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Muscle wife vs husband mixed wrestling leotard femdom

Update: 30.03.2018

W-511 "Ann vs Charles"

Gallery size: 260 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 260 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Ann, the female wrestler, says: "When I was younger, I used to pick on weaker boys. I'm 5'10 and played volleyball in high school, so I would find smaller boys and wrestle them down. My favorite move was the headscissors. Most boys could only take about 50% power before they submitted. Usually I would ease up on the hold, but not let them out of it completely. I liked to tease them by making them call me the champ, or "Queen Ann", or by making them beg for mercy. If they refused, I'd just tighten my thighs again until the pressure became unbearable. By the end of my senior year, I had sort of routine going where I would lock in the headscissor and make my opponent submit numerous times. Eventually they were so worn out and embarrassed that they would agree to pretty much anything.


My husband can escape my scissor even its not so easy for him. But I found out that if I scissor one of his arms and hold his other arm stretched out with both hands being crossed over him then I can hold him down as long as I want, no escape for him. Thats a true trap.


Another perfect pose is the double leg grapevine with my winter hiking boots on. Another women mentioned this move in another thread and I tried it with great success on my husband. My legs are stronger thicker boned and more muscular than his.When you apply the move you must spread his legs out wide in a split this way you can pin him. It is a very sexy move and inexcapable for him if you have stronger legs.


Another move I put on my husband during sexual foreplay and he seems to enjoy and also feels very doninant for me is the upper thigh leg scissor but you have to get it up very high. He trys really hard to break out of it but my legs are much stronger and thicker than his. Standing headscissors are the sexiest way to knock a man out... Pulling their arms up behind their back so they are completely at the mercy of my dancers thighs... Its up to me when I knock them out and if I let them go. I love feeling the power of dominance over him!"

Charles, the male wrestler, says: "MMA girls or gymnasts would hurt the most. They have really strong legs, especially MMA girls course they practice the holds and know how to apply them perfectly. My wife Ann is currently training in MMA. She's taller than me and is toned all over, her legs and hips are incredibly strong. She's headscissored me a lot, and it hurts, huge amount of pressure. The only way to get out of it is if you push forward closer to her with your body so that her legs are bunched up on her chest and then just push your head out, but thats only if your on your knees or standing. If you're already lying down and she has the hold on you, you're done. When she applies it, I tap in about 3 seconds.


I am quite sure that even if I could beat my wife I would not want to. Many times now, not in a true wrestling match she qui just put me in one of our favorite holds and she can enjoy having me completely helpless and I can enjoy the same. For instance a non scissors hold we both enjoy: Size rarely determines strength. A much smaller muscular women ca be much stronger than a larger man in decent shape. I know.... I married her. Here is an example if our wrestling matches. I will relate my wife's favorite hold: At some point in almost every match she will get me on my back with her laying across me. I know it is coming but cannot stop it. She lays across my chest with my right arm scissored between her thighs. She puts her left arm over my head and back under my neck. She then has my face trapped in her armpit squeezing with her nicely, triceps, pectoral and lat muscles. She controls my left arm with her right arm. Her entire weight is across my chest and she has total control if my head and both arms. It is an impossible hod to escape from. Then she starts the multiple submissions. She will crush my face or smother me by using all four muscle groups. She usually makes me give up four or five times before making me beg to be released. Then she usually tightens down once mire cutting off air to my nose and mouth briefly until my struggles tell her it is time to order me to pleasure her in a manner of her choosing. I am a very lucky man to have a wife who loves to wrestle and win.


My wife's legs are much bigger than mine so a double grapevine can be painful and impossible for me to escape. She has been going to the gym and gotten stronger and more muscular so I'm having trouble trying to pin her and usually can't. She usually gets me pinned. The higher a woman gets a man in a head scissors the easier it is to submit him. A high front head scissors can be used a a smother hold also. I do not like ti be unable to breathe but I love her ability to apply the hold. Far to many men view mixed wrestling like a bar fight instead of a sensual experience. If a woman loves to control and submit her man and the man loves to to be controlled and submitted then they both win.


My favorite hold has my wife on her side with my head between her legs where I can look up the length of her rock hard stomach and firm breasts and I can watch the look on her face as she hold me there. The higher she pulls my head up between her thighs the more control she has and the easier it is for her to submit me. Sometimes she just prefers to smile and look at my face trapped and unable to move. Also sometimes she will pull my head so tight that she creates a smother hold covering both my mouth and nose. She has told me she loves to watch me struggle for a brief time my face turning red. She will at times order me to pleasure her if she releases the hold which I am more than happy to do. Damn I love her!"

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