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junior pro mixed wrestling tag team championship

Update: 23.03.2018

W-510 "Junior tag team championship"

Gallery size: 240 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 240 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

With the excitement over the junior pro championship match the interest in Junior pro wrestling has almost tripled. After weeks of fan demand A junior pro tag team title match will headline the next wrestling card.

It is the night of the tag-team championship match. The arena is full to capacity, there are no empty seats. In the back of the arena in the wrestlers changing area both tag teams are getting ready to wrestle. In the champion-s dressing room 18yr old Todd Wilson and his tag team partner who is also 18 yrs old James Kirkland are preparing for the match. They remove their street cloths and begin to put their wrestling gear on.

First both Todd and James gather up sheer black pantyhose and slid their legs into them. They wiggle and stretch until they are over their butts and up to their waists. Both boys check and smooth out their pantyhose. Next they step into bright, shiny yellow thongs. They pull up their thongs and adjust their man hoods in them. Then comes their shiny lace up yellow boots. Their boots fit tight to their lower legs. Then finally their prized possession, the league tag team title belts. 

Across the hall their opponents are also getting ready to fight. 18 year old Julia Richards and her tag team partner 18 yr old Sara Weaver are making their first attempt to win the title. Both young girls slips off their every day cloths and begin to prepare. They both step into shiny gray pantyhose, then wiggle into tight spandex black leotards. The leotards are thong cut and are stretched very tight. Finally they lace on black boots. Both young girls are ready to wrestle.

Although the fans are excited about the tag match, almost everyone thinks it is a mismatch. Most don-t really believe that the young girls have any real chance against the champions. The champions have two years of both age and experience on the young girls. In just a few minutes the fans will know which team is the winner and which team is the loser.

First to enter the ring are the young challengers. Blond Julia Richards and red haired Sara Weaver climb the steps and enter the ring. There are whistles and cheers as the two young girls head for their corner. Then comes the league champions, both boys have brown hair and fantastic bodies. For only 18 they both have large manhood's bulging in their thongs. They are very popular with the female fans.

The announcer begins:

"Wrestling fans this is a special tag team match!! And it is for the League Junior Pro TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONSHIP!! It will be a two out of three falls pin or submission match. In the black corner making their first challenge for the title, at 18 years of age Julia Richards and her tag-team partner Sara Weaver. And in the other corner they are the League Tag-Team CHAMPIONS!!! Both at 18 years of age Todd Wilson and his partner James Kirkland!!"

As the champions names are called a huge cheer comes from the crowd. Along with the the cheer also comes whistles and cat calls. These are from the young girls in the crowd. The champions are a huge draw with teenage girls. 

With all the instructions given the four young wrestlers return to their corners. Both Todd and James as well as Julia and Sara take a few seconds to pull up their pantyhose and the boys adjust their manhoods in their thongs.

Just before the bell sounds James and Julia exit the ring leaving Todd and Sara to face each other to start the match. BONG!!! the match has begun and both young wrestlers move out of their corners. Todd is quick to start and slips in behind Sara wrapping his arms around her waist and squeezing as hard as he can. Sara moans in pain as Todd squeezes her, OOOOOOOOHH!! She begins to struggle twisting back and forth looking for a way out of the hold.
She is breathing deeply and everyone can see her chest heaving up and down. As well as the boys are endowed, Sara is also very shapely for someone so young. In an effort to increase Sara's pain, Todd slides his arms up and now has his bear hug hold around Sara's breasts. The young wrestler cries out in pain as Todd squeezes her tightly. With her arms trapped inside his bear hug al Sara can do is look down at her trapped chest. "OOOOOOOOOHHH!! AAAAAAAUUUWW! He's squeezing them, he's squeezing them!!"


Even though there is only a few seconds gone in the first fall the ref asks Sara if she wants to submit. The 18 yr old is much tougher than she looks: "NO-NO, I don't submit!!" Slowly over the next minute or so Sara is able to inch her way to the ropes and put her leg between the bottom and the middle rope. "ROPES-ROPES, I'm in the ropes. Get him off me, I'm in the ropes!!!!"

The ref breaks the hold and Sara grabs the top rope to steady herself. She then cups her hands over her breasts holding them softly. The ref quickly tells her to get off the ropes and wrestle. She slowly lets go of her chest and moves off the ropes. Suddenly she lowers her shoulder and launches herself at Todd.

The stunned male wrestler is caught off guard by the move. Sara's shoulder slams into Todd's middle just below the waistband of his bright yellow thong. Wrapping her arms around him Sara lifts Todd off the mat. She takes a few steps then slams him down hard.
As Todd hits the mat the air rushes out of his lungs. Suddenly he is gasping for breath. Before he can recover Sara is on him. She drops across his upper body in a Cross Body Press. Still gasping for breath Todd struggles to get free. With Sara laying across him he needs to keep his shoulders off the mat. Todd's legs are kicking wildly. He is twisting from one side to the other.


Reaching between Todd's legs Sara grabs the back of his knee and pulls up on his leg. Sara quickly has Todd bent almost in half. This accomplishes to things. It traps Todd in a painful hold that limits his breathing. And second, it rolls his shoulders onto the mat pinning him.

The crowd is stunned, Todd's female fans are almost hysterical screaming and crying as they watch the handsome young wrestler try to keep from being pinned. Kicking wildly and twisting side to side Todd struggles to keep his shoulders up. He stretches out his arm as far as he can, but is not close to making the tag.
Sara continues to try and pin Todd. She is surprised that she is nearly as strong as he is. She is not the only one that is surprised. On his back struggling to keep his shoulders up, Todd can't believe that he is being over powered by a younger girl.


From just outside the ring Todd's partner is shouting at him "Keep fighting Todd, don't let her pin you. Keep fighting and tag me, please tag me!!!" What James does not know is that fighting off Sara and struggling not to get pinned has slowly sapped Todd's strength. Every second he is in with her makes him weaker and weaker.

After several more minutes of struggling and trying to escape the pin attempt Todd finally gets close enough to tag in James. Seeing James about to enter the ring Sara runs to her corner and tags in Julia. James quickly moves in behind Julia and takes her to the mat. He then begins to work her over as thoroughly as he can.
18yr old Julia is soon crying out in pain. Her 18yr old male opponent is all over her bending and twisting her arms and legs. James now steps on one of Julia's boots holding down on the mat. He has taken hold of her other boot and is now splitting her legs apart. Julia's body begins to spasm as he legs are split. She twists and turns trying to get free. Her hands go to between her legs as she is split. Stretching as far as she can Julia tries to tag Sara. Even with her arm reaching out as far as she can, the tag is too far away.


After several more seconds James releases Julia's leg and steps back. As for Julia the young wrestler draws her knees up to her chest as her hands cup her between her legs. As James raises his arms over his head admiring what he has done to Julia, the 18yr old cries out: "Help me Sara, I'm hurt!! He really hurt me, I need to tag!!!" Sara stretches her arm toward Julia as far as she can. Julia does the same toward Sara. There is a one foot gap between their outstretched fingers. The two 18 yr old wrestlers cannot make the tag.

Once again James moves in on Julia. Grabbing her golden blond hair he pulls her to her feet. Jamming his arm between her legs as he holds tight to her hair, James lifts her off the mat and slams her down hard. As she slams into the mat Julia's back arches up. She grabs her sides with both hands and screams in pain. "My back, my back. OH god it hurts!!"

Twice more James slams Julia to the mat and twice more she screams in pain. After the third slam James again gets to his feet. He walks around the ring with his arms in the air. He seems proud of his handy-work. As for Julia she is on her back down on the mat. The young girl has struggled trying to get to her feet several times. Each time she has fallen back to the mat. From her corner Sara shouts for her to try to make the tag. "Get up Julia, get up you have to tag me!!"

However it's pretty clear that the 18 yr old is not going to make to her feet. After circling the ring several times with his arms raised James now turns back to his young opponent. Coming close, James stands over Julia looking down on her. A quick stomp sends his boot slamming into her mid-section. Her arms fly out from her body. Her legs both fly up in the air. As they do James grabs one of Julia's boots. Bending her leg back toward her hear James drops across her in a CROSS-BODY PRESS. He slides his hand behind her knee and lifts. As he does he also rolls her shoulders onto the mat. James now has Julia firmly pinned. She struggles for a few seconds as the ref checks her. Then the fateful sound begins



Julia then hears the sound that no wrestler wants to hear, SLAM!!!!! The refs hand slapping the mat, Julia has been pinned.

The bell sounds and Sara jumps into the ring and runs to her partner. Kneeling beside Julia, Sara asks: "Are you OK Julia? Did he hurt you? Can you go on?" Breathing very hard Julia tells Sara "No, he hurt me. Why did he have to stomp me? He could have just pinned me. I couldn't stop him. Why didn't he just pin me?"
Sara helps Julia to her feet and back to their corner. Julia drapes her arms over the top rope to help hold her up. With a minute left between falls the ref comes to the girls corner. "What do you say Julia? Do you want to go on, or do you want me to call if off? Julia shakes her head looks at Sara and tells the ref: "We'll continue. I'll be fine, we want to keep wrestling!!"


With just seconds before the bell for the second fall Sara wishes Julia good luck and steps between the ropes. Across the ring Todd and James are high-fiving each other and raising their fist to the crowd. Both male wrestlers are confident of victory. Todd exits the ring leaving James to face Julia. James quickly pulls up on his pantyhose and adjust his thong. Across the ring Julia does almost the same thing. Both young wrestlers are ready to go. James exits his corner very quickly and heads right for Julia. He is certain he can finish her off quickly and win the match. As he approaches she faints fear making him run toward her even faster.

As he is just a foot or two from grabbing her Julia sends a SIDE-KICK squarely into James's mid-section. The sole of her boot smashes into his lower abdomen forcing the air out of his lungs. However, the most damage is done by her heel. The heel of her shiny black boots impacts James manhood bulging in his thong.
James's eyes grow wide with pain. His mouth opens to scream but nothing comes out. His advance toward Julia stops dead. James's hands fly to his painful manhood and he cups them around it. His knees give out and he drops to the mat.


James is now on his knees holding his throbbing manhood. He looks down between his legs in complete shock. From just outside the ropes Todd shouts to his stricken partner: "Tag me James, you have to tag me!! Don't let her get you, tag me!!" James looks up from his aching manhood and over toward Todd. Stuttering unable to get to his feet James answers Todd: "I I I cccan't move!! Ccan't get up!! III'm hurt, she really hurt me!!"

Thru all this Julia has moved behind James and now sends a kick to the back of his head. James falls forward onto his face. His arms are stretched out in front of him and his legs are spread out behind him. There are some in the crowd that think he has been knocked out.

Julia kneels down beside James. She quickly finds out he is still conscious. He lifts him and tries to rise from the mat. Julia has no intention of letting James get back to his feet. She knows that he is badly hurt and intends to finish him off now.

Using her right hand Julia grabs the waist band and leg strap of his thong and pulls it up as hard as she can. James screams in pain and grabs for his manhood. Releasing his thong Julia stomps down hard on James's back. Again she grabs his thong pulling him up off the mat, and again she stomps on him.

James cries out in pain as he stretches out his arm as far as it will go "Tag me Todd, please tag me!!! I can't take any more of this!!". His effort fails, Todd is too far away to tag. Moving in front of the downed teenage wrestler, Julia pulls him off the mat. Bent over at the waist James finds his head jammed between Julia's legs. Julia holds him there squeezing his head as hard as she can. James again cries out to his tag-team partner: "Can't breathe!!! I can't breathe!! She crushing me!!" Julia bends down wrapping her arms around James's middle.

Displaying amazing power Julia lifts James off the mat and drapes him on her shoulder, she now has the young champion trapped in an OVER THE SHOULDER BACK BREAKER. Cupping her hands under his chin she has him lock up. James's arms dangle loosely from his shoulders, his legs dangle uselessly as Julia holds him tight. James instantly screams in pain "My back, my back!! You're breaking me back. OH god it hurts, oh please stop you're hurting me!!!"

As Julia walks slowly around the ring showing off a trapped and screaming James, she tells him: you want me to stop, you need to submit to me!! James immediately begins to shake his yes. Julia quickly tells him "You have to say it James. You have to tell them that you submit and I have beaten you!! Say it James, go on and say it!!!"

James has no choice, he's trapped and can't get free and he is in terrible pain. He screams for the ref:

"Ref, I submit!! She's beaten me!! I give up-I give up!! Let me go, PLEASE let me go!! You win!! I'm finished you've beaten me!! OH, please let me go!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!!!!"


After a few more seconds Julia drops James to the mat. The ref calls for the bell as the second fall comes to an end.

With James laid out on his back in the center of the ring, Todd races to him. "James, James are you OK? What happened, how could she beat you like that? James looks up at Todd. "Don't know. She is so strong!! I thought she was going to break my back. I'm sorry, I had to submit. It just hurt too bad. Sorry Todd". Todd begins to help James off the mat. "Come on James, let me help you up. You have to start the next fall!!"

With only two minutes between falls James has little time to recover from his defeat. Todd helps him back to their corner were James tries to rest by sitting on the middle turnbuckle. With just seconds left before the bell James gets to his feet. He reaches down and pulls up and smoothes out his pantyhose, then quickly adjusts his thong.

BONG!!!! The bell for the third and deciding fall begins. Julia is quickly out of her corner and waiting for James to make his move. The problem for James is he does not have a move. He is still weak from the last fall and just wants to get out of the ring as quickly he can. James tentatively comes out of his corner. He holds his arms up in front of his face and upper body in a defensive move. He does not want to engage with Julia. From his corner he hears Todd telling him: "Come on James, go get her. Don't let her beat you again. Get tuff, take he out!!"

James nods his head, but in his mind he thinks: "Take her on, I don't want to take her on. She beat me last time I took her on!!" It is however all ready too late. Julia has moved in and grabbed James's arm and twisted up behind him in a HAMMER-LOCK. Using his arm to steer him Julia forces James to the center of the ring. A step in front and she takes him down to the mat. James is now face down on the mat with his arm bent up behind his back. He is offering Julia very little fight. Releasing his arm Julia slips her hand under James's chin. She reaches back and again grabs the waist band and leg strap of his thong. Rolling him onto his side, Julia pulls hard on his chin and thong straps.

James instantly begins to scream "OH god, she's crushing me!!! Let me go, let me go. You're crushing my manhood, please let me go!!" The ref sees the predicament James is in and tells Julia to release James's thong "Come on Julia let go of his thong. You're crushing him!!" reluctantly Julia lets James go. She backs away from him and he rolls over onto his back. There is a pained expression on his face. His hands are cupping his manhood between his legs. The ref gives him a few seconds to recover then tells his: "OK James, it's time to get up. You have to wrestle her or I'm going to count you out!!"

After a difficult struggle James is back on his feet. Still cupping his manhood he backs into to his corner and tags in his partner Todd. Thinking that this is a good idea, Julia returns to her corner and tags in Sara. Now the two wrestles from the first fall again face each other. Todd enters thinking he is on his way to an easy victory. As for Sara, she needs to make up for her loss in the first fall.
Todd moves in quickly on Sara. Before he can grab her she drops to the mat, sliding toward Todd. To slowly Todd realizes what she is going to do. As Sara gets close to Todd she scissors his legs, very low between his knees and the top of his boots. As she does she twists forward causing Todd to topple over face down on the mat.
Sara grabs Todd legs crosses one of his boots over the other and bends them forward. Todd instantly begins to squirm and wiggle trying to get closer to the ropes. As Sara holds his legs bent, Todd is slowly inching his way to the ropes. After several minutes of struggle he is only a foot or so away. He inches a little closer and begins to reach out his hand. Just as he is about to grab the bottom rope Sara takes his boots and drags him back to the middle of the ring.


As he is being drug he scream in anger and frustration. "NO-NO, I had them!! I had the ropes, she has to let me go. I had the ropes!!!!" The ref assures Todd that he did not grab the ropes and was still several inches away. Pulling Todd's head off the mat Sara wraps her ankles around him. Her boots rub against his head and face causing Todd some discomfort. Kneeling down she puts her knees on his shoulders to hold him tight. Taking a page out of Julia's book, Sara grabs the waist band and leg strap of Todd-s thong and pulls up hard. Just like James, Todd begins to scream in pain. "AAAAAAUUUWW! She's got my thong!! She's pulling on my thong!! Make her stop ref!! Make her stop!! It hurts, it hurts, she-s crushing me!!! OH god it hurts!!!" The ref moves in and tells Sara to let go of Todd's thong.

Sara moves around to Todd's legs and begins to work them over. Lifting one leg off the mat Sara wraps Todd's leg around hers and locks on a STEP OVER TOE HOLD. Todd instantly begins to to roll from side to side trying to escape. As Sara bears down on Todd's boot Todd begins to moan in pain. He reaches up and grabs at his leg trying to pull it free.

From the step over toe hold Sara grabs Todd's leg behind his knee. Showing surprising strength Sara lifts Todd off the mat by his leg. She twists his knee back and forth as hard as she can. Again Todd reaches out to grab at his now painful knee. His effort does no good to ease his pain. Now flat on his back he cries out "My knee - my knee!!! You-re going to break my knee. JAMES, JAMES you have to help me, she's breaking my knee!!!"

Worse for Todd, James is in no condition to help him. Seconds after tagging in his partner James collapsed in there corner and now remains down on the mat unable to get to his feet. Todd is on his own to win or lose the fall and the match.

After several more second of punishment Sara moves her hold to Todd's boot. She then slowly drags the young male champion to the very center of the ring. She wants to very sure that he cannot reach the ropes or tag in his partner.

Taking his boots she wraps his leg around hers. She quickly drops to the mat. Taking his legs she forces them into a FIGURE-FOUR LEG LOCK. Todd is stunned by the pain, for several seconds he just lies there with an expression of fear on his face. Then it hits him, the total overwhelming pain in his legs. His eyes grow wide with terror and pain. He begins to twist from side to side. He grabs at his own legs trying to pull them free.

He soon realizes that it is hopeless. He falls back onto the mat with his hands covering his face. Todd is in serious trouble and he knows it. Sara now begins to twist side to side increasing Todd's pain. It is obvious that he is very near the end of his endurance. Moving her hands away from his face it is also obvious that he is crying from the pain. Those at ringside can easily see the tears running down his cheeks.

He now cries out from the pain "MY LEGS!!! SHE'S BREAKING MY LEGS!!! OH god it hurts. It hurts, it hurts!!!" At this point the ref comes to Todd, "Is that it Todd, are you ready to submit? If you do you will lose the titles. Do you want to give up?" Todd no longer cares about the titles. He just wants the pain to stop. He knows that he and James have already lost the Championship.
At this point he cries out to the ref:


"REF-REF, I-m done!! She's beaten me, they have beaten both of us, WE GIVE UP!!!!"


A stunned crowd sits in almost dead silence. On one can believe that the 18 yr old champions have been defeated by two 18 yr old girls. The ref is also stunned by what is happening. The only one that is not stunned is Todd, he knows that he is being defeated by Sara. Once again the ref asks Todd "Are you submitting the fall Todd? Do you want to give up?"   An exhausted and beaten Todd does not even have to think about it.



Sara, fainting ignorance of Todd-s submission still holds the young male wrestler in the figure four. Todd again cries out.


At last Sara releases Todd from the figure four. Todd curls up holding his knees tightly. The ref presents the girls with the Tag-Team Title Belts in their corner. They raise them over their heads for the crowd to see. Then both Sara and Julia buckle them around their waists.

Back in the center of the ring James has made it to were Todd lying. Kneeling down beside his partner James asks "Todd what happened? Are you OK?" with tears still running down his cheeks he tells James, "No, no she hurt me bad. She beat James, she beat me. A surprised James can't believe that Todd was beaten. "How did she beat you, you won the first fall from her?" Todd just shakes his head "Not sure, she worked over my legs. Got me in a figure-four and made me submit to her!! I never had a chance."

Now the announcer begins:

"Wresting fans, the winners of the third and deciding fall with a figure-four submission. And now The new League Tag-Team Champions SARA WEAVER and JULIA RICHARDS!!!"


With Todd still stretch out on his back in the middle of the ring and with his tag team partner kneeling beside him they both hear the stunning announcement. James has now also started to cry. He can't believe what has happened to them. "Beaten Todd, we've both been beaten!! We've lost the match and we've lost our titles. Those two girls beat us."

Sara and Julia come to were the former champions are on the mat. Standing over them, the girls raise their arms in the air in a sign of victory.

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