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Update: 23.08.2019

A-586 "Lana vs Arthur"

Gallery size: 300 Full HD pictures

Armed mixed fighting, 300 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, bloody action.

Lana and Arthur had been the two last champions left to duel each other. Hoping to have a fast sex, Arthur wore nothing, but a skimpy loincloth.

“Lana” Arthur bowed his head, his dark hair falling over his green eyes, a small smile spreading on his face.

Lana pulled off her cloak and Arthur gasped. The battle outfit of young Countess was sexy and efficient. The elegamt black long sleeved leotard showed nearly every curve of her impressively toned body, the high cut hemline made her legs appear longer.

Arthur wasn’t prepared for just how hot she looks in it. The bodysuit clinged to her curves in all the right places and accentuated her gorgeous bum. "You have on a gymnastics leotard!" He stared in disbelief. "You looking like a street acrobat but not a noble lady! Why do you wear boots higher than the knees and a leotard instead of dress?"

"I quite like to wear something that feels sporty and covers my body to win a sword fight. My bodysuit is very stretchy and moves with my body, meaning I can still move around like normal without being restricted. I think it's important for us girls to feel confident and comfortable in what we are wearing so we can focus on fight and not be concerned with body image. This is a favorite of girls who want to be covered, look great and feel confident in fight." She smoothed the fabric over her breasts. "Besides, you don't expect a girl to duel in a dress, do you?"

"I do not expect you to duel at all!"

Lana ignored him. "That would be most unfair, dueling in a dress, unless, of course, you would be willing to wear a dress as well?"

"Don't be absurd." He snorted in disdain. "I have no intention of ever wearing women's clothing. But I like when girls wear something that makes them feel confident. So, if it's more comfortable for you to wear a leotard - do it!"

Lana remained still as his eyes took in every curve her leotard hugged, every inch of exposed skin on her slender arms and legs. She loved teasing him, her slender body clad in overknee boots woth four-inch stiletto heels and a tight black leotard top that made her tits look like they were going to tear the fabric, made him aroused and she knew about it. "Very nice, looks like now he is managed by his sexual instinct and his mind is turned off. Time to start a fight", she decided and didn't say anything but instead drew her sword and circled her foot around her on the ground.

Pale skin of his body gleamed as beads of sweat tumbled over his perfect muscles and flat stomach.

Her eyes narrowed. She once undressed a fencing instructor using only her sword and this time she decided to repeat it! Arthur jumped aside eluding from her swift motion, but his loincloth was cut by her sword. 

"What do you doing?" he screamed, looking at his cutten clothing piece on the ground. "Why?"

"Cause I'm pretty sure you have to be naked for our duel"

"But why you still clothed?"

"I prefer to wear a leotard because it will make sure that I don’t have to worry that my clothing comes up during the fight and some parts of my naked body is visible during movements. That's very comfortable and won't inhibit my movements. But I want you to get naked and vulnerable. Cause clothes is what separates us girls from you, the stupid animals managed by your sexual instincts"

Arthur stood naked in front of the beautiful leotard-clad girl. He felt completely exposed and vulnerable, but also exhilarated by being on display for the young Countess, who were looking him up and down with ironic smile.

Yes, this was quite purposefully planned and executed. Now he was naked, Lana smiled and giggled seeing his little penis: "Why don't you guys just admit females are superior for not having balls? A woman can contol a man anytime she wants with his balls. So why not ladies enjoy the power that you have over a man's balls. Nature gave it to you and us, so why not use it?"

Arthur felt humiliated, being naked by young attractive girl in tight sports bodysuit. He saw - she is pleased with herself for making him naked by one movement of her long sword, with no place to hide and no way to cover up. As she looks him over, he can see that she is feeling a little mean, and is eager to have some fun with him. Her long legs, emphasised by high cut leotard and long boots, obviously promised to attack his groin with no mercy at any moment.

It may seem a double standard, but males do behave better when naked in front of females. Guys, who are naturally more aggressive and rowdy, are less apt to act up or speak out of turn when totally exposed. The vulnerability to potential bumping, flicking, pinching, slapping, grabbing, and tugging in addition to the embarrassing nature of having female eyes on their fully nude bodies would create more submissive males.

Arthur felt embarrassed and feel humiliated as a result of his exposed state. This is what was intended by Lana. Humility and a willingness to respect females are assets in boys and men. Now she was sure - this time he thinking about his nudity in front of clothed woman, but not about their duel.

Smiling, Lana teased him: "Now when you are stripped completely naked, you have to kneel in front of me, kiss my feet and admit my victory. After that you have to stay the whole day naked. This will make you behave much better, not to fight against Girls cause we're always stronger and boys are weaker. Now that your pathetic little balls are exposed, I can treat them however I want. I can kick them or stab them with my sword until they pop and you cant stop me!"

"I'll not forgive you for this bullying!" Arthur was outraged. "Remember, when a woman kicks a man in the nuts, all notions of chivalry are gone; that woman has opened herself up to physical retaliation from the man. If a woman punches a guy in the balls, the man more or less has permission to punch the bitch right in the face!"

She felt a strong urge to kick him in the groin.

"Hah! I'm sooo scared!" Lana's expression was a mix of irony and hauteur. "Look at my favorite boots. This boots are very painful, because they are really solid and pointed, perfect to protect girl's feet. I love to hit male pigs like you with my legs and knees. I prefer when my victims submit voluntarily, or at least make it look like that's the case. But your stupid resistence starts to turn me on. I'm going to completely destroy your balls. It's a pity, but looks like you are scared to attack me and want to give up instead of fight!"

"Girls are weak in real life and could never beat a man!" With that Arthur lunged at her with wild fury, but Lana thrust her blade next to Arthur’s head causing him to falter to his right and bend his sword into her side. Male had a powerful muscles but now he was naked, and it made a girl quickly felt her superiority because when their swordplay started, she saw his weakness and uncertainty in his nudity. Proper acrobatic gymnastic clothing that Lana choosed for the duel made her feel confident. Being dressed, she felt herself to be stronger than naked male is, and respected herself more than she does him. She felt like she was empowered over a weak man who was allowing his baser instincts to drive him. In her elegant black leotard, she looked graceful like a panther. Her outfit made her feel dominant and desirable, but at the same time made her superior feminine body inaccessible for her enemy. She will manage him easily because his sexual arousal turns him into brainless aroused animal subdued by her beauty and power! 

Lana enjoyed the vulnerability she put Arthur in while allowing her a sense of security and control. It's even better when she can exploit that vulnerability for her own enjoyment. She dodge it smoothly and twirled around him and kicked him in the back.

Arthur fell onto his front but thrust himself up in one swift motion and pulled at Lana’s hair as he moved past her.

“An eye for an eye” Arthur said narrowing his eyes dangerously.

Lana smeared the sweat out of her eyes as they stood panting in front of each other.  

They twirled around each other thrusting their swords forward in hope of it connecting with flesh but instead they grabbed at air. Even dressed in a black leotard and stiletto boots, she fights like she’s dances. She’s fire and glitter, a star exploding, a girl he wanted to touch even though he was pretty sure she’ll sign his death certificate. She was both Persephone and Artemis, innocent and on the hunt. During the fight, Lana increased the number and intensity of the attacks on Arthur's bare manhood, always combining cleverly swift kicks of her long legs with her sword movements. He was forced to use all his skills to keep his body away from her deadly weapons. It was like a dance with death. Moving quickly as lightning, Lara had all the time to position herself in different angles to Arthur's body. And each time, she choosed the perfect position to attack his groin. But he was able to defend himself again and again.

They were each others equal, but the faster swordswoman always can beat a stronger swordsman in a no rules fight. Especially if his bare balls is hanging and she can find her target at any time. Even when Lana wasn't attacking them the fear of her attacking them made Arthur vulnerable to attack in other areas, and once it happened. Raising her sword in acrobatic movement, Lana simulated a slash to his neck and he was forced to change his position to elude from this danger. His eyes was focused on the tip of her sword and it gave her a perfect chance to finish him.

When beautiful girl in black leotard was sure in nude male was waiting for a blade strike, she gracefully raised her beautiful leg and kicked him merciless in the crotch with the full force of a stiletto heel. But that incredible pain just made him crazy. In one furious flash Arthur rammed into Lana causing her to flail back as he lay on top of her. He smiled down at her wickedly and pinned her arms above her head, disarming her. His hair falling forward brushing her hot cheeks – only making her more angry.

Arthur's erected cock furiously rubbed against Lana's body, this big muscle guy obviously went to rape her, but black leotard covered girl's body like armor and all his tryouts was unsuccessful. Lana just laughed on his moements and started teasing Arthur about his disability to be on top and his wanting a woman who could dominate him while she was managing his manhood. It didn't escape her notice that the more she talked about dominating him the harder his cock (and his breathing) became. "Is that what you really want Arthur," she whispered as she struggled him hard. "You want me to dominate you?"

At one point, Lana pressed her leg against his crotch. She began to press against the penis and then rub it. This was very awkward but it seemed to be getting the job done. Hard. A pleased moan fled his lips. His cock swollen and hard, nearly climaxing from the contact. Arthur moaned with lust, unable to control himself as Lana teased his cock with her leg. Trying to get her thigh away, he released her hands.

She placed her long fingernails on his hip and gently and slowly scratched up toward his armpit. His body involuntarily writhed away from her hand. She scratched up and down his sensitive sides, and over his belly. It was excruciating. His body was having some kind of weird contortion. She scratched around his cock, which was by now heavily engorged and oozing pre-cum. She took hold of his cock and squeezed. She moved her hand up and down his shaft. He moaned, rolling aside and released her while she gracefully changed her position, straddling him, one foot either side of his body. He looked up at her. Girl in black leotard looked magnificent above him. She slowly started to crouch down, took hold of his cock and held it firmly in her hand, and started to very slowly move it up and down. Climbing on top of her victim, her black boots contrasting greatly with his skin, Lana straddled him never taking her eyes from his. He was still armed, but Lana's own sword was too far from her and she had no chance to kill him being disarmed even straddling him. Arthur was sure in his power, he imagined unarmed Lana as submissive victim who must deliver a sexual pleasure to her victor. But really this muscle man was helpless, it was she who was controlling his orgasm. Lara lazily scratched up and down his sides, across his belly, circling his cock. She teased his cock by gently dragging her fingernails up and down the shaft. Again he squirmed.

Sitting on his naked body, she looked so powerful and in control, it was made him horny.

"You look beautiful Lana", whispered Arthur.

Lana did not reply immediately, but allowed a slight smile to cross her lips for a brief moment.

"Do you like me like this?" she whispered. "Do you like to lay under dominant girl?"

"Ungh," he moaned. "Yes."

"Do you like how my body looking in my battle costume?"

"Yes, yes..."

"OK, this is perfect. This is the embodiment of a real loving relationship: straddle position — love first, my hand on your cock and balls — the girl in control and claiming ownership, the male nude — vulnerable and ready to serve, and the girl clothed — in control and ready to lead. My leotard here, lovely as it is, is the uniform of a commanding officer, and we can see whom I'm commanding!"

Lana luxuriated in her dominant position, rocking and recovering. Her expression is proud — she feeling her power. Over him, over his arousal, over life and death. She smirked and began to stroke his cock gently, almost casually. He groaned, and she started to jerk him off in earnest. She decided to play a game with him.

"Please." he whimpered.

"Please? Please what?" she mocked. He didn't even know what he was begging for. In the end, the obvious thing sprang to mind, although it was hard for him to articulate.

"Please, please let me come." He tried to keep the desperation, the neediness out of his voice, but even to him it sounded like begging.

"But why?" she said innocently. "Its so much fun having you like this. You look so cute, so helpless."

"Because. because I'm desperate," he pleaded.

She laughed.

"You are not desperate. If you were really desperate, you would be begging." She put her hand around his cock and squeezed, gently moving her hand up and down.

"I am desperate," he whined. "Please let me come, please. I beg you. I'm begging you now, please let me come."

She looked at him with eyes of a predator, who had its prey just where it wanted.

"Perhaps I'll. Maybe, just maybe I'll let you come, but what are you prepared to do for me?" All the time she played with his cock, watching him, making sure he would not go over the edge.

"What do you want me to do?" he pleaded, no longer even trying to hide his desperation.

"Well, be inventive. Think of something." She smiled wickedly at him.

"God. I'll do anything. Anything at all. Whatever you want, just please, Lana, please let me come. I'm dying here." He was sweating. His balls felt like they would burst.

"Anything, huh? That sounds great!" She beamed. "So you will do anything I tell you, right? Is that what you are agreeing to?" She squeezed his cock tighter.

"Uhh, yes, anything you say." He felt pathetic, but his need to come was overpowering.

"So you will be my slave. My servant. Day and night. You will do exactly as I tell you. Do you agree?"

"But that's not fair!" He was nearly crying.

"But you do like what I'm doing to you, don't you?" She was so relaxed. She knew she had won already. He was so confused.

"I... I..." He stammered "Yes, but... we have to finish our duel..."

"Give up and admit my victory. And I'll let you come."

"No." His voice was small.

"Poor baby," she said in a half mocking tone, "I like it when the male is naked, lying either face up and he has one of my feet on his crotch. That being said, I also like the idea of the male having to kiss the woman's feet after being beaten to show his total acceptance of my superiority. Personally, I love victory poses. I love high heels and bicep flexes. So one of my favorite poses is a the slim woman in high heels with one foot on the chest of a big, muscular man flexing her slender arm. There's the role reversal, the blatant break from reality, the period on the end of her victory, the clear of show feminine strength, the beauty aspect, and probably much more. I find the Victory pose to be powerfully erotic because despite how close a match can be, the Victory pose demonstrates the final disparity between the two opponents: The winner who can look down on the lesser competitor; and the overwhelmed loser who can't do anything except maybe not-blush". With that Lana drove her knee down to his stomach, preventing him from getting up.

He was uncomfortable now. His gut feelings were telling him that he was in some kind of danger. The primal senses in him were sending warning signals to his brain but he could not interpret where the danger was coming from. His erection was a knot. He could feel the hairs on the back of his neck tingle.

"Mmm baby." she said rubbing the head of his erected cock with her knee. Realizing that she needed to get him disarmed so she could have her way with him, Lana expertly turned herself around, her blonde hair flowing. Arthur fell down, unaware of what this girl had in mind, but the minute she kneed him in the groin with full force, he had a clue. But it was too late. Women just know that they can incapacitate any male by giving a hard knee to his crotch or a hard kick. Even a fist is deadly. So, partly it's a tool that any girl or woman can use to get any guy down. 

She bent her head to his ear and whispered. “There are a few things you should remember, never put your hands on me again. Unless you want to risk being beaten unconscious, you end the fight quickly with no-holds-barred. And if a single kick to the groin is enough to incapacitate your opponent, then so be it!" With that she kneed him in the groin grinning back at him as his eyes had widened as he fell back and yelped staring at her with black eyes. Merciless beauty jumped to her sword then got a combat stance too fast, he just felt her sharpen high heel stomping on his hand and forcing him to leave a blade. She stood over him, victorious and self-satisfied. Adrenaline rushed through her veins, making her practically dance in her boots. Arthur had promised to teach her a lesson, but he was the one who had been schooled.

She walked over and placed her boot on his chest, looking down on him almost fondly. Arthur didn't believed to his eyes. His vision was still blurred to an extent, but he could see Lana’s long, slender legs. She wore a pair of overknee stiletto boots that just screamed the phrase “these boots are made for dominatrix.” He saw Lana standing over him in a tight high cut leotard, tip of her sword touching his naked body, especially his genitals. Along with the eyes and throat, the groin is one of the most vulnerable areas of the body, and Lana took a full advantage of that. Staring down on her naked victim, leotard clad girl pricked his balls with her blade. Now she is a true champion and she doesn't going to give any chances to revenge to that naked castrated male pig! Lana put her sword to Arthur's throat, “Girls are the highest creatures of the world so give us all rights. You boys have to accept that Females are much more intelligent, smart pretty and you males are wortless at all. Every Lady should be treated like a Queen so lets start today until all you males have no rights and clothes anymore. My victory proves it! It seems a shame to kill someone so weak. But you have no balls and no reason to live!". Long sword of young Countess pierced his neck when she was in a traditional victory pose where the leotard-clad girl puts her foot on the defeated male's groin and raises her hand in victory with a look of contempt on her face, arrogantly staring into the eyes of weak nude male she has just defeated.

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