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mixed boxing female domination ring fighting

Update: 02.06.2017

B-464 "Nikki vs Rocky"

Gallery size: 130 Full HD pictures

Mixed Boxing, 130 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Rocky is at home online, and sees an ad in the forum section of the "" site he goes to daily. It's advertising for a big mixed-boxing event happening in a few weeks. It's looking for female and male fighters who want to box in the ring against their opposite gender in a REAL boxing match in front of a live crowd, with a cash prize awarded to the victors. Well, this grabs Rocky's attention, and piques his interest, since he's always wanted to fight a female boxer in a ring in front of a crowd. Rocky messages the contact that he's very interested... and that he's 6'1, 245 pounds.


Rocky gets messaged right back, asking for him to text over a selfie to prove he is who he says he is. He quickly takes his shirt off in front of a mirror, flexes his muscles, takes a pic and texts it over. A minute or so later, he gets a phone call introducing their promotion, and says he's a big guy. Asks him if he's ok with boxing a "mystery" girl in a real fight. In other words, each boxer has NO idea who they're fighting until the ring introductions! This could mean he could be fighting a girl bigger or smaller than him. He says it's worth that chance, and that he's totally pumped up for it. The promoter asks for an entry fee of $500, so he won't back out. Rocky sends over $500. And the promoter stays on the line with him until the transaction is done. Once it clears... he says "Ok. All ready to go! We'll find you a girl to fight. Each fight is 5 rounds, with 2 minutes per round. Be at the downtown warehouse by 7pm on the last Friday of this month, and bring all your gear! Rocky says "YES!" and that he can't wait.

Meanwhile, there's a huge busty amazonian beauty who, while doing some "live cam" flexing and stuff, stumbles across the same ad. Her name: Nikki "The Nightmare" Hernandez. She asks her webcam followers if she should enter the fight. They emphatically say "YES!" Nikki always gets told how muscular and beautiful she is, but she feels the need to prove that. What better way to test your strength than to pulverize a guy in a real fight in front of an audience? So, she messages the same contact number... tells him she's 6'10, 300 pounds of sheer muscle... then sends over a selfie showing her massive muscles and body... when the guy calls back she says she is ok with boxing a guy in front of a crowd, and that she's pumped up about it. Nikki sends over her $500 entry fee. Once it clears, the promoter gives her the same rules he gave Rocky and she confidently accepts.

Rocky starts training for this fight by walking a few miles, lifting some hand weights, and sparring with his friend (a session wrestler/boxer herself) Frankie in a private ring inside a private storage area. She's white with black long hair, 5'8, 140. Decent muscles herself, and she keeps in shape.

Nikki trains by running,  lifting heavy weights, nailing the heavy bag and KO'ing her sparring partner. She is a mammoth. Nikki asked her webcam followers who would want to see her fight in person, and a hundred+ say "hell yes!"

The night of the fight, Rocky drives to the warehouse. The parking lot is near full, so he knows there will be a lot of people watching. He checks in at the door, where the guy at the front tells him to get ready in the men's locker room area down the hall. Rocky walks in... puts his boots, trunks and gloves on, and punches the heavy bag around, getting himself pumped up.

Nikki pulls up in her car, and the crowd begins to ooh and ahh around her. She's soaking it in. She checks in at the front and is told to get ready in the women's locker room at the other end of the hall. She walks in... puts her hair up in a ponytail... then puts on her boots, leotard and gloves. She then approaches the heavy bag and starts nailing it as hard as she can... getting super-psyched up.

The other fights have all come and gone. The women have won the majority of them, some by KO. One guy opens the mens locker room door and says: "Yo, Rocky. You ready for your fight?"

Rocky's nervous, but says "hell, yeah" and he is told to wait in the darkened men's tunnel. Where he stands alone. He hears the large crowd waiting for him and, though nervous, can't wait to be called.

A guy opens the women's locker room and says: "Hey, Nikki. You ready for your fight?" Nikki slams her gloves together, says "fuck, yeah" and is told to wait in the relatively women's tunnel.

She stands alone. Loosening up a little, then getting her game-face on.

Finally, the ring announcer grabs the mic from the middle of the ring... the bell rings a few times... we're about to begin!


The crowd goes crazy. Then my music starts.


(and Rocky begins his march to the ring)




There are some cheers, but the majority of the crowd is booing heavily. Rocky's a little phased by this, but tries his best to project confidence... climbing into the ring... shadow-boxing and flexing for the large crowd.


Then, all of a sudden, my music ends, the lights dim a bit, then new powerful music blares over the loudspeakers... the crowd grows CRAZY with anticipation.




Out from the darkened tunnel, with the spotlight now cast upon her, appears a massive vision. Rocky cannot believe what is walking in his direction.




Nikki marches towards the ring. With every step, Rocky grows more and more intimidated. She climbs into the ring... raises her arms, as if to soak it all in and proclaim imminent victory. She then takes her corner, shadow-boxes a bit, then shows off her gigantic guns, flexing them to the crowd's delight.


The referee then summons both fighters to the middle of the ring. Nikki looks at Rocky, rolls her eyes, then turns to the ref and asks: "THIS IS WHO I HAVE TO FIGHT?!" The ref nods his head. Nikki follows up with: "COME ON. SERIOUSLY?" Rocky is offended by this and utters: "YEAH, SERIOUSLY." Nikki turns back to face him and says: "LOOK AROUND. EVERYONE HERE KNOWS I'M GONNA PULVERIZE THE LIVING HELL OUT OF YOU." Rocky doesn't want to piss her off too much to start this whole thing off... so he just replies with "WE'LL SEE ABOUT THAT." The referee finally intervenes, saying he wants a clean fight. No low blows, etc... and to touch gloves. Rocky holds his out and she slams hers into his, sending him back a little.


They both go back to their corners. Hundreds of people just waiting for that bell to ring, none moreso than Rocky. He finally gets what he's always wanted... a real fight against a powerful female boxer. So... here goes...



Round one begins, and they both bounce around towards the middle of the ring. Rocky is a little surprised Nikki hasn't swung yet, so he figures he's gonna land the first shot... a right to her abs. It sends her back a few inches... but he knows he's gonna need more than that. So he hits her in with a right-left-right combo to her abs. It phases her a little. He knows he has to work her more. She actually leans in and says: "COME ON. I DARE YOU." Rocky can't resist and clocks her with a right hook to her head. It sends her back a little, and he goes after her again. This time with a right-left-right-left combo to her face.  The crowd is stunned. What the hell is going on?


Rocky goes after her gut again, with another right-left-right-left combo. She holds her stomach in a little, leaning over a bit. Just enough for Rocky to wind up and nail her in the face with a powerful right punch. She actually gets down to one knee. Just as Rocky was feeling victory...


Rocky is pumped. Goes back to his corner. Nikki gets back up and walks towards her corner.


Rocky is itching to continue the assault.



Round two starts, and Rocky swings a hard right towards her abs, but this time, Nikki dodges it. He swings a hard left, and she dodges that, too. Finally, Nikki stuns him with a simple right punch to his face. It sends him back a few feet. Nikki then heads towards him and nails him in the gut with a hard right. Since Rocky has the wind knocked out of him, he leans over, which allows Nikki to nail him in the face with a hard uppercut. Rocky falls back on his ass on the mat. The crowd cheers. The referee counts "1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6" But then Rocky gets back up. Nikki says "OH, YOU WANT SOME MORE?" Rocky gets close to her and nails her in the gut with a hard right, but then Nikki fires off a hard right-left-right combo to Rocky's abs, and then nails him in the side of the head with a hard right hook. Rocky goes down again. The referee counts: "1,2,3,4.."



Rocky staggers to get up. He needs some serious wake-up juice. He sprays some water on his face, but then asks for a bucket of ice water. When given it, Rocky dips his head into it... and it wakes him up!!! Now he's pissed. He wants to knock this chick out.



Rocky charges at Nikki and nails her all over the place with rights and lefts to her abs and head. Pushing her back into the corner. He then unloads on her. He's feeling the tide turn. He then winds up and fires off a mighty uppercut, straight to her jaw, which sends her flying backwards on her ass in the corner. The referee starts counting "1,2,3,4" but just as he gets to 5... She snaps out of of it, and props herself up using the ropes. Now she's pissed. Rocky tries to punch her head again, but she spins out of the way, pushes him into the corner, and completely annihilates him with a rapid flurry of punches all over. The crowd is going crazy. He staggers towards the center of the ring. She backs up several feet, raises her right glove in the air, spins it around to the crowd's delight, then completely nails Rocky once in the gut, sending him keeling over in pain... then a second wind-up leading to the fatal blow, a right hook to the head. Rocky collapses to the ring canvas. The referee counts "1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9.. 10!!!"





The crowd goes crazy! Nikki plants her foot on Rocky's chest, then flexes those massive biceps for her rabid fans.

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