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wife beats husband black gym leotard CFNM mixed wrestling femdom

Julie beats her husband

Julie and I have now been married for a little over a year, so technically we are no longer newlyweds. But what is new are the ways that she constantly increases her domination over me. It started with wrestling and has been escalated to include our sex life and the way we approach almost everything in our lives. At first, our wrestling was fun and fairly competitive, but now she defeats me with ease and enjoys thrashing me far more than necessary to merely win the match. I never suggest wrestling anymore, as it has become too painful for me, but when Julie wants to wrestle, I have no choice. She will come after me whether I am willing or not.

Just last weekend, while I was enjoying watching a football game, Julie approached me and told me that we were going to wrestle. She was wearing a spandex onepiece aerobics leotard that she frequently wears when she works as a personal trainer in her health club. Her constant working out has made her 5' 10" 160 body both more beautiful and more formidable. I responded by asking what the point of wrestling was - that she knew she could beat me.

"Why do you say that?" she replied. "We are about the same size and you are supposed to be the man."

"Because you are in so much better condition than I am. You have far more endurance and I know you have been taking grappling classes. Your legs are lethal and the only advantage that I have is upper body strength" I answered.

"Well, we will have to see about that" was her smug response. We went down to the basement where she had layed out the aerobic mats that she worked out her routines on as well as used for our wrestling matches. Usually, she would attack quickly, but this time she stood there with her hands extended as if inviting me to a test of strength.

I locked my hands with hers and we pushed against each other in the traditional "mercy" test of strength. Julie's smile changed into an intense expression of concentration and exertion. I could see the finger muscles on her shoulders spring out as she put all her force into our little test of strength. Soon, I weakened and she forced me down to my knees. The pressure on my wrist and fingers was painful and I told her that she had won and asked her to release her hold.

"Why should I stop just because you are such a wimp" she said angrily. "I'm just getting warmed up." She stepped closer to me to improve her leverage and increased the pressure of her hold. Now, I was in agony and we had been wrestling for only about thirty seconds. To make matters worse, she was only using her upper body, which was now obviously stronger than mine, and I was sure that a lot more was coming. Julie smiled down at me while continuing the excruciating pressure and said "What's wrong? I thought your upper body was so strong."

I was in far too much pain to respond and Julie knew it. She was savoring every moment of her dominance which had now expanded to every quality used in wrestling. She was stronger, faster and more skilled than me and we both knew that I was helpless to thwart her. The difference was that she really enjoyed proving it to me and to herself time after time. Finally, she let go of my right hand, but kept her grip on my left one. Grasping my left hand with both of hers, she spun around and put me in an arm wringer. As she twisted, I was forced from my knees down to my stomach on the mat. Julie placed her foot on my left shoulder for even more leverage as she really worked over my arm, wrist and fingers at the same time. Pounding the mat with my right arm was all I could do and it neither reduced the pain or persuaded her to release her hold.

Finally, after what seemed to be a long time, Julie moved her foot off my shoulder. I thought she was done with this attack, but I was wrong. She dropped down with a vicious knee drop right on that sore shoulder. The pain was incredible.. I rolled over to my back and tried to massage some circulation back in it. Julie stood over me with her legs straddling my prone body. Looking up, I could see those powerful, muscular legs, her firm tight belly and those gorgeous firm breasts. Topping it all off was her beautiful face framed by that long curly hair. She had an almost impudent expression as she knew that she had complete control and was deciding on how she wanted to express it. Dropping down hard on my chest, she pinned my arms under her shins in a schoolgirl pin. Julie pinched both my cheeks with her hands as she informed me that she wanted to try out some new holds. She told me that if they were too painful, that I should just tell her so. "After all," she added "It's just to have some fun."

After bouncing on my chest a couple times, she raised herself up to a crouching position above me and rolled me over to my stomach. Julie crossed my ankles and bent both my legs up over my back and sat on them, facing forward. Already, I felt very uncomfortable pressure on my knees and ankles. Not yet content, she leaned forward, cupped her hands under my chin and pulled back. She had now added a type of camel clutch to her leg hold and pulling back increased the pressure on my legs as well as on my neck and back. She had me totally tied up and in great pain. "Please Julie," I pleaded. "I can't take all this pain" 

"Thanks for telling me," she replied, but continued to work her devastating combination hold. "I just wanted to be sure that it is effective and I guess it is."

"But you said it was just for fun" I cried out.

"I am having fun, the more effective a hold is, the more fun it is for me to use it" was her calm response. I was being subjected to the worst ever beating from Julie and she had barely used her most powerful weapon, her legs. Julie must have had similar thoughts because that was about to change. While staying on my back, she grabbed both my wrists and pulled my arms back. Then she laced those awesome legs around then and crossed her ankles behind my neck. She now had me in a full nelson with her legs. I had felt the terrible pressure of her full nelsons before when she used her arms, but that was nothing compared to this. Just the slightest flex of Julie's muscular legs put me in extreme agony. I could not see her, but I could hear her laugh when I grunted in pain.

"I want to hear you cry," Julie told me. "You bring home so little money and you can't satisfy me sexually, so at least you can cry for me." As she spoke, she increased the pressure of her hold. I really did not want to cry from her hold, it would only serve to increase her dominance which, in my opinion, had already gone far past the point of good fun. But she kept tightening that dreadful hold and I had absolutely no way of defending against it. I could feel my eyes watering and my grunts were sounding more like cries with every increase of her pressure. Finally, I could hold out no longer and was forced to cry. It was so humiliating and I was sure that Julie realized that it was and reveled in the fact the she had done this to me.

Finally, she released her hold and informed me "This is fun, but I want to see your face while you cry." She rolled me over to my back and schoolgirl pinned me. I was uncomfortable in this position, but not in enough pain to be forced to cry. Julie took care of that situation by grinding the knuckles of her thumbs into my temples. This was even more painful than the leg nelson and, once again, she was able to make me cry out in pain. I could see the glee on her face as she tortured me. This was by far the most severe beating she had given me and it appeared that the more she hurt me, the greater was her enjoyment. It was hard for me to conceive that such a beautiful girl could be so cruel, but that was the reality and I was totally helpless to resist in any way. I was on the verge of passing out from the pain, when Julie stopped her torture and stood up over me.

"We will continue in the bedroom" she declared. "Get up and go there now." I was too weakened to get up and proceed to the bedroom quickly enough to satisfy Julie so she pulled me back up to my feet. With one hand tightly gripping the back of my neck and the other hammer locking my left arm she roughly guided me up the stairs into the bedroom. Once there, she pushed me onto the bed. "Get your clothes off and get yourself hard" she ordered. "I will be back in five minutes" 

Normally just the thought of my lovely wife was sufficient for me to get hard and little stimulation was required. However, this time I did have some  trouble getting an erection. I was still feeling residual pain from the beating I had just taken and her threatening manner was not exactly romantic. Still, I was able to get a full erection before she returned. Julie entered the room wearing an incredibly sexy lace teddy. It was made of sheer black lace, with a deep plunging neckline. Her muscular and fit body looked absolutely stunning in it.

Julie smiled when she saw my erection, but said nothing. She sat above my head with her back against the headboard. Calmly positioning her right leg under my chin, she locked the ankle in the crook of her left knee to secure a figure four head scissors. She pressured her hold both by tightening her legs and tugging back on her left ankle with her hand. Leaning forward, she grinned as she saw my face turning red. "Make sure you stay nice and hard for me, honey" she chided. The pressure and pain made it difficult for me to sustain an erection, so I continued to stimulate myself with my right hand. My left arm could not be used as it was trapped under her legs. Jule continued to gradually tighten her hold and her solid shapely calf was digging deeply into my neck and under my chin.

The more pressure she applied, the more difficult it became for me to follow her order of maintaining my erection. Then Julie reached down, grabbed my right hand and pulled it away from my penis. At the same time, she tightened her scissors to the point where I could barely even breathe. The combination of the pain, having to struggle to breathe and the lack of stimulation to my penis caused me to lose my erection very quickly. Angrily, Julie yelled "You jerk, you can't even stay hard. I have something for you, you don't deserve the privilege of an erection." 

Still maintaining her dreadful scissors, Julie reached back and took something out of her night table drawer. She dangled it in front of my face so that I could see it. It was a series of connected rubber rings with metal rivets on the inside of them. I had no idea what it was and she ordered me to stay still. Kneeling beside me, she slipped the contraption over my penis. One ring went behind my ball sac and the others enveloped the shaft of my penis. While it was not exactly comfortable, it did not really bother me much to have it on me.

Then Julie stood up next to the bed. She was fingering herself and licking her lips most seductively. I could feel desire building up in my groin just from looking at her. Julie proceed to kneel next to me in the bed and gently placed my hand between those thighs. Leaning over me she kissed me in the most sensuous possible way. Her tongue was dancing in my mouth with her most passionate French kissing. Her left hand stoked my thighs with a feather light touch.

While I was becoming aroused, I felt a painful sensation accompanying my urges. As my penis was expanding, those metal rivets were digging into it. When Julie noticed my discomfort, she accelerated her most provocative sexual teasing. Now the pain was becoming much too agonizing for me to handle. I closed my eyes so that I would not get the visual stimulation and tried to take my mind off what she was doing by reviewing the statistics of my fantasy football league players in my mind. But, even with that, I could not get rid my painful erection. Just her presence, her smell and touch was too intoxicating for me to ignore.

This whole sequence was not only painful but also extremely frustrating. Even when Julie was doing the things that I normally enjoy, she had found a method to make them another form of torture for me. There seems to be no limit to what she will do to maximize the domination she has over me. It is apparent to me that the more she hurts and humiliates me, that the more she enjoys it. No matter how much pain it created, I was unable to ignore her techniques for turning me on and my cock was just killing me at this point. I was literally crying in pain and she was giggling at my extreme discomfort. 

"What's the matter honey?" she taunted. "I thought you loved it when I do this to you."

I answered "I don't see where the love comes in when all you do is torture me. That is not a sign of a loving relationship."

"I just love doing this to you, that's where the love comes in" was her response.

Finally, Julie ceased her painful seduction and my sore penis went soft as soon as she stopped. She removed that dreadful device and sat on my chest, facing my feet with a reverse schoolgirl pin. "I think it is time for you to have a climax, dear" she informed me. "But I have no intention of helping you with it, get yourself off and do it now." My right arm was pinned under her leg, leaving only my sore left arm to masturbate with.

My penis was sore and red from that awful device and stroking it was more painful than pleasurable. "Please, Julie, can I have some lubricant, I am too sore to do this without it?" I implored.

"It's in the bathroom and I don't feel like getting up now, so the answer is no" was her cruel answer. "Do it now or I will put the device back on you all night." I knew that she was not kidding and did my best to get myself off regardless of the pain. Her weight on my chest hampered my breathing and made my task even more difficult. Finally I was able to succeed and the combination of the pleasure of my climax blended with the pain made it a very intense orgasm. Even so, it was not something that I cared to repeat although I felt that Julie might feel differently about that.

Julie turned around on my chest so that she was facing me and I could see my cum all over her breasts. "You slob!" she yelled, "You got it all over my teddy. Now lick it off." The thought of licking my own semen was not appalling and I was hesitant to act. This only infuriated Julie even more and she stretched her body out over mine and trapped my legs in a painful grapevine. She thrust her breasts in my face and repeated her order to lick the semen off. I had no choice but to do so. The taste was repulsive and being forced to eat my own sperm was very humiliating. Adding the pain from her forceful grapevine made it a most unpleasant experience. Julie had found a way to torture me while I was licking and sucking her beautiful firm breasts, something that I would normally love doing. I was amazed at how she could convert every aspect of normally enjoyable sex to a painful and degrading experience. The more complete and cruel her dominance became, the more she seemed to enjoy it. 

When Julie was satisfied with my clean up job. she raised herself up with her arms and arched her back in order to put even more power into her grapevine. I could see the concentration in her face as she grinned at her view of my contorted expression. Her awesome hips and legs were splitting me in two and it felt like she would shatter my legs. I screamed out in intense pain "Please, Julie, please!"

"I am trying to please myself,"she responded, "you sure can't please me so I will do it for myself." She giggled in delight as she continued the torture of my defenseless legs. I tried to mask my pain as she seemed to get more excited by seeing it, but it was too intense to ignore. She was now laughing at my plight and I had no option other to endure her savage beating for as long as she chose to continue it.

Finally Julie let my legs go and pulled me up by my ears to a seated position. She gave me a hard slap across my cheek and said "Next time be more careful or I will never again allow you to climax. You need to learn to treat me with the respect that I deserve. Is that understood?"

I muttered "Yes, dear" and received a flurry of slaps with both hands across both my cheeks as she ordered "Say it like you mean it." Only when I screamed out "Yes, dear" did the stinging slapping end.

"Now get the hell out of my bed, I want to get some sleep" Julie barked out at me. My rubbery legs could not respond quickly enough so she pushed me off the bed with her feet onto the floor. "You will sleep on the floor tonight, you don't deserve to sleep with me" 

The floor was hard and cold and combined with the pain I was feeling, that made it difficult for me to fall asleep. I did not dare ask her for a blanket or a pillow. After several minutes, I could hear her soft snoring and knew that at least she was asleep. It was comforting to know that my ordeal was now over - at least for this night.

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