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dominant karate girl in black gym leotard kicking her boyfriend

Update: 15.11.2019

W-598 "The proposition"

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Mixed wrestling, 190 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

I couldn't help but laugh. Are you serious right now Brittany? 

"Yes I'm serious. I want to fight you". She said with a smirk. She was standing up in the living room looking down at me on the couch while I was trying to play Halo 4. She had on what could only be described as an outfit that one would work out in. It consisted of a black long sleeved leotard cut high on legs and a pair of laced boots, both the same color.

I paused the game for a minute to really look at her. She is short, only five foot two and she can t weigh more than 110 lbs. She has a big ass and above an average chest, but a pretty skinny waist. She was still looking down at me with my controller in my hand and all I could say while starting to laugh again was,  Yeah right ! I un-paused my game and started playing again as best as I could considering my laughter. 

"I'm serious Keith. I want to fight you, but it s not really fighting, its more wrestling, no punching or kicking allowed". 

"Your right, that's not fighting. Die alien asshole" 

"Will you please pause that or turn it off so I can propose all this to you?" I could tell Brittany was getting a little mad at me from all the laughing and somewhat ignoring her, so I paused the game again.

"Okay, its paused now, what do you want?" I said to her in a sarcastic tone.

Brittany sat down next to me and pulled out a folded piece of paper. She unfolded it and handed it to me. It was some sort of contract with a line on the bottom of it for me to sign and a line with Brittany s signature already on it.

"What is this shit?" I asked her.

"It s a contract for you to sign if you agree to everything. You can read it or I can tell you, it might make sense if I tell you". 

I just stared at her with a blank look and she started to explain.

"Okay, we are going to wrestle. It is going to be a submission style match with absolutely to punching, kicking, eye gouging, or anything dirty like that And illegal in most MMA fights. It will be a best out of 5 match. First one to make the other person tap out 3 times wins. You with me so for?" 

"Yeah, I guess". I could tell she was dead serious so I wasn t laughing anymore.

"Good. We are going to do it right here in the living room on the carpet, after you move all the furniture back against the walls. Besides all the rules I have already stated, everything else is pretty much fair game, got it?" 

I started to look over the contract in my hand and everything she said was right there, almost word for word.

"Oh yeah, and you have to wear a pair of your boxer briefs, nothing more. I will be wearing what I have on". 

I thought about it for a moment. "I can't fight you".

"It s not fighting its wrestling, and why not, I have been taking MMA classes at the gym, I'll be fine". She said with a smirk, like she was waiting for me to react that way.

"MMA fights are based in weight classes. I am 80 lbs. heavier and 8 inches taller than you. It isn't fair by a long shot." 

She pretty much just ignored my last comment. "If your too scared, just say so. But, do you want to know what the winner gets?" she purred.

"Yeah, I guess, and I am scared, that I'll hurt you" 

"Simply put, the winner gets the loser". She pauses long enough to see the confused look on my face. "Now I know we already have each other in the girlfriend boyfriend sense. That s not at all what I am talking about. The winner gets to do whatever they want to the loser for the rest of the weekend. Being that it is Saturday afternoon, the winner gets all night and all day tomorrow with the loser. It can be back rubs, cooking, cleaning, blow jobs, whatever your heart desires, the loser must comply no questions asked". 

I could tell that she was getting pretty excited with all this part by her body language and the tone of her voice. I know where this was going, and if somehow she actually got me to tap out 3 times then I would be doing all the chores in the house and probably spending the rest of my time with my head between her legs. Brittany is a very sexual person, but in the three plus years we have been together, she hasn t been into anything crazy, just straight sex in many different positions. It wasn t until recently anyway. She wanted to fool around and I was tired after a 12 hour day in construction work. Dressed in thong leotard, she kept bugging me and bugging me until finally she got up and slammed her pussy right into my mouth while I was laying in bed trying to sleep. She wrapped her legs around my head like she was sitting Indian style on my face and told me that the only way I was getting to sleep that night was if she came in my mouth. Ever since then, she has been addicted to having me going down on her and her being in control of it. I definitely don t have a problem with it, I love going down on her, and her being a little mean about it makes it even hotter.

"So you are trying to tell me that the winner gets the loser to basically be there slave for the rest of the entire weekend, no questions asked?" I asked her as I started to think of the possibilities and getting a little turned on with the situation.

"Yes sir, that is exactly right. Make me tap out three times, and you can do whatever you want to me or with me". 

"There has to be a catch. This all just seems too easy". 

"Then you shouldn;t have a problem then big boy". She said as she started to kiss my neck a little.

"No, but it still doesn t seem fair. I would love to win and all, but it just doesn't seem right". 

Brittany stopped kissing me and looked in my eyes. "I already signed it. I am totally game. My classes have taught me a little and I think it is actually a fair match". 

I looked at her with a slightly mad look at the fair fight comment which made this hot blonde that is basically sitting on my lap smile.

"Come on, don't be a pussy Keith. Just eat mine". Brittany laughed as she said. "Plus, haven't you always want to fuck my big ass? If you win then it's all yours to fuck as you please". Brittany turned around, stood up and stuck her ass in my face. "All yours". 

My dick was rock hard now staring at this big ass swaying in my face. Then she grabbed that back of my shoved my head and shoved my face in her ass for a couple of seconds.

"All yours". She chanted again.

I pushed her down to where she was sitting next to me again. I was still up in the air, but I had at least one more question.  If, or should I say when I win , I laughed,  and I make you my slave for the next day and a half, what kind of feelings are there going to be? Are you going to be pissed off because I fucked your ass hard and made you deep throat and gag on my cock, and made you pamper me and cook for me and whatever else I do to you? Are you going to leave me then? Are you going to kill me in my sleep or not let me get any air the next time you are sitting on my face? I don t want to lose you for all of this. 

Brittany was starting to get a little irritated.  God, you really are being a pussy. I give you the opportunity to use me as your slave and fuck me in the ass and you are just back peddling like a little bitch. I am proposing this to you. I have thought about this for a while now. I should be making sure that when I win that you can take it if lose to a girl that is so much smaller than you. Are you going to leave me, or kill me? 

"No, I am sure there is nothing that you can do to me to make me feel less about you. I love you with everything I have. You are my everything. I just don t want any animosity towards each other". I said to her, trying to calm her down a little.

Brittany grabbed the contract from next to my Xbox controller on the table and handed it to me with a pen.  Here then, sign it. I am not going to leave you or kill you or anything like that. There will be no hard feelings after the weekend, and I won t be telling anybody about anything and I expect the same from you. It is supposed to be fun. 

I looked at her eyes on last time for a few seconds, leaned forward, signed it, and handed it back to her. She hugged me tight and kissed me all over. She was as happy and giggling like a tween age girl at a One Direction concert.

She was as happy and giggling. I my proper attire on for the festivities. She walked out of the room towards the office and I could hear the filing cabinets open and shut.

I moved all the furniture against the walls trying to leave as much space as possible in the center of the room.

I went to the bedroom and pulled out a pair of my all black boxer briefs that were a size too small, so I know they would be extra tight and maybe I could distract my girlfriend for a second.

When I got back into the living room, Brittany was bending over touching her toes stretching, with her ass facing me. I m sure the position was completely on purpose. I walked to the other side of the living room and started stretching myself.

"Are you sure you want to do this, I will let you back out?" I asked her while I was stretching my hamstrings.

"I'm sure. And I really don t care if you want to back out, because if you quit, I win". She snapped back at me.

She got up shaking her neck out and stood in the center of the room waiting on me to finish stretching. I was done and walked right in front of her. She held out her hand for me to shake it and I did. Then she nodded her head as if asking if I was ready. I nodded back, and it begun.

She started to circle around me make me circle around. I reached out and tried to half ass grab her arm, I was just trying to size her up. Next thing I know she grabs my arm and kind of jumps and plants the back of her legs into my chest throwing me down and on my back. At the same time she managed to get my arm in between her legs and set in a perfect arm bar. I was so shocked, surprised and caught off guard that until the pain started, I didn t know what the fuck just happened. She started cranking my arm downward, using a lot of force. I started to try to get out of it, but with her legs wrapped around my arm and firmly planting me to the ground, I couldn t even move without it hurting worse. I laid there for a little while longer trying to figure a way out of this until she gritted her teeth and cranked down real hard which made me tap out on the floor with my spare arm. 

Brittany let go immediately and stood up, leaving laying there holding my arm.  One to Nothing,  she said as she let out a little giggle.

I composed myself as best as I could and stood up. I looked at my girlfriend who is now smiling at me. "What are you smiling at?" I asked her in an angry tone.

She smiled even bigger at me. "Nothing at all. But in case you didn t hear me before, the score is one to nothing". 

That made me embarrassed and mad at the same time. How could I have been forced to tap out so fast? I m in good shape, I know how to wrestle. All of this was bad enough, but the fact that Brittany laughed at me when she won that round, made it so much worse.

"Alright, I'm ready to go again". I told her. I wasn t going to lose another round. I was committed to this and certainly wasn t going down without a proper fight.

Brittany walked back to the center of the living room, still grinning. This time she looked at me and said "ready, go". 

She was really quick this time as she shot for my front leg. It was so quick that it caught me off guard again. This time I had enough balance to fall forward on top of her. She grunted as I landed on her back. Brittany was still trying to grab my leg. I reached my arm back and under her chin. I worked at it for a few seconds until I had a choke hold set in nice and deep. She started to go nuts in this position. I just leaned back, choking her even more and she had to tap out.

I let go immediately and mocked her by saying, "one all". She sat up and looked at me. The icy look in her eyes told me that she was furious. I couldn't help but smile a little, which I m sure made it worse.

She stood up and pushed me back at the same time. I laughed as I got up and told her "in case you missed it, the score is now one all". She squinted her eyes at me as if trying to burn a hole in my head. She walked to the center of the room again.

"Ready, go". She announced, not caring if I was ready. She then swept in with even more force than the last time. With me not really being ready and the force in which she grabbed my legs, she sent me tumbling to my back. I was still trying to catch myself when she spun around and sat on my lower chest while facing my feet. She grabbed my arms and pinned them under her legs. I started to pull them out from under her when she grabbed my balls through my shorts, which made me stop in my tracks and let out a loud yell. She shifted her hand until she had a vice grip on my boys, squeezing them like she was trying to crack two walnuts in one hand.

"FUCK That's cheating you bitch". I shouted at her.

"I don't give a fuck you price of shit. Just try and get out of it". Brittany snapped back as she rolled my balls around in her hands a little.

I started trying to move out from under her, but everywhere I would try to move, she would just squeeze harder. I tried pushing her off of me, but I just started buckling over from the tight grip.

Brittany started to laugh with me struggling and groaning in pain. "All you have to do is tap out you little cocksucker, and the pain will stop". I started to say something back to her, but she squeezed my balls so hard I thought they were going to explode, which made me tap out as soon as possible. Brittany started to release her grip, but gave them one last quick squeeze to make me wince once more. She got off of me and said, "2 to 1 now bitchboy. Take a short break while I go to the bathroom for a couple of minutes. Don't go anywhere". She then skipped away and down the hall.

I just laid there trying to think of anything other than the pain radiating from my groin. I started thinking that losing wouldn't be that bad. I hated all the chores and didn t like to cook much, but I love going down on her. I thought about giving up, just to stop all this and give into the chance to spend the next day and a half fucking my girlfriend with my tongue. But my competitive nature wouldn t allow that. I knew she wouldn't just drop it, and would keep rubbing it in every chance she got. I wasn t going to lose this shit. Besides all that, I really didn t want to lose to a girl.

When Brittany skipped back into the room, I was in the same exact position that I was in when she left. Brittany smiled at me while towering over me. "Get up bitch. We only have one round left". 

I started to inch my way up slowly, "one round left? We have two more to go". 

"No, only one. Because, when I win it, it will be all over". 

"Whatever". I said as I finally got to my feet. I was still hunched over holding my groin.

"Look, I'll let you start this Round". She told me, as if giving me a gift.

"Okay, give me another second. That shit really hurt". I stood there still trying to catch my breath. She just stood there smiling at me. Even though I was mad at her for hurting me so badly, I've got to admit, she is still so damn sexy.  All right, I m ready, are you ready? 

"I've been ready, waiting on you". She said as got back in her fighting position.

"Okay, go". As soon as I said those words she swung her right hand in and planted a brutal slap on the left side of my face.

"That's for calling me a bitch, mother fucker". 

My ear was ringing and I was a little dazed. This gave Brittany the perfect opportunity to take me down again. She pretty much shoulder tackled me. I was again on my back she flew up and grabbed my head and jerked it towards the ceiling, all while sliding forward and stopping to sit on my chest. She then brought her legs up and slid them around my head and locked in a head scissor. I grabbed her legs and tried to pull them apart, but they didn't even budge.

She squeeze harder leaving me more helpless. She raised her arms up and started flexing right in my face. "Haha, I've got you so beat. You are done for bitch boy".  

I was losing all the blood flow to my head, and I could feel myself getting dizzy. I tapped out on her leg.

"What are you doing hitting my leg like that?" She asked as she was laughing hard at me. "Don't be such a pussy". As she said that, she released my head long enough to push my face into her barely covered pussy. She then squeezed again to keep me there.

I felt like I was really close to passing out when she finally let me go and stood up. She put one foot on my chest and flexed her arms again. "Haha, I win, you lose, I am the champion of the whole wide world". She then let me get up and handed me a bottle of water From the coffee table. She took a drink from her bottle and then said, "good match. But you are my slave now and I want a clean slave. So you go and take a shower. And then you can cook dinner for us when you get out. But first, lay back down". I did what she asked. She then pulled aside a crotch of her leotard and squatted on my chest. She looked at me for a second and then shifted forward so her pussy was right on my mouth.

She sat there, smiling down at me. "Well, first thing you are going to do is eat my pussy till I cum down your throat. Then you are to shower". She started to rock back in forth on my face. "Oh yeah, just like that". She purred.

She grabbed my arms and put them over my head and pinned them in with her legs as she shifted until she was straddling my head. She started to grind harder and harder on my tongue. I could still taste her sweet pussy even though it was covered in sweat.

"Yes, That's it my little bitch boy. Make me cum".

Brittany slid forward so that her pussy was on my nose and my tongue was now licking her ass. She reached her hand down and stared rubbing her clit. Her squeals were getting loader and faster, making her sit down harder, blocking any air intake that I had.

"Fuck yeah. Fuck yeah. Fuuuuccckkk.. I'm cumming. Oh my god". She screamed while bucking away on my face.

Once her orgasm passed she sat back on my chest. I was gasping for air while she was smiling at me.

"Goddamn that was good. You are so very good at that bitchboy. I have never had my ass licked before. That is something you are going to have to do more often". She hopped off of me and snapped her finger and pointed to the bedroom. I took that as my cue to get up and go get cleaned off. I was catching my breath so I couldn't say anything.

As I started to get up I was thinking that this wasn't going to be too bad at all. That was fun.

"Oh yeah, hey Keith". She yelled as I was halfway down the hall. I stopped and turned around. "I was fully expecting to win. This is going to be a great weekend. For me anyway. Remember now, you can't back out now. You signed the contract. You can't complain or bitch or anything. I'm in charge, whatever I say goes. I have a lot planned. If you think that you are only going to be licking my pussy and now my ass, then you are seriously mistaken. All I'll say right now is, I'm going to break you and make you wish you never signed that contract. You will probably cry and I know you will be sore, and there is nothing you can do about it my little bitchboy. Now, go get cleaned up and hurry up, I'm hungry". 

I was speechless. All I could do is turn around and walk to the bathroom. I leaned on the counter and looked at myself in the mirror. "What in the fuck did I get myself into?" I asked myself.

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