "Ask him ref. ask him if I have defeated him. See if he wants to submit to me?" The ref does ask Jerry if he wants to submit and has Tracy defeated him. It takes less that a few seconds for the trapped young male wrestlers to give his answer. 


For the next several seconds Tracy just holds Jerry in the ceiling hold. Tears well up in his eyes. He knows that this is the end of their championship. He remains with his back bent being arched over and with his manhood stiff and rock hard in his very first DEFEAT BONER. 

The ref moves in and tells Tracy to release Jerry. She drops him to the mat and he lands face up. He lies there with his hands covering his face as he cries. Todd quickly makes his way to were Jerry is lying. He kneels down beside his tag team partner. "Jerry, you Ok man? Can you get up?" Jerry says he can get up with some help. Todd helps pull Jerry to his feet. They make it back to their corner. Both teenage wrestlers stand in their corner. Neither does anything to hide their DEFEAT BONERS. They seem to be almost unaware of what is happening. 

Then the ref begins the announcement: 

"Wrestling fans, the winners of the match and now the new Tag-Team Champions, winning in two straight falls. Both by submission. Penny Burton and Tracy Miller!!!"

The ref puts the title belts around the waist of both Penny and Tracy. Both girls raise their arms in victory. The former champions Todd and Jerry stand in their corner almost in a trance. They just stand there with their rock hard DEFEAT BONERS, between their legs.

The announcement brings the former champions back to reality. Jerry looks at his partner Todd. "Did you hear that Todd, did you hear it? We lost, they beat us, you lost our titles." There is nothing Todd can say. Jerry is correct, they have been beaten. They have lost their titles. Todd puts his arm around Jerry’s shoulders and they exit the ring.

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