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W-603 "Wife's self defence"

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Mixed wrestling and boxing, 300 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

When we were younger I often dreamt about wrestling girls and women, and in my dream I won after a long and tough tussle. This dreams vanished over the years, I got married to a strong, healthy woman but we were never close to wrestle nor armwrestle. When we were in our mid 40's my wife changed job to a woman dominated office. The organisation had a gym that my wife joined almost straight away. Apart from weights they also had a self defense instructor, a woman her 30's, that taught different self defense technique and martial arts. And wrestling. My wife sometimes told me what they had learnt after her weekly practice but I didn't really listen to carefully. I am in good shape from jogging, tennis and swimming. I do something physical at least three times a week. I have a lean physique. My wife is 3 inches shorter than me and the same weight. She lifts weights twice a week and do this self defense program. After she had been taking this for more than a year and been working out really hard she one day asked me if I wanted to remover my clothing and be her "victim". I asked her what she meant and she told me that she wanted to see how she could do against a man if she was attacked. We were at hour summer house and had a big lawn to practice so I said yes, it could be fun to show her that self defense wasn't all the counted, male strength was difficult to deal with. She took her skirt off, her slim body was covered by black gymnastics leotard. Looking at my nude body, she smiled and so we started. She instructed me to attack her in different ways after she had taught me the right way to fall (very kind of her). So I attacked her from any possible angle and got thrown around and then quickly had do submit to a painful hold. She had been a good student and I told her. But what if we had a close wrestling match, where strenght was more important? She smiled and said she was sure to be able to take me in any kind of combat, boxing included. I didn't have a clue that she had been training boxing as well. So we decided to wrestle first and then box. I enjoyed this even so far I had been the victim more than my wife. We started to wrestle and she surprised me both with her speed and also her strength. She was very very strong in her body after all the work outs and training and I had to fight with all my power to prevent her from pinning me straight away. She is also a lot more limber than me so she could easily use her legs more than I could and her legs are also very strong. I felt I was loosing my power and soon she had me pinned. 1-0 to my wife. Next round I took her in a bear hug and started to squeeze her while she was hanging from my arms. She laughed and told me to keep on squeezing. Again I was loosing my power and had to let her go. She was on my in a flash and lifted me over her shoulder where she bent me over her neck so I had to give up. I now understood that I didn't have a chance. She was better than me but also stronger. We had one more fall that she again dominated and I was soon under her again admitting that she was the better and stronger wrestler. Unfortunately she hadn't forgotten the boxing part. We went for a swim and then she came out with two pair of boxing gloves. I don't have any experience at all boxing. We started in a playful way I was still tired from the wrestling. She hit me a bit harder and I got angry and started to hit her, or try to hit her. She ducked and blocked like a pro and suddenly she hit me in my stomach so I doubled over and then hit me at the side of my head and down I went. Very dizzy. I tried to get up and realized I was using my wife's sweaty thighs as help she told me that we could stop straight away if I admitted her as the winner, that she was stronger and that I was weak. I did all that (no one around). She then pushed me down, straddled me again and started to kiss me and then forced me to lick her crotch.

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