CFNM UFC woman vs man kickboxing no punches barred

Kelly vs Phillip

A man and wife learn they've been growing in opposite directions.

It looked like Kelly was serious. His wife had already headed out for work but she had left him a note. It was a reminder to meet her at the gym. The situation was ridiculous but it was a predicament he could only blame himself for ... on a whole lot of levels. Now he would have this to think about all day along with everything else. Things were not going well at all.

Phillip was a developer at a small software firm. He spent most of his working life immersed in the world of computers. He was, to put it mildly, not very physical. He had run long distance on the track team in high school, but had done nothing in college and for the 10 years since graduation he'd joined a few different gyms as the start of an ambitous workout plan but each time it lasted only a few visits. Not only did athletics bore him ... but frankly he was always a littlle intimidated by the atmosphere. It was a vicious cycle and the less active he was the worse he looked and felt, and the tougher it was to get to the gym. In the last 6 months he had hit his low point. His boss was working him late hours at work. What little free time he had he spent on the couch watching TV. He had gone to his doctor for a complete physical thinking something might be wrong with him. The doctors report had come in the mail the day before and that had led to an argument with Kelly and ultimately to his rendevous at the gym tonight.

Kelly was the oppposite of Phil in many ways and that was probably what had attracted them to eachother in the first place. Kelly was outgoing, Phil was introverted. Kelly liked going out, Phil would rather stay in. Kelly liked to show off, phil was shy and quiet. Kelly was also extremely athletic. She had tried for years to get Phil to workout. On one level she was worried about his health but she also just wanted him to look better and it irritated her to see him moping around all the time. She had seen a Fitness contest on TV about 5 years before and in typical fashion she had used that as inspiration to start a serious training program for herself. She had joined a local club and eventually met and started working with a personal trainer. Since then she had progressed to the point of entering a few local contests and had done really well. In the last year she had taken her training to a new level. To her basic weight and cardio work she had added gymastics and kickboxing. The last had come at the suggestion of her trainer Jim, who was a former bodybuilder and had told her she had a chance to really do well on a national level if she improved the quality of her stage routines.

Phil and Kelly started out pretty different but they had been accelerating in opposite directions for years and things had finally reached the breaking point. Everything about her husband was starting to irritate her. His general hangdog attitude. The way he moped around all the time. The way he sat on the couch every night eating junk food. The way he complained about his job. The constant wining. She was also aware that as she focused more and more on the minute details of her increasingly impressive physique she couldn't help but do the same to Phil and she wasn't pleased with what she saw. As part of her program she regularly took pictures of herself and kept detailed measurement to map her progress. This intimate knowledge of her own physique was what led to the argument with phil when she read his report from the doctor. She had come home late from the gym and phil was already upstairs. He had left the letter from the doctor on the kitchen table. The report started with a rundown of Phil's physique. The doctor described him as at an advanced stage of physical degeneration and recommended a serious modification to his diet and exercise habits. The details told the story. Phil was 5' 8" and 151 pounds with a whopping 21% bodyfat percentage. Kelly was all too familiar with the calculations and did the quick math. Phil's lean muscular weight was significantly less than her own!. Here she was a legitimate fitness competitor and she was efffectively married to a 98 pound weakling!

At first she was worried about Phil's health but when she thought about how weak willed and undisciplined he was it just pissed her off. This, she took note, was becoming a typical reaction for her in regard to everything having to do with Phil. When she confronted him with the report and asked what he was going to do about it he had just shrugged his shoulders and told her to get off his back. He was laying in bed in his underwear. He looked like a total wimp. Pasty white, hollow chest, thin arms. And his legs were absolute sticks. The extra tire in his stomach was where the 21% was! It was like she was seeing her husband for the first time. She told him that she and Jim could have him whipped into shape in no time, but when she said this she was also aware of how embarrased she would be to even have Jim see him. And this pissed her off as well. Phil refused to even consider any of her suggestions and she realized she would have to be much more subtle ... or she thought ... she could try a shock treatment. The more she thought about the shock treatment the better she liked it and a plan formed. She talked Phil into at least meeting her at the gym the following night.

Kelly was waiting for Phil in the lobby at the gym. She was wearing a grey gym leotard and had two bags with her. One of the bags contained some clothing she had bought that day for Phil. She looked serious. All she did was nod and motion for Phil to follow her. She led him to the men's locker room, handed him one of the bags and told him to get dressed and then meet her in the East studio. Phil was very quiet and said nothing. He was so nervous about being at the gym he had given little thought to what Kelly had in mind for him. Once he found a locker he opened Kelly's bag and saw that it consisted of a pair of very small red nylon jogging shorts and a grey "muscle" shirt. He almost left at that point (had he really known he would have run for his life) but decided he might not be able to escape without seeing Kelly and then he wouldn't know what to say. He figured Kelly was going to put him through one of her own horrendous workouts and the thought made him tired before he even started. He got dressed and as he left a couple of guys saw him, looked him up and down and laughed ... when he caught a glimpse of himself in the mirror he knew why. He looked absolutely ridiculous. The holes in the running shorts were designed to handle a lot more muscle than he had on his 18 inch birdlegs.

Phil quickly discovered that the East area of the complex was largely closed off at night. There were lots of unused rooms with the lights turned off ... a deserted weight area, etc. He finally found East Aerobics Studio 1 and walked in. The lights were off and the room was deserted. The room was large ... about 60 foot square. All of the walls were mirrored from floor to ceiling and the room appeared to be completely covered in mats. In the dark it was tough to tell but it looked like there were sparring dummies at various locations around the room, some hanging heavy bags and maybe some racks with dumbells. He thought he might be in the wrong place and turned around to keep looking when he heard the door shut and the lights came on. Kelly slowly walked over to him. Her tight sport leotard accentuated the drastic differences in their two bodies. She must have been to the tanning booth during the day too ... maybe for an upcoming contest. It seemed to Phil that she had been talking about one recently. Her tan was deep and dark and her body looked incredilbe. Phil absently thought she had to win whatever contest she had entered. As she got closer he noticed a number of other things and wasn't sure what to make of them. First, she was in pair of boxing boots. And second, she had a pair of what looked like sparring gloves tied together by their laces over each of her shoulders. Kelly stopped a few feet from him and slowly looked him over from head to toe.

When she was done with her physical appraisal she casually pulled one of the pairs of gloves from her shoulders and threw them over to him. They hit him in the chest with a slap and fell at his feet. Kelly then proceeded to fit the other pair onto her own hands. They were very small and thin compared to boxing gloves he had seen on TV. Still slightly padded but they were cut so that most of the fingers were exposed and they looked like they were designe more for protecting a person's knuckles while working over a heavy bag or a dummy than for actually protecting an opponent from serious damage. As she was putting on her gloves she started to talk. "Well Phil. Here we are. Have you figured it all out yet?" As she said this she moved one of her hands up to her mouth and finished pulling on the last glove with her teeth. She brought her hands down to her hips and then suddenly smacked both her gloved fists together a few times in front of her. This startled him and he flinched slightly. Kelly had a big smile on her face. "I think I'm going to actually enjoy this. Enjoy what?. "You mean you haven't figured it out? We're at the gym. We're in a sparring room. There are mats on the floor. We're both wearing BOXING gloves. I've locked the door and this area of the gym is deserted at this time of night so we're all alone and not likely to be disturbed. Come on take a guess." Phil sat there with a dumb look on his face. She stared at him with the same slight smile and then very slowly started to curl her right arm up. As she did she looked back and forth from Phil to her bicep a number of times. When she finally got to the top she flexed it hard. Her arm was awesome. It was not overly large but it looked exactly like the women Phil had seen from the contest pictures Kelly had taped to the fridge at home. It was peaked and cut. She looked back at Phil without saying anything. He was dumfounded and stood there, with his hands at the side of his "muscle" shirt, and just stared. Kelly proceeded to curl and uncurl her arm ... the impressive bicep dancing as she did it. "You know Phil I've been thinking all day. Do you realize that every night for the last 5 years Ive come to this gym and worked my ass off building this body. and for that entire time you've either been staring at your computer screen at work or sitting in the couch at home eating fritos?" Haven't you ever wondered why a woman like me would want to be with a man like you? She paused for a second and looked him in the eyes. Well I have. As she said this she stretched out one of her legs, pointed her toes and flexed her leg hard. as soon as he looked down she swung the same leg out and around in a large arc bringing it to rest on his shoulder. Her legs were incredibly muscular and always had been but their lethal potential took on a whole new and devestating meaning in this context and especially as he looked all the way down her tanned and rippling thigh and finally back into her eyes. He was seeing his wife in a way he had never even imagined before.

She removed her leg. "So do you have a guess for me Phil. And while youre' tihnking why don't you put on the gloves and take off your shoes." Phil did nothing. He was frozen still and scared to death. In a show of exasperation Kelly acted like she was upset. No guess? Nothing to say? Well you never did say much did you. Here's the deal Phil. I'm going to slowly and methodically beat you within an inch of your life. Why you ask? Well I thought it was to shock you into getting into shape ... that Doctor's report and everything. But now that I see you standing there. Looking like a complete weakling in your muscle shirt, and most signficantly with that dumb look on your face .... I think I'm really going to do it simply because it will be fun.

Now I'm gonna count to 10 and then the fun begins and for the last time I suggest you put on those gloves. Kelly put her hands up, started to dance and count all at the same time. Phil frantically started to put on the gloves. As soon as he had them on he stood there flat footed. In a barely audible voice Phil told Kelly that he would scream. Kelly moved in closer and whispered, Don't tease me Phil. She kept talking. Here's the plan stickboy, first we're goin to box. Kelly feinted wiht her right hand and then drove her left straight in connecting with Phil's mouth. There was a sickening smack, phil's head snapped back, and he sank to his knees with both his hands covering his mouth. "oh come on Phil this is pathetic. Get up right now! Did I mention that our little match is being videotaped for posterity? That mirror over there is two way for taping classes and I thought I might want to watch this humiliation again. Do you really want this particularly pathetic display on the permanent record. Get up you little pussy. Phil had no reaction.

Kelly slowly turned around in front of him and started curling one of her legs up and down in front of his face. She looked over her shoulder at him on his knees, both hands still covering his mouth. I've really been working on my hamstrings Phil. The contest judges look for well-developed hams. Speaking of judging ... from the way those shorts fit you I don't think you have any hamstrings at all. You know what else Phil ... muscular hams increase the power of your kicks. With this she shot out her leg square into the center of his chest. This time there was a loud thud and Phil flew backward flat on his back. He lay still ... but now he started to moan. So finally he speaks. But Phil I can't quite make that out. Very, very sowly Kelly walked over directly above him straddling his body. Both of his lips were cracked and bleeding and it looked like some fo his teeth were loosened. Phil looked up at her, continued to moan and brought both of his hands back to his batttered mouth. Kelly bent over and grabbing a handful of the hair on top of his head and she lifted his face up close to hers. Phil It became apparent to me the other night when I saw you sitting in bed in all your glory that this was not going to be a contest tonight ... but I at least thought it would take a while. Frankly, your little fetal position and moaning routine is starting to piss me off.

Phil slowly moved his hands away from his mouth just long enough to say "please Kelly." allright Phil no more boxing We can come back to that later ... we have all night after all. Still holding his head by the hair she dragged phil behind her over towards one of the walls, close to the mirror where Kelly said the camera was located. She rolled him over onto his stomach and let him drop. Then she sat down in front of him close to his head. With her back near the wall. She leaned forward, reached between her legs, grabbed him by both ears and pulled his face into her waiting thighs. She bent his neck back so his entire face was visible then she crossed her ankles and clamped down with her legs locking in the hold. Phil had his eyes open and his hands came forward grasping first at her legs and then feebly tapping on her stomach. Kelly moved her own hands behind her head and tensed her abs .. enjoying the show as the ridges of muscle appeared up and down her torso. Phil I moved us over near the camera so you could say Hi to the folks at home. with that comment she rolled backward and raised her hips lifting phill with her between her legs as she went. At this point Kelly's legs, and phil's face along with them, were almost perpendicular to and only inches from the mirror. Phil's face was being so tightly compressed that his mouth and cheeks were all scrunched together. He still had his eyes open and Kelly forced him to mumble something for the camera. "plis mekkk itt toppp!" Well that's not exactly what I had in mind Phil but I guess it works.

Kelly spread her legs releasing him, roughly holding his head with one hand so she could climb out from beneath him. Then she let his head flop to the mat again. As long as we're over here lets do one more 'up close and personal' for the camera. Kelly sat down on the small of his back and leaning forward slid one hand over his face from behind and yanked it back. Phil struggled but he was far too weak to have any affect. His wife then used her free hand to pull each of his arms up and over each of her legs ... trapping them both. Then she got both hands around Phil's face again and started to test the limits of his spine. Phil had his eyes closed in pain. Kelly eased off just a little and then leaned close to his left ear and told him to open his eyes and smile for the camera. Phil opened his eyes and greeted the most horrible scene he could ever have imagined. Kelly, his wife, had both her hands interlocked over his face, smashing his mouth and nose as she pulled back on his neck. The only thing visible were his eyes between her fingers. Her arms seemed to be even more developed as they strained and grinded the hold. His own thin arms with the ridiculous boxing gloves were hanging limply and uselessly over each of her knees. The contrast between her dark tan and his bright white skin was intense. Kelly's beautiful face was only inches above his. She leaned even closer made eye contact with him in the mirror and whispered again in his ear. I'm wondering what this must be like for you Phil. This has to be the most humiliating display of physical superiority I've ever seen .... maybe that anyone has ever seen. What do you think. Would you like to scream now? I bet I could sell this tape? Kelly removed one of her hands and used it to lift his limp arm up and 'Waive' it to the camera. Hello from Phil. She paused and then, again for the camera, she started to move his arm back and forth like he was flexing a bicep. You know Phil I honestly don't believe that this skinny thing is capable of curling a 5 pound dumbell. Kelly released him yet again.

Now she kneeled down rolled him back over onto his back and patted the paunch of his stomach. You know Phil you're acting like you're already dead and all I've really done is pop you once and put you in a couple of submission holds. I think you can take a lot more than that. The night is still young. here's my plan. I think i will knock you clean out and let you rest for a while. I'll stay busy doing something. When you come to .. you can get a drink of water and then we'll try something new. And I don't think you'll be needing your shorts and tank any more. I think the clothing comparisons have served their purpose. Kelly yanked his shorts and shirt off leaving him naked. She stood up grabbed one of his ankles and dragged him unceremoniously out to the center fo the room. Then she grabbed him under each arm and lifted him up setting him on his feet as best she could. Phil managed to just barely stand. Lift your hands up honey. that's no way to box. You can't defend yourself with your hands that low. Kelly reached out and lifted his hands but each time she did they just fell bakc down by his sides. She finally gave up and backed off half a setp and studied him. He was literally wobbling slowly left and then right. Kelly raised her right arm again and cocked it back waiting for him to wsay back into the right spot. I had no I idea this was going to be this much fun. Can you see me Phil? She waived her other hand in front of his face and got no reaction. No, well I guess the camera can. Here it comes. She looked over at her arm and flexed it tight then she winked, planted a kiss right on the peak of her bicep as a show for the camera and hit him right across the chin. Phil dropped so quick it was like he disappeared.

Seeing him sprawled on the ground and out like a light Kelly just shook her head for a moment. Then she turned and motioned toward the mirror. In a moment Jill and Susan came out from a door hidden in the mirrored wall. They had all met at the gym a few years back and now took the same advanced kickboxing class together. Kelly had made a change of plans half way through her day and asked them both to join her. Both of the new girls were at least as fit as Kelly and both were wearing black leotards. Both also had on sparring gloves. All three smirked as they looked at Phil. Finally Susan broke the silence, "I don't think you left us much to do Kelly?"

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