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leotard woman beats man bare fists boxing outdoors

Latest update: 19.07.2024        F-842 "The unfortunate incident"

Mixed fighting freestyle, 230 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), partiallly CFNM, bloody action.

Stuart was having some travel problems. His flight got cancelled and he wouldn't make it to his business meeting out of town. The only option he had, was to take a late night flight to the next nearest airport which was two hours away from his meeting, and drive the rest of the way. So that is what he did. It was 5 AM when he arrived. The 44 year old business executive stood at the counter, waiting for his car rental. He was rather portly, at 5'8", he clocked in at about 230. His work kept him occupied and his fitness took a back seat. He sipped on his coffee as he grabbed the keys and headed out. He felt good, he slept on the plane and the coffee was kicking in. He put the address in the GPS, 1 hour and 52 minutes. He would be there in plenty of time. He could even check into his hotel and shower.

Molly just celebrated her 19th birthday. She was out very late at her friends house, drinking and partying. She wasn't suppose to be out all night. Though technically an adult, her parents were still very strict with her. She was a bit of a wild child. She was definitely one to turn heads. At a statuesque 5'9" and barely a buck fifteen, the redheaded farmer's daughter was all legs. Growing up on the farm and working with her brothers and father, she was also a bit of a tomboy. Though she would always seem to find trouble. She only had her driver's license for 2 years but has had several minor accidents which were all her fault. Her father told her, one more accident or any type of incident, and he was taking away her car. And she knew he meant it. She would be lost without her car. There is really no other way to get around the rural town she was from. She also knew that if her father found out she was out all night, he would take away her car, so she had to hurry home before he found out. She got out off her friend's homuse pool, adjusted the wedge in her way too high cut swimsuit, slipped on her sneakers and headed out to her car. She had about a 30 minute drive but usually made it in 20. She sped off.

About an hour into his drive, Stuart was flipping through the radio stations, not much reception as he really was in the middle of nowhere in some no name midwestern town. The sun was just coming up. It was beautiful scenery though. Stuart was looking around the desolate plains around him. He approached an intersection, he looked to each side as he drove up, the other way had a stop sign. No one in site, he proceed through at his normal speed. Out of the corner of his eye he saw a speeding car heading right towards him. Just then Molly saw him and slammed on the breaks. Stuart turned violently to avoid being hit directly on the driver"s side, causing the car to slam into a tree, air bag deployed. Molly skidded for about 20 yards, just missing Stuart's car, but didn't hit anything.

Stuart got out, shaken up but okay. He didn't hit the tree too hard and the airbag took the impact away. He turned and saw Molly approaching "I'm so sorry sir, are you okay," she said. Stuart paused before speaking, partly because he was still in disbelief of what just happened, and the other part was the pure beauty that was approaching him. First all he saw was legs that seemed to go on forever, then he noticed the muscle arms which her onepiece swimsuit left exposed. Stuart spoke "I..uhh, I am okay, but what the hell were you doing going so fast." Molly was visibly nervous, then the reality set in of what would happen to her. " Please sir, you seem to be okay, I'm going to just go." As she started moving toward her car. " Wait just a damn minute, " Stuart said, " We're going to exchange papers, that's a rental car and its now totalled". Molly turned back, "please sir, I...uh....I can't exchange anything". Stuart got angry, " the hell you aren't " he shot back.

Stuart thought this brat was going to try to weasel out of this. He grabbed his phone and went towards her car and started taking pictures of her license plate. Molly saw this and panicked. "Wait sir, you can't" as she jumped on his back trying to get at his phone. "What the hell are you doing you bitch", Stuart said as he turned, causing Molly to fall off his back. She got back up, "give me that phone" she demanded. Stuart looked into her piercing blue eyes and knew she meant business. "No way, and if you try that again you are going to be in a hell of alot more trouble than you already are young lady," he said. Molly raised her voice to a scream "give me that fucking phone" As she lunged at his out stretched arm. The phone fell, and he grabbed her to stop her from getting it.

They were now in a struggle, Stuart's arm came up causing the back of his hand to slap across Molly's face as she stumbled back. "Fuck" she yelled holding the side of her face. Anger set in and she came back at Stuart with a left jab to his eye that he didn't see coming. His anger boiling now too. He went back towards her and she backed up. They both raised the arms in defensive positions and they realized they were unbelievably engaged in a full on fight now with each other. Stuart, still staring eye to eye at his young adversary, removes his jacket and shirt to give him more space.

They move in a slow circle, sizing up each other. "Look," Stuart says, trying to be the more mature voice of reason, "this is getting out of hand, you need to calm down and take responsibility for this, I don't know what you think is going to happen here, but whatever happens, you are likely in deep shit, so lets just exchange papers and let me call to get a tow. I will forget this other stuff." Molly shoots back " you don't get it, I can't get in trouble for this, you are not keeping those pictures, and we are not exchanging any papers." With those words, Molly swiftly lifts her leg kicking Stuart right in the gut causing him to keel over and to loose his breath for a moment. Stuart responds with a right hook at Molly's head which she just avoids, she responds with a swing of her own, again at the gut which connects, although not to the effect of the previous kick.

Stuart tries again to punch at Molly's face, again she avoids it and connects her own left hook, catching Stuart in the jaw, sending him back. She takes the opportunity to throw a right which lands under his eye. Stuart stumbles but stands his ground. He is getting frustrated and is not believing this is happening. He is realizing that this young woman, although actually a little taller than him, is about half his size and is getting the best of him. He tries to jab her gut but she is too fast and avoids it. She lands another face shot again causing him to stumble back. Molly is getting nervous, although she knows she is winning, he is still standing throwing shots, what if one of them connects, she thought, she needs to get him down. She realized, although extremely fit, her power is not in her slim upper body. She connected square on with her hardest shots and he is still standing. She remembers the result of her first kick, he was really affected by it. She is going to have to use the power in her long solid legs to finish him off.

As Stuart moves to appear to get ready to deliver another shot, Molly quickly and almost effortlessly brings her right foot up kicking Stuart right in the face. The blow sends him back again, but not down. This is a big guy she thought, she wonders if she will ever get him down. Before he can set himself again, she delivers another face kick, again it connects perfectly on his cheek, but all it does is again send him back. She know she needs more power and with adrenaline pumping, she instinctively steps back and spins. Now she never has taken any martial arts lessons, but she is very athletic, agile and flexible. Although the kick is likely not going to get any accolades for form or technique from any martial arts instructors, it was still extremely effective. Her right foot at the end of a very long, thin, but strong leg, whips through the air with all her power behind it. Her heel slamming into Stuart's jaw, sending him violently to the ground, semi-conscious.

With Stuart finally down, Molly goes to the phone. "Damn, its locked," she says. She needs to think, she can just take it and go, but what if its traceable. What if Stuart describes her well enough, the local sheriff knows who she is. She was thinking fast. She looked around, no one in sight. The intersection was very rural and at this hour of the morning, likely will not see anyone anytime soon. The intersection sort of looks like the intersection in the middle of nowhere at the end of the Castaway movie, except for a few more scattered trees, such as the one Stuart hit, and a few trees and bushes up ahead which actually blocked Stuart's view of the speeding car toward him.

Molly got an idea. She goes over to Stuart who is just about to sit up, moaning holding his jaw. She removes his pants and boxers, then puts her foot on his chest, pushing him back down "what's the password asshole", she demanded. "Fuck you," Stuart fires back while grabbing her leg which causes her to fall on him. He grabs at her, holding on as they roll. Both struggling for position, Molly is now noticing his strength as they are not in the standing position anymore where she easily had an advantage in her quickness and reflexes. He grabs at her long red hair and pulls it hard, which causes Molly to yell out. She gets her hand free and pulls his hand off her hair. Stuart is able to roll on top. Molly is losing position, her only option is to bring her long legs around him, which she does. She holds on tight and squeezes. To her surprise, Stuart screams in pain. Molly underestimated her inner leg strength from many years of horse riding on the farm.

She squeezed again harder which resulted in a louder scream from Stuart. Molly was able to move a now weakened Stuart off her, but she still kept on the leg hold, but Molly was now to the side, with Stuart facing face down on the ground, entrapped at his torso by the gorgeous long limbs. Molly grabs the phone "password now asshole" she demands, as she squeezes yet harder, with another cry in pain from Stuart. He mutters something but Molly can't hear. "What was that" she says. After Stuart was able to gather enough breath to say something clearly "fuck you bitch," is what was said. This angered Molly in to squeezing with everything she's got. Stuart couldn't scream this time as the grasp was so hard, and so long he was getting dizzy, then Molly felt a crunch and a noticeable pop was heard. Stuart still unable to say anything. "How do you like that asshole, I think I just cracked a rib," Molly exclaims, almost proudly.

Molly let up a bit for a second but then continued to begin squeezing again. "I'm going to keep squeezing and breaking shit until I get the password," she declared. Stuart, still unable to speak frantically bangs his hand against the grass. Molly lets up a bit on the pressure so he can speak. After a long pause, Stuart is able to say "ok, ok, please stop." Molly eases the pressure but still keeps him locked in, "the password," she demands. Stuart in pain and lightheaded has to think, "uhm 2669." Molly, enters it in to unlock his phone. While still holding him in her lethal leg prison, she goes to work, deleting the photos that he took. She then sends herself a series of perverted and somewhat threatening texts to her own phone from his, all while telling him what she is doing.

She is thinking if this will be enough to keep her out of trouble, not sure she decides she has to go all in. She releases him as he withers in pain, holding his side. Molly gets up "turn around," she orders. Stuart slowly turns around, while moaning in pain. She looks down disgustedly, appalled at what she needs to do. She grabs at his semi-erect dick and begins stroking. Annoyed that it is not hard enough yet, Molly sighs. Even though in immense pain from every breath, the sight of her perfectly body in sexy swimsuit causes Stuart's member to come to attention almost instantly. Molly then takes his phone and snaps a few pictures of his dick and sends them to herself. She spits on her hand and keeps stroking. It doesn't take long until Stuart erupts all over the place. He screams out in pleasure and pain at the same time as his convulsing body causes more pain to shoot through his badly damaged ribs.

Molly, with a dreaded look on her face, looks at her swimsuit and wipes up his cum from it. "Now you see asshole, I have all these texts, as well as your dick picks you sent to me. And I have your cum all over my swimsuit, if you even think of saying anything to anyone about me and the accident, or what happened after, I will make sure your ass gets locked up for a long time, you understand?" Stuart, still coming down from the euphoric and painful episode he just experienced, knows he can do nothing but nod in agreement.

Molly continues "Now I am going to get up and go. You are going to call in your accident and say you tried to avoid a deer and crashed into the tree, you understand, that's all, it was just an unfortunate incident, I want to hear you say it." Stuart looks into the piercing blue eyes of the young vixen and knows he has no choice "I , uhh, I tried to avoid a deer, it was just an unfortunate incident." Molly gets up, "Good boy" she says, as she casually puts on her flip flops and sexily struts away toward her car. Before leaving she looks back at Stuart who was just getting up, still in obvious pain and says "remember the story, or else" she threatened, "it was just an unfortunate incident."

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