Mixed wrestling female domination

Lauren finds that her youngest daughter was teasing Ed with her body to excite him. Once she had Ed all excited, she would then humiliate him in many different ways. Lauren’s husband Ed who was nearly twenty years older than she was had no resistance against her younger daughter’s advances. Lauren knows that Ed has always accepted her as his Queen and she decides to reinforce the rules with Ed. Firstly she must get a submissive man for her daughter to satisfy her dominant desires.
Mixed wrestling, 100 pictures 1920*1080 32-bit colour (FullHD). No nudity, no blood. Michael challenged his cousin Katelyn to wrestling match. He was good at the start and had her in some submissive holds. He started to feel sexy and then his woes began. She managed more often now to break his holds and play tricks to embarrass him. Exhaustion started to creep through his body as she put him down on the floor more and more. She started to tease and make fun of him. However, it was no fun for him having a woman beating him in wrestling.
Sylvia was a cute 18 year old with a button nose and dark hair. Working out kept her hips trim and thighs lean otherwise she tended to put on a little weight. Michael had been equally impressed with her suppleness when she bent over to grab both ankles. Perhaps it was the tight leotard closely fitting the lean figure rather than the display of efficient exercise. He watched in fascination the tight leotard thinning almost sheer at her crotch with each waist bend. With straight legs she bent to grab both ankles showing of a wonderful heart shaped ass. A pair of lips protruded between the thighs in such a seductive manner he couldn't keep his eyes from staring at her. They were the only two people using the gym and Michael hoped they wouldn't be disturbed for this first test of their wrestling game.
"Looks like this girl only wanted to play hardball today" thought Michael. She was dressed in a white leotard and matching boots. He was stunned looking on her perfect body, unable to react on her moves. Oh, what a great mistake! Smiling, she gracefully raised her beautiful leg and then kicked him in the groin with full force. She is overwhelmed with a thrill of power to see Michael, once again at her feet holding his balls all curled up. Sylvia laughed on him: "Can you imagine, Michael, how easy it is for a girl to hurt a boy here? How helpless the boy becomes when a girl can touch him here?".
Sylvia says: "I am Sylvia, an 18 year old girl I am 5"9" and weigh 60 kg and I love wearing leotards, fighting and beating boys. I like to tease men at the gym. Here is what I do. If I'm feeling extra naughty and want to really tease the men, I dress like dancer - I wear a white leotard that has high cut leg holes. I always feel sexy wearing it. It is tight and clings to my body. I see myself in the mirror and like the way my butt looks. Even though my breasts are small little mounds, my nipples stick out when I am wearing the leotard. The material also rubs against them sometimes making them hard. I have learnt Ji-Jitsu and kick boxing and boys think because I am a girl (a pretty one) I can't fight them but they end up loosing against me, because men's balls were made especially sensitive by Mother Nature for a reason. So we girls can control them. I find it infinitely engrossing to see the pain going across my mans face when I squeeze and otherwise abuse his balls. He in turn gets very turned on by my expressions of dominance clear on my face and in my actions. He feels vulnerable and that I am addressing in the most fundamental way his masculinity. Domination that is becoming increasingly popular - ball busting and CFNM clothed Female naked male. I enjoy the feeling of power I have over the vulnerable sore male!".
Michael says: "Often the reason boys refuse to wrestle girls, is not for fear of losing. Not that girls are stronger, although some are, not that girls are quicker, but the fact that girls can easily beat a guy because he has balls. Even if she does not go after the testicles, the boy always has to protect them, opening up other parts of the body for an attack. This time I was beaten by Sylvia because I forgotten about that!".
Michael was badly beaten up in the first fight and then was stupid enough to ask for a rematch. The rematch was no different from the first fight as Carolina took the lead again right from the start. She was careful to make the fight last by not hitting him too hard. However, she did bring him to his knees with two or three ball strikes just to keep the girls amused in the audience.
Michael says: "My wife and I wrestled many times over the years in our marriage. It was fun and erotic and good foreplay when I'm naked and she wearing her tank leotard. Though I have to admit, in the beginning when she won it was a huge ego blow, but she got an early advantage on that first match and never let up in a very one sided match. I was shocked but she was not. Well I figured it was just luck and she got the advantage early on so we went at it a couple more times over the next couple of weeks. Though they were not as one sided, she would not submit and I learned that as the matches went on longer, I tired and weakened much faster and found myself pinned under her and exhausted. At this point she was calling herself the undefeated champ. This match I started off great and thought I had her, but with her flexibility and also using her legs for the first time in a match, she managed to bend her body, getting her legs over my shoulders and trapping my head in her thighs. Oh how it felt my head was going to cave in and I spent the next several minutes and a lot of energy trying to escape her leg hold, but shortly after I found myself trapped in them again. She turned that hold into sitting high on my chest, my left arm pinned painfully under her knee as it dug into my bicep, the other arm being held down as she held my wrist, a smooth strong thigh against my face with her leotard-covered womanhood near my chin as she looked down at me, grinning. Since that match, she learned that her legs are strong enough to sap my strength and make me spend a lot of energy trying to escape and she became very good at using her strong legs, so some of later matches were very one sided. This really did spark our sex life and relationship and we started wrestling more".
Mixed wrestling, 155 pictures 1920*1080 (FullHD). Two girls against one guy, no nudity.
What are their names? Only the male challenger knows. He will never forget their names or the treatment that the two girls dished out upon him.... Tag team match 2 vs 1, definitely this guy going to learn a lesson of female superiority. It is impossible for an average man to successfully defeat more than one female opponent, especially if both ladies were targeting his balls. Even if the man is taking on one woman at a time, he still has to keep an eye on the other for fear that at any time she may attempt to grab his attention by kicking, punching or grabbing his nutsack before he could turn his attention to the second grappler.
Scenario by VIP-member with lot of different holds. Girl rules easily over the male. Girls are more flexible than guys and in wrestling that is a huge advantage. A girl takes the guy down. Then she can pin you down by stretching out your legs with her until you beg for mercy. Or she could work her legs up around his hands and humiliate him with a school girl pin and then headscissor him. In the worst of situations she can squeeze his balls and then get control of him and dominate him.
At the start, he is holding his erection tight in his pants, and then she teases him rubbing her thigh into his groin. After this, there is some tests of strength between the two and eventually he has the upper hand. She realizes that she is losing so she kicks into his groin for a quick ball bust. He recovers somewhat, and she then whams her knee hard into his face. She then plays with him like a caught mouse. Demoralized by her games, he now has his foot twisted by her as he lay on his tummy, he cannot move so she pulls down his pants. He is greatly embarrassed as he tries to cover himself while she waves his pants to the audience, while he begs her to return his pants. She pretends to give back his pants but teases him by pulling his pants back out of reach. He bends over to retrieve his pants off the floor and she elbows him in the back of the neck. She proceeds to arm lock him bent, over and his cock and balls are viewed swinging out between the back of his legs. She throws him around like a rag doll enjoying the laughter from the female audience. She is in trouble again as the nude guy gets aroused by his power but loses concentration by her female attraction. The tables are turned and she has him by the throat. He escapes once again and dominates her by raining blows to her head. She becomes unconscious and he feels sorry for her and lifts her up to his arms. His erections climbs thinking how easy it would be to have his way with her. She awakes and he throws her and thinks she is his now to do as he wishes. He picks her up again and she squeezes his balls hard. He is in much pain so he drops her and she springs up to be on top of him and repeatable punches his balls. She stops punching his balls and decides to pull at his penis stretching it further than his normal erection. He partially gets up but she get him in a headlock between her thighs and has a rest while he struggles pathetically. She is stronger now, forcing him down, but suddenly he escapes and kicks out at her. At last, he is free, and he crawls over to pick up his pants from the floor. She is behind him eyeing his sagging balls that droop down behind him. She on to him again without pants and she is on top choking him around his throat. He struggles and manages to turn over so he on top facing upwards with her underneath him still holding him in a choke hold. He blacks out and she wins the fight by owning his pants.
The young red haired 18 y.o. teen guy is full of himself as he stands staring into the face of the young 18 y.o. Asian female wrestler. She is calm and relaxed while he is rowdy and dominant as they start to fight. He manages to defend her high jumps upon his body but once she has him down, he is in for a rough time. The girls in the audience scream in delight seeing how easy the young Asian girl owns him easily with her perfect wrestling skills!
This was to going to be a great and merciless battle of world champions. Barbara was a very strong young woman who at many times had a male opponent squirming beneath her feet. This time she thought that this fight would be no different, as she would be fighting another male opponent who did not want to be named. Barbara gave him a fictitious name and called him Big George. Mostly when there was mixed fighting between the sexes the male had to fight completely nude to give the female some advantage by sometimes attacking his unprotected balls for a female power show. It was also a great delight to the female audience to watch a male fighting nude with his genitals flopping about as she kicked, punch and sometimes pulled him around the ring by his balls. Barbara was dressed in black leotards with white stripes down the side. She also wore black sporting boots with red stripes that were laced up to the middle of her leg. Barbara had black hair of which the lower half was dyed red that match the red stripes of her boots. George had somehow nearly convinced the judges that he should wear his male wrestling outfit but his request was declined. Instead, the panel offered him to wear a white male outfit that was about two sizes too big. George had no choice but to wear it or go nude. He chose to wear it and as it was so big the first thing he noticed was that the straps that went over his shoulders and down to his white shorts were very loose causing his pants to sag. George’s powerful legs fitted loosely into the legs of his shorts causing very little support for his sagging genitals, as he did not wear any underwear. A Hugh number of men and women came to see this great battle of the sexes between Barbara and George. Nearly all the women were barracking for Barbara, as she was known as the feminine sly cat. George on the other hand was very strong but he had no idea of how to use it. A few minutes after the fight started, you could hear the women in the audience getting louder and louder as poor George was now fighting with a smarter, fit, and very agile female. She kicked, punched, through him around the ring as the bulge of his genitals jumped to and from beneath his shorts, At one time she had George tied up in the ring ropes with his arms twisted behind him held securely with the ropes. His legs were caught tight in the side ropes forcing his legs apart showing the shape of his heavy genitals that sagged down between his legs. She could have ended the fight there and then but probably wanted to have a lot more fun with him before claiming victory. Eventually George lays at Barbara feet as all the women cheer in seeing yet another fight of a man being ridiculed and losing a fight to a woman.
Custom mixed wrestling fantasy match based on a text story by well-known writer G. from “Diana The Valkyrie”. Read his stories yourself (these stories are free) and you will understand why this gallery is needed as a picture addition for one hot story!This is really a true battle of the sexes, showing that females are now dominant over males. The fierce and angry female has to be seen in action to be believed, as she dishes out punishment to the male. This woman is a man hater, and wants to take down men as she can by kicking them in their balls, just for her amusement in seeing the men fall at her feet. She applies painful and dominant holds, and does not let the go until the men are screaming in agony. She loves to fight as many men as she can, so she can laugh and tease them showing her sex as supreme over the male. The fight starts and they push each other at first, and it appears the man is weaker, until he manages to hold her arms up to regain some lost ground. The man has a short advantage and he cheers as he gets her down. She kicks back, striking his body, but he cannot get close enough to throw himself on top of her. The man hating women knows exactly where to strike him, and with deadly accuracy, she kicks out her foot and plants it hard into his groin. He crashes forward, with his face contorted; he falls cupping his burning balls. She immediately lashes out with her legs, kicking him from his head to his groin. She squashes his balls from behind that are laying on the floor, between his open legs with her foot. He tries to get up, but she holds him down with her foot still upon his balls until his scrotum painfully stretches, pulling his testicles out beneath her feet. She cheers and laughs at his painfully, swollen and sagging balls that swing between his thighs. As he get up higher on to his hands and knees, she kicks his balls from behind. He recovers, somewhat and tries to attack her by punching, but she kicks back, hard into his ribs. At times, he gains a little advantage, but a knee to his balls quickly checks his advantage to a no advantage. With another ear-piecing scream of pain, he is kneed hard again in his balls. This time, it take him a while to recover, but she does not relent in her attack as she gives him high kicks into his face. From then on, he is doomed as she kicks, throws him around the ring, and torments him in hold after hold. She always lets him go but the stupid male thinks he can still win as he attacks her yet again. He finally crashes to the floor exhausted, and with a smile of glee, she counts him out.
Nick, the male wrestler, said: "I fantasized about being outwrestled by a girl/woman, (most guys, I'm sure, really expect to lose to a "girl" in wrestling because they simply enjoy it and want to be dominated by sexy girl). My ex-girlfriend Jennifer used to be a competitive swimmer and she also had a few years of experience in judo. We had some pretty rough wrestling match and I was not able to beat her or make her submit. She, on the other hand, made me tap out. The leotard-clad 19 y.o. teen girl acted cruelly like my health didn't bother she but I could tell she really wanted to win. It's then I realized girls love beating us guys in tests of strength they get a real pleasure of it. To experience that with a woman, to feel her strength and skill in combination with everything you consider feminine and female, is the most humiliating, and at the same time the most arousing feeling I've ever had".
Syd, the male wrestler, said: "The best defeat for a big guy like me would be to be defeated by a young sexy girl, preferably in black leggings or pantyhose under leotard. Basically, she would hold me down and she would place her foot next to my face, and then she would tell me to kiss it, and for every time I kiss her foot she counts it as one, until it get to ten and I am officialy knocked out. Then she puts me to sleep time. This is how I would like to get defeated". His dream was realized it thid match!
Mila says: "I'm just an aggressive girl trying to keep myself amused and have a little fun. I wrestle with my friends and as I have said before, I wrestle in a leotard. And yes, I have sat on guys plenty of times while wrestling and fighting and very few of them have been able to push me off. I sat on that guy while I was squeezing his balls during our wrestling match and then smothered him and grinded all over his face"
Jack, the male wrestler, said before this fight: "The idea of a woman physically dominating a man has always fascinated me. I would like to lose to a girl and that she is surprised because she realises she is stronger than I am and then acts more dominant. I lost some fights on purpose and really tried to make her believe she was stronger". What does the guy say after he loses? What does he do when he's on the bottom and watches his sister looking down at him in triumph? But we know Jack was happy to be defeated!
Jason, the male participant of this match said: "I became a mixed wrestling fan after loosing to a girl who was a dancer and an athlete in a gym, where I was training. Liz is 23 kg (50 pounds) lighter than me, but strong as a panther, from all her aerobics, swimming, workouts. When it comes to wrestling she can be a real bitch, it's both fun and scary to see how she likes the facesitting, squeezing and choking. This was my first mixed wrestling experience and the most intense. She made me tap out and won the bout. I think she was surprised herself, as I was really bigger than her. The very intense humiliation I felt comes probably from the fact she was attractive and feminine."