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karate woman assassin black thong leotard CFNM death fighting she kills him

Update: 24.05.2019

W-573 "The special agent"

Gallery size: 570 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 570 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, bloody action.

Who is that blonde girl in the skin-tight long sleeve leotard with the great hips and big breasts? Hungarian beauty and undefeated world-wrestling champion Nastasa is besides working for the hungarian secret service as an agent for uncommon tasks.

Female gymnasts are forced to wear outfits that bare their legs and put the viewers' attention on their crotch in a sexual way. A modern leotard is high cut on the legs and entirely designed and conducive to accentuate the shape and figure of a women’s body. The V-shape on the rear and front, the high legs along the side…it looks AMAZING on a women’s body. We see Nastasa wearing one and she's looking great! Competition leotards are usually tailor-made so they fit quite well. It’s pretty comfortable because it feels like nothing can stop her from doing any flips. The leotard is extremely comfortable and allows her to move freely. This is a favorite of girls who want to be covered, look great and feel confident in fight.

She has a powerlifting workout with her coworker in abandoned building. Something like a paired gymnastics, but woman plays an usual men's role. She lifts her male partner, carries him and keeps him higher when he doing different acrobatic poses. Her muscles allows her to held a big male with easy, he is ike a toy in her hands.

But suddenly this private performance is terminating with ring of her cellphone. Her boss calling! In this case she must to kill an sinewy enemy of the government. A lovely job.

Her victim lives alone in a house..only two guards shall provide for his security.

Nastasa is announced to write a story about the political kritic. As the first guard opened the door Nastasa directly grabbed his throat and with a smile on her face slowly choke the helpless man til his end out.

The second guard comes to see what happen. He has no time to react.

With a quick chop stretched hand Nastasa meet his throat. The man gurgled for air. Nastasa nailed him with her long outstretched leg at the wall. Again she smiled mysterious as life is taken from the second guard. Falling down, he grabbing her skirt and ripping it. Female killer now wearing nothing, but black tank leotard, dark pantyhose and overknee boots with stiletto heels. She is dressed to kill!

Her way is free. Mr. Nagy – so the name of her prey – looks astonished as astasa enters his room – alone. Where are his guards? A look in the anteroom shows him his two now subdued friends. A shock – and a face with no hope.

He reaches for a handgun, but Nastasa delivers a powerful kick on his hand, disarming him. Her next kick going to his face, dropping him on the floor. Looking up, he finds a sexy blonde holding his handgun and aiming to his face.

He has no choice but be obedient to all her orders. First of all he have to undress himself. Completely. Satisfied with his nudity, she points to the basement's door. It's a large empty room with wrestling ring in the center. This girl just wants to have some fun before kill her victim! Threatening him with a gun, she makes him lying on the ring's floor and squeezes his neck with her muscle thighs in standing headscissors, turning him into helpless prey, who can think just about a breathing, but not about a resistance.

Have you ever seen such a sexy outfit? This black high cut leotard shows off her feminine curves and leaves little to the imagination. There's a reason she's dressed so sexy and as her male opponent stays naked before her, he's about to find out why. Looking absolutely gorgeous with her big, perfect breasts on display, she torments this loser by teasing him with her flawless body.

The next ten minutes Nastasa is playing with the helpless man – till ist time to end the situation. She applies all her fighting skills: kickboxing, karate, judo, wrestling, krav maga and kung fu. It's a second part of her today's workout!

Finally he is unconscious and can't move. Game over, her punching bag is now absolutely useless. In a reverse neckbreaking headscissor Mr. Nagy's life ends.

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