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woman vs man kickboxinf leotard facebusting femdom fight

Update: 02.07.2021

W-683 "Tag team destruction"

Gallery size: 310 Full HD pictures


Mixed wrestling, 310 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It’s happening to me again. For the ninth time I am being forced to wrestle my wife. It doesn’t matter that no one knows she’s my wife. I do and I don’t like it. The main reason I don’t like wrestling her is she is much too good for me and she always beats me. 

Perhaps tonight will be different. Tonight’s match will be a tag team match. On the men’s side will be myself and my partner Angle Rojas. We will be taking on My wife and her partner Maria Rojas, Angle’s mother. It is going to be a two out of three falls match. 

Angle and I enter the ring first. I am in my normal wrestling gear. Black pantyhose white spandex thong and white boots. As for my partner he is very flamboyant, He enters the ring in skin tight gold tights. Gold boots. A Lucha Libra gold mask and long gold gloves that come up to his elbows. 

Then here come our opponents. My wife and Maria Rojas, Angle’s mother. My wife wears a skin tight high cut red leotard with shiny tan pantyhose and red boots. Maria wears a high cut black leotard with flames on the bottom, shiny tan pantyhose and black boots also with flames and a black mask with flames.  

As we both agreed, Angle will start the match for our team. We are both waiting to see who his opponent will be. Just seconds before the bell, my wife enters the ring. So it will be my 42 yr old wife wrestling against my 19 yr old partner Angle. 

BONG!!!! The bell sends my gold clad partner out against my wife. Angle moves quickly toward her. Then she runs and slides toward him. As she slides across the ring, she jams the heel of her red boot into Angle’s knee. The male teen wrestler screams in pain and falls to the mat grabbing his knee. 

In just 4 seconds my teenage partner is flat on the mat holding tightly to his hurting knee. It is easy to see that he is overwhelmed by the pain. I can hear him softly sobbing, “my knee, oh god my knee!!! I won’t be able to walk. She’s wrecked my knee!!” In truth he may be right. I don’t see how he can recover from this and finish the match. He already looks beaten. 

Just to confirm that he is beaten, my wife grabs his gold boot and drags him to the ropes. She places his boot on the center rope then stomps on his knee. Angle begins to scream in terror. NO-NO, Please don’t break my leg!!! I’m begging you, please don’t break it!!!! 

Hearing that from the male teen, my wife now knows that he is is finished. She once again grabs the young wrestlers boot and drags him back to the center of the ring. Still holding tightly to his gold boot, she wraps it around her leg. She then grabs his other boot and pulls his leg out straight. Dropping to the mat she has my partner in a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. Soon Angle is screaming in pain. “My leg, my leg!!! Help me, please help me!!! She’s going to break my leg!!!”  

It takes only seconds for Angle to realize that he can’t escape the hold and that he has to surrender the fall to her.       


Lying on the mat trapped in a submission hold, Angle has a huge DEFEAT BONER in his gold tights. He also begins to cry from both the pain in his leg and the humiliation of his very quick defeat. 

As the bell rings ending the first fall I look up at the ring clock. It shows a total of 42 seconds gone in the match. Angle didn’t last a full minute with my wife. She managed to defeat my tag team partner very easily.

I enter the ring and try to get Angle to his feet. It is clear that he cannot walk without help. As I assist him back to our corner, he is limping badly. He is also very upset at his very swift defeat. “I’m sorry, I’m sorry!! She beat me so easily!!! Oh god, my legs, she really hurt me. I’m sorry I lost the fall.” 

I get him back to our corner and sit him on the middle rope. I try to massage his knee thru his tights, knowing that he must start the second fall or we lose. He spends the entire rest period crying about his legs. “What am I going to do? I don’t want to face her again!! She’s going to hurt me again. I can’t take any more. Look what she’s done to me.” I understand, it is impossible to miss his rock hard BONER. I manage to get him calmed down and we work out a plain. 

After the 2 minute rest period between falls The bell rings to start fall number 2. Angle limps out of our corner and toward his opponent. As he gets close, he slaps the top of her outstretched hands. With that he turns a limps as fast as he can back to our corner. As he gets there he reaches out and tags me in.

I step between the ropes and move to face my wife. It is impossible to miss the evil smile on her face.  “Ready to try again sweet heart? You know that I’m going to beat you again!! Her complete over confidence angers me just a little. I know we love each other, but I would really like to win just once. 

She moves in on me quickly. She fakes a move, then slips behind me. Grabbing my arm, she bends it up into a HAMMER LOCK. Oh man she is so strong she has me wincing in pain. I grit my teeth and try not to cry out. It’s very hard as she is tremendously strong and soon has me in a lot of pain. This is not a new experience for me, she has had me in pain before. 

She holds the HAMMER LOCK on me for almost two minutes. She then let’s go of the of the hold. Quickly she slips her arms under mine. She reaches up and locks her fingers behind my neck. Now she’s got me in a FULL NELSON. The pain of this hold is even worse. Soon it feels as though my neck is going to break. Again I try not to cry out. My failure to admit that I am in pain seems to have angered her. She punishes me by increasing the pressure on the hold. 

My neck is bent almost to the breaking point. I begin to softly moan from the pain. “MMMMM!!! AAAAAAA!!!! Hearing me moan she whispers in my ear: “That sounds better. It sounds like all our matches. You in pain and me making it happen!!!” 

Still holding me tightly in the hammer lock, she parades me round the ring. As we approach her corner she reaches out and tags in her partner. Quickly Angle’s mother enters the ring. She takes a completely different approach to the match. She very swiftly kicks out with her black boots and smashes me in my stomach. 

The kick is devastating. It sends me to the mat on my knees. Her boot has struck me just below the waist band of both my thong and my pantyhose. It has also knocked the wind out of me. As I hold tightly to my lower abdomen, I also gasp for air.  My mind races, “Oh god, I’m down. She has me down. Not sure how long I can take this kind of punishment!!” 

With that she grabs my hair and arm and pulls me to my feet. A quick twist of my arm and she whips me toward the ropes. As I fly back toward her, she is waiting and drives her fist into my lower AB’s. for the second time in just seconds I down on my knees, she has knocked me down again. “Oh god, I’m down again. Every time she hits me, she drops me to the mat. 

Once again I am hauled to my feet by my hair and arm. This time she backs me into a neutral corner. With my back firmly against the turnbuckles she has my trapped. Suddenly hear it comes, a barrage of hard punches and forearms. They smash against me from all directions and hitting all sides. 

My mind races and is full of fear. “she has me trapped. I’m almost out, can’t take much more of this pounding. Got to get free!!” A good though but hard to accomplish. After a sever pounding by Maria, she stops hitting me and begins to drive her knee into my abdomen. After several hard knees smash into me she again changes. Using her closed fist, she pounds me very low. Her fist slams into me well below the belt line of my black pantyhose and white thong. The low blow knocks the wind out of me. If only I could tag out I might be able to recover.  I look into my corner and see that my tag team partner is in no shape to tag me out. I must try to fight on alone. 

To be truthful there is not much fight left in me. The pounding that Maria has give me has drained most of it out me. Right now I would just like to survive and finish the match unhurt. Several more very hard punches to my lower abdomen have me on my knees in the corner. I am dazed and gasping for air. My hands and arms are wrapped around my stomach trying to protect it from any more punches or kicks. 

Maria pulls me to my feet. Twisting my arm hard she pulls my out of the corner. She drags me across the ring and backs me against the ropes. I don’t have the strength to stop her. Pulling me off the ropes she whips me across the ring. As I fly across the ring, my wife is waiting for me. Her forearm explodes against my chest. My head snaps back and I am stopped dead in my tracks.  

At this point I’m finished. I have lost control of my legs as well as my body and arms. I stagger backwards right into Maria’s arms. She quickly wraps her arm around me. She hooks her leg around mine, then bends me to one side. My partners mother has me trapped in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH I instantly begin to scream in pain. MY AB’S MY AB’S. YOU’RE TARING ME APART!!! OH god MY AB’S!!! 

I am quickly over whelmed by the hold. Maria is almost a strong as my wife and I can’t escape. Over the next  few seconds she pulls the hold tighter and tighter around me. If I can’t escape soon I will have no choice but to surrender the fall and the match. 

I’m nearly finished and I cry out. “HELP ME, PLEASE HELP ME!!! OH god ANGLE, YOU HAVE TO HELP ME!! You’re mother is going to submit me. Help me, please help me!!” My teenaged partner enters the ring in an effort to help me escape from his mother. It is a very brave but hopeless effort. 

Angle makes it only several feet from the ropes when he is intercepted by my wife. Angle’s heroic try to save me is a complete disaster. He is knock off his feet and lands on the mat face up. It takes only seconds for my wife to trap the teenaged male wrestler in a FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK. 

Now the women have both Angle and I trapped in devastating submission holds. The ref moves beside me asking if I want to concede the fall to Maria. I know I have no other choice but to surrender to her.  


Having given up, the ref move quickly to Angle. The ref asks the teenage boy if he wants’ to submit to my wife. Angle is very weak and answers instantly. 


Just a few seconds later the bell rings and the women let us go. I look over at my young partner and see that he is crying in defeat. It is then I realize that I too am crying. Both of us have suffered a crushing and humiliating loss. 

Neither I nor Angle can get to our feet. We lie on the mat only a few feet apart. As the announcement is made, the women come to where we are laying. Maria put her boot on my chest and my wife puts her boot on Angle’s. The two woman stand over us with their arms in the air, celebrating their complete and total victory over us. As my wife and Angle’s mother leave the ring, they leave both of us stretched out on the mat. Two male wrestlers, with huge DEFEAT BONERS in their tights, lying on the mat unable to move. 

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