Ronda Rousey vs man mixed kickboxing match in UFC cage

Update: 14.07.2017


F-471 "Ronda vs Mike"

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Mixed freestyle fighting, 300 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

The old saying “never kick a man when he is down” certainly does not apply to CFNM wrestling. And what better a place to kick a man on his knees or – better yet – laying down than in the crotch. The good thing about delivering a devastating kick to a man when he already is down is that he does not have that far to go to get on his back for a pinfall. Here clothed women deliver front kicks and kicks from behind to naked men that they already had knocked off of their feet. One woman even finishes her opponent off by jumping on his balls full force with her knees! Double ouch!

Ronda, the female fighter, says: "Women may be inconvenienced by our boobs, but at least our gonads are tucked away internally where they can safely reside. Men have no such luck - theirs are all out there in the open, where they are vulnerable to all sorts of assaults. Perhaps it is male athletes whose biggest opponents are their own balls. Men are handicapped because their balls can slip out of clothing, causing embarrassment. Further, I come from a competitive swimming background, where swimsuits are chosen for speed, not for appearance. Male swimmers, as a whole, are fairly modest about their balls and strongly prefer to keep them covered in public venues. Speed suits do not make modesty a priority and the ensuing overexposure can be a source of embarrassment for male athletes. Men are handicapped because when balls get hit, it hurts. My training partner tells me that he would much rather get hit in the stomach than in the balls. Unfortunately, when you do contact sports, getting hit in the crotch is a fact of life. And if the ref doesn't see it, the fight/match/game goes on. Tennis is an even sport as I have seen guys getting hit in the balls, from a bouncing tennis ball. It is embarrassing for the guys, as the girls laugh their heads off when a guy gets a ball in the nuts. Girls have the advantage in contact sports as they do not have balls. A girl in wrestling and the same weight class as a guy, will generally win as she does not have to defend her balls which he has in a match. Also she does not have to worry about an erection in a cup, which can actually be very painful. Up until the age of 35, I would say that the female has the advantage, as testicles in sports is a weakness. Pity the poor wrestler who has to choose between a cup which protects his balls, or the fact that a testicle can pop outside the cup which can cause more pain then a kick itself. Yes testicles can pop out just like a boob, but not with the pain."

Mike, the male fighter, says: "Despite being trained in Muay Thai, jiu jitsu, and experienced in fighting all around, one of my worst losses was to a female in a friendly match where I was quick to overpower her and take the fight to the ground, with her on her back. And as I have her there ready to make my next move, her hand slips up my shorts and boxers and grabs my testicles in a brutal hold. It was pretty much game over. I yelled in pain and using my sack as leverage she got me on my back and went for a choke as she kept squeezing my balls. Years ago I dated a girl who loved to wrestle. she had no hesitation about kneeing me in the balls, and she also had a great scissors. She would often squeeze and twist my nuts as I was trapped helpless in her scissors. Ball squeezing is definitely a very effective hold. I love to have a girl squeeze my balls, but because it's so painful, and effective, I both look forward to and dread it! It's more exciting than anything though, and it always gets me to tap. It was a reason why I agreed to meet Ronda in UFC fighting cage and she applied all her MMA skills to me. I was lost my attire in the middle of the fight and my naked groin was a perfect target for her deadly attacks - I had no chances to win."