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Tonight is the big night. It is a night of Champions. I am one of those champions. In fact I am the world champion and I will be wrestling on the big card. Aside from my title, some of the other titles that will be on the line tonight are, the Tag-Team title, The United States Title and the Mid-Atlantic Title. This is a huge night of wrestling. 

First up is the Mid-Atlantic title. The challenger Amanda Albright is already in the ring. She is 22 yrs old and is making her first attempt at winning a title. She is all in black. Black leotard, black pantyhose and black boots. 

Here comes the champion, Brock Lester he is 26 yrs old and is extremely popular. He is also very handsome. Brock comes to the ring in his shiny white thong and white boots. He also wears the Mid-Atlantic Title belt around his waist. 

It is an extremely exciting and physical match. The two wrestlers go back and forth for the entire match. They exchange painful holds and powerful punches. 17 minutes and 22 seconds into the match Amanda has Brock on his back with his arm bent up behind him. With her free arm she has pulled his legs off the mat and bent him in half in a MATCH BOOK PIN!! 

It's then that Brock hears the sound that no wrestler ever wants to hear. The sound of the refs hand slapping the mat. ONE-TWO-THREE!!!! Brock Lester has been pinned and is now the former Mid-Atlantic Champion. 

Amanda lets go of Brock and his legs drop to the mat. She quickly gets to her feet and raises her arms in the air. Amanda is now full of adrenalin as she dances around the ring. Where as Brock Lester lies on the mat beaten and exhausted and now with a large DEFEAT BONER between his muscular legs. 

As the ref wraps the title belt around her waist then begins.

"The winner of this match, pinning her opponent Brock Lester. And now the new Mid-Atlantic Champion!! Amanda Albright!!" 

As Amanda dances around the ring, Brock slowly gets to his feet. Making his way back to his corner. He stands there with his head in his hands and a BONER in his thong He is the picture of defeat. 

As the defeated Brock finally leaves the ring it's time now for the United States Title match. In the ring is the number one contender Nicolas J Strong. He is 23 yrs old and comes to the ring with an undefeated record. Nicky as he is called has on an aqua colored thong and matching boots. 

Entering the ring is his opponent the current United States Champion. Nasty Nancy Newburg. Nancy is 28 yrs old and wears A dark red thong black fishnet pantyhose and dark red boots. As the bell rings Nasty Nancy races out of her corner raises her arms in a double fore-arm that smashes Nicky right in his chin. 

The 23 yr old contender is sent reeling backward into the ropes. His head flops back and he grabs the ropes trying to stay on his feet. Nancy is right on top of him. Her knee slams into his mid-section. It causes Nicky to bend forward at the waist wile still holding onto the ropes. 

She then begins to batter the 23 yr old male with punches and fore-arms. Punch after punch slams into Nicky's stomach. Several fore-arms crash into his head and face. Her knee explodes into the pouch of his aqua colored thong. Nicky's hands slip off the ropes and he falls to his knees. A second or two later he drops face first onto the mat. 

Nasty Nancy has the number one contender stretched out face down on the mat. Less than 90 seconds into the match and Nicolas Strong looks completely out of it. He lies on the mat unmoving. Nancy grabs his arms and pulls him to the center of the ring. 

Being dragged has not seemed to have brought Nicolas back to life. Nancy does not care. She steps on the back of his thighs. She reaches forward and grabs his arms. Then it is up and over for Nicky. Nancy locks him into a MEXICAN CEILING HOLD!!! The ceiling hold instantly awakens Nicky. He spends several seconds trying to escape the hold. Then realizing that he is hopelessly trapped he screams his surrender to Nancy. 

"No more, please no more!!!! I give up!!! I give up!!! You've got me Nancy, you've got me!!! Let me go!!! I submit to you!! You win, You've beaten me!!! I give up!!!" 

That ends the match and Nicky's attempt to win the title. He's been forced to submit and admit his defeat. 

Nancy releases the beaten male wrestler and he falls to the mat on his back. As happens to male wrestlers when they lose, Nicky has a rock hard DEFEAT BONER in his thong. Now comes the announcement.

"Wresting fans the winner of the match with a ceiling hold submission! And still the UNITED STATES CHAMPION!!! Nasty Nancy Newburg!!!" 

And there you have it, an exciting 3 minutes of championship wrestling.

Now comes the match almost everyone was waiting for. The World Title match. First to the ring is the challenger. Nairobi Minuba she is 19 yrs old and is from Nigeria Africa ,she is the current African champion. 

As I enter the ring I am stunned by the challenger. She is a very light skinned black girl. You could not even call her a woman yet. The thing is though she is stunningly beautiful. Perhaps, the most beautiful black woman I have ever seen. There is a strange look about her. A look of raw power as well as beauty. For just a second or two, I am frightened by her. 

She has on a light silver gray colored leotard. It is high cut and skin tight. Every bump or bulge is clearly visible. As for me, I'm wearing my white jockstrap and very shiny tan pantyhose along with my shiny white boots. I also wear one other thing. That would be the World Wrestling Championship Belt. At 32 yrs old I have held the title for 5 years. The longest anyone has ever held the world title. 

"Wrestling fans, this match is for The World Wrestling Championship!!! In this corner, she comes from Africa and is the African Continent Champion. The challenger Nairobi Minuba!!!! In the opposite corner, he is the long time World Wrestling Champion!!! George Nelson!!!"   

As the introductions are taking place I learn that my opponent graduated from Harvard University, as well as Harvard university school of law. Nairobi Minuba my opponent is a genius as well as a child prodigy. She became a professional wrestler at 18 in her native Africa and is undefeated, also that over 95 % of her opponents have been male.

Time to put that all aside. As I wait for the bell I fix up my pantyhose and my jockstrap. I'm ready to go. Great timing as there's the bell BONG!!! We both exit our corners and very quickly and lock up. It seems as though my opponent Nairobi is very anxious to get at me. 

Together we both struggle collar elbow. I am stunned by the strength of my teenage opponent. She is far stronger than most men I wrestle. She has just proved that strength by slipping out of the collar & elbow, getting behind me and locking me into a FULL NELSON!! She can't submit me with this hold, but is a very strength sapping hold. 

The fact that she is as tall as I am, makes the hold even more painful. She has my head bent so far forward it is digging into my chest. It's much like a faucet as my strength slowly runs out of me. I need to free myself very soon. 

Slowly I ease my way to the ropes and get my boot onto the bottom one. The ref moves in and breaks the hold. I can now raise my head, but my neck is very sour. While I am thinking about me neck, Nairobi is thinking about what to do next. 

She grabs my arm and tosses me to the middle of the ring. I quickly scramble off my back and onto my knees. I rub the back of my neck as it is still quite painful. Those few seconds that I take to rub my neck are very costly. Nairobi drops in front of me on her knees. I'm surprised by this and wonder what she is doing. I don't wait long.  

The explosion on the side of my face instantly stuns me. My black teenage opponent has hit me with her fore-arm. I lean way over on my side, but save myself by putting my hand down on the mat. Now the exchange of blows begins. I quickly retaliate with a hard fore-arm of my own. However Nairobi just seems to shake it off. 

She then counters with a very hard punch into my abdomen. She caught me just at the belt line of my jockstrap and pantyhose. It sent the breath rushing out of my lungs. Before I can recover a second punch slams into my cheek. From tipping forward, I am now sent slumping to one side again. 

Slowly I right myself and quickly land a punch against Naifobi's cheek. I think she is surprised by how much power I have left. From there it is punch for punch between us. We each land at least 4 heavy shots each!! Then it comes, a brutal left hook, an almost perfect punch that crashes into my cheek. 

The powerful punch lifts me off the mat and sends me several feet away. I land on my back dazed and gasping for air. I very quickly realize that I am in trouble. What was left of my power is gone. I can hardly move, let alone defend my self. I struggle to get to a sitting position. 

Even though I am off my back and sitting up, I am in no condition to put up much of a fight. My 19 yr old opponent is quickly on me. Dropping in front of me she grabs my arms, then puts her boots against my legs just below my knees. Slowly she begins to spared my legs apart. Inch by inch my nylon covered legs are spared farther and farther apart. 

My hands go instantly to my manhood as she slowly splits me apart. In a few seconds I reach forward for my knees and try to pull my legs back together. There is however, nothing I can do to help my self. The 19 yr old African champion is devastating me!! 

At last I am free. I have not escaped her hold, she has released me. I roll onto my chest and begin to crawl toward the ropes. I don't get very far before my teenage opponent grabs my boots and pulls me back. 

Nairobi effortlessly pulls me to my feet. I can't stand by my self, but she holds me up. She then wraps her arm around my head and bends me back. Nairobi has me in a DRAGON NECK BREAKER!!! As she bends me backward my knees begin to buckle. My back is arched and my head is also bent back. 

Pain shoots both up and down my neck and back. I'm pretty much finished. I can no longer fight her, Nairobi has me beaten. At this point in the match I know I am going to lose my title. A new pain has started as my manhood has grown stiff and rock hard. I now have the tell tale sign of losing for a male wrestler. I've got a DEFEAT BONER between my legs, inside my pantyhose and thong. 

At this point my eyes have filled with tears. I'm going to lose my world title. There is no way for me to stop it. My body is now in pain every were. "Please-please, I'm done!!! You've beaten me!!! I can't take any more!!! 

Hearing me cry and seeing my tears the ref knows I'm finished. "How a bout it Champ? Have you had enough? Are you willing to submit to Nairobi?" Has she beaten you?" It only takes a few seconds for me to answer. 

"YES-YES!!!!! I submit to her!!! Nairobi has beaten me!!! I give up!!!! I give up!!!! She wins, she wins!!! I SUBMIT!!!!!" 

My five year reign as World Wrestling Champion has come to an end. I've been defeated. A 19 yr old African female has beaten me and taken my title. She is now the World Wrestling Champion. Nairobi has released me and I've dropped to the mat on my back. My face is tear stained as I lie there. Here comes the announcement. 

"Wrestling fans!! In the time of 14 minutes a 7 seconds. The winner of the match, with a Dragon Neck Breaker submission. And now the new World Wrestling Champion. Nairobi Minuba!!!!!!!" 

The crowd is completely stunned by what has happened. It takes almost a minute for the fans to begin to cheer her. They are not the only ones stunned. I too am stunned by my crushing defeat. As Nairobi raises her arms in the air. I get to my knees I stop there for several seconds as I take a few deep breaths. 

I then get to my feet and struggle back to my corner. In my corner I place my head in my hands, as the tears begin again. It feels strange not having the world title belt around my waist. Slowly I make my way back to my dressing room. Sitting on the bench, I remove my boots. I then peel off my pantyhose. For a minute or two, I just stand there wearing only my thong. It is stretched tightly over my manhood. Having a hard DEFEAT BONER, the top of my manhood is sticking out of my thong. 

It's then that it hits me. "Oh god no!!! I've been beaten!!! I've lost my title!!! How could she do this to me? I was the champion!!! I lost, I lost!!! I, let a girl beat me!!!" I slip off my thong and head to the shower.