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Update: 11.05.2018

F-517 "The Ring of Death"

Gallery size: 400 Full HD pictures

Mixed fighting freestyle, 400 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

To call it a ring is a misnomer; it is a raised platform surrounded by chain link fence. Nobody acutely dies either; they just say that in the advertising. Although some of the fighters have been carried from the ring.


The fighters in tonight’s main event are two of the best. Both are young, good looking, talented, and mean. Both are undefeated with a long string of knockouts. Each has a large and vocal fan club.

Karen makes her grand entrance, she is 5ft.10in.tall 143lbs of unbelievable beauty. Golden blond hair, blue eyes, perfect body, a smile that could melt ice, and a merciless hart.


Anthony is all man just under 6ft 152lbs dark hair, dark eyes, great body, male model gorgeous, and well endowed. His gorgeous new wife Linda accompanies him to the ring. As Linda and Anthony walk down the isle together all eyes in the arena turn from Karen to stare at Linda. Dressed in her dark red leotard and black pantyhose she is a giant attraction. She too is an RING OF DEATH fighter and was on the card tonight. She in fact has just won her 14 fight and is undefeated just like her husband.

Both fighters are dressed for the fight Anthony wears white paten leather boxing boots and white cut off fighting gloves (very similar to golf gloves, no fingers). Although he wears a white loin cloth into the ring he will fight naked , Karen wears black boots, black gloves a shiny black leotard and black pantyhose.


The instructions are simple anything goes the fight lasts till one fighter is knocked out or cannot continue.


The referee gives the signal the fight is on. Karen and Anthony slowly circle each other, fists raised ready for action. Anthony throws a right jab that grazes Karen’s chin. He follows with a left to her stomach. Karen moves in to tie Anthony up and smother his punches. They are separated and Karen lands a good right on Anthony’s jaw. Anthony steps back and covers his face with one hand while jabbing with the other. Karen side steps and lands a one two shot to Anthony’s face and body. Anthony covers up and backpedals, Karen charges in trying to land a big punch. Anthony sees her coming slips her jab and lands a huge over hand right that crashes into Karen’s jaw, he follows that with a body shot. Karen goes down and lands on her back, her face has a bewildered look as the count is started. She is on her hands and knees at four, on one knee at six and on her feet at eight. The ref asks if she is ok, she says she is and they are told to fight on. Karen spends the next minute or two backing away and covering up as Anthony chases her around the ring. He waists time and energy trying to land one big punch.


As Karen slowly recovers from the knock down the match becomes a back and forth battle. The fighters land hard punches on each other they both have angry red welts on their faces and bodies. Fifteen minuets into the fight Anthony’s left hook finds her chin again and Karen crashes to the mat. As the count begins and Karen struggles to her feet Anthony staggers back against the fence. He is bent over at the waist hands on his knees gasping for air. The ref has checked Karen and will let them continue the fight. Anthony slowly comes toward Karen looking to land a knock out punch. Karen backpedals covering up trying not to take another big shot; she does not want to be knocked down again. The two fighters exchange jabs and hooks, they cover and move side to side slipping punches. As they move in and out side to side an opening suddenly appears. The punches fly with lightening speed an over hand right and a powerful left upper cut. Anthony does not see the first punch coming it crashes on his jaw and snaps his head around. The next one plows into his belly. Anthony collapses to the mat on his knees and topples over to his side.


The count begins “ ONE – TWO – THREE – FOUR”. Slowly he gets to his feet a dazed look in his eyes. He signals he’s OK and wants to keep fighting. Karen moves forward at once, she blocks and ducks two weak jabs. She shoots a jab of her own that lands. Karen double jabs to Anthony’s head and lands a big punch to his lower abdomen. Anthony gasps for breath and falls to his knees clutching his mid-section. Karen then kicks him in his side as hard as she can. As her boot crashes into his side Anthony is flipped in the air and lands on his back.


The count reaches eight before he gets to his feet. Karen moves in; her first two punches drive Anthony back against the fence. His knees begin to buckle from the punishment she has given him. Karen shows no mercy to the dazed and groggy male fighter as she charges at Anthony. Using her forearm under his chin she holds him up as she smashes punch after punch into his belly. Anthony’s hands and arms lower to protect his mid-section. He knows it’s only a matter of time before she knock’s him out. Dazed and beaten Anthony begs Karen to stop punching him. “No more Karen – PLEASE – don’t hit me anymore – I’m finished – you win – I can’t take anymore”.


Karen drives her knee into Anthony’s lower abdomen and groin. Anthony’s eyes close his arms fall to his side, the only thing holding him up is Karen’s arm under his chin. As the ref pulls Karen off him, Anthony staggers forward two steps his legs are rubbery and his arms seam locked in place. There is a dazed look on Anthony’s face as if he does not know were he is. Karen moves in quickly and lands two solid punches one to Anthony’s body and a second to his chin. Anthony’s arms drop to his sides his head wobbles on his neck his legs have no control or direction. He looks like a puppet whose strings have been cut. He staggers around the ring for four or five steps and collapses to the mat. Landing flat on his back his only movement is the twitching of his legs.


Anthony’s eyes are glazed over as the count begins. “ONE – TWO – THREE“. As the count reaches five its clear that this powerful once unbeaten male fighter cannot get up. “FIVE – SIX”. Anthony’s wife makes her way to ring side. Lacing her fingers around the chain link fence surrounding the ring she screams at her husband who is lying flat on his back in the center of the ring. “ Get up Anthony – don’t let her knock you out – get up and fight”. Her cries are useless her husband cannot hear her. Anthony’s arms lie uselessly outstretched at his sides his legs twitch involuntarily, his eyes though open see nothing. Karen listens as the ref counts “ EIGHT – NINE – TEN – HE'S OUT”


Karen’s arm is raised in victory. Anthony’s trainer rushes into the ring to help him. Kneeling beside his beaten fighter he lifts Anthony’s head off the mat and removes his mouth peace. Gently tapping his face he begins to revive the unconscious boxer. Anthony is bewildered he has never been knocked out before. Looking up at his trainer he asks “ WHAT HAPPENED – WHY ARE YOU HEAR? I’VE GOT TO KEEP FIGHTING – I CAN’T LET KAREN WIN”.


With that Anthony tries to get up but he cannot control his arms or legs. As he wipes the sweat from his fighters face Anthony’s trainer tells him “ JUST LIE STILL ANTHONY – THE FIGHT’S OVER – SHE KNOCKED YOU OUT SON – YOU’VE LOST”. A sad and confused look crosses Anthony’s face tears begin to form at the corners of his eyes. Stunned at being knocked out and losing the fight Anthony begins to sob softly. “OH NO”.


As Karen struts around the ring arms raised in victory and acknowledges the cheers of the crowd Anthony’s wife climbs into the ring to be with her defeated husband. Kneeling beside her still dazed and groggy husband she looks into his eyes and sees the tears and shame of defeat. “OH LINDA I’M SO SORRY – I’VE LOST THE FIGHT HONEY – SHE KNOCKED ME OUT”, I’VE BEEN DEFEATED.


Linda caresses her beaten husbands face "I KNOW HONEY, IT’S OK YOU’LL GET HER NEXT TIME".


Anthony’s trainer helps his wobbly fighter to his feet. The trainer and Linda each drape an arm around their shoulder and carry Anthony out of the ring and back to his dressing room. His white boots drag on the floor as he is being carried. Anthony has been knocked senseless.


It takes several weeks for Anthony to get past the shock of being knocked out. Linda has tried to help him but he is completely embarrassed by his defeat and believes his beautiful wife is ashamed of him for losing.


Slowly he comes around and begins to get past the loss. Then there is someone at the door, its Karen the girl who defeated him. “What do you want Karen? You have no business being here.”


Karen has no sympathy for Anthony. “Listen loser, I’m here because I need you to make a big payday. Seams that there is a big demand for us to fight again. So I want you in the ring.


Anthony has no interest in ever fighting Karen again, the fact is he is a little afraid of her and does not want to be knocked out again.


“There is not going to be a second fight Karen. I’m done fighting.

Anthony’s wife Linda has herd this exchange. As he turns around Linda is there staring at him. “I’m ashamed of you. Why won’t you fight her again? What are you scared of her?"

Anthony looks Linda in the eyes “Yes, I’m scared. I don’t want to be knocked out by her again. I’m afraid to lose to her again.”


They spend a difficult night talking and in the end Anthony is more up set that his beautiful wife Linda is ashamed of him that he is of being afraid of Karen.


So it’s decided Anthony will fight again. With in days he is back in training, he vows that this time he will knock Karen out. The weeks roll by two, four, six and seven, Anthony is in the best shape of his life. His body is hard as a rock. His leg speed is way up and his punching power is vastly improved. Linda takes great pride in her man she sees his physical improvement in everything he does. Even when they are alone Anthony has enhanced physical ability. It seams as though his manhood has grown with the rest of his body.


Fight night has arrived and the arena is full, Anthony is making finial preparations for the fight. He stands naked in front of a full length mirror shadow boxing. Just before he leaves for the ring Linda pulls him in close and kisses him hard. “Kill her Anthony; make her pay for what she did to you last time.” Anthony nods: “Don’t worry baby I will. She’s going down tonight”.


Both fighters are in the ring and the crowd is astonished by both of them. Anthony is clearly bigger and stronger than last time, but so is Karen. Every one believes that this will be a tremendous battle. As Anthony is introduced a huge cheer rises from the crowd. He is the darling of all the female fight fans. And this crowd is dominated by woman fans. As Karen is introduced the boos drown out any cheers.


On one side Anthony waits he has on his white MMA gloves and white boots. Across the octagon Karen also waits, she in red gloves and red boots. The tension is so thick you can feel it. Even both fighters can feel it Anthony has become noticeably stiff as his manhood hardens slightly and as for Karen her nipples has also hardened.


At the bell Anthony charges out and runs straight into a vicious right hand that lands flush on his chin. He stops dead in his tracks unmoving. Anthony looks like a statue arms held in fighting posture legs spread for balance. Karen’s left hands lands half a second later and Anthony is finished.


From out in the crowd comes a blood curdling scream as Linda sees her powerful young husband take both explosive punches. “NO – NO not again. Fight her Anthony fight her don’t let her knock you again!!” Sadly Anthony can’t hear his wife cry out to him. Anthony no longer has any feeling in his body. The two devastating punches have ended any hope Anthony had of winning this fight.


Anthony begins to wobble from Karen’s crushing punches. He staggers back then forward as he tries to control his legs. His enormous manhood flops side to side as he staggers. At twelve seconds of the fight the end comes for Anthony as Karen lands a nuclear upper-cut on the point of Anthony’s chin. It’s the last punch of the fight; Anthony is out cold before he hits the mat.


With one arm across his chest and the other stretched out on the mat. His legs split apart and his manhood lying limp across his lower abdomen Anthony is finished as a fighter. He has now been knocked out twice by Karen. This time it took her only twelve second to defeat him.


With the finial words:


“Eight – Nine – Ten. You’re out!!”


Anthony’s career as an MMA fighter is over. Unable to beat Karen he has reached the top of how high he can go.


Lying on the mat Anthony is unmoving and out cold. His trainer has run to him and finds his completely unconscious. Karen’s punches have totally devastated the male fighter. Seconds later Anthony’s wife Linda arrives and knees down beside her defeated husband. “Oh god, he’s been knocked out again. Karen has beaten twice. What are we going to do? How can he keep fighting?”


His trainer knows the answer “He’s done. His career is over. He’s been beaten twice by the same girl. He’s done in this league.”


It takes several minuets for his trainer to revive the beaten fighter. Slowly Anthony begins to regain consciousness. “Oh no she knocked me out again?


Sadly his trainer nods that yes, he’s been knocked out again. Yes, Anthony she knocked you out again.


A: How long did I last?


T: Twelve seconds.


A: That’s it, I’m finished. I’ll never get another fight. I trained so hard, I tried to win I lost again. She’s knocked me out twice. I can’t beat her, she too tuff for me. Please get me up, don’t let me lie here like a loser.


Linda and his trainer get Anthony to his feet. Even after almost five minuets he is still shaky and has trouble walking. In his corner he leans against the cage for support.


The ref calls the two fighters to the center of the octagon for the victory display. However Anthony still has trouble walking, as he lets go of the cage his legs give out and he slumps to the mat on his knees. His trainer tells the ref that Anthony is unable to come to the victory display and as he is the losing fighter his hand won’t be raised anyway.