Ballbusting pictures - kick him!

Mixed kickboxing, 100 pictures 1920*1080 (FullHD). No nudity (but Joe dressed in very skimpy thong), no blood.
Kickboxing championship. Great audience, high rates. Betting on him would be a great mistake! However, it is good value for money showing the female kick boxer chasing the nude male around the ring. The female audience is amused to see his dangling balls flop and bounce as he runs, jumps and twists away from her mean legs that kick out towards his floppy balls. A lot of ballbusting in this gallery.
Edita wore a leotard and sturdy running shoes, obviously ready for a wrestling match. It was comfortable, her opponent would get erection looking at her body in leotard and this new outfit would keep her in control over him. Edita loved her leotard with high cut legs, it covered enough up- everything, with long sleeves, but her hands, legs, and feet - to feel comfortably, left enough uncovered for freedom of movement and practicality, and fit tightly enough to feel attractive and pretty. She wore a leotard, accentuating her slender, youthful figure and holding her small, firm breasts high on her chest. Her nipples, small and hard, interrupted the smoothness of the white fabric. The long sleeved leotard hugged every inch of her body, outlining her small but perfectly rounded breasts. The sexual tension has been building and now she's entering the ring in some really sexy workout clothes: A tight leotard, white kneepads, white boots. She teases Joe to get him aroused. Joe wondered whether it was due to the cold or her physical exertion and then realized he didn t care. He was just thankful to Edita that she was there for him to wrestle. As she turned in front of him, he could see the light beads of perspiration on her exposed chest and neck and found himself wondering how salty they would taste. A good front kick happens when this sexy girl jumps into ring and there is a guy waiting for her. Fast like lightning, she kicks him with her awesome sexy boots right in the Balls. "WHAM" down he dropped! She smiles. The thought and his growing erection caused him to miss the beat and he understood who will win this match!
John asked his sister Cathy to show some him how she would struggle if he were holding her pinned down on the floor. Unfortunately for him, she agreed! And John now shows Katherine how he struggles when she has him pinned by the balls. "Cathy, come on. Get off of me." John said to the beautiful girl sitting astride his chest. "What's wrong John, are you embarrassed about being beat up by a girl?" She asked sweetly as she clenched her thighs even harder against my arms and head. She had him trapped in a really humiliating position. He was on his back, with his arms stretched out above his head. His arms were pinned in this position by Cathy's thighs. She was sitting on his upper chest with her crotch just touching his chin. It was humiliating, but erotic too. His face was right in this gorgeous girl's crotch. "Come Cathy. Get off." he told her. He struggled under her, but she had him pinned pretty well. "Are you trying to tell me you don't like this?" She said. She held him there, helpless, with his face wedged in her crotch with my ears covered by her thighs, but he could still hear her laughter above him.
18 y.o. Sister and brother are home alone and should be doing their homework. An argument starts and as usual, the subject is about which sex is smarter, or stronger and able to overpower the opposite sex. The argument drifts to a new topic on the weakness of boys having balls. The argument continues until they decide to settle their dispute by fighting outside on the grass. Will the boy win by his brute force or will the girl win by using her feminine skills of defense by attacking his balls.
Short, but hot action. An attractive stripdancer wearing her transparent suit looks very sexually appealing to most men at the strip club. One of the male visitors attending the club just cannot help looking at her, probably trying to peer through her transparent suite. He starts to call her names and becomes aggressive towards her. She calmly responds and challenges him to a fight in the ring. Without answering, he undresses where seated and only leaves only his shorts on. He quickly skips over to the ring, and with two leaps, he lands into the ring. He wastes no time and attacks her immediately, but to his surprise, he ends up on the floor. He again attacks and she slips out of his way giving him a good view of her body through the transparent costume she is wearing. Now he has a real problem as her transparent suite is starting to arouse him and he is losing concentration in fighting her. Will she smile and laugh at him as his punches whistle through the air to miss her repeatedly. Will he managed to score a hit and win? Or will he just crumple to the ground exhausted by his aroused male weakness.
Michael says: "I think its kinda hot when a girl gets violent, its a REALLY big turn on to me when a girl shows a little bit of her aggressive side and she isn't afraid to show you that side".
Michael who is a young karate coach met Kim at a self-defense training lesson for girls. Kim, who is a slim and agile Japanese girl, has her black belt in karate and they talk about martial arts. Michael does not agree with Kim that girls can defend themselves against men even after completing the self-defense lessons. Kim offers Michael to prove he is right by fighting her in a no holds barred match. Who will be stronger in the fight, Girl or Boy?
This fight night was unlucky for George as the stadium was packed, and contained a large number of females in the audience. George was under the impression that all the girls he would fight would be a push over due to their female weakness, but Oh! It was a great mistake for him much to the delight of the female audience.
Any combat sport such as wrestling, boxing or fencing would create a distinct weakness on a nude male which he would constantly have to use effort and time to protect. I could go on, but in general a cfnm environment would cause embarrassment and unease in the male participants who would be aware of the eyes on their nude bodies and feel the need to be more careful of the bumping, flicking, pinching, slapping, and tugging that they would be exposed to. This would take away the aggressiveness and create submissive, defeatable foes. If the girl has also a significant martial knowledge/experience superiority she can beat easily her male opponent. She has her advantages over him, her speed and martial arts skills primarily, but what he does have is his stamina and ability to take pain. Brooke was stripped down to her provocative leotard and knockout boots. She was smart enough to provoke George and realise her advantages over him. Let her outfit make him horny, his nudity would be a key to her victory. Naked men are vulnerable and easy to take advantage of. It's time to face the truth about our female supremacy and kick them in the balls to teach them a lesson!
Brooke says: "My husband had the chance to take our CFNM boxing match serious like me, but he chose to goof around, taunt me, poke fun at me, until it was too late!".
George says: "I was defeated by my wife because she was dressed in her leotard, too sexy and turned me on so much. I had jusk a skimpy thong on, it's not fair! Well, girls wear leotards in mixed fights for a few different reasons. One is that they are very aerodynamic and comfortable to move in plus you don't have to worry about shirt flying up when girl flipping through the air. Also, like any other sports female fighters get sweaty and hot leotards and they only cover part of the body so girls can stay cool as they work out. Also a close fitting leotard allows the coaches and judges to see who the athlete is moving which is the basis for scoring in fights. But why do girls wear leotards in mixed fights while guys naked? Yes, the leotard prevents a girl body from being undressed. But if that female fighters need to wear leotards, then why do guys, who are doing essentially the same thing, wear nothing?".
In mixed wrestling where the battle of the sexes takes place, the girls are winning nearly all the fights. Unknown to men at this time the girls have discovered that their femininity holds a secret weapon to weaken the male by sexual arousal. The female is now becoming the stronger sex, often called the superior female. There is a well-known saying “Be aware of the female species for she is more deadly than the male”. Even though a male is mostly stronger physically than she is, but she has the ability to arouse and tease him until he becomes weaker and unable to coordinate his body movements. He becomes a looser and she becomes victories over the male. The other secret weapon, not very secret now is a physical skill for the female to attack the males groin to bring him down under her feet. She now stands upon the male’s body in a victory stance. The female audience go wild with delight in seeing another male bought down by a women. While training some boxing with his girlfriend, this boyfriend leaves himself vulnerable to his girlfriend's punches. As a result, he winds up getting punched in the nuts.
Edgar loves to have mixed wrestling bouts with girls, as he likes the closeness of their bodies. The girls also like to wrestle Edgar, as they know with the right moves they can hold and tease Edgar in many different ways. Poor Edgar loses most of the mixed wrestling matches and usually leaves the ring visible aroused much to the enjoyment of the women audience and his acute embarrassment. This match is no exception to his downfall in becoming a victim of a stronger woman.
John met Abigail, the girl who lived next door who became John’s girlfriend. Her wrestling holds were wonderful and exciting in holding him captive. Abigail loved the feeling of dominant power over him while he loved the feeling of submission, especially to Abigail, his girl friend, and a supreme female!
John says: "When a girl is squeezing my balls, I know that she has full control over how much pain I experience, and that is part of the fun. I find it especially sexy when she looks me in the eyes and grins right before increasing the pressure. Why Do Girls Like Ballbusting?"
Abigail says: "The question everyone wants to know, but no one seems to be able to answer. Well, the time has come to answer it. The answer is simple: women enjoy overpowering men, dominating them if you will. Domination over men gives women a sense of power over the usually stronger male. This cruel and unusual power over men leads to pleasure for women, both mentally and sometimes physically. Men are finally at our mercy for a change, and it is time for some revenge. When a woman has total power over a man, she can do anything she wants to him, so why not go for his most sensitive target? The balls are actually an extremely easy target for women. They hang down right between his legs, in perfect position for a swift kick, knee, punch, or even squeeze. Defense of the balls is nearly impossible for an unexpecting male. Although I have obviously never experienced it, from what I understand testicular pain is the worst pain imaginable. Being unable to experience this extreme pain we cause gives all the more power to women. We have the power to cause men pain that is completely unimaginable to us. Ballbusting is one of the few advantages that women have over men in today's society. Men are usually much more powerful than their female counterparts, both physically and socially. However, men have one fatal flaw: balls. Women have the unique ability to render a man completely helpless in a matter of seconds with one shot between his legs. My fellow females, use this power to your advantage. Trust me, you will enjoy it!"
Sylvia overpowering Michael with ballbusting and ballstomping.

Sylvia was a cute 18 year old with a button nose and dark hair. Working out kept her hips trim and thighs lean otherwise she tended to put on a little weight. Michael had been equally impressed with her suppleness when she bent over to grab both ankles. Perhaps it was the tight leotard closely fitting the lean figure rather than the display of efficient exercise. He watched in fascination the tight leotard thinning almost sheer at her crotch with each waist bend. With straight legs she bent to grab both ankles showing of a wonderful heart shaped ass. A pair of lips protruded between the thighs in such a seductive manner he couldn't keep his eyes from staring at her. They were the only two people using the gym and Michael hoped they wouldn't be disturbed for this first test of their wrestling game.
"Looks like this girl only wanted to play hardball today" thought Michael. She was dressed in a white leotard and matching boots. He was stunned looking on her perfect body, unable to react on her moves. Oh, what a great mistake! Smiling, she gracefully raised her beautiful leg and then kicked him in the groin with full force. She is overwhelmed with a thrill of power to see Michael, once again at her feet holding his balls all curled up. Sylvia laughed on him: "Can you imagine, Michael, how easy it is for a girl to hurt a boy here? How helpless the boy becomes when a girl can touch him here?".
Sylvia says: "I am Sylvia, an 18 year old girl I am 5"9" and weigh 60 kg and I love wearing leotards, fighting and beating boys. I like to tease men at the gym. Here is what I do. If I'm feeling extra naughty and want to really tease the men, I dress like dancer - I wear a white leotard that has high cut leg holes. I always feel sexy wearing it. It is tight and clings to my body. I see myself in the mirror and like the way my butt looks. Even though my breasts are small little mounds, my nipples stick out when I am wearing the leotard. The material also rubs against them sometimes making them hard. I have learnt Ji-Jitsu and kick boxing and boys think because I am a girl (a pretty one) I can't fight them but they end up loosing against me, because men's balls were made especially sensitive by Mother Nature for a reason. So we girls can control them. I find it infinitely engrossing to see the pain going across my mans face when I squeeze and otherwise abuse his balls. He in turn gets very turned on by my expressions of dominance clear on my face and in my actions. He feels vulnerable and that I am addressing in the most fundamental way his masculinity. Domination that is becoming increasingly popular - ball busting and CFNM clothed Female naked male. I enjoy the feeling of power I have over the vulnerable sore male!".
Michael says: "Often the reason boys refuse to wrestle girls, is not for fear of losing. Not that girls are stronger, although some are, not that girls are quicker, but the fact that girls can easily beat a guy because he has balls. Even if she does not go after the testicles, the boy always has to protect them, opening up other parts of the body for an attack. This time I was beaten by Sylvia because I forgotten about that!".
Michael is up against two cruel twins! Ella and Olivia love to dance, practice their body flips in gymnastics and just love to have a kickboxing match with a man. They always win of course, and many victimized men known them as the deadly twins. The twins become more deadly when they have a match with a man in kickboxing. Both girls are trained to act in a pair, their male opponent has no chances to win!
Michael says: "My girlfriend Olivia is a judo lady. One morning I woke up in bed, naked as usual, and saw her stretching dressed in black gym leotard. She noticed me looking at her then said she wanted to show me how easy it was to control a man and do with him what she wanted. She said she would get me in holds that would make me helpless and then make me hard and then make me come. I said that I didn't think she could do that. In a flash she was on me, as always it was only minutes before she had me totally helpless. This time she controlled both my arms with her body and one of her arms, she controlled my legs with hers and then she of course had one arm free. She god me hard, I really tried to think about everything else to deny her the pleasure of controlling me totally but it was impossible, she soon had me coming as well and said that I was too weak to stop a strong woman from taking me, that she needed to go with me to protect me from being raped by big strong women. Of course she was teasing me but she made me realize that a woman could actually do this to me. So, I decided to beat her in the wrestling match. I've made a lot of workouts and sparrings with male fighters and finally I was completely sure - I can beat any woman! So, I've challenged Olivia to fight but she just laughed - I have a REAL sparring partner, you are too weak for me! That day I went to Olivia's gym centre and find her on the ring with slim young lady, she was Ella - Olivia's twin sister and sparring partner. Well, I've challenged them both, together, against me. Ooooh, I made a greatest mistake in my life!"
Michael was badly beaten up in the first fight and then was stupid enough to ask for a rematch. The rematch was no different from the first fight as Carolina took the lead again right from the start. She was careful to make the fight last by not hitting him too hard. However, she did bring him to his knees with two or three ball strikes just to keep the girls amused in the audience.
Michael says: "My wife and I wrestled many times over the years in our marriage. It was fun and erotic and good foreplay when I'm naked and she wearing her tank leotard. Though I have to admit, in the beginning when she won it was a huge ego blow, but she got an early advantage on that first match and never let up in a very one sided match. I was shocked but she was not. Well I figured it was just luck and she got the advantage early on so we went at it a couple more times over the next couple of weeks. Though they were not as one sided, she would not submit and I learned that as the matches went on longer, I tired and weakened much faster and found myself pinned under her and exhausted. At this point she was calling herself the undefeated champ. This match I started off great and thought I had her, but with her flexibility and also using her legs for the first time in a match, she managed to bend her body, getting her legs over my shoulders and trapping my head in her thighs. Oh how it felt my head was going to cave in and I spent the next several minutes and a lot of energy trying to escape her leg hold, but shortly after I found myself trapped in them again. She turned that hold into sitting high on my chest, my left arm pinned painfully under her knee as it dug into my bicep, the other arm being held down as she held my wrist, a smooth strong thigh against my face with her leotard-covered womanhood near my chin as she looked down at me, grinning. Since that match, she learned that her legs are strong enough to sap my strength and make me spend a lot of energy trying to escape and she became very good at using her strong legs, so some of later matches were very one sided. This really did spark our sex life and relationship and we started wrestling more".
Natalie was on the ring with her legs wide open; she peered up at her male opponent through them and gave a saucy smile. Dressed in a black leotard and black tights she was doing some yoga, her favourite form of relaxing after a hard day. Natalie not only did yoga she taught it along with Pilates and women's self-defence. She was one of the best female fighters he'd ever known. Natalie and smiled making her way languidly towards him, swaying her hips and grinning like she really fancied it. But her attacks was like deadly hurricanes! Dean has resisted and even appeared to be winning. However, that was before her foot met his balls! Now his balls are swollen and aching causing his body to become weak. Leotard clad girl can slow down now and tease him with ease as he struggles to stand.
Mixed wrestling, 155 pictures 1920*1080 (FullHD). Two girls against one guy, no nudity. Miley Cyrus femdom leotard fight
What are their names? Only the male challenger knows. He will never forget their names or the treatment that the two girls dished out upon him.... Tag team match 2 vs 1, definitely this guy going to learn a lesson of female superiority. It is impossible for an average man to successfully defeat more than one female opponent, especially if both ladies were targeting his balls. Even if the man is taking on one woman at a time, he still has to keep an eye on the other for fear that at any time she may attempt to grab his attention by kicking, punching or grabbing his nutsack before he could turn his attention to the second grappler.
Powerful gymnast Rita, users her feminism fighting skills to kick the hell out of Fred, a male kickboxing champion, or was. Her muscles are incredible strong and powerful, her legs are deadly when she doing a various ballbusting kicks. Bloody action!
Male fighter Fred says: "The women in my kick-boxing class generate a lot of oestrogen. Or is it testosterone that is created when women kick, punch and scream their way to winners nirvana? The woman in front of me wearing a black leotard, and she goes through the ring like a fireball, never letting up, never giving a chance to her opponent. She kicks and punches like Muhammad Ali. I wonder about her, this black leotard lady. Perhaps she has a job in marketing and is forced to be nice to clients all day. Perhaps that s why she punches me so fiercely. A few rounds of this and my eyes glaze. I wobble like a snake that has just been banged on the head by a snake charmer. They glance at me; their eyes even look satisfied. But she doesn't stop kicking me."
His female opponent answers: "Hi, this is Rita and I wanted a chance to finally prove myself in the boxing ring. My male opponent has a powerful muscles but he is semi naked, I feeling strong in my tight black leotard and when I started pummeling him with my gloves I saw his weakness and uncertainty in his nudity. His muscle pale arms just jiggled as I punched his vulnerable body and face! Knocked out, he no longer looked strong under my feet!".
Looks like Juan can't do anything to protect his balls from his female opponent who laughs at him when he slowly drops to the floor holding his balls. This is a real match between a couple. This could happen when the wife Is phisycly stronger than her husband. She can do whatever she wants to do with him. She is definitely in better shape than him. He struggles hard but no escape from her. Her wrestling skills are better and she is more fit than him. She, as a teenager exercised harder in the sport than her husband. Here are the results. She totally dominates him. Naked, he is totally humiliated by his own leotard-clad wife, because she is much stronger than him. She uses only half of her strength to overpower him. This was a big surprise in this marriage. Now he is helpless... She can pull and cross, strech and push his arms anywhere she wants anytime. She can play with him, pin him and can humiliate him in different holds. He can't stop her, he has not enough power to fight back!
The way of the Ninja The first mission of sexy female ninja was to fight unarmed against two cops. She kills them slowly as she enjoys the thrill of killing males. She picks up the dead cops weapons owning them now for her own use. She feels a shiver of excitement in her Loins as she thinks of the second mission which could be even more bloodier.
Looks like Lara is too smart and skilled for this big guy. She holds him in many submissive holds that he has not even dreamed about. Looks like she is able to completely dominate him and he will just have to accept that she is a superior fighter than he!
Chuck says: "I trained with my 18 y.o. sister a few times with judo and we had a kind of grappling match once, after fitness. With judo she is clearly much better, I'm satisfied if I stay on my feet for more than 10 seconds. With the ground fight it's even more difficult because I can't move around her that easily, and she's much quicker, flexible and aggressive than I am. Most of the times, she finishes me with a hon kesa gatame (headlock), sankaku or an armbar. Once we did a little grappling and to my surprise she was completely all over me, I expected to give more competition because of my strength, but in stead she had no trouble going through my defense
and lock me in all kinds of grips. I remember 2 sankaku's and also a few pins and headlocks. It felt bad I can tell you, I always thought I could wrestle quite well. To be honest, I was completely dominated. Once my sister Lara had me in a schoolgirl pin. Seeing how I couldn't dislodge her, she pointed to a spot on crotch of her leotard, and said "kiss me here". In defiance, I struggled some more, but to no avail. She held me down until I stopped moving, then she pointed again and said "kiss me here!" in a no-debate tone. I gave her a long kiss on that spot. When I looked up at her, subdued, she said "Good boy". Her soft, feminine, teasing voice reminded me that my conqueror is FEMININE, I felt humiliated. "You just got owned by a girl." Her voice, high and sugary and girly, cut like a dagger she touched to his balls. "Can't you get me off you? All I'm doing is sitting on your chest. What good are those big muscles of yours for if you can't beat a girl half your size?" A soft,casual voice or a playful, girly voice is best when it comes to taunting: "How does it feel getting your ass kicked by a girl? I've got you. You're done, and you're not going anywhere." When my younger 18 y.o. sister would pin me down in a high and tight SGP, her hands on her knees and just stare down at me saying, in a low, taunting voice "who's beating up who?...look at me....don't look away...who's stronger who? I thought wrestling with you would be a good workout! If I knew you'd be such a total wimp I'd have hit the gym instead! Your testicles failed you. You're about the biggest wimp I've ever met!"
Lara says: "My older brother Chuck was wrestling with me and pinned me against the corner of ring and was being a conceded jerk saying what are you gonna do now wimpy girl so I kneed him in the balls and down he went I felt very powerful because i was like wrestling him and now he was on the floor moaning at my mercy. What I found most interesting though is I didn't even think of this move it was a natural reaction and I've noticed girls always seem to automatically go for a guys balls like its programmed into us or something."
This young 18 y.o. girl has just started high school and she excels in physical sport. Her gymnastics skills are astounding and she user these skills in wrestling. In mixed matches, she beats the boys every time, as they are too slow. She jumps to her feet and her first target on his body was his balls. She lashed out with a vicious kick that sent him sprawling over the floor. As he got up holding his balls, she kicked him in the head. He pulled his hands away from his groin and again she planted two kicks into his balls. Down he went again but this time he was out for the count. On awaking he found himself, all tied up and realized it was a great mistake to attack a young sleeping girl.
Fight in forrest Ethel challenged her boyfriend to fight. Being a male chauvinist Ricky obliged immediately thinking this would be a pushover. Now Ricky has had his ego wounded as been completely demoralized by her supreme wrestling skills. She teases him for front of her girlfriends and he feels a hardness lifting his pants. This girl manipulates the male's most vulnerable of areas. The male is totally at the female's mercy and has no choice but to surrender the fall to her.
Ricky says: "The first time I tried to wrestle my girlfriend I got extremely excited - major hardon. The leotard-clad girl I was wrestling noticed it pretty quickly and used it to her advantage. She grabbed my balls and was able to control me, even though she was quite a bit smaller. She eventually got her legs wrapped around my head (headscissors) and squeezed enough to make me submit. My girlfriend says male balls make us girls superior because they cause such great pain and on top of that they hang outside the body. They just dangle between your legs letting us control guys."
Ethel says: "The groin shot: an attack so devastating that men have banned it from virtually every contact sport they engage in. All of this—the element of surprise, the psychological impact, the pain—make the groin a truly magnificent target in self defense situations. That's probably an understatement. A good kick to the balls doesn't just hurt the balls. Upon impact, the spermatic plexus, a major nerve running through the testicles, carries the pain upward to the abdominal cavity, which is why victims of groin kicks often double over and assume a fetal position. They may also throw up or pass out. Crying is not unheard of. It makes me glad I'm a girl, frankly. I've spent 15 years training in karate, an art developed primarily by men and therefore obsessively concerned with protecting the testicles, so in some ways I feel like I have an honorary groin. It's a huge responsibility, and I'm thankful I don't carry that burden in real life. Not that I feel sorry for men. It's more than a fair trade, running the world, even if you have to keep one hand over your crotch at all times. But I do feel a weird sort of sympathy for the be-testicled. Such important parts of your anatomy, and you have to tie them up in a little purse before you can even pretend to fight. What a drag. Identify the target and choose your attack. And you're not limited to just the knee or the top of the foot—there are plenty of other ways to kick a guy in the balls. If he's standing and you're lying down, you can drive your heel upward. His legs form a convenient runway that will guide your foot right to the target. In closer quarters, hand attacks work very well against the groin. Again, you want to strike upward if possible, and target the testicles, not the penis: Skip the grip; attack the sack. Honestly, there's almost no bad way to kick an attacker in the balls. Foot, knee, hand; front, bottom, or in the library with a candlestick—the balls are vulnerable to just about anything you throw at them. (Oh, right: you can also throw things at them). And if by chance your first strike doesn't put your attacker on the ground, you're free to kick him again. Why not? If he's still there, his balls aren't going anywhere. Or you can diversify by striking other soft body parts like the eye or the throat, if you prefer."
Mixed boxing teens Two Japanese 18 y.o. teenagers, sister vs brother - are sisters smarter and quicker than their brothers are? Merciless mixed boxing action!
Young guy says: "I lost a boxing match to my sister when be both was 18. We had a disagreement and decided to settle our differences with the gloves. It was a great mistake, it was too hard for mem just think: you feel the dull thud of woman’s foot or knee smashing between your legs. You grab your wounded balls and fall to the mat in a tight ball. Seconds later you hear the sound of laughter fill the room. You look up and see your opponent laughing uproariously at your condition and situation. The blinding sharp pain in your balls is shooting into your stomach and you feel like retching and vomiting, but you don’t because you don’t want to give your opponent the satisfaction of knowing just how badly you are hurt. You want to jump up and thrash the lot of them, but you are physically unable. If you were able to get up, undoubtedly another kick would find its mark and send you back to the mat, clenching your crotch once more. Your opponent says, “Gee, if his jewels were that important to him you ‘d think he would have done a better job protecting them!” A new round of laughter fills the air, louder than the first. It’s difficult to comprehend which hurts more – your package or your pride. The laughter has definitely enhanced your feelings of frustration and humiliation as you lay in a fetal position praying for the ordeal – and the laughter – to stop…."
Young lady says: "What is great is that most of the women look stronger than the guys they are on top of and that they really put them down and vanquished them. More of victorious women enjoying their spoils of winning a physical battle of the sexes. I like the traditional victory pose where the leotard-clad girl puts her foot on the defeated male's groin and raises her hand in victory with a look of contempt on her face, arrogantly staring into the eyes of weak nude male she has just defeated. Male must kiss the woman's feet after being beaten to show his total acceptance of her superiority!"
This is a real match between a couple. This could happen when the leotard-clad wife is stronger than her husband. She can do whatever she wants to do with him. She is definitely in better shape than him. He struggles hard but no escape from her. Her wrestling skills are better and she is more fit than him. She, as a teenager exercised harder in the sport than her husband. Here are the results. She totally dominates him. He is totally humiliated by his own wife, because she is much stronger than him. She uses only half of her strength to overpower him. This was a big surprise in this marriage. Now he is helpless... She can pull and cross, strech and push his arms anywhere she wants anytime. She can play with him, pin him and can humiliate him in different holds. He can't stop her, he has not enough power to fight back.


Looks like this guy is a troublemaker. But that's no problem for his female opponent as she always double trouble for the male. Tactically straddling someone is a high-speed low-drag maneuver. Commonly used in mixed wrestling. Forcefully and tactfully squatting spread eagle over someones torso or face take control of the male opponent. A Tactical Straddle can be executed with the male in the prone or supine position by placing both legs around them, as you would when riding a horse. Tacticalness is increased if you wearing a lycra leotard. Grace, the female fighter, said: "I had to execute a tactical straddle to get control of my opponent. Once I had his torso straddled, I was able to overcome his resistance and take full control."
The Black Death Deadly combat with no rules but with ballbusting, welcome to hell!
The lycra gymnastic leotard tightly covered her girl's body. High cuts complemented her legs and bottom featuring their muscularity without compromising her femininity. Finally, she put on her combat boots. She liked the way she looked. That gave her the confidence for a more powerful personality. She was hot and she was ready to fight. She added a steel face mask covering her beautiful face to protect it from damage.
The reason this deadly woman wears a leotard is because it offers the GREATEST FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT. A leotard gives the greatest freedom of movement than any other form of clothing (other than being naked). It takes advantage of the gitls flexible and ability to extend their limbs to the utmost without constriction from their articles of clothing. Wearing a leotard is the best thing for her and her fighting style. Licking the girl’s boots is, of course, an honor to be earned, a privilege to be granted by Victress to her unworthy male victim as a sign of her power. She mercifully allows the male to try protect himself from her attacks, his unskillful actions just amuse and excite her at the moment. When the male will be defeated, then – in gratitude and deepest submission – he seeks to lick and kiss the boots of its Victress. Crawling like a worm, it slowly approaches, silently begging to atone his foolish tryouts to resist her by abasing itself.
Michael defeated by his girlfriend! If you knew a sadistic girl wanted to kick your balls and she was wearing a leotard and pair of combat boots would you be scared? Of course you would. Even light kicks from shoes like those will deliver such nauseating pain into a man opponents gut. This guy gets to find out how much they hurt. Riley goal is to knock him out with a good kick. When he falls she starts a count. If he cant get up by ten she wins by a ballbusting knockout thanks to her pain inflicting boots.
At the start, he is holding his erection tight in his pants, and then she teases him rubbing her thigh into his groin. After this, there is some tests of strength between the two and eventually he has the upper hand. She realizes that she is losing so she kicks into his groin for a quick ball bust. He recovers somewhat, and she then whams her knee hard into his face. She then plays with him like a caught mouse. Demoralized by her games, he now has his foot twisted by her as he lay on his tummy, he cannot move so she pulls down his pants. He is greatly embarrassed as he tries to cover himself while she waves his pants to the audience, while he begs her to return his pants. She pretends to give back his pants but teases him by pulling his pants back out of reach. He bends over to retrieve his pants off the floor and she elbows him in the back of the neck. She proceeds to arm lock him bent, over and his cock and balls are viewed swinging out between the back of his legs. She throws him around like a rag doll enjoying the laughter from the female audience. She is in trouble again as the nude guy gets aroused by his power but loses concentration by her female attraction. The tables are turned and she has him by the throat. He escapes once again and dominates her by raining blows to her head. She becomes unconscious and he feels sorry for her and lifts her up to his arms. His erections climbs thinking how easy it would be to have his way with her. She awakes and he throws her and thinks she is his now to do as he wishes. He picks her up again and she squeezes his balls hard. He is in much pain so he drops her and she springs up to be on top of him and repeatable punches his balls. She stops punching his balls and decides to pull at his penis stretching it further than his normal erection. He partially gets up but she get him in a headlock between her thighs and has a rest while he struggles pathetically. She is stronger now, forcing him down, but suddenly he escapes and kicks out at her. At last, he is free, and he crawls over to pick up his pants from the floor. She is behind him eyeing his sagging balls that droop down behind him. She on to him again without pants and she is on top choking him around his throat. He struggles and manages to turn over so he on top facing upwards with her underneath him still holding him in a choke hold. He blacks out and she wins the fight by owning his pants.
Mixed wrestling teens in school gym with female physical education teacher as the referee!
In a class at a coeducational high school, a lesson was being given by a female teacher on comparing the physical abilities of teenage 18.y.o boys and girls in comparing strength and stamina. A discussion on which sex had the most stamina and which had the most strength. A very attractive girl named Heather commented that girls have both strength and stamina that would certainly become the male’s downfall. This upset Harry somewhat as he felt that the male sex was being ridiculed by Heather comments. He rudely interrupted saying she was speaking rubbish, as the males have always dominated over the females. It was not long before an intense argument erupted between the girls and the boys. The female teacher had to interrupted the preceding’s and take control of the debate. She suggested that maybe they should have a wrestling match between Heather and Harry. Heather agreed immediately, but Harry was not quite so sure and as he looked around the class, he saw all the girls and boys looking at him. In order for him not to be ridiculed by the boys and to save his male honour in front of the girls, he reluctantly agreed, noticing that most of the girls were smirking and even some were giggling. On the day of the event about an hour before the match starts, Harry had put on the normal male wrestling gear, which was a one-piece yellow singlet combined with his yellow shorts. The whole outfit was encased in a black band clearly showing where the seams ended. Harry refused to wear any boots and remained barefoot throughout the fight, thinking he would have an advantage in holding his feet firmly to the floor. Heather, on the other hand was a very attractive girl and she made the most of displaying her body through the fabric of her black and white leotards, in the hope of exciting him to become weak. The black part, encased with a red stripe widened as if to enhance her breasts visual appearance, showing her tense nipples pointing sharp bulges through the fabric. Heather also wore knee protectors and high lace up boots that covered her shins. The referee who is their female physical education teacher was wearing a short grey sleeveless dress that clung to the curves of her body. She was also wearing long black pantyhose stockings that also covered her vulva area and only blackness could be seen when her dress occasionally flew upwards. As the couple stood in front of the referee ready to start, it could be noticed that the female referee has her eyes fixed upon Harrys groin bulge within his outfit. Heather on the other hand was also starting at Harrys bulge as if she was sizing up her target area. “On the count of three, she called, pulling her stopwatch out between her breasts. On the count of three, the referee screams “fight” and the battle of the sexes commence. For the first minute or so Harry is pushed around the ring by Heather as she tries to out mauver him into a position where she will be able to bring him down to the ground.She finds a weakness in his defence and mauvers him into a position where she drops to the ground, placing one of her feet into his groin area; she throws him up and over the top of her, landing Harry flat on his back. She quickly springs to her feet, jumping close as he tries to rise up. She swings both of her legs, now parted, over his head and clamps down in a scissor hold around his neck. Harry, struggles with all his might, and soon runs out of steam and he hears the girls screaming in delight. He is suddenly demoralized and embarrassed that this mere slip of a girl has him trapped as her prisoner. He looks up at his female conqueror as she laughs and taunts him as the male weakling. He suddenly feels his penis, stiffening quickly as it hardens into a full-blown erection. He does not know why, but he is unable to bring his erection down which further feeds his embarrassment. Heather spots his erection bulge that has left a distinct tube like mark down the side of his pants. Just for fun and amusement, she clasps her hand around his ball sack and squeezes. Harry is beside himself as he jumps up and down off the floor, while gasping for breath. The girls in the audience go wild with delight and it seems that the noise will never stop. Heather lets his neck and balls go, and then, she springs onto his body, raining in punches into his face. Not only that, Heather has her left knee free, so she drives it hard into Harrys groin. Harry grunts loudly in pain but somehow manages to twist over breaking Heathers hold. He sits up in from of her trying to ignore the overwhelming pain in his balls. He commences to use his right fist to pound Heather face. Heather has other ideas, as she manages to bring back one of her legs and kicks hard with her left boot into his balls again. Harry experiences and overwhelming sudden pain from his balls upwards to the pit of his stomach, virtually paralyses him to the point that he cannot maintain sitting. He falls over backwards to the ground, weakened and nearly paralysed by pain in his balls that appears to be getting worse. Heather is smart, as she still has her boot pressing hard into his balls to end his mobility. Harry just cannot move, as the pain is now nearly all over his body. Heather decides to have a rest also and lowers her upper torso backwards to the floor, while still keeping pressure upon her boot firmly crushing his balls. Heather feels great as she lays there with plenty of strength left in her body as she wiggles her boot into his groin with a gleeful smile upon her face. Harry is now very weak with no strength left, so Heather removes her boot upon his balls while watching him as he gets up to his hands and knees. Heather quickly traps him again in an arm lock while holding his neck back with her entwined legs. Harry’s balls have now sunk low and have become heavy from the terror is now experiencing from this mere slip of a girl. For those who have Harry’s backside facing them while his is still held upon his knees, cannot help but notice the rocking bulge between his legs. Harry is trapped as Heather pulls his arm up over her groin and rests his hand between her breasts while bending his arm backwards. Poor Harry is now crying in pain begging the referee to stop the fight. It appears the female referee, come teacher, is thoroughly enjoying Harry getting beat up by Heather so she is not at all interested in stopping the fight now. Heather now has Harry tight in a scissor hold with his right arm caught beneath her. His other arm is free but all he can do is wave his arm in painful submission as Jenny once again grabs his balls by her hand and squeezes tight. Harry cannot move and once again, his is held tight in parallelizing pain. Heather is really having the most fun now as she puts him into hold after hold, most of them in embarrassing submissive holds. She has him trapped in a leg scissor hold around his neck, while he is still on his hands and knees. Heather is laughing as she tightens her grip around his neck with her legs. She notices his engorged erection in the leg of his pants that would be painfully hard, all bent up and pushed sideways, and again, she feels the thrill of sexual excitement in beating up a male. She is just playing with him now, mainly for her enjoyment and amusement to her female classmates in seeing her dealing with poor Harry as the downtrodden male. Heather pushes Harry backwards and he lays on his back with his legs apart. She drops her foot down hard straight into his balls and he screams as he cups his balls in agony as he folds himself up in a foetal position to ease the pain. At that very moment, every women and teenage girl their experiences a surge of sexual pleasure that flushes through their bodies in seeing their sex, as the supreme sex, now dominant over the mere male. Every man and teenage boy will be teased by girls and women as the walk away from the sports stadium with a raging hard on that they have never experienced before. The front of their pants will have a tent like shape as the men experience such a stiffness, so thick and engorged, that will remain for hours. This is surely another winning streak of vibrant colour for the female sex.
Seventy five year old grandad wrestles his first-born 18.y.o granddaughter
Grandad was fit, healthy, and about to turn seventy-five. He always boasted about all the fights that he had won while wrestling, In fact, he was still wrestling at his local gym that ran a wrestling training section. Most of the male wrestlers, because of his age took it easy on him making Grandad feel that he was the king in the wrestling ring. Of course, Grandad could not wrestle all the time so he took a position in helping to train young teenage girls in submission holds as they had just started to have a mixed wrestling section. Grandad had now being involved as a coach for the girls for a number of years, and had even had taught his oldest granddaughter Joanne. Grandad was quite mean to Joanne as he yelled at her whenever she did something wrong, embarrassing her in front of her teammates and spectators who were watching the training session. Often he would make fun of her, ridiculing her as crowds watched until she was close to tears. In the first year, aged eleven, Joanne had never became proficient at wrestling, and one day she had enough of the teasing and bullying by her grandfather. Joanne had always felt that her grandfather hated her and always ridiculed her as a female, but deep down her Grandfather knew that Joanne could become very skilled in wrestling, especially when fighting boys as she sometimes had a look of dominancy. Joanne left her grandads training session and joined another club where she had a very experienced female coach who showed her how to fight boys and occasionally even men. Joanne was very happy with her coach who was astounded at her advancement of skills, especially to the opposite sex. Her coach decided that she should take Joanne to secret location that had very savage mixed wrestling between the sexes where anything goes. There were no holds barred at all at these mixed fights so a lots of dirty tricks were used so the women could win every time. The man not only lost the fight, but also was also ridiculed female spectators. The coach asked Joanne to come along and see women ruling over the male in mixed wrestling. Joanne, who had now turned sixteen, had often wondered if she could win against a bigger boy, certainly she would love to embarrass the boy by holding him in a dominant hold. Joanne accepted the invitation gladly, and immediately thought of her Grandfather being beaten up by her in a no holds barred fight. She pictured herself grabbing her grandfather’s balls and squeezing them tightly so he would beg her to let go. As she pictured him screaming to her to let go his balls she felt a sexual thrill within her loins. Joanne and the coach arrived early at a large and disused factory and as they entered, she could not believe the number of women who had come to watch the no holds barred mixed wrestling fighting between a man and women. She looked around at the large crowd and finally she spotted some of the men in the audience. To Joanne’s amazement, she noticed that the men had been tied to their chairs by their partners, only wearing loose fitting underpants. As she examined the underwear, she also noticed that the men’s legs had been pulled apart by ropes attached around their knees. The shape and bulge of the genitals were clearly seen between their open legs. Suddenly trumpets with loud music started as two women entered the stage. The music stoped and they introduced themselves and each gave a long speech on the supremacy of women over men. After about fifteen minutes of different women belittling the male in various speeches, the fights began. Joanne could not believe her eyes as it looked so easy in fighting a stronger male. These poor males were kicked and kneed in their balls many times and they would drop to the floor all hunched up moaning at the feet of a young women. The women would then strip the man of his male leotard as he struggled pathetically. As the women dragged him up to standing, Joanne could help noticing his balls and ever growing penis that swayed from side to side between his legs. Joanne was starting to tremble and feel the hot wetness between her legs that was starting to drip as her vulva quivered. Joanne became close to organism when she saw the women grab the man’s testicles from behind him pulling him backwards bent over around the ring. She noticed the man’s fully erect and engorged penis that had now been pulled down between his legs by his testicles being pulled back and out behind him. She wondered why this man was displaying such a powerful erection in front of the women who now was tormenting his balls. May be men do become weaker in front of a stronger supreme female that causes them to have uncontrolled erections as a sign of worship to the stronger sex. Her coach who was equally aroused suddenly said to Joanne. “Look, you see how these women tease and torment the man by dragging him around the ring by their balls”. There was a slight pause and she concluded in a shaky voice. “This is a show of female supremacy over the male”. These fights were short and as always, the male left the ring battered and bruised, while cupping his balls with both hands. As Joanne left with her coach she glanced and looked at the men spectators who had their pants removed and were still tied up on their seats with their legs sprayed out, but this time she could see large tent like bulges that has sprouted up from the their underwear. Again, she suddenly felt hot and distinctly wet between her legs. She knew now that she must show herself to be supreme over the male and her first victim would be her grandfather. Even thinking about her newfound powers that she had learnt from her female coach was causing a strong tingling of excitement within her loins. Joanne, now a sweet seventeen old, could not wait to surprise and challenge her grandfather to a wrestling match where anything goes. She spoke to her female coach about it and the coach told her. “Joanne, if this turns you on for your enjoyment, then go for it”. “Will you come with me”, Joanne said, now very excited. “Of course”, her coach said. “I would love to see you give him the hiding of his life, especially in public by a woman”. “Will my grandad get a hard on”, she asked. “Off course”, her coach said. About a week later, Joanne and her coach arrived at the sports club early in the morning. Joanne wanted to make sure her Grandfather had arrived so she would have enough time for her to arrange and prepare her payback punishment. As they approached the training ring, sure enough there was her grandfather still teaching the new girls basic wrestling holds. “Hi Grandad” she called, “I am back to see you”. Grandad’s mouth just dropped for a second, and then composing himself, he made a great fuss of how nice it was to see her again. “Well you know grandad I have come back just to show you how I have improved in wrestling, especially men”, she said. “And I want to display to these girls here that there are many holds that girls can use when fighting boys, you see girls can win if they know that boys have weaknesses”. “Well’ said granddad. “I don’t wrestle women and especially young women”. “Of course you don’t, you’re scared that they will know how to beat you by attacking your males weak points.” Joanne said, and then she looked at the girls and said. “How about it girls, do you want to see how to defeat the boys when wrestling?” All the girls suddenly cried out their approval by cheering and clapping and some of the girls could not wait and started to call out when. Joanne looked at Grandad and smiled. “We’ll let the fight begin, looks like they all agree grandad”. “No buts,” Joanne said, “It will be on tonight in the demonstration of a mixed wrestling match, and you will be competing grandad”. “But, but”, grandad said as he tried to evade the event. Joanne immediately sent one of the girls to get some rope that was used to secure marquees during sports outings.
As soon as the girl ran off to the equipment room to collect a small roll of rope, Joanne shouted, “Get him girls”. As quick as a flash the girls jumped up from the floor of the ring and ran towards grandad. Grandad was not sure what was happening at first, but when he did, he was a little slow in getting away. Joanne leapt out into his path and tripped him up by stretching out her leg. Once he had landed on the floor, he had no chance as fifteen girls sprang upon his back holding him down, until the girl returned with the roll of white rope. The girls quickly tied up his hands and feet while laughing at his pathetic struggles. One of the girls went and got a wheelchair from the first aid room and grandad was dragged out of the ring and over to the wheel chair. The girls lifted grandad up and into the wheel chair and secularly buckled the waist strap tightly so there would be no attempts of escape. The girls had arranged that he would stay in a secure apartment so they could feed him and give some peace and quite so that he would be well rested before the fight. Word had go around about the fight, which had caused much interest in the news columns. The fight was due to start at eight pm sharp but it was only seven pm and the stadium was already filling fast. At eight pm, the stadium was packed with sixty-five percent women and thirty-five percent men. Men were scared of what the outcome would be, would women win leaving the man feeling very demoralized at being beaten by a women. Just before the fight, there were a few short speeches about female supremacy. One woman spoke of the growing strength of women causing men to be defeated by women in everything they do. She went on explaining that female supremacy was bought about my having power over the male sex commonly known as girl power. This also made girls aware of their natural special powers to tease and deny males of having the sexual advantage. Female supremacy was now everywhere and growing so quickly that in a short span of time men would become slaves of women. The fight started and Joanne acted just the same as when she saw the underground and secret no holds barred fight between the sexes. Poor grandad was overcome immediately by Joanne’s sexuality being stronger than he is. He immediately wet himself as he faced his eldest granddaughter who looked at him glowing with power. As his fluid ran down his legs clapping and cheers erupted from the female audience. Joanne had him in all sorts of embarrassing holds, letting him loose and then pouncing onto him again with a flurry of punches. Grandad was thrown, kneed, punched and kicked all over his body. She feels sexual feelings shiver through her body every time she dominates him with her on top. She shows him that she is now the supreme and dominant sex. The fight ends in a great female victory for Joanne and the next morning papers shows her victory pose over her grandfather laying prostrate on the floor beneath her. Grandad has come to accept that the female now rules and he must obey. Joanne has now taken over his role, but she has changed the syllabus and now trains girl’s rape defence. Grandad is happy as he still is with his beloved young girls by having a new job working with Joanne; he pretends to be the ugly rapist who tests out the girl’s defences when he attacks her. Of course, Grandad has to wear a protection cup over his balls, as the girls are now very skilled in hitting him, right into his balls, many times and in many ways. Joanne always notices the slight bulge of the cup between his legs, but sometimes she notices another bulge that sticks out his pants, especially when he tries to overpower two girls at once. He usually is overpowered immediately by the girls who sit on him and tie him up by their stockings and bras. He cannot move and lays there with a bulging erection within his pants. Joanne oven laughs at him having a bulging erection and he turns red in the face. The girls also notice his new bulge while he is tied up. Sometimes the girls will squeeze and stroke the banana shape bulge just for their amusement in seeing his penis spasm in his pants. The girls have won the battle of the sexes and now rule men as slaves and for their amusement.
Two Asian 18 y.o. teenagers are happily sparring to enhance their skills. As they are close friends, they talk of many things as they mockingly punch and kick each other. All is going well until the boy brings up the subject of which sex is the strongest in a mixed fight. The argument starts to get heated when the girl says that boys have balls that make them weak so girls can win. It’s the boys turn to lose his cool by lashing out his fist and hitting her face hard. She immediately pushes up against the ropes and knees him in the balls. She does not hit very hard because she now wants to enjoy his suffering as she repeatable targets his balls throughout the fight. Now the poor boy has a nice little bulge as a target for his girlfriend who takes great advantage, enhancing her pleasure and enjoyment as a winner over a boy.
The teenagers have forgotten about the rules of sparring and it has turned out to be the great battle of the sexes. The boy’s girlfriend feels much insulated at being told that she is the weaker gender of the human species. She is about to change and gives him a soft knee blow straight up into his balls, and Wow, did he not get a painful surprise. His knees sagged as the pain migrated into his belly, then his temper flares. He swings his arm, closing his fist tightly hoping to knock her out. However, she was to quick and ducked down so his arm swung harmlessly over the top. Before he could correct himself, another hard blow hit him straight up into his balls. This was a kick this time, it hurt even more, and he collapses to the ground. She starts to enjoy inflicting pain into his balls and proving to him as a mere male being make weak by a girl attacking his balls. She now knows how to control her boyfriend so he will be submissive to her. The girl kicks him in the groin several times and while his head is low, she kicks a few, not so hard blows around his head. She is starting to feel turned on with sexual feelings as she kicks him in the balls from behind. She is deadly and accurate with her kicks and she starts to feel as though she is a supreme girl, being all-powerful over boys. As he hangs on the ropes close to the floor, she kicks him hard into his back to stand him up. The teenage boy stands and turns to face her and then the girl knees him again, but this time it is a double whammy as she lands an uppercut to his chin at the same time her knee flattens his scrotum. She spins around and executes a backward kick lands with deadly accuracy up into his balls. Her crotch tingles with excitement and bulges with the pleasure as she experiences having absolute power over her boyfriend. The girl turns to face the boy and she notices his groin bulge is a little bigger than it was. She starts laughing and teases the boy, calling him the male weakling. The boy is now out of control with rage, swinging his fist wildly trying to bring her down. She elbows him in the face and knees his balls at the same time to show him as a girl that she is the boss. Her crotch, now throbbing, wet and slippery gives her the urge to have some fun by dancing and kicking his balls in ballet style. She does a backwards flip and hits his balls yet again with her boot. This time the boy was down for the count but manages to get up in due time. As she watches the boy, she noticed that now his groin bulge had grown even more. He sinks to the ground again with his hands cupped around his groin to ease the pain and to hide his ever-increasing bulge. The girl looks at the kneeling boy aware that he may spot her wetness, but she was proud, as a supreme female and it would show the pleasure was all hers in physically dominating the boy. Girls have boys curled at their feet as they win the battle of the sexes.
All sports in our dance and martial arts centre was always done originally anyway, males always naked while girls always wore leotards in public events. One reason why males always competed naked was to compete against clothed female players - naturally with full body contact. Here we are on indoor sports, with kickboxing - a sport when there is no rule. All male competitors are naked and these girls want to submit her opponent, they go hunting in sexy leotards that make us all crazy with these very hot. Today we present two young 18 y.o. karate fighters in bloody cage fight!
Karina, the female fighter, says: "One day I've a dance workout with my boyfriend. We were talking about sports we no longer take part in but used to enjoy and I mentioned that I used to do judo in college and was pretty good, even though I only received a beginner's yellow belt. He thought this was hilarious because I'm tall and blond and pretty, and weigh around 125lbs, and I guess he didn't think that a pretty girl could fight her way out of a paper bag, much less do a martial arts. So when he got done laughing at me (he really was laughing and making fun of me) I challenged him to a wrestling match. I've removed my dance skirt, stayed dressed in high legged red leotard then told him to strip himself and I was surprised when he removed all his clothing and stood semi nude before me - just in tan pantyhose. He said "I gonna fuck you, girl, no clothing required for this action! Remove your leotard or I'll remove it myself!" - "Try it, but I'm sure I'll be dressed in my leotard on and you'll be defeated under me!" I answered. Long story short, I used some timely leg sweeps and wrist throws to send him to the floor a few times, and after a while he got so tired out that his strength advantage was gone, and I was able to pin him".
Oliver says: "Honestly, I think it is only fitting for males to be naked while women are fully clothed. It reinforces the fact that women are by far superior to us males and it allows them to use our balls for control and correction. I specially provocated Karina to beat me because I was turned on being vulnerable before her. Naked, defenceless. Here, in this realm of female power, trapped, here she could crush me like a worm!".
Mixed fight with lot of ballbusting in the gym. Male fighter Joshua searched for woman who can kick him in the groin during fight, by placing an ad on the Internet: "I have a fetish where I enjoy women grabbing and squeezing my balls hard and repeatedly punching, kneeing and kicking me hard in the balls. Any women want to get paid to do this to me?" Female martial artist Jane agreed to have a kickboxing match with Joshua, she says: "Physical strength is not as important as mental strength. To win a fight you have to have a plan and be able to think of your next move and what you want to do to the person you are fighting. Well, if a guy's got it coming, he's got it coming. I WILL win. Always. And if you had it coming from me, rest assured you would get up with a different attitude or not at all, I'm wearing steel toe boots or no. I love watching dudes get kicked in the nuts, or a knee to the nuts, or a punch to the junk, or my favorite a grab, twist, and squeeze of the family jewels, and to see their reaction? Priceless. Most of the time they think they are so cool and tough, and then see them fall to the ground, whimper, and cry like a little baby, come on, right? A little kick to the nuts and you're down? I also love kicking balls and punching nuts when a guy deserves it or when I'm in a fight. Kicking a guy in the balls used to be part of my job description. At first it was weird and made me wince, but I started enjoying it!".
Mixed wrestling match at beach arena. Mila says: "I'm just an aggressive girl trying to keep myself amused and have a little fun. I wrestle with my friends and as I have said before, I wrestle in a leotard. And yes, I have sat on guys plenty of times while wrestling and fighting and very few of them have been able to push me off. I sat on that guy while I was squeezing his balls during our wrestling match and then smothered him and grinded all over his face"
Jack, the male wrestler, said before this fight: "The idea of a woman physically dominating a man has always fascinated me. I would like to lose to a girl and that she is surprised because she realises she is stronger than I am and then acts more dominant. I lost some fights on purpose and really tried to make her believe she was stronger". What does the guy say after he loses? What does he do when he's on the bottom and watches his sister looking down at him in triumph? But we know Jack was happy to be defeated!
Looks like this guy was wrong when he has entered into ladies locker room! He says: "I was first beaten by an elder and taller girl in gymnastic class. I was little in that time, but still it was humiliation in front of whole class. Coach arrange things competitive activities after the training some times. He make couples according to size and age. He made boys with boys and girls with girls. But finally only me and this elder girl were left. So we had to wrestle each other. I was aroused when I see her in her leotard, when I saw her long naked legs. I can't remember exactly what happened, but I remember most of the time I was under her body, under her controlled. It didn't take more than few minutes for her to pin me and win. After that I realized I'm attracted to strong athletic women in leotards! So, this time I've entered a locked room after tennis workout and saw my girlfriend inside. I had an argument with her. When I tried to calm her she came, she hugged me and then she kneed me with all of her strength in my testicles. I fell to the floor and I couldn't breathe for 2 minutes. Why you girls do that thing?".
She answers: "I have great memories of putting fear into the boys on the playgrounds by not only threatening them I'd kick them in the balls, but doing it! Do you know how much power that gives a girl? Think about it. Girls definitely know how they can take a boy down... a quick kick to the balls and he'll be rolling around on the ground, holding his stomach and moaning like a complete IDIOT. What girl WOULDN'T want to use that power? The surge of POWER that runs thru you after you kick a boy/guy in the balls is sooooo intoxicating. There are a certain 'breed' of women out there that get great pleasure from it for the POWER it gives them and it shows them who the true STRONGER sex is Women. Women have men 'by the balls'.... and we are constantly yanking and reminding them of their place (on their knees worshipping us). So, I usually can get a guy pretty good when I need to. I just step on the top of his foot with my left foot, and when he instinctively moves his other foot away to maintain balance, then he is wide open and completely vulnerable to a hard shot from my right knee. The trick is to lean my shoulder into his chest first so that he can't bend over and bring his legs together when I nail him. That way I can get two or three additional shots into his balls with my knee while his body is in spasms, so long
as I don't completely withdraw my knee from between his legs. At that point, he will be going down, but if I can stay on top of him as he goes down, then I can get in one more powerful shot with my knee while he is lying on his back with my shoulder into his chest. In my experience, those extra shots have a much more profound effect on a guy and his attitude after that. To tell the truth, I much prefer to bring a guy under my thumb the old fashioned way, using my natural feminine power and his natural male weakness to gain the upper hand and break his male arrogance. But resorting to my knee, when necessary, also makes the point very persuasively. One way or another, he will be all mine when I am finished. This time my boyfriend went to women's locker room and argued with me. I kneed him in the groin with full force, he was immobilized in pain on the floor but I felt like Goddess. This day I found out how easy it is to subdue a man in any situation. Dressed in thong leotard, I'm squeezing my naked boyfriend's balls when I want him to obey me. During foreplay, I always squeeze his balls just hard enough to make him wince, as i feel him weakening with every squeeze. When we are standing face to face, he can't resist as i apply enough pressure to to make him helpless and obey my every command. With moderate squeeze, I get a kiss, with every hard squeeze he yelps "You are the boss"! That is the way we start out, before every sexual encounter. I then force him onto his back, never releasing my grip, and begin to torture his sore balls with my long sharpen nails, for a good 10 minutes. That's his reward before i sat down on his face and and show him who's boss in the bedroom, as I ride his face and squeeze his balls with my right hand until he licking my crotch!".
Jason, the male participant of this match said: "I became a mixed wrestling fan after loosing to a girl who was a dancer and an athlete in a gym, where I was training. Liz is 23 kg (50 pounds) lighter than me, but strong as a panther, from all her aerobics, swimming, workouts. When it comes to wrestling she can be a real bitch, it's both fun and scary to see how she likes the facesitting, squeezing and choking. This was my first mixed wrestling experience and the most intense. She made me tap out and won the bout. I think she was surprised herself, as I was really bigger than her. The very intense humiliation I felt comes probably from the fact she was attractive and feminine."
Ally The Red Fox against Hard Billy - female domination mixed wrestling match!
The Red Fox is an extremely talented martial artist. She has wild variations of every submission hold. She will apply a camel clutch for at a few minutes just to wear her opponent down. That is when she gets serious and the pain really begins. She will take one hand off the chin and grab an ankle of mine and tuck it in under her armpit, and then does the same on the other side. Now he caught in a camel clutch with both legs pulled up and tucked under her arms. She holds this excruciating manuever until he like jelly and can't fight back and completely helpless. Billy can submit if he want, but it wont do any good as almost this match ends in an extremely painful pretzel hold. Absolutely humiliating. Plus, The Red Fox is wear red leotard and high heel ankle boots which make Billy's bare legs stick to her more which insures no escape. Her leotard and boots are very sexy. But the worst part is at that point, begging or submitting wont get him out, as the submission she requires is for him to squeal like a pig. She has no idea how dangerous she is either as he had been rendered unconscious many times in figure four scissors. She is amazing and scary all at the same time.
Billy says: "Ally entered ring in red gym leotard. The spandex pressed tightly against her chest so hard that her nipples poked through the material. It dug so much into her slit that a slight but noticeable camel toe formed and it had dug so far into her ass crack that she had to constantly dig it out, otherwise most of her ass would be on display. When I first came to know Ally, I'd marvel at how good she looked in her leotards. I dont really know what maked me loving spandex, but I think it was a classmate in the elementary school. One day when we had the sports lesson, I was just observing her. She looked awesome to me in her red leotard and I suddenly fell in love with her (and her suit). All I had been able to think about since the divorce were seeing women dressed in leotards. I think that's what I missed most about my wife. She would always run around in her tight little spandex outfits. My ex-wife knew it drove me crazy. And looks like she told Ally to wear a tight red spandex leotard for our match.".
Ally says: "Mixed wrestling is sex of the psyches. Why do women love it so? Many women love doing it because of the mental stimulation and the mental pleasure that it provides for them. There is an incredible power exchange that takes place during this activity and the mental stimulation usually exceeds any rush that physical pleasure can provide. It makes for great sexual foreplay for the woman. Mixed wrestling strips the man of his masculinity and macho ways and usually causes the man to surrender his strength and his will over to his female aggressor. A woman can sense her man giving up resistance and she senses him melting into submission. This is an incredible power rush to the woman. Also, the effects of this activity usually last for some time. This activity is about the empowering of women as they unleash another level of their previously dormant power. The submissive man is feeling a combination of sexual stimulation, discomfort, and humiliation during mixed wrestling. He now knows that what he use to place so much worth on (namely his balls) is no longer a tool to conqueror women but now the tables have been turned and the female has stripped this symbol of masculinity from him and is now using his vulnerability against him. The woman is telling the man that she is not impressed with the male genitalia and she can even use it as a tool to enslave the male gender. Right clothing is matter a lot for winning a match against male fighter. Wearing traditional fight apparel – leotard, combat boots - makes sense for reinforcing discipline and presentation. Girls look like superheroines, and for those that value that image - this is powerful. Through the clothes, they assume the identity and can become more serious about the work done in combat ring. Leotards are mostly used by women in order to gain some kind of perfection in various types of fights. Women are using leotards for creating an appeal and the figure attractiveness among their male opponents. Leotards used by women facilitate optimum movement making a fight appear quite usable and appealing. Leotards are not only meant to be used for fights but women also use this for gymnastics, athletics, acrobatics and sexual games. These are activities where women tend to have great freedom of movement from the clothing that they wear and therefore it would always be a good choice to use leotards by women because leotards have a comfort factor that is unmatched with any other costume. Leotards do not impede any kind of movements and also allows the women to emphasize on their skills and on their perfection of the moves that that they do. It has a lot of advantages. It gives women the power in the fighting. The girl can be protected and have more fun, especially if she knows how aroused her male opponent when he looking at her body in leotard. Mixed wrestling is not so much about sex as it is about mental domination!".


Custom tag team mixed wrestling match 2 on 2. Ring announcer begins, in her dialog balloon. Wrestling fans, this is the championship match. It is for the world TAG-TEAM TITLES.
In the corner to my left in their pink tights are the challengers. Amanda Lovegood and her tag-team partner Heather Sweetwater.
Then announcer points to the men's corner. In the other corner, they are the current undefeated WORLD TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS
Caleb and Marcus Flair This is a two falls match. Men now have their jackets and title belts off. Two wrestlers in the ring begin the match. For most of the match it is a very even back and forth match. Both teams tag in and out. Both teams use many holds. Arm-locks, leg holds head-locks. Not much kicking or tossing. Most of match is fought in different holds.
About 3/4 of the thru the match The girls slowly take command of the champions. They get them in painful holds and weaken them. Soon the two young girls are going from hold to hold punishing the twin males.
One of the young girls gets one of the twins in an OVER THE SHOULDER BACK BREAKER. He screams in pain he shouts to his brother. " SHE'S GOT ME. SHE'S BREAKING MY BACK. HELP ME BROTHER, PLEASE HELP ME. SHE'S GOING TO SUBMIT ME!!
the second brother enters the ring to help his trapped brother. Before he can help he is trapped by the other young girl. She puts him into an Over the shoulder back breaker also. Now both twins are trapped in painful submission holds. Both scream in pain.
First one twin shouts his surrender, NO MORE, PLEASE NO MORE!! I'm finished, you've beaten me. I SUBMIT. LET ME GO I SUBMIT!! Before he is released from the hold his twin brother also submits.
The young girls let the defeated former champions go and they fall to the mat lying on their backs.
the ring announcer comes to the middle of the ring. On one side of her is the new champions now wearing the title belts. On the other side of her the twins lie on the mat face up defeated. One brother says to the other "They beat us. We've lost the match! The other brother says" YES, WE'VE BEEN DEFEATED. THEY TOOK THE TITLES FROM US. WE'VE LOST THE CHAMPIONSHIP!" Each of the brothers should have their own pic and dialog balloon as they speak.
The beaten men on the mat, the new champions wearing their title belts as the announcer begins: THE WINNERS OF THE MATCH
To almost every one the Nelsons look like a normal suburban family, maybe a little better off than Most. The reason for that is the Nelsons have a secret, they are all pro-wrestlers the entire family father, mother, daughter and son. They wrestle for the Secret Wrestling League, an under-ground League of pro-wrestlers. Tonight is fight night for the Nelson's all four family members will be in the ring. None of them know who their opponents will be but there is a rumor that something different is going to happen tonight. The first indication is when the promoter call them into her office. "Hi everybody, come in and sit down." Dale Nelson and Vivian Nelson, husband and wife as well as father and mother to their two children are instantly concerned. Both have been in the league for years, even before the kids were born. They know that something is wrong. The promoter is all smiles and hand-shakes, then she drop the boom on them. If the Nelson's wish to continue wrestling in this league they must drop the probation they have of wrestling each other. All four of them sit in stunned silence. Slowly they turn and look to one another. Finally Dale speaks up, this is not something we want to do, but I guess we have no choice. However, when we wrestle against each other we get paid a 50% premium for each match. The promoter quickly agrees and the Nelson's head to their dressing rooms. As they walk down the hall Dale and Vivian believe that they will be the first to wrestle each other. They agree that no matter what they will do their best and wrestle their hardest and what happens in the ring stays in the ring. Just before they go to their separate dressing rooms Dale tells his son and daughter that they too must o everything they can to win but it all must stay in the ring. Minutes after talking to their family Dale and Vivian are shocked, it's not Dale vs. Vivian that the Promoter wants it's Dale vs. Monica. Dale has been matches against his own daughter. Angry and Feeling used there is nothing he can do about it. The match is set. Up in the ring 19yr old Monica Nelson looks across the ring at her father and now her opponent. Monica looks stunning in her shiny purple leotard. The gorgeous young blond has on shiny black pantyhose and purple boots. She stands with her arms on the ropes and waits. In the opposite corner Dale Nelson is upset and still a little angry but also determined to win the match. As the #4 contender for the title Dale has the most to lose and the most to gain in this match. Dale has on his orange thong and orange boots. At 37 yrs old Dale is still a very athletic man and there is no question about being a man. Dale has a very noticeable bulge in his thong. The announcer/ref begins: "Wrestling fans, this is a special Father vs. Daughter match In this corner at 19 yrs old She is Monica Nelson. And her opponent He is the number 4 ranked challenger For the world title and the father Of Monica DALE NELSON!!" The ref calls both wrestlers to the center of the ring: "Dale, Monica you are both pros Do either of you have a problem Wrestling each other? If not let's have a good match And may the best wrestler win." Just before they return to their corners Dale tells his daughter: Fight hard Monica, because I'm going to do everything I can to beat you And win this match. I want you to do the same. Monica nods her agreement and understanding. At the bell father and daughter come out to face each other. They begin to circle each other almost not wanting to lock up. Quickly the crowd begins to buzz at the lack of action. Then Dale makes his move. He attacks Monica and takes her to the mat. From there he begins to work her over. As for Monica she seems content to just be defensive. Doing just enough to escape Dale's holds. Dale moves from hold to hold but knows his daughter is not giving her best. Having Monica down on the mat in an arm hold Dale speaks to his daughter: Come on Monica fight! You're a pro wrestler, act like one!" Knowing her father is right Monica agrees "Yes, daddy. I'll fight!" Coming out of her defensive shell Monica gets aggressive. The change is stunning. Almost Instantly Monica begins to take charge of the match. After a few hold and throws she is now dominating her father. Monica begins to punish Dale's legs at 37 yrs old they are his weakest link standing on one of her father's orange boots Monica twists his other leg mercilessly. Down on the mat struggling to get free Dale screams in pain as his leg is tortured. "AAAAAH, my leg-myleg!" After only a few more minutes Monica moves from the LEG-SPLIT she has on her farther to a FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK. Dale is quickly overcome by the pain. Holding his head in his hands Dale cries out It hurts, OMG it hurts, my legs she's got my legs". Seeing the trouble he is in and hearing him cry out, the ref asks Dale if he's had enough. "Dale, is that it has she got you? Are you ready to submit? Dale knows he has no choice, he's is beaten: "YES-YES, she's got me I'm finished. I SUBMIT - I SUBMIT!! She's beaten me. PLEASE MONICA, let me go You win, You've defeated me!!" With his surrender and admission of defeat Monica releases her father and gets to her feet. As for Dale he remains on the mat holding his legs. The outcome of the match is then announced "THE WINNER OF THE MATCH By SUBMISSION WITH A FIGURE-FOUR MONICA NELSON!" Monica's arm is raised by the ref in victory. Standing in the middle of the ring with her arm raised by the ref Monica can't help look down on her defeated father lying on the mat t her feet.
Match two for the Nelson family features Dale's wife Vivian who is also Monica's mother. Vivian ranked several spots below Dale will be facing a big challenge tonight. 35 yr old Vivian is a stunning beauty, blond long leg and a curvy body with very impressive female attributes. Vivian's opponent is a very skilled wrestler that is ranked #3 among all challengers. This is a huge step up for Vivian, in fact Dale had tried to talk her out of this match as he felt it was too big a step for her. However she know that a victory will move her ahead of her husband in the rankings. Vivian comes to the ring in a gold leotard, it is a high cut thong type and has a very deep V-cut in the front. The deep V is covered by black nylon just like her pantyhose but still reveals a large amount of cleavage. Along with her shiny black pantyhose she wears gold boots. Across the ring stands her opponent. He is 28 yrs old and a fantastic looking man. Handsome is not enough to call him, he is gorgeous. Adomo Rosa the #3 contender is completely confident in his skill in the ring and feels that this will be an easy victory. He comes to the ring in his skin-tight wrestling singlet. It clings to him like a second skin and does nothing to hide his very large man-bulge. The front of his singlet has a gold star burst on it that begins just above his manhood and rises to his shoulders. His white boots have the same design on them. The ref/announcer begins: This is a special contenders match. In this corner, he is the third ranked contender. Winner of 18 straight matches ADOMO ROSAand in this corner his opponent. Making her first bid at moving up In the rankings. Her record is 13 wins and 5 defeats VIVIAN NELSON!" Both wrestlers return to their corners. Vivian is nervous but Adomo is totally confident of victory. The bell sends them out of their corners. For almost seven minutes Adomo completely dominates Vivian. He lifts and slams her to the mat. He works over her arms and legs twisting and bending both to the near breaking point. He locks on a BOSTON-CRAB and bends Vivian's back mercilessly. He shouts at her "I've got you Vivian, I've got you. Submit and I'll let you go!!"Displaying tremendous courage Vivian answers: "NO-NO, not going to submit!" after struggling Vivian makes it to the ropes and forces a break. Adomo goes right back on the attack. Pulling Vivian off the mat his arm shoots between her legs. Grabbing a hand full of her leotard and pantyhose then hooking her head Adomo lifts Vivian off the mat. Carrying her to the center of the ring he hoists her high in the air and slams her down. Vivian hits so hard that she bounces. Adomo again pulls the 35 yr old mother of two off the mat. This time he twists her arm into a wringer and whips her across the ring and into the corner turnbuckles. Vivian slams into the buckle knocking the wind out of her. In desperate trouble Vivian knows she must do something to slow Adomo down or she will be defeated. Hanging onto the top by her arms Vivian sees Adomo racing across the ring toward her. Instead of waiting for the impact that will spell her doom Vivian waits for him to get close. Just as he is about to slam into her Vivian slides out of the way. Turning her back to him Vivian fires an elbow back at Adomo. Her aim could not be more perfect. Her elbow explodes right on the point of his chin. Adomo reacts as if he were hit by a sledge-hammer. His momentum carries him into the turnbuckle and he slams into it full force. Vivian knows she must act fast before Adomo can recover. Pulling her male opponent out of the corner Vivian reaches between Adomo's legs lifts and slams him to the mat. She grabs his white boots and does a leg split on him. She begins to kick his legs hard. Moving up she does the same to his mid-section. Adomo can't stop her all he can do
is cover his stomach area with his arms.Then several hard stomps to his chest drive the air out of his lungs. Adomo gasps and cries out: AIR-AIR, can't breathe. Stop kicking me please stop kicking me." To everyone's surprise Vivian does stop kicking Adomo. Grabbing his hair and arm she pulls him to his feet. Weakened by Vivian's attack Adomo can't escape her. Getting in behind her younger opponent Vivian wraps her Arms around Adomo's head locking on a SLEEPER-HOLD. Adomo struggles trying to pull Vivian's arms free of his head. It's no use, Vivian ha him locked up tight. The number 3 contender for the title is panic stricken. He begins to scream and shout: "NO-NO, not the SLEEPER!! PLEASE don't sleeper me PLEASE!! Stop Vivian please stop Don't knock me out. Please don't knock me out." As Adomo continues to struggle as Vivian's arms tighten around his head. For the second time he asks for mercy "STOP please stop. I SUBMIT Vivian, I SUBMIT to you. You win, I'm eaten." Adomo's arms drop to his sides, he slowly stops struggling, with his last conscious breath he pleads "NOOO - NOOO, let me go. I SUBMIT!!" Two seconds later the number three contender slipsbInto dream land. Adomo Rosa has been knocked out. Adomo lies on the mat out cold. Vivian has her raised in victory. The ref makes it official: Wrestling fans The winner of this match Via sleeper hold Knock out And now the # 3 contender. VIVIAN NELSON!!" With her stunning victory Vivian now moves ahead of her husband Dale on the top contenders list.
At this point in the action both of the Nelson women are victorious with only one match to go. 18 yr old Brian Nelson is next in the ring. Brian wrestles in the youth division. Brian has a good if not great record. To night he will be facing 18 yr old Greta Salforte. Greta is a big and strong young wrestler who is making her 3rd appearance in the Ring. She is 2 and 0 being undefeated after 2 matches. Wrestling Brian is a big step up for Greta as he is two years older than she. It's a move that her trainer and her parents think she is ready for. Brian comes to the ring in orange tights. Much like ballet tights they hug his figure tightly. For only 18 Brian is very well endowed, his man bulge is very easy to see. Both Brien and his father wear Orange tonight. He also has on orange boots. Across the ring his opponent Greta has on a yellow leotard, black pantyhose and yellow boots. Brian is stunned by Greta, he can't believe how beautiful she is. If he were not wrestling her, he would ask her out on a date. As for Greta she has also noticed Brian.
With both wrestlers in the ring the ref/announcer begins: "This is a match in the Youth Division. In this corner with a record Of 5 wins and only 1 lose At 18 years of age He is BRIAN NELSON And his opponent She is 18 years old And has a record of 2 wins and no defeats Greta Salforte". Both Greta's parents and her trainer were correct, she is ready for this challenge. As for Brian, he is about to walk into a tremendous beating. In their corners the two young wrestlers await the bell. Brian quickly adjusts his jockstrap and pulls up his tights. Greta straightens her leotard and smoothes her black pantyhose. BONG!! and the match begins. Brian moves out and starts to circle. Greta races directly at Brian and lands a stunning FORE-ARM smash on the side of his face. The blow staggers Brian and he stumbles back into his corner. Greta drapes Brian's arms over the top rope and slams him with several very hard FORE-ARMS to his head and chest. Hooking her arm under Brian's, Greta tosses Brian out of his corner. Brian soars high in the air from Greta's powerful toss. He crashes to the mat in the middle of the ring. Dazed and shocked Brian is unable to get to his feet. Greta is swiftly on the stunned 1 yr old. She begins to work Brian8over. Starting with his arm, Greta begins to twist and stretch it. Brian howls in pain as she works him over "MY arm-my arm, you're going to break my!!" Brian's cries of pain have no effect on his 18 yr old opponent. "OUUUU!! It hurts, OMG, it hurts!!" After a few minutes she moves to his other arm. She jams her knee into his bicep as she bends his Arm. Greta's knee digs into Brian's upper arm causing great pain. All Brian can do is scream "NO-NO, not that one too. AAAAAAH you're hurting me. Again Greta does not care, she twists Brian's arm mercilessly. Several minutes pass as Greta works on Brian's arm. Then suddenly she stops. Brian lies on the mat sobbing. Those at ring side can clearly see tears form at the corners of his eyes and begin to run down his cheeks. Still kneeling beside him Greta tells him "You better submit to me. If you don't I'm really going to hurt you!!" With all the courage he can summon Brian answers her "I won't-I won't, I won't submit to you and you can't make me!!" Greta gets an evil look on her face, "OK, it's not like I didn't warn you!" Grabbing Brian's Orange boots Greta lifts them off the mat and begins to kick Brian's inner-thighs. Each time Greta's boot slams into him Brian moans in pain, "OOOOOOH!!" Three , four, five kicks blast at his legs and each time Brian moans, OOOOOH, OOOOOH, OOOOOH over and over he cries. Tears are now flowing down the young wrestlers face. Not satisfied destroying Brian's arms and legs, Greta turns Brian over and begins to stomp his back. Stomp after stomp slams into Brian just at the belt line of his orange tights. Brian is past moaning or crying out, he just takes the continued punishment. After battering her 18 yr old opponent Greta decides to end the match. Pulling Brian to his feet Greta jams her arm between his legs and grabs the back of his tights. She hooks his head and lifts Brian off the mat. Holding him chest high for several second she slams him down across her thigh Brian's back explodes with pain as he crashes into Greta's pantyhose covered thigh. Bent in half by Greta as she presses down on his chin and knees Brian is trapped in an OVER THE KNEE BACK-BREKER. Brian screams in pain as his back is bent, "OOOOU-OOOOU, my back my back." Greta looks down on her helpless opponent, "I told you I was going to hurt you. How about now, you want to submit to me now?" Not wanting to be beaten by a girl 2 years young than he is, Brian continues to struggle to get free. "NO, I won't submit to you. You can't make me submit." However that is wishful thinking on Brian's part. It's clear that he is going to be beaten by Greta and that she can and will make him submit to her. Taking her hand off his thigh Greta grabs at his mid-section locking on an Abdominal-Claw. Her fingers squeeze him at the waist band of his tights. Brian grabs at her hands but can't move them. "How about now tuff guy. Ready to submit to me now?" A close look at Brian's face reveals his cheeks with tears running down the. It also reveals that his courage is bigger than his wrestling ability. "NO!! I'm not going to submit!!" Greta releases the CLAW hold, making a fist she pounds Brian's stomach three times. As the threeHard punches slam into him Brian's will to continue collapses: "NO MORE - PLEASE NO MORE I'm done you've beaten me. I SUBMIT TO YOU!! A bright smile crosses Greta's face: "So now you wish to submit. I told you I could make you do it." Brian's face is now a mask of fear: "YES-YES, you've done it You've made me submit!! Let me go Greta PLEASE LET ME GO!! I give up-I give up!! That submission ends any chance of Brian winning the youth title. He will now drop out of contention. Greta has let Brian go and he is stretch out on the mat sobbing. With his arms wrapped around his stomach Brian openly cries at his defeat tears as tears flow down his cheeks. Greta stands over him with her arms in the air. The outcome is made official by the ref:In a stunning upset the winner of this match Via submission With a BACK-BREAKER AB-CLAW combination. GRETA SALFORTE! As Greta celebrates her victory, the ref knees don beside Brian: Brian, are you OK? Can you get up? Looking up at the ref all Brian can say is: "I got beat, she defeated me. What am I going to do. I was defeated by a younger girl." Only time will tell if Brian can recover from this loss.
Custom match by G. again! The all American boy faces a challenge. Tonight is the night that thousands of wrestling fans across the country have been waiting for. It’s The biggest match of the century. Cody Carter “The All American Boy” and the World wrestling Champion will defend his title against “The Russian Destroyer” Alyona Brezhnev. In his dressing room Cody is speaking with his assistant/valet “Destroyer that’s what she calls Herself. The Russian Destroyer, am I supposed to be afraid of her? Me, afraid of her? It’s her that should be afraid. She should fear me, I’m “The All American Boy”. The beautiful young blond nods. “You’re right Cody. You’re the Champion. You are the best wrestler in the world. She should fear you. Now let’s get ready to wrestle.” Cody removes his street cloths and opens his gear bag. First a tight spandex jockstrap, then deep tan pantyhose. Next comes his high cut wrestling trunks. They fit very tight, exposing his upper-legs and butt. Taking a seat Cody pulls on his wrestling boots and laces them up. Cody’s outfit is custom made to make him look his best. His tight trunks are shiny white and they sparkle in the ring lights The pantyhose he wears accent his legs perfectly. And his boots glisten in the ring. To say Cody is the total package is a vast under-statement. He’s way more than that. Movie star handsome, athletic, with a world class body. Blond hair and blue eyes and did I mention that he is totally handsome? He is also a great guy with a very loyal fan base. He is one of the most loved People in wrestling. Across the hall the same cannot be said for Cody’s opponent. Alyona Brezhnev is the definition of mean. She is more that mean, she is pure evil. She has put several wrestlers in the hospital and has ended the careers of several others. If the truth was known Cody did not want to wrestle her. Slipping out of her cloths Alyona pulls on a pair of shiny black pantyhose. She wiggles into a dark Red leotard. Her leotard is very high cut, so much that you can often see the top of her pantyhose in the leg cut. She dons red boots and a red ring jacket. It is her hope that when she returns to her dressing room she will be wearing the world title belt. At last it is time for their match. Cody straps on the world title belt and buckles it tight. He slips into his shiny ring jacket. He and his beautiful valet say good bye as he exits the room. As he makes his way to his entrance point many of the other wrestlers wish him well. All of them hope Codydestroys the Russian girl. In the ring both wrestlers stand in their corners. The ref/announcer begins: “Wrestling fans and for the Thousands watching on Pay per view. This is the main event. It is a one fall, pin or submission match. And it is for “THE WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP!! In this corner She fails from Volgograd, Russia And is the challenger She is known as “The Russian Destroyer” Alyona Brezhneva And in the opposite corner He is the undisputed and undefeated World Wrestling Champion “The All American Boy" Cody Carter!! As Cody’s name is called a huge cheer comes from the crowd in the arena. Both wrestlers are back in their corners after the instructions. Cody seems strangely nervous.Both he and Alyona pull up and smooth their pantyhose. Cody adjusts his thong and Alyona tugs at her leotards. BONG!!! The bell starts the match and sends both wrestlers out of their corners. Cody moves to circle, but is cut off as Alyona locks him up COLLAR & ELBOW. Almost instantly Cody feels the Russian’s power as she forces him back against ropes bending him backward over the top rope. Before the ref can call for the break Alyona drives her knee into Cody’s mid-section then backs up. Cody comes off the ropes holding his stomach. Before Cody can get set Alyona is on him twisting his arm up behind his back in a HAMMER-LOCK. Cody has never felt a hammer-lock like this one. His arm is bent very high behind his back. Alyona Seems to have massive strength. In just seconds Cody is moaning very softly, OOOOOH!, AAAAAH. Alyona whispers in Cody’s ear: hurts doesn’t it? I’ve got lots more for you!” Cody struggles but can’t break the hold. He also is being held so tightly that he can’t move or get to the ropes. Alyona quickly changes holds twisting Cody’s arm up and into an OVER-HAND WRIST LOCK. Cody grabs at Alyona’s hands trying to pull his arm free. It is no use however, Alyona is just too strong. Moving quickly out of the WRIST-LOCK Alyona twists Cody’s arm into an ARM-RINGER. The champion’s knees begin to buckle and he heads for the mat. Alyona has other ideas. She keeps Cody on his feet and whips him into the corner turnbuckle. The force of the whip is beyond anything Cody has ever felt. He is stunned and for just a second ortwo his eyes flutter and he slips in and out of consciousness. He staggers out of the corner and right into Alyona’s grasp. Jamming her arm between Cody’s legs and hooking his head she lifts the champion off his feet and slams him to the mat. Cody cries out in pain and arches his back up “OOOOOH, OOOOOH my back!!”. Alyona is swiftly on Cody. Grabbing his chin and folding his boots over one another Alyona puts the champion in a BOW & ARROW back bend. Pulling as hard as she can “THE AII AMERICAN BOY” is bent almost to the breaking point. Cody struggles but can’t get free. After several seconds he again cries out. “AAAAAH, AAAAH,IT HURTS, OMG IT HURTS!!”A very satisfied smile comes to Alyona’s face: WHAT’S THE MATTER CHAMP? IS THE ALL AMERICAN BOY IN PAIN? DOES HE WANT TO GIVE UP?” Cody gathers as much will power as he can before answering her. “NO – NO, I WON’T GIVE UP. I’LL NEVER SUBMIT TO YOU!!” However Alyona has a different idea. Continue to struggle in the BOW & ARROW hold Cody feels his manhood getting hard. The more he struggles the harder it gets. Soon Alyona notices it too. “HA!! I CAN SEE BETWEEN YOUR LEGS, THAT YOUR SHAFT THINKS YOU ARE GOING TO LOSE ALSO. WHAT DO YOU MEN CALL IT. AH,YES ADEFEAT BONER. THE ALL AMERICAN BOY HAS A DEFEAT BONER!!” The pain in his back is excruciating. The growing stiffness between his legs is embarrassing. Codyonly thought is to get free and get away, he can no longer concentrate on the match or his opponent. And then the pain stops, Alyona has released Cody from the BOW & ARROW. Not thinking about defending his title or winning the match, Cody gets on all fours and tries to crawl away from Alyona and get out of the ring. Alyona shouts at him, “Where are you going Mr. Champion? You can’t run away.”But Cody is terrified of Alyona. HE is also terrified of losing his title. His only thought is escape, “GET A WAY, I HAVE TO GET AWAY. I CAN’T LET HER BEAT ME. I’M THE CHAMPION!!” Just as he reaches the other side of the ring only inches from the ropes Alyona catches him. Lifting him to his feet she drags the terrified wrestler back to the middle of the ring. All the way Cody screams “NO – NO, I’VE GOT TO ESCAPE!! I’VE GOT TO GET OUT OF HERE. Standing face to face Alyona reaches between Cody’s legs takes his head and lifts him off the mat. Holding him for a second or two Alyona then slams the champion down to the mat. It is a very sad sight for his fans. This powerful male wrestler, the world champion and All American Boy stretched out on the mat. Cody’s legs are spread apart, his dark tan pantyhose shinnying in the ring lights. His Sparkling white trunks stretched tightly by his rock hard manhood. A look of fear on his face and tears streaming down his cheeks.Standing over Cody Alyona looks down on him. “I FINISH YOU OFF NOW AMERICAN CHAMPION. I DEFEAT YOU AND TAKE YOUR TITLE. NOW YOU ARE MINE!!!”. All Cody can do is scream, NO-NOPLEASE DON’T HURT ME!! PIN ME, PLEASE JUST PIN ME. YOU CAN HAVE THE TITLE!!” Alyona lifts Cody’s shiny white boots off the mat and tucks his nylon covered calves under herarms. She rolls him onto to his face and begins to bend his back. Alyona has the world championtrapped in a BOSTON-CRAB. The end has come for the world champion and All American Boy. Cody Carter has met a better, stronger and meaner wrestler. And she is about to take his title. It takes only three seconds for Cody to scream his surrender. “MY BACK, SHE’S BREAKING MY BACK.NOOO-NOOO IT HURTS TOO MUCH!! I SUBMIT – I SUBMIT!! SHE’S GOT ME, I CAN’T GET FREEHELP ME REF PLEASE HELP ME GET HER OFF ME I GIVE UP!!" The ref moves in quickly, LET HIM GO ALYONA, LET HIM GO. YOU’VE BEATEN HIM, LET HIM GO!! Alyona acts like she does not hear the ref or she does not speak English. Cody continues to scream “LET ME GO!! PLEASE ALYONA, LET ME GO!! YOU WIN!! YOU’VE DEFEATED ME!! OH PLEASE!! I GIVE UP, I GIVE UP!" Alyona finally drops Cody’s legs and releases the hold. She rolls Cody over onto his back and looks down on him. “I’ve beaten you and taken your title. I’m the champion now!!” “The all American Boy” lies beaten and battered on the mat. Alyona struts over to Cody’s corner And takes the world title belt and straps it around her waist. With her arms raised in the air she struts around the ring. Cody lies un-moving on the mat, his legs spread apart. His manhood stiff and swollen. The announcer/ref begins: "The winner of this match with a BOSTON-CRAB submission. And now the new World Wrestling Champion She is “The Russian Destroyer” ALYONA BREZHNEVA!" With the title belt around her middle Alyona raises her arms in victory. In the empty ring Cody struggles to his feet. He slowly makes his way to his dressing room. HisValet is waiting for him. She looks at him and gasps. Cody, what happened? Where is your titlebelt? A sad and tearful Cody must tell her. “I lost it”. She is stunned by this: “Lost it, what do youmean you lost it, Where is it?” He now must explain: “I lost it, in the ring I lost it. She defeated me, I’ve lost the title. She’s the champion now. I was beaten.”. Slowly Cody begins to remove his wrestling gear. He slides off his trunks, standing now in just hisPantyhose and boots. His assistantun-ties his boots and pulls them off. Finally Cody slides down his pantyhose and heads to the shower. “I was beaten, oh god I was beaten. She took the title from me. I’ve lost my title!!”