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husband vs wife mixed wrestling ballbusting femdom fight

Update: 20.05.2016
Gallery W-406 "A must win for him"

Gallery size: 135 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 135 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.


Wyatt sat on the bench in his dressing room. It has been sometime since he had wrestled anyone. His former tag-team partner has left the sport and has not been seen by anyone in almost 6 months. The reason for the long layoff is that Wyatt and Brent had been defeated in there last match and had lost their titles. Not only that but they had lost to their wives, yea that's right they were beaten by their wives.

After the layoff Amber, Wyatt's wife and the woman that defeated him finally persuaded him to get back in the ring. He agreed, but only if he could wrestle her again. He was convinced that he is the better wrester and she only beat him on a fluke. So here he is, sitting on the bench in his dressing room wearing just his black thong/jockstrap. His head is down and he is talking to himself "I must win tonight. I can't let her defeat me again".


"I am going to beat her!! Wyatt then starts to finish dressing. He slides on his black fishnet pantyhose. Then slips on his shiny black boot. A knock on the door tells his it's fight time. As he heads toward the door he again talks to himself "Tonight I will end my humiliation. I will show her who is the better wrestler!!"


As the former champion Wyatt enters the ring first. He is greeted with cheers and shouts of "Go get her. Show her who's boss!" He smiles and nods to his fans. Then with great fanfare Amber begins her walk the ring. She enters the ring wearing her world tag-team title belt. The very same belt her husband use to wear. She goes quickly to her corner.


To say Amber is gorgeous is faint praise, she is fantastic. Standing in her corner she is unbelievable. She wears a shiny light blue leotard, high cut and very reveling, sheer black pantyhose and shiny light blue boots. And the world title belt wrapped around her middle.


At the announcers table Tony "The destroyer Grardie" and Brenda Hartell will be doing the commentary. Brenda is the tag-team partner of Amber Cole and one half of the world tag-team champions.

Tony: It's a great pleasure to have you here tonight Brenda. Can you tell us some of the back ground involved in this match?

Brenda: Thank you Tony and yes I can. After the match were Amber and I took the titles from our husbands there was a downward turn in both our marriages. Amber and Wyatt have decided to settle their problems with this match.

Up in the ring both wrestlers have returned to their corners after the ref's instructions. Amber removes the world title belt and hangs it over the turnbuckle. In the opposite corner Wyatt places his boot on the middle rope and pills up his pantyhose, then does the same with the other leg. Prepared and ready to fight both wrestlers await the bell.


BONG!! BONG!! Wyatt is out of his corner very fast, he wants to get the advantage quickly. Spinning in behind Amber he twists her arm up into a Hammer-Lock. Amber is quickly up on her toes trying to ease the pain her shoulder. As her arm is twisted she reaches with her free hand massaging her shoulder. Wyatt continues with his quick start moving from hold to hold keeping Amber in a tight grip and in pain. Wyatt works over her arms and legs for the first several minutes of the match. Eventually Amber is able to get to the ropes and break his holds on her. Amber struggles to her feet holding the ropes. Wanting to continue his dominance of her Wyatt rushes toward her looking to take her down again. However, Amber is waiting for his move. As he gets close to her, Amber drives her knee into his mid-section. Wyatt grabs at his middle and drops to his knees holding his belly.

Brenda: This has been a very close back and forth battle up to now Tony.


Tony: Yes it has. Your tag team partner is taking almost as much punishment as she is giving. Right no though she has Wyatt on his knees and in a little bit of trouble.

Standing over Wyatt the ref is counting him out. If he can't get to his feet before the count of 20 he will lose the match via count out.

Tony: Wyatt seems to be really struggling to get to his feet. It's going to be close for him to beat the count.

Brenda: Right now you have to question Wyatt's stamina. After only ten minutes of wrestling he seems to be getting winded.


Wyatt beats the count and gets to his feet. Amber moves in on her husband and both wrestlers continue to exchange holds. Each manages to get the other in many painful holds. Each has their arms and legs twisted and stretched. As they wrestle for the next ten minutes.

Tony: Something is happening in the ring. It very subtle but it's there. Wyatt has begun to slow down.

Brenda: I agree with you Tony. He seems to be gasping just a little for air and he continues to hold his stomach.

Sensing that Wyatt is in trouble, Amber moves in on her husband. Pulling Wyatt up straight Amber grabs his wrist then twists his arm into an ARM-WRINER. She then whips him into the corner turnbuckle. Wyatt slams hard into the corner an must drape his arms over the top rope to hold himself up. With his arms over the top rope he has left himself wide open. Amber takes full advantage of him. Running hard at the corner Amber jams her shoulder into her husband's mid-section. The air in Wyatt-s lungs rushes out and he is left gasping for air, "OOOOOH!! Can't breathe, need air". Amber knows that Wyatt is in big trouble now.

Brenda: OH!!! That's it she's got him now. Wyatt's in big trouble.

Tony: I agree Brenda, Amber has just taken all the fight out of her husband. Wyatt is finished and Amber can put him away any time she wants.

Wyatt staggers out of the corner on shaky legs. Amber moves in quickly behind him and wraps her arms around his head locking on a Sleeper-hold. As she begins to squeeze Wyatt cries out "She's got me, oh no she got me!! She's going to beat me again".

Wyatt struggles trying to pull Amber's arms away from his head. He again cries out in desperation "PLEASE Amber PLEASE, don't knock me out". Amber continues to keep the pressure on her husband. Wyatt is in full panic his arms fly about as he tries to get free. He again begs Amber to stop: "LET ME GO!! PLEASE LET ME GO!! Don't SLEEPER me. OMG please don't SLEEPER me!!"

Now it's Amber-s turn to talk to him "You're finished Wyatt. I'm going to defeat you. You need to learn who is the better wrestler". Wyatt is terrified by what his wife is doing to him. He always believed that he is a much better wrestler that she is. Today he is learning the truth the hard way. Wyatt struggles have slowed one of his arms has fallen by his side useless. He still tries to pull Amber's arms off his head with just one of his arms.

Brenda: This match is just about over, no way can Wyatt escape from Amber now. He's finished.

Tony: Yes he is. He is only seconds from being knocked out. He-s about to lose to his to wife for the second time. She is just a better wrestler that he is.

Wyatt's eyes have become glassy as he nears unconsciousness. His voice is only a soft whisper "That's it Amber, I'm finished. You win, you've defeated me again!! Let me go I submit!!"

Almost instantly Wyatt realizes that Amber has not released the pressure on his head. His second arm has now fallen to his side. He is just barely conscious "Please Amber please, don't do this, please don't knock me out".

Amber softly whispers to Wyatt: "It's too late Wyatt, I'm going to finish you off". With Amber still squeezing his head Wyatt's knees buckle and he sinks to the mat. Amber releases him and he lies face up on the mat unconscious. With Amber and the ref standing over the defeated Wyatt the ref raises Ambers arm in victory. She then makes the announcement:

"Wrestling fans, The winner of this match via SLEPPER HOLD KNOCK OUT AMBER COLE!!!

Amber raises her arms high over her head in victory.

15 minutes later Wyatt is back in his dressing room sitting on the bench. He is still in his wrestling gear, pantyhose, boots and thong. His head is in his hands and he is crying. Again, how could this happen again? After a few seconds Wyatt stands and starts to undress. He removes his boots and his pantyhose. As he stands there alone the tears start again. DEFEATED AGAIN!! How could she do this to me? She's beaten me twice!!

Wyatt pulls off his thong/jockstrap and gets in the shower. "I always thought I was the best wrestler in this marriage".

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