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Latest update: 12.08.2022        W-741 "Partner vs partner"

Mixed wrestling, 310 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, no blood.

Promoters of every kind love to make a profit and when they find something that does that they use over and over. That is why we are hear tonight. It is a night of Partner Vs Partner matches. First up is the Junior Tag Team Champions. 19 yr old Todd Lawson Vs his partner 18 yr old  Harper Davis. 

Todd and Harper have been team mates for 2 years and have been the tag team Champions of over a year now. This will be the very first time they have faced each other. Todd dresses in the usual male wrestling gear, he has on sparkling tan fishnet pantyhose. Like some of the male wrestlers Todd also wears shiny oil sheen pantyhose under his fish nets. He also wears shiny tan boots. And finishes with his tag-team Championship title belt. 

As for Harper, she will wear shiny tan pantyhose an  Aqua blue leotard. that is very high cut and often reveals the top of her pantyhose. That goes along with shiny Aqua boots and her tag team championship title belt. Fully dressed for the match, both champions head to the ring.  

The introductions and ref’s instructions have ended and both young wrestlers are in their corners waiting for the bell. Both quickly pull up and smooth out their pantyhose and are ready to wrestle. BONG!!!! Both wrestlers are quickly out of their corners. They move directly toward each other. Harper moves first and quickly gains control of Todd. 

She wraps her arm around his head and locks on a reverse HEAD LOCK. That means that she is     facing the opposite direction from Todd. Surprisingly she has the HEAD LOCK, wrapped on very tightly. Todd has already begun to moan in pain and struggle to free himself. 

Harper will have none of it. She locks her hands together in front of her tightening the HEAD LOCK. Next she begins to Twist and wiggle, Todd’s head causing him more pain. Suddenly she kicks her legs out straight and drops to the mat on her bottom. As she does she takes Todd with her driving his head into the mat. 

Todd is stunned by the move and is just lying on the mat face-down.  Harper waists no time. She rolls left and is swiftly onto her partners back. Grabbing his arms she pulls them up and over her pantyhosed covered thighs. She next cups her hands under his chin. All the wile she is doing this Todd is wildly kicking his legs and crying out in pain.  

“Not a CAMEL CLUTCH, Harper!!! Please don’t clutch me!!!!!” His screams are too little, too late. Harper already has Todd locked into the CLUTCH.  There is a look of tremendous pain on Todd’s face as he struggle in the CLUTCH. 

The two tag team partners shout at one another.  From Todd, "Jeeze, Harper you’re hurting me!!!! It hurts, This hold really hurts!!!!" From Harper comes a reply, "I know, Todd it’s suppose to hurt!!!! That’s how you win, by hurting the person!!!!"

Unable to get a submission from her tag team partner, Harper releases Todd from the CLUTCH. Todd can’t believe he’s free. There is no longer very much pain in his neck, shoulders and back. As for Harper, she is about to change that for him. Moving to get in front of his Harper jams her arm between Todd’s legs. She grabs the back of his pantyhose, hooks his head and lifts him off the mat. 

Even though he has seen it many times, Todd is still very surprised by Harper’s unladylike strength. Lifting him high in the air, she drops to the mat on one knee. She then slams Todd across her out stretched thigh. Todd screams in pain as he slams into her thigh, "My back, my back!!!! Oh dear god my back!!!"

Harper is not yet done with her partner. Even though The Champion is obviously hurt, he is not yet ready to submit to his female partner. Two things are now evident, one Harper is in complete control  of both Todd and the match and two, Todd now has a DEFEAT BONER inside his pantyhose. 

Placing one hand on his chin and the other on his very stiff manhood, Harper pushes down on both bending Todd’s back. Harper now has her Partner trapped in a over her knee BACK BREAKER!! Once again Todd is forced to cry out, "My back, my back!!! You’ve got me again!!!! Oh dear god Harper, no more not on my back. PLEASE, not on my back!!"

Having held him in the BACK BREAKER for several minutes. Harper pushes Todd off her thigh rolling him face up on the mat. There is a gasp from the fans as they see his pole like manhood sticking straight up in his pantyhose. Todd lies on the mat making no effort to get to his feet. Harper sees this and moves to take full advantage of it. 

She very quickly grabs her partners boots and tucks them under her arms. In one swift motion Harper rolls Todd face down on the canvas. She steps over him with one leg and moves her arms down to his knees. Seconds later Harper has Todd locked into a BOSTON CRAB!!!!! 

Instantly she shouts at her partner.  I’ve got you Todd, you can’t escape!!!!! I’m going to prove to everyone who the better wrestler is!!!! I’m going to defeat you Todd!! She then begins to lower herself holding tightly to his tan boots. As she lowers her self, Todd begins to scream. My back, my back!!!! Please Harper please let me go!!!! Oh dear god, she’s got me!!!! She’s got me!!!! I can’t get free!!!! 

Increasing the pressure on Todd’s back Harper tells him what is clearly obvious to everyone. He can’t win the match, he is going to be defeated by his tag team partner. "Time to submit Todd!! Don’t make me hurt you any more. Give up Todd, give up!!!"

Hopelessly trapped, unable to escape from Harper Todd has no choice but to surrender to Harper.  

"I’m done!!! I give up!!!! You’ve beaten me, Harper!!!!  I’m done, you win!!!! I submit-I submit!!!! Let me go-let me go!!! I give up!!!! I give up!!!!"

Harper drops her tag team partner to the mat. The other half of the World Junior Tag-Team Champions lies on the mat beaten  and in pain. 

He struggles but manages to roll onto his back. Being face down on the mat was causing him great pain in his manhood. After several minutes of cheering Harper makes her way to her defeated partner.


"How are you Todd? Can you get ton your feet?"


Todd quickly tells her how he is.

"No, I can’t got to my feet. I’m in pain, that’s how I am. You beat me Harper, You really beat me bad!!! I just can’t get up yet!!!"


It takes the badly beaten Todd Feldman almost  5 minutes to get to his feet. He staggers back to his corner with his rock solid DEFEAT BONER sticking straight out of his fishnet pantyhose.

With the announcement making his defeat official, Both wrestlers head back to their dressing room.  It time of the second match of Partner Vs Partner. This match will feature a team from the UK. First, the extremely handsome  HRH Prince Michel, the Duke of Danbury. HRH Michel is 24 years old and is very handsome as well as athletic. He has a fantastic male body. 


His opponent for this match is his long time Tag-Team partner. Countess Muriel Rodrigo Salazar. The Countess is also 24 years old and is absolutely gorgeous. His Royal Highness will enter the ring wearing his shiny white Jockstrap. It forms his bulge perfectly. He will also wear his shiny white boots and his gold Tag-Team world title belt. 

Countess Muriel Rodrigo Salazar will come to the ring in a skin tight Royal Purple leotard. It is very high cut and clings to her like a second skin. Being so high cut you can often see the tops of her pantyhose as she wrestles. She will also have on Royal Purple boots and her gold Tag Team title belt. 

With both wrestlers in the ring the match can now begin.  BONG!!! that’s the beginning of the match and the end of one of the  English tag team. Both wrestlers exit their corners. Countess Muriel is faster that her partner  and meets up with HRH Michel just a few feet from his corner. 

She instantly engages him throwing a powerful elbow that crashes into his jaw. The surprise and totally uninspected blow sends Prince Michel slamming back into the turnbuckle in his corner. It is clearly obvious the HRH Michel is dazed and groggy. Countess Muriel continues her powerful attack. Punches rain in on Prince Michel. A solid right hand slams into his jaw, followed seconds later by a left hook to his rib cage.  

HRH Prince Michel is now gasping for air. The hook to his rib cage knocked all the air out of his lung and he is having trouble breathing. His tag team partner, Countess Muriel has no mercy for him, she has a match to win and that is all she cares about. 

The onslaught continues, a match that most all the fans believed would be a tremendous back and forth battle between Champions has turned into a one sided disaster for HRH Prince Michel. As the punches continue to slam into him, Michel takes two very hard punches within seconds of each other. 

Countess Muriel lands a very powerful right hand very low to Michel’s mid-section. It slams into him right at the elastic waistband of his shiny white jockstrap. Her next punch crashes into his pouch,  hitting him directly on his manhood. Michel’s face instantly turns into a look of horror and pain. He tries to scream but nothing comes out. 

He instantly grabs his now painful manhood with both hands. He drops to his knees holding tightly to his manhood. He remains on his knees for only a few seconds, before falling forward onto the mat. His Royal Highness Prince Michel, the Duke of Danbury lies face down on the mat at his opponents feet.    

The  Countess Muriel Rodrigo Salazar  grabs her long time partner HRH Prince Michel, the Duke of Danbury  and drags him to the center of the ring. His royal highness is almost out cold. The only sound coming from his is soft moaning “oh, oh AAAAAAAAAHHH!!!”      

Pulling him to his feet, The Countess lifts the Prince off the mat and over her head. She then quickly slams him down on her out-stretched thigh as she kneels on one knee. The impact of his back on her thigh awakes The Prince from his stupor. He instantly screams in pain.

“My back, oh god my back!!!! Please stop!! You’re going to break my back!!! Let me go Countess, please let me go!!” The Countess happily tells the Prince how to get out of the hold. “You must submit to me Your Royal Highness before I will let you go!!!” 

However, Michel’s male ego will not let him submit to a woman. “NO-NO. I will never submit to a woman!!!”. An angry Countess Muriel is now going to prove him wrong.  She grabs his chin and also his exposed manhood. She instantly pushes down on both as she also squeezes his jockstrap. “My manhood, my manhood!!!! You’re crushing my manhood!!!! Let me go!!!! Oh please let me go!!!! Again The Countess explains to the Prince just how to get out of the hold. “All you have to do your Highness is to submit to me and I will let you go!!!! Again he tells her that he will never submit to her. 

The Countess has had enough of her tag team partner and now intends to finish the Prince off. She then pushes him off her thigh. She rolls him face down on the mat. She then tells him “This is it Michel, either submit to me now, or I will force you to submit!!!!” Michel again refuses. The Countess then steps on the back of Prince Michel’s thighs. In a strange move she pulls the waist band of his jockstrap and lets it snap back. As he reaches to rub his aching back she grabs his arms and pulls up on them. 

Prince Michel now has both his arms and legs trapped by The Countess. Slowly she begins to rock back and forth. Then it’s up and over for The Prince. Countess Muriel Rodrigo Salazar now has His Royal Highness Prince Michel The Duke of Danbury trapped in a MEXICAN CEILING HOLD. 

Instantly the Prince begins to scream “Oh dear god my back!!!! Please Countess let me go!!!! I’m begging you Please let me go!!!! The Countess then tells the Prince how to get free.”Submit to me Michel, submit to me and then I’ll let you go!!!” Knowing he has no choice Prince Michel surrenders to Countess Muriel, 


Prince Michel’s submission ends the match. Countess Muriel drops the Prince to the mat and gets to her feet. The crowd cheers wildly as she raises her arms in the air. 

As for HRH Michel he lies on the mat beaten and battered. Inside his shiny white jockstrap he has a DEFEAT BONER as hard as steel. He lies there helpless unable to get to his feet, the handsome and athletic royal totally defeated. 

Even after Countess Muriel has left the ring, Michel still lies there unable to get up. Soon the ring attendants come to Michel’s aid, getting him to his feet and back to his dressing room.