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Paige liked her tight leotards. She liked how they made her feel when she wore them. Well, in actuality it made no difference to her, but she liked the way it made the men feel. She loved the idea of being able to turn a guy s dick into a solid monolith just by walking by. She loved to tease the guys at school and soon became well known for her playful antics. It was a greatest mistaked of Ed to challenge her!
Women's self defence has begun focusing on "how" to ensure they score on the testicles by any number of ways including deception, distraction, combinations, and others. They know they only get one chance so are learning to never lead with this move and are learning the importance of striking deep, fast and accurately. It's not the same game as it was a number of years ago. It's becoming more and more common that women are successfully attacking the testicles when they need to. Ed didn't wait her attack when Paige grinned at the unsuspecting man and sharply kneed him in the groin and pushed him to the ground as he groaned. Distracted by the horrible burning sensation spreading through his groin area, he collapsed into a pile.
Ed says: "I like to have mixed wrestling matches, especially where the lady isn't afraid to give me a good hard knee to the balls. I'd like to wrestle a girl naked (but she of course would wear a leotard). I also like to be wrestled before a good ballbusting. I usually open my defense down there to make such a blow or knee possible. Pagie just love it when they are on the loosing side and get a dominant position after this 'illegal' shot. She is beautiful and a bit charming and does well with the fight choreography. It's nice to see her like a female lead in an action movie who looks like an actual strong woman. I remember this one time I fought my stepdaughter first she grabbed me by one shoulder and brought me in and drove knee to my stomach then I tried to grab her and she quickly kneed me to the balls. I was able to get up and I pushed her into a wall which she drove another knee to my stomach and I bent over and fell to a knee which she then kneed me in the face and I fell into her and slid into the ground. I was supposively out for 3 minutes. The pain is enough to effectively paralize me".
Paige says: "Ok, I'm not really proud of this now, but it seemed cool at the time. In junior high my friends and I were talking about if it really worked to kick a guy in the balls. I mean if it really worked, you know. So I went up to a guy and said I knew a trick that showed how a girl was really stronger than a boy. I told him to grab my hands and hold them up high. He probably thought it was some kind of arm thing. Anyway, I just kneed him as hard as I could. Did it work? WOW! He went down right away and stayed there. We laughed alot. I know, I know, it wasn't nice. I think I wanted to know if it worked so I could be confident. It was pretty funny. Guys are stronger than girls and can wipe us out easy but if we trick them by being friendly and get in close and start the fight we can finish it with one knee, they can't move then they can't fight, we win. Its dirty fighting but it works. Ed was wrestling with me and pinned me and was being a conceded jerk saying what are u gonna do now wimpy girl so i kneed him in the balls and down he went i felt very powerful because I was like jello wrestling him and now he was on the floor moaning at my mercy. I kicked him in the groin, and he squealed in pain, unable to defend himself. Girl power!"
Fight night in empty gym
Two 18 y.o. high school classmates, Brooke and Nick, decided to find out who's in charge. But her speed and dexterity quickly confused him.
Nick says: "I have a girlfriend, we would often wrestle and i would always let her get into positions where she could win by hitting me in nuts, or juts leaning her weight into them... She had no idea that this was such a turn on for me until one day she started teasing me about hitting me... I then asked her to kick me, and after some giggling she gave me my first kick. It hurt even more than I had expected it too, the pain welled up from my balls into my stomach and I just had to go down, on hand on my balls and one hand making sure i didnt fall flat on my face. She just laughed and laughed, asking "oh...are you okay? I cant believe I win so easy!"
Brooke says: "A man’s testicles are a major disadvantage in a fight. I’ve seen females make defeating a man physically look like child’s play – one strike to the groin and game over. Most women controlled their men by their balls, because women are superior, and because most men want to be mommied, want to be controlled, and there is no better way, then by a woman controlling a man by his must vulnerable organ, the testicles. Therefore women wanting to control men by their balls, enjoying of watching male balls being battered and controlled by women. When push comes to shove, and they try to abuse us, we can use our superior female abilities to control men in their balls. That we can pretend, control our lover in the balls that we do not have when making love is what makes life wonderful. I love the feeling of power I get from kicking a guy in the balls!"
Mixed kickboxing, 80 pictures 1280*1024, no nudity, no blood.
Stupid Michael thought his aunt is just old dance teacher. Bad guy! His aunt says: "i've kicked boys many times, but i can tell sneakers are the best for kicking most painful. although there are harder shoes, their soles are hard enough. but if you kick with running shoe, their hard tip fits relly nice to the balls. they have sharp edges and i know kicks with them are really efficient! its excellent feeling when your hard sole of the sneaker hit the poor balls and you see how your sneaker contineus and deformate its target! the face of your oppo- nent is getting red and you can see typical face of somebody who is in extreme pain. then he falls to the ground. i love these hard running shoes which are so comfortable and so hard and dangerous for guys!".
The Dance Teacher
Michael, young karate coach, meets a female dance teacher. This lady older than him and more dangerous than he thought! As a girl she was never shy. Some were charmed by her brashness, others called a brat. In her teens many attributed her uninhibited confidence to her brunette good looks. She is an exceptional beauty. Homeliness would not have diminished her aggressive personality. Her indestructible confidence was inherent. She seems to have been born with the qualities that make a woman dominant. Men desired her. She found their lust laughable or disgusting. She felt all men were childish. Being a dance teacher, she learned a lot of martial arts and earned a lot of money from MMA fights. Michael didn't know - hurting men is her profession and pastime.
Karate workout
Michael thought he can teach Molly to fight. He told her: "Attacking of the testes is very effective and deadly. You like the feeling of power when you kick a guy in the nuts and see him whimpering on the ground? I'll teach you how to fight hard!. Pretty girl answered: "I agree with you there, I definitely like playing with a guys balls for fun to make him happy, and I'll strike his testicles if I'm in a fight. I'd give you a big kick in the nuts and see how manly you are while whimpering on the ground holding your balls!".
So friendly sparring comes to real fighting action and he was beaten by fit girl. Finally he begging in tears onto his knees: "I like getting hit in the balls because it turns me on. Plz, plz, plz. Hit me in my balls. I would love to marry you!"
Ms.Marvel vs Captain Power
18 y.o. Tom challenged his older sister Ella and it was a great mistake. He has no chances from start to end of fight and was completely overpowered.
Ella says: "I have hit guys in the balls before, lots of times, and it works -- a kick, a knee, whatever, you hit a guy in the nuts hard and he goes all softy, crumples to the ground, sorry but that's what happens, maybe you're afraid of getting hit in the junk. I'll tell you one thing if we were in a fight and I got a chance to nail your testicles, I'd do it, and you wouldn't be able to get up, you'd be all, "oh my nuts," and stuff. It is fun to kick a guy in the groin and watch them in pain. First of all i've had plenty of self defense classes, and i've been in enough fights with boys to know what i've seen happen to them when they receive a strike to the balls. they drop, that's what happens. Of course the testicles aren't just flopping around easy to hit, that's why sometimes when they're hard to get at, you slam your palm to his nose, and i don't care who you are, if someone throws a hand at your face you react, but of course i'm not going for the nose, i'm going for the balls, i'm just doing that to get your attention fixed somewhere else, so that way when you block it it's already too late because my fighting shoes are already between your legs, pounding your testicles into next week, and then your DONE, and if you're not, you are certainly bending over far enough for me to smash my knee into your face, then your lights out for sure. Go girls and kick the guys in there nuts hard and many times!! Most guys deserve to be kicked in there nuts and you girls should kick them right square in the nuts to teach them a lesson!".
Tom says: "I love being kicked in the BALLS. I'm a submissive male & my sister loves kicking me in the BALLS. Its so cool how a woman can drop me to my knees with one kick. Yes it hurts like HELL. When my feet will not hold me up she will release me & I drop to the ground she stands over me laughing at me in pain. Any guy who received a good kick or punch to his nuts would not be able to continue fighting and would be on the ground. After I got punched and kicked in my nuts I was no longer able to fight and just got beat up after that".
Rachel is powerful and skilled fighter, Juan's resistance is too weak for her fast and hard attacks. Before this match she told him: "You may be a little bigger and stronger than me, but I’m quicker and I’ll get to your balls. And if I hit you there it would be ALL OVER.” After match she says: "I study karate and I have rarely beat a guy in a fair fight. Most of the time I pretend like I accidently kneed or kicked him in the balls. Of course I do it on purpose so I can win. Every guy that I have got in the balls goes down and stays there. If he got back up it would be easy to beat him up because he is then weak. Guys lose all their strength when you hit their balls, its weird, they can't even stand up or move at all. I have seen a few guys get kicked in the balls in fights. They go down and curl up for a long time".
Sofia made her gymnastic workout when two brothers, Jim and Jason, suddenly attack her. They dreamed about rough sex with Sofia but her fighting skills were more than their dreams. She says: "I've played in the gym last night, wearing a gym leotard and pointed high heel boots with metal cleats called taps on both the heels and toes. Two pervert broters tried to rape me. I gave them a really hard, powerful frontal kick hitting him dead square in the balls!!! I played soccer for ten years so I have a very powerful kick. They was on the floor crying for 20 minutes, and it took them another 20 minutes just to get up. I actually hurt them but anyways he wanted to rape me so I don't feel guilty in the slightest".
Her deadly whip Fantasy mixed fight: cruel Sofia armed with a whip against unarmed Spanish fighter Juan. 45 pictures 1280*1024 32-bit colour. No nudity, some blood exists.
Women who are given testosterone supplements not only reveal increased sex drive, but also more aggressiveness, greater willingness to start fights, and less aversion toward taking risks. But even without such supplementation, many women prefer taking on the role of superior. Women experience a power in knowing that they’re erotically cherished and adored the object of a man’s strongest craving. Male is so enamored of a woman that he’ll do anything to satisfy her, if he is enslaved by her beauty. Power of the heroine to erotically ensnare the man through his overwhelming desire for her. Woman may put man in a submissive position and define the terms of her domination. Sofia wearing a lycra leotard cut high over her hips and clinging to her body like a second skin with jutting nipples on small mounds, she is sure Juan would be agreed to have a cage fight with her rules. Juan was sure he is stronger than any woman but Sofia really knows how to use her deadly whip.
Sofia says: "ALL women like to control men and inflict pain. The whip is actually an symbol of a female power. The sexiness of a beautiful female body combined with a flexible whip, might be very painful. I stared at the mirror in my vanity table. Placing a dark leotard on and slipping high-heeled boots onto my feet I smiled provocatively. The dark makeup in my eyes was as much alluring and provocative as it was bloodcurdling. Picking up my red lipstick I played it against my soft lips and smiled at the mirror. My light ponytail cascaded down my back and I could see why Juan would be agreed with MY rules of fight. He obviously finds fighting a leotard clad girl very stimulating. But losing to me would invoke him to erupt in submissive admiration of my superiority!"
Juan says: "Sofia and I have experimented with whip. I have been attacked a little and I was floored. It was interesting for both of us. Now I know how dangerous can be a woman armed with whip. It was very humbling for me to discover slim girl could floor me so easily!".
Fit young girl Honey against big skilled wrestler Brad. First time he rules, but she attacks his balls and all his skills are unusable.
Brad says: "When I was in high school we had a wrestling tournament. Now I was 6'1 and 195 pounds and ripped. There was this one girl who was 5'8 and 136 pounds. She was the only girl in the tournament. we were the two people in the finals. I had heard she beat all the people she faced in seconds. She wrestled in high leg gym leotard and looked deadly, I was scared. When the fight started I jumped on her and I was pulverizing her. But then she grabbed my crotch and squeezed really hard. Then she jumped on top of me and threw a bunch of punches. Then she kneed me in the face I tried to get up but she elbowed me in my stomach. Then she punched me in my face. Next time I was awake my friend told me I was out cold for three hours".
Honey says: "Going for the balls would demonstrate a willingness on the part of a woman to inflict pain on a man in order to take control of him and then to subdue him. If a woman uses her flexibility, wrestles aggressively, and uses her leg strength, most men cannot counter that!"
It's Juan’s turn to fight Alice tonight and instead of fighting him nude which is a rule for men when fighting a women. Alice lets him ware a tight fitting heavy clothed G-string. Juan’s penis has nowhere to go except upwards almost touching the top of his waist band of his G-string. Alice laughs and touches the vertical bulge of his penis causing it to rise even further. They fight and there are plenty of attacks to Juan’s balls. The fight ends with Juan laying on the floor holding his painful erection that just does not want to go down. Some of the girls agree that Alice’s punch into his erection has caused his erection to become even harder. Juan did not want this dirty punch causing the girls to laugh at his erection that just won’t go down.
It’s another action fight night show that women and girls love to see. The audience of mainly women have tricked their men folk to come along and see the new girl power craze that is sweeping the nation. It’s all about girl power that females have been empowered with to use when fighting a heavier male opponent. These young girls have deadly skill and most men become decimated by the skills of girl power. Rob is a male chauvinist and he quickly accepts the invitation to fight Lindsey who is much better skilled in the use of her girl power. As Rob walks to the ring the audience notice that he is wearing a woven cloth G-string that is supported by ropes that are tied up to his waist support rope. As he walks his penis and balls wobble and roll within the heavy bulge of his G-string pouch. Lindsey eyes are also attracted to his wobbling bulge as she thinks of ways to torment him by playing with his bulge during the match. The fight starts and it appears that Rob immediately has the advantage by attacking her swiftly, but it’s a little early for Rob to celebrate as Rob quickly becomes tired. The women audience scream and jump for joy as they see Rob getting kicked and punched in his G-string bulge. Rob crumples to the floor and everyone thinks it is now over. But Lindsey is not finished with his balls yet as she pulls the support rope up hard towards his waist band. Suddenly Rob feels a tremendous pressure upon his balls as the material covering his privates is pulled up tight squashing his balls into his groin. Poor Rob tries to pull away the material covering from his balls but it’s far too tight. He begs for mercy as Lindsey laughs as she pulls the rope in jerks causing more pain as his balls are squashed up further. Lindsey users her girl power to totally have Rob under her control. She gives further punishment to his balls as the men folk just sit and tremble while trying to hold down their raging erections. The bulging men’s pants are soon spotted and the girls point their fingers at them. They tease their partners by ridiculing them about their erections loudly for all to hear.
Powerful Juan against a fast hitting and kicking Tara. It was a long fight, but she is too fast and smarter than this muscle man Juan. A lot of various ballbusting moves!
Juan says: "I'm 43 years old, me and my wife fighting regularly. She is smaller, but much stronger than me. I look muscular and seem stronger than her, but we realized, she had to use only 60 percent of her full strength to overpower me. Now she likes to wear her thong leotard during kickboxing and always trying to leave me naked during action. When she see my nude body she goes most aggressive and can do literally anything with me when we wrestle, no rules for her if I'm naked. When she grabs my wrists, she can move my arms anywhere where she wants: Behind my back, or over my head, or apart. She plays with me in the MMA cage and she enjoys it. I'm absolutely helpless against my leotard-clad wife when she grabbing my vulnerable weak balls. It is evident now for both of us, that female fighter is much stronger than male. When we wrestle, I can't push her arms back, but she can do it anytime with mine. It's exciting for both of us that she can overpower me anytime. She can sit on my face if she wants and I can't stop her, or can hold me down pushing my arms over my head and I can't move. Only by her muscle strength she can hold me in any submissive position as long as she wants. Both of us knows, if I'll try to fight seriously, she could simply hurt my balls and I'll be defeated quickly and easily".
Tara says: "At wedding night me and my husband ended up in bed after he stripped down all his clothing and I removed my wedding dress, stayed in white leotard. I am rather ticklish and he noticed, I warned him to keep on tickling me but he kept on so I took hold of his arms and held him still. To his (and my) surprise he couldn't get loose. He tried more and more but I just held him without too much trouble. I started to realize that I was not only stronger than him, I was a lot stronger. I started to use my power to pin him and soon had him under me. He obviously got embarrassed being so easily overpowered so he stammered something like that he wanted to have a new chance since he was taken by suprise. So we started from our knees and for the first time wrestled "for real". Once again we were hand to hand and I dragged him close to me and then took him in a bear hug and started to squeeze, I could feel his thin rib cage getting squashed and he soon told me to stop since I hurt him. Dressed in leotard, I felt myself like powerful Goddess overpowering a naked male prey and liked it. I felt a bit bad for him since he got so embarrassed. I once again pinned him and while he was under me he admitted that he is much weaker than me and submits. When we have a kickboxing sparrings I win each time. This match is not an exclusion!".
Sister vs Brother They are 18 y.o. teenagers and are home alone. Both of them are involved in physical sport at school with the girl taking an interest in the wrestling sport between girls and boys. They want to know who is stronger, a girl or boy. They decide to have a wrestling match to find the answer. The boy is a little bigger and stronger. So do you think he will win against the supreme female sex who is naturally smarter and faster?
Tom is a very unlucky person: All his girlfriends are stronger than he is, or is he lucky? As most girls would love a man who they can overpower and punish, as its such fun to see him beg for mercy!
He grabbed her sexy body but she moved her hands with sharpen nails to his face, forcing him to break a hold. As soon as he released her, she kneed him in the groin, smiling as she heard a satisfying thump and a loud groan elicited from her actions. Turning him around, she shoved her foot on his back, grinding his whole body down, and grabbed his right arm and twisted it, earning the beautiful sound of his bones cracking. "Do you submit?," she hissed, commanding and impatient. The man moaned his defeat and she gladly took her foot off of him and turned him around, pulling the man off his feet, cutting off all circulation as he began to choke. His words were of a pleading manner and she dropped him to the ground. "Speak." She commanded, crossing her arms, as she placed a leather boot on top of his crotch in warning. She hissed, stomping her foot on his genitals, forcing him to submit.
Tom says: "I was wrestling with my girlfriend when I lost my balance and grabbed on to her leotard but just pulled her down on top of me. Her knee crushed my nuts as i hit the floor and she fell on top of me. I felt was her sexy sharpen knee striking my balls dead on twice and then she grabbed my nuts and squeezed and twisted saying, who's in control now big guy? As she saw me in this pain she just smiled at me victoriously."
Laura says: "As I began to squeeze his balls he tried to laugh it off but soon started to beg me to stop squeezing. The feeling of power over a much stronger boy was amazing, and I became so excited I got a bit carried away. Every time he tried to force my fingers from his balls I tightened my grip until he stopped. When I squeezed hard he was in obvious agony, and actually seemed to be paralysed by the pain: completely unable to stop me!"
Tom wants to win, but most girls want to win all the time showing their strong power over the male. Sometimes girls will fight dirty to men in dominated hold so the girls can do all sorts of horrible things to him for fun and amusement. Some girls are cruel and get off on having that kind of control over a guy. That chick knew what she was doing and knew what would follow!
Tom says: "I was competing against a girl in the final and going into the very last round I was winning on points, but I was so tired I ended up stood with my legs wide open, so she ran up and kicked me in the balls as hard as she could, which left me rolling around on the floor screaming in agony!".
Michelle says: "We girls think it's funny to see a guy get hit in the balls. Ballbusting is more about female controlling and being victorious over the male gender, which is appealing to many women. There are a lot of feminists out there that would love to kick a man in the balls for the pure pleasure of it!"
A lot of ballbusting pics included in this gallery!
Sara is a skilled wrestler and Alberto was attracted to her. To get to know her better Alberto asked if he could spar practice with her. She accepted and tried to hide her wicked sly smile. Little did Alberto know that Sara’s dominance over a male in the wrestling ring was very popular with the female audience? Poor, poor Alberto, He certainly takes on the wrong girl quite often...
Alberto says: "My wife Sara trained muay thai for three years and is practicing krav maga for four years. She prefers punching and kicking than ground fighting. While fighting I'am trying my best to overpower her, but she is a strong girl, trained in martial arts and usually aims my balls or eyes or other sensitive places and I have no other choice than surrender fast. It ends often with her feet or ass on my face, she also likes to make me fall at her feet after a well aimed kick or leg sweep, and then stomp at me or choke me with her foot".