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young teens mixed wrestling female domination

Update: 17.11.2017

W-490 "Britney vs Garry"

Gallery size: 130 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 130 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, bloody action.

My name is Garry and I am a competitive mat wrestler. I’m 36 yrs old and I’ve been wrestling competitively since I was 15. I wrestled in jr high, high school, collage and now in a regional pro league. In all those years I have never been beaten. I’ve won every league tournament and championship there is. Tonight is the final league meet of the season. It is against the number two team and will decide who will be the league champions. The only thing left to decide after this is the individual champions in each weight class. As always I’m am the favorite to win my weight class. That is how I got my nick name “SUPER G” by always winning

I’m just about ready to head for the mats. I’m the last wrestler of the meet. I wiggle into my black pantyhose, then pull on my white spandex shorts.

They leave nothing to the imagination. As I leave the dressing room I can see the score board. We are tied with the visiting team. It all comes down to my match. Well I’m ready for it. I am undefeated for the season and should win the individual championship in my weight class.

At the edge of the mat I am met by the coach and a few team members. They all give me the pep talk, you know the teams counting on you, we need you to win this for us, you can do it we’re all rutting for you.

I assure all of them that they have nothing to worry about. I do a quick adjustment of my pantyhose and spandex shorts and step onto the mat. As I do so does my opponent. From the other side of the mat comes a huge girl looking as though she is in her mid twenties  She is as least as big as I am. She is new to the league and I know nothing about her but she looks as though she can wrestle.  

The ref checks us over gives a few instructions and the buzzer sounds.   In our dressing room several of my teammates are standing by the the door watching my match. Suddenly they begin to shout and scream. Guys, guys- he’s in trouble. Super G is in big trouble. She’ got him, she’s got a sleeper on him. The rest of the team comes back out into the gym. WOW!! He’s screaming like crazy. Listen, I think he’s giving up. Is he submitting the match?  As they listen they can hear me crying out in pain and giving up. This younger female wrestler has submitted me. “I GIVE UP!! LET ME GO, I GIVE UP!! PLEASE-PLEASE, DON’T KNOCK ME OUT!! I SUBMIT!! Two seconds later my arms drop to my sides my head flops forward and my legs buckle. My opponent has knocked me out.

My eyes flutter open and I look up to see the coach and several of my team mates. “what happened? What’s going on?
Why are you here? I’ve got a match to win!! For the first time I realize I am on my back in the middle of the mat.


What am I doing here? Why am I down? The match, what happened in the mat? Did I win? Did we take the team title?    

Coach does his best to calm me. It’s OK “G” the match is over. The team meet is over. No we didn’t win. We lost the team championship and you lost your match.” I am totally stunned by what I’m hearing. We lost, what do you mean we lost. I lost my match? How could I lose? She was and girl, all I had to do was beat a girl.”

The coach tells me to stay calm and he will tell me everything. “Get me up, I’ve got to try again!!”  He shakes his head slowly “No G the match is over. You were defeated, she submitted you. Then you just passed out.” I fall back onto the mat stunned. “She beat me?  

I was beaten by a girl? She made me submit? I was undefeated. No one has beaten me. I’ve lost my first match and we’ve lost the team title.

My team mates get me to my feet and to the center of the mat. For the first time in my career my opponents hand is raised over me. I am so ashamed and humiliated. I’ve been defeated by a much younger girl.

In the two weeks leading up to the state championships I train as hard as I can. I can’t let this girl beat me again. I need to show her who’s boss. I’m going to crush her. Those of us on the team with a good enough record arrive at the arena. It’s huge and filled to capacity. This is the biggest crowd I have wrestled in front of. Although there are quite a few girls on many teams my opponent is the only one that quaffed for the state championships. I will be facing her again.

The time has come for me to redeem myself. I am going to punish this girl tonight, I pull on my black pantyhose and my gray spandex shorts. I’m ready to wrestle.  

We both approach the mat. I look across at her and she has a big smile on her face. Why is she smiling at me? Doesn’t she know that I am going to crush her tonight. OH well, she’ll soon find out.
The ref calls us together for instructions. We return to our side of the mat and the buzzer sounds instantly. We both move out and toward each other. WHAM!!! She’s got my arm. I struggle to free myself by she has a very tight grip on me. I pull and jerk trying to get my arm out of her grasp. OH NO!!! she’s hip tossed me across the mat and now I’m on my back. 4 seconds into the match and she’s got a take down on me. She leads 2 to 0.


Before I can roll over onto my stomach she is on me. She hooks my head and locks on her head lock. I squirm and wiggle trying to get free. “NOOOO! She’s hooked leg behind my knee and is trying to roll me into a pin. “What’s happening? She’s all over me. The ref just signaled for a near fall.” 26 seconds and now she leads me 5 to 0.

For the next several minutes she holds me down close to a pin. She is building up riding time on me. Suddenly she lets go of my leg. I twist as far as I can away from the pin. She is still holding me down. I can’t believe how strong she is. She’s stronger that me and faster too.

She does a quick spin on me. She then changes direction before I can even react. He legs are across my chest. She is holding my arm with both hands. She’s trying to a phallic lock on me. "NO NO. NOT MY ARM!! I’M NOT GOING TO SUBMIT TO YOU AGAIN!!!" 

I try to hold my arm back but she is very strong. Slowly my arms begins to bend outward toward her. If she gets it straight out she’ll have the hold on me. Inch by inch she is gaining the upper  hand on me. I look up at the clock hopping that the first period is almost over. I am shocked that we have only been wrestling 3 minutes and 8 second. There are almost 2 full minutes to go.

Sweat is pouring off me. I can feel myself beginning to weaken. I’m going to be beaten by her again.

Finally she has my over powered. She is just too strong for me. There it is my arm is out straight. She slips her arm under my elbow and begins to apply the pressure. It takes only a few seconds.

“She’s got me!! She’s got me again!! She’s going to defeat me. I can’t take any more of this pain. She’s finished me off.”  All I can do now is surrender to her. The entire arena  hears me scream.



The arena breaks out into cheers as soon as they realize she has won the match.

She lets go of my arm and gets to her feet. She stands over me for just a second or two to let me know that she is the winner. All I can do is cover my face with my hands. I slowly get to me feet and move to the center of the mat. For only the second time in my career my arm is not raised in victory. I have lost my second match to the same wrestler.

I shake her hand and head back to the dressing room. I slid down my spandex shorts. I remove my wrestling boots. I peel done my black pantyhose. They have a runner in them from where she grabbed  me trying to get a pin. I head to the shower.

About 30 minutes later I head out of the dressing room. I turn the corner and there she is. WOW! She’s beautiful. I can’t help but stair. I quickly snap out of it, “What are you doing here? Did you come to gloat?”   She shakes her head “NO-NO, I just wanted to see how you are. How is your arm? It doesn’t hurt too much I hope.” I hold it out. “Yea, it hurts a lot. That’s why I submitted to you. You were really hurting me.” A sad look comes to her face.
“I’m very sorry, I didn’t want to hurt you. I was just trying to win.”  A little angry now I tell her, “Well you did. You made me submit to you. That’s twice you’ve beaten me. I hope you enjoyed it!!” No one has ever defeated me but you.”


She takes a step back with a very sad look on her face. “You ruined my pantyhose when you tried to pin me. They have a big runner in them. Thanks a lot!!” she now looks almost bewildered. “I’m sorry I tour your pantyhose, I’ll get you some new ones.” She steps closer, she wraps her arms around me, “WOW!! You are totally hot!! She then hugs me tight and gives me a deep and loving kiss.

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