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CFNM dance class ballet leotard femdom

Ballet class

Jake Smith wasn't supposed to have to take a dance class. His varsity background in wrestling was supposed to exempt him from having to take a physical/arts requirement.


But that's not the way it ended up playing out. 19 year old Jake had it much worse actually. He ended up having to take ballet 101 because all of the other classes that he might have taken were already closed. 


Long story, short...he actually began to like the class. It definitely helped him with his strength and flexibility, not to mention his body control, albeit, he was an absolute beginner. 


The class was made up of twelve female classmates and was taught by an attractive yet somewhat domineering thirty something woman who was in remarkable shape.


Although he made quite an effort to do what she asked, he found himself constantly struggling. The other girls in the class all obviously had extensive background in the ballet arts. 


They all work the usual accouterments of tights and leotards, while he wore baggy sweat pants. His teacher, Kim, was always trying to correct his mistakes in posture, but the baggy sweats would frustrate her. 


One day, after class she called Jake into her office and told him that she didn't think the class was working out and that he might not pass it. 


Jake went into a panic, only because it was too late to change classes, although there were really none left for him to transfer to anyway. This meant that his grades would be severely compromised by a failing mark. 


Jake pleaded with her and asked her if there was anything that he could do to repair the situation? She told him that much of the problem was the fact that she couldn't really do proper corrections on him with the heavy sweatpants on. 


Jake looked at her in silence, not knowing how to respond. He then asked her what he could do. She hesitated, and then said, "You can take the class nude." 


Jake didn't get much sleep that night. 


He still couldn't believe that he had agreed, begrudgingly, to take class nude. It all became academic when it came down to him at risk of receiving a failing grade. This whole thing had turned into a nightmare. He would have to just grin and bear it. Literally! 


When he entered the class room he was wearing just a pair of shorts. He had disrobed in the men's locker room, because he didn't want to walk the corridors to the classroom in the buff.


He was greeted by his class mates whom all gave him the once over. He could barely return their greetings, being filled with mortification of what was about to occur. He walked over to the far end of the barre and began to warm up and stretch. 


A moment later Kim Benet, the instructor walked in from her adjoining office and gave two loud claps, signaling the beginning of the class. All the students began to line up at the barre, taking their positions. 


Kim looked over towards Jake who was still wearing his shorts, and said, "Jake, when you're ready." 


Jake swallowed hard and looked up at the ceiling as he inserted his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts. He slowly pushed them down to his ankles and gently stepped out of them, tossing them to the corner.


Jake was nude before thirteen young girls in sexy high-legged long sleeve leotards. 


Some of the girls tried in vain to catch a glance of him in the mirrored wall on the opposite side of the room, but couldn't without looking too obvious. They all wanted to check him out, but also wanted to remain somewhat mature about what was happening. 


Jake on the other hand was a nervous wreck. He was trying to breathe normally, but it was a struggle. 


Kim Benet was ecstatic. This was better than she could have imagined. He was beautiful. An amazingly fit body well defined, just exquisite. 


Her eyes roamed down his body, finally settling on his large flaccid penis hanging over his heavy testicles, like a large roll of Kennedy half dollars. "My God," she whispered to herself, before announcing, "OK then, let's begin." 


This was insane, a ballet class with the sole male member completely nude. 


This could only happen here at Newberry College. A small Midwestern school, that until recently had been an all girls college. Opened up to a coed population just two years ago, it's been slow going in attracting males. 


Jake was attending solely because he had a full athletic scholarship, having been scouted by the new men's wrestling team coach. The team itself had only four athletes and was coached by the women's soccer coach, Rachel Anderson. 


Newberry was small and Kim was the director of the Dance program. It was housed in a separate building off campus and she had total autonomy, running the classes with her small female staff, as she saw fit.


This particular class was held in the basement. The classroom was old and very hot, with no air-conditioning, which was preferable for dance classes.


Jake was already covered in sheen of sweat, both from the hot and humid dance space and his nerves. 


As the class began with barre work, Kim, slowly walked along the line of students, occasionally giving corrections where needed. When she finally approached Jake, she stood back for a second and appraised his posture. 


Then walking up to him she began to correct his posture, holding him by his shoulders to make sure that he was squared. The she took her hand and settled it one cheek of his buttocks and telling him to roll his hips forward a bit and feel the lift through your spine. 


Jake nervously took the instruction, as Kim stepped back once again to observe him. As she looked down toward his groin, she noticed that his penis had thickened a bit....yes definitely. It was still pointing down, but longer and straighter. 


When the students had finished the exercise in one direction, it was time to turn around and do it in the other direction. This afforded the girl in front of him in line at the barre, to now be directly behind him. She had an unobstructed view of Jake's ass. Her eyes became wide as she stared at him. 


His body was muscular, yet lean. She could see the definition throughout his whole body as he moved to do the exercises. This was hot, she thought. She was dying to see the front of his body. All the girls were. Some had caught a small glimpse when he swiveled around to turn in the other direction. 


The class continued on, with Kim giving Jake the attention that she had wanted to give him those first few weeks. But now she had a clear view of what he was doing and what he wasn't doing right. 


She was constantly giving him corrections, taking up a bit of class time giving him such personal attention, but the rest of the class didn't mind. They enjoyed any excuse the have the class stopped as Kim would put her hands here and there to make sure the Jake was doing the exercises properly. 


They had finally finished the barre work and had spaced themselves out to do center work. Jake was front and center as instructed by Kim, much to his dismay. Now he was on full display to her and all twelve leotard-clad students. Facing the full wall mirror they could completely see the front of his body and all the girls behind him had the added bonus of seeing him also from the rear. 


Jake's penis was already standing straight out from his body. No matter how much he willed it to settle down, it was no use. With Kim handling his body, making corrections, it was a losing battle. 


The worst came when she was trying to get him to stand more erect. She took her fist and put directly between his legs so that his scrotum and testicles were resting over her knuckles. The girl's eyes went wide with that. She kept her hand there for a while her other hand went to the small of his back as she coached him on how to position his pelvis. 


This was more than Jake could stand. Kim and the girls watched as Jake's penis rather quickly pulsed to a full erection, finally achieving a truly rigid status against his flat muscular stomach. 


Jake was totally humiliated, but held his ground as Kim continued to push up into his perineum, as she exhorted him to lift completely though his spine. 


Jake could barely concentrate at this point. Finally Kim stepped back and looking down she commented with a raised eyebrow, "My've got a big one". A few hushed laughs could be heard throughout the class room. 


"Jake, this is not working. I guess you can't give me your full attention and concentration when you're in that state." Again, tittering from the rest of the class, only this time Kim silenced them with a quick clap of her hands. 


It was true, Jake couldn't really concentrate, and the exposure and embarrassment was too great. Having the class see his penis erected fully, was a shattering humiliation. But he had no choice. He would have to submit in order to pass the class.


He was almost certain at that point that she was going to excuse him from the class. "Jake," Kim explained, "There is really no way you can continue the class in that manner," pointing down to his full erection. "Spread your legs, I'll help you!" Upon hearing that, Jake's eyes went wide with panic. "Faster, I'm gonna to teach girls some self defense. Girls, take his hands!" He didn't saw who was behind him and was surprised when two girls immediately twisted both his hands back.

"Hi-i-i-yya!!" - steel leg of Kim crushed his naked balls with incredible power. Jake was rained down before deadly feet of his merciless teacher. Young leotard-clad girls looked at his helpless and nudity and laughed on him, he was completely confused and humiliated. Kim slowly adjusted her leotard and smiled. "Look, girls, how weak this prey! Your turn now, let him know his place! Girls are dominant sex because they wearing sexy leotards and stupid guys can't control their own eyes and erection when they see leotard-clad girls. We control guys with our leotards and we must teach guys to respect us and be obey to girls. Just one way to teach - it's ballbusting!"

Jake's hell was just begin...

Women vs men mixed martial arts is the sexiest of UFC actions in the world! When clothed woman beats a naked man it looks funny, sexy and really cool! Any gymanst, ballet dancer or female swimmer is a perfect athlete, let ballerina put her dance leotard on and we will see who is stronger - woman or man! Especially if they are colledge teens who fights each other in high school combat arena. Female advantage is her outfit, long sleeved gymnastics leotard or onepiece racing swim suit with t-back, it protects her feminine body and makes a girl more confident when her male opponent must fight nude, he has no chances against lady clad in sexy legless bodysuit. Female fighter defeats him with easy, just one swift kick in the balls and big muscle strong male begs her for mercy, scrambling under her feet like a real whimp! What a power of female legs - he can't resist and must worship and lick a feet and combat boots of his mistress who have defeated him with ballbusting attack!

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