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Update: 20.11.2020

W-651 "Marriage tournament"

Gallery size: 410 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 410 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Always trying to be new and innovative The World senior wrestling league is trying something new. Tonight it will be a husbands vs. wives tournament. It will match 4 husbands against their wives in one fall matches. It seems as though the wrestling fans are excited about this tournament. The arena is standing room only. A completely sold out event. 

What needs to be remembered is that even though the wrestlers are in their 50’s and in some cases even in their early 60’s ALL are world class athletes. The men are all in fantastic physical condition and All the women are Very close to super model gorgeous. That is the reason they are here and also the reason they make a lot of money. 

The wrestlers in the tournament are 56 yr old Allen Jackson. He will be wrestling his 54 yr old wife Mary. Next is 61 yr old Ralph Maxton, he  will be wrestling his 58 yr old wife Norma. Then it will be 54 yr old John  Semo taking on 51 yr old Helen. And finally, 57 yr old William "Billy" Longmire will take on his 57 yr old wife Jane. 

The wrestlers split up into two dressing rooms. Women in one, men in the other. In the men’s dressing room the four guys begin to get ready. They all will wear shiny white tights with white wrestling boots. Almost as if they were a team. 

In the girls dressing room they too are preparing to wrestle. All of the women will wear light blue leotards with black pantyhose and light blue boots. The team spirit seems to carry over to the ladies. With all the wrestlers dressed and ready it’s time for the first match.

In the men’s dressing room All the men gather and wish Allen good luck as he goes out to take on his wife. In the women’s dressing room the same thing is going on. All the ladies wish Mary good luck. With both wrestlers in the ring it’s time to begin. 

BONG!! The bell stars the first match. Allen and Mary both move out to face each other. They seem a little hesitant to lock up. Although they have worked out and trained together, they have never faced each other in the ring. Allen moves first in an attempt to lock up with Mary. She ducks under his move and grabs his arm, twisting it up into a HAMMER LOCK. Mary has made the first move. 

As Mary wrenches up her husband’s arm, two things occur to Allen. One is that Mary is very fast and the second is that she is very strong. The pain in his arm is a surprise to him. In all their years of marriage he has never felt her use all her strength before.  

Allen instantly begins to try to escape from her hold. He twists and wiggles looking for a way out. Not wanting to let him get away, she wraps her free arm around his neck and lightly chocks him. Within a few seconds Allen is breathing hard and beginning to gasp for air. Using his free arm he tries to pull Mary’s arm away from his neck. As hard as he pulls he can dislodge Mary’s arm. She is just too strong’ 

It takes Allen over a minute to get close enough to the ropes to grab one and break the hold. As his wife lets him go, Allen takes several very deep breaths. However, Mary has no intention of waiting for Allen to catch his breath. She is quickly on him. She again grabs his arm and twists it as hard as she can. She then whips Allen across the ring into the ropes. He is instantly shot back at her. As he flies toward her, Mary drives her knee into his mid-section. 

The air shoots out of Allen’s lungs, he grabs his abdomen, staggers a few steps and drops to his knees. In less the 3 minutes in the ring, Mary has her husband is severe trouble. Allen is both dazed and hurt. He has badly underestimated Mary. 

Mary pulls Allen to his feet. The male wrestler is very clearly wobbly on his feet. His face reflects the pain he is in. Showing her husband no mercy, Mary twists his arm and flings him into the corner turnbuckle. Placing her forearm under his chin, Mary traps Allen in the corner. She instantly begins to pound his abdomen with her fists and forearms. 

56 yr old Allen is helpless to defend himself. With only 5 minutes gone in the match a swelling has begun in Allen’s tights. Mary is giving her husband a DEFEAT BONER. Having pounded him badly. Mary pulls Allen out of the corner and to the middle of the ring. She then whips him as hard as she can across the ring into the ropes. 

As he is flung back toward her, Mary is waiting. She has set Allen up perfectly. She wraps her leg around him and bends him sideways at his waist. Mary has her husband trapped in a painful submission hold. Allen has been caught in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH!!

Instantly Allen begins to scream, "AAAAAAUUU!! OOOOOHHH!!! It hurts, oh god it hurts!!! Mary pulls as hard as she can on the STRETCH. It takes Allen only seconds to know he is through. He understands quickly that he has been defeated by his wife and he must submit to her. Allen dose not even wait for the ref to ask. He swiftly screams his surrender: 


Mary instantly lets go of Allen  and he drops to the mat holding his belly. Falling onto his back he looks up at his wife. "You beat Mary, you beat me. I didn’t know you were this good!!" Standing over her defeated husband Mary says "I’m sorry Allen, I hope I did not hurt you too badly." 

It takes Allen a few minutes to get to his feet and out of the ring. As he enters the dressing room all the other men are waiting for him, they are very surprised when he limps in holding his belly. He look at them and says, "I lost!! Mary got an ABDOMINAL STRETCH on me. She made me submit. I lost to me wife." 

In the next match 61 yr old Ralph Maxton fared no better that Allen did. In a match that lasted over ten minutes Norma Maxton also battered her husband. Ralph was badly beaten by Norma thru out the match. Just like Allen, he did almost nothing offensively to slow Norma down. The end came for Ralph just after Norma power slammed him for the second time. By now Ralph had suffered a 9 minute beating at the hands of his wife 

Stretched out on the mat, everyone could see the the 61 yr old male wrestler has a stiff hard DEFEAT BONER straining against his tights. Picking up his white boots, Norma rolls her husband over onto his front. With his boots tucked under her arms, Norma puts Ralph into a BOSTON CRAB.

The end comes quickly for Ralph as the ref asks him: "How about it Ralph? You done? She’s got you Ralph, do you want to submit?" Ralph knows he’s been beaten. 


That’s it for Ralph. He lasted a few seconds over ten minutes before he was defeated by his wife of over 30 years. As he enters his dressing room his face tells the story. It is swollen and has some black and blue marks on it as well as the rest of his body. He is holding his back. "she got me. I lost too!! She put an ABDOMINAL STRETCH on me. Forced me to submit to her. I gave up, had no choice. I had to give up!!

Over in the women’s dressing room the mode is completely different. As Norma enters she begins to share her excitement. "I won, I won!! Just like Mary, I beat him. I got an ABDOMINAL STRETCH on him. Made him give up!! He submitted the match to me. I WON-I WON!!!" 

Next up will be the youngest wrestler in the tournament. 54 yr old John Semo will wrestle his 51 yr old wife Helen. John and Helen have only been married for 7 years, this will be the first time they have ever faced one another in the ring. John of course will be wearing white tights and boots and Helen will wear a light blue thong cut leotard and boots. 

With both wrestlers in the ring the bell sounds to start the match. BONG!!! John moves out of his corner and so does Helen. She is just a little faster that her husband and gets behind him. Wrapping her arms around his middle she squeezes him tightly. Just like some of the other husband’s in this tournament, John is initially surprised by her power. 

As she squeezes him he softly groans. "UUUUUUAA!! OOOOOOOH!" She now knows that she is hurting him. Unlike some of the other men, John fights back. Twisting quickly from side to side. He suddenly jams his elbow back and catches Helen on the side of her face. She instantly releases him and steps back holding her chin in her hands. 

Knowing what has happened to the other men, he reacts swiftly. He moves in close and slams a powerful forearm into Helen’s upper-chest. She stumbles backward holding her chest. John does not stop there. He follows her and pounds on her chest several more times. John is determined not to lose this match. The two wrestlers exchange holds for the next several minutes. 

IN that time neither the wrestlers can show dominance. The match teeters back and forth. John attacks Helen’s upper body, trying to sap her core strength. She seems to want to attack his legs and lower body. Her effort seems to try to weaken his legs and slow him down plus get him off his feet. 

At this point Helen is on her knees, with her arms pulled back behind her. John uses his foot and centers it between Helen’s shoulders. He now has greater leverage to work over her arms. He does this by twisting them hard. At this point Helen cries out "My arms John, my arms!! You’re breaking my arms!!!" This is the reaction he had been hoping for.

Helen struggles to her feet and slowly makes her way to the ropes and freedom. Back and forth the match goes. Helen gets John in a STEP OVER TOE HOLD. She mercilessly works over her husband’s leg. She has John screaming in pain. "My leg, my leg!! Oh god she’s breaking my leg!! Just minutes it’s John that has Helen in an AB CLAW. Now it’s Helen’s turn to scream. "You’re hurting me, please John you’re hurting me!! Let me go, I’m begging you. Let me go!" 

Helen’s plea for mercy falls on deaf ears. On it goes, hold after hold, first John has Helen screaming in pain, then it’s Helen punishing John and making him cry out. The fans are on their feet as the two wrestlers go at it. Hold for hold they fight for the win. Arms are twisted. Legs are bent. Bodies are pounded. The fight is furious. No one would ever believe that these two fantastic wrestlers are husband and wife. No one would ever believe that they love each other. Such is the ferocity of the fight. 

After over 9 minutes of exciting back and forth wrestling, the fans begin to notice a small change. John is hurt, and he has slowed down. He now hold his back when he escapes a hold. His entire demeanor has changed. He has gone from an exciting and aggressive wrestler to a much slower and tentative one. 

Helen has also noticed the change. She quickly realizes that she has hurt John. She knows that her time to win the match is now. She must quickly finish off her husband. She attacks with renewed viciousness. She also has noticed the problem with his back. 

She quickly moves in on her injured husband. She jams her arm between his legs grabbing the back of his tights. She then hooks his head. Lifting the 54 yr old male in the air she powerfully slams him down to the mat. The instant he hits it John screams in pain. "AAAAAAAUU!! My back. Dam it my back!! John arches up his back and grabs it with both hands. 

Helen moves in pulling her husband to his feet and once again slamming to the mat. A third slam seem like over kill. John is finished. His manhood now strains against his tights as he gets a huge boner. Everyone in the arena can see it and they all know what it means. So does Helen. 

Moving to were John is lying, Helen rolls her husband onto his front. She steps on the back of his thighs, reaches forward grabbing his arms. Everyone in the first several rows can see the fear on John’s face. He is scared, of what his wife is going to do to him. Slowly at first she begins to rock back and forth. John’s face goes from scared to full out terror. As she builds momentum she pulls on his arms as hard as she can. John is lifted off the mat over and up. He is now back down toward the mat, looking up at the ring lights. 

Helen has put her husband into a CEILING HOLD. This is one of if not the most painful holds in all of wrestling. John has never felt this kind of pain before. He has every reason to be terrified. This is an inescapable hold. 

John does not wait to asked he quickly calls on the ref:


The ref quickly tells Helen to let her husband go. "Let him go Helen, let him go!! He’s given up. You’ve defeated him. He’s submitted the match, you win!! 

Helen does as she is told and drops John to the mat. For the very first time, Helen sees her husband crying. Helen rushes to were John is lying. "Oh god John, I’m sorry!! Are you Ok? Can you get up?" john shakes his head no. "Can’t move Helen. You really hurt me. Dam, Helen you hurt me bad!!" 

As John is laying on the mat, the fans are still cheering this match. It was brutal and hard fought. But as they say the best wrestler won. After almost 10 minutes John is finally able to get to his feet and head back to the dressing room. As he enters the other notice something right away. The first thing is obvious, John has a huge DEFEAT BONER, just like two of the other men. Second is the look on his face. It is a look of fear, pain and defeat. He quickly begins to tell the other wrestlers: I lost too. I’ve been defeated by my wife. It was a very good match up till the last several minutes. She managed to hurt me. She injured my back. She saw what was happening and took advantage of it. She got me into a Ceiling Hold. I had no choice, I had to submit. Oh dam, she beat me."   

Now there is only one match to go. 57 yr old William "Billy" Longmire will face his wife, Jane. To say that Billy is nervous is an understatement. Billy is out right scared. Although he is still a tremendous athlete. He knows that Jane is too, in fact she is a better wrestler that he is and maybe she might be even stronger the him. Billy seems to have good reason to be scared. Billy and Jane enter the ring to very loud applause, both are big fan favorites

As they wait in there corners, Billy quickly pulls up his tights and adjusts himself to show off his large manhood. Jane pulls up her black pantyhose and fixes her thong leotard. However only one of the wrestlers is ready for the match. 

At the bell they each leave their corners. Jane comes out fast and Billy does not come out at all. Jane wastes no time attacking her husband. She grabs Billy by his arm and pulls him out of the corner. Twisting his arm she sends him flying into the ropes. He is shot back toward her it a high rate of speed. Timing him perfectly Jane leaps into the air and sends one of her boots crashing into Billy’s chin and chest. Her light blue Boots has caused catastrophic damage to Belly. He was lifted off his feet and in the air. As he crashed down to the mat, his head slammed down very hard. Billy can’t move a muscle. 

Jane is quickly on Belly. She grabs one of his white boots and bends his leg around hers. She takes his other leg and pulls it out straight. Locking her leg over his, Jane has put her husband into a FIGURE- FOUR LEG LOCK. In only 11 seconds Jane has trapped Billy in a painful submission hold. Quickly realizing that he is trapped Billy quickly surrenders to Jane: 

"I give up-I give up!! Break the hold. Please Jane break the hold. You win, you’ve beaten me!! Oh god Jane, you win you win!! Let me go, oh please let me go!!! I GIVE UP!!! I GIVE UP!! OH PLEASE JANE. I GIVE UP!!" 

Jane releases Billy’s legs and lets him go. The entire match took less than 17 seconds, from bell to submission. 

With Billy stretched out on the mat, the ref comes beside him. The ref is very surprised to find Billy unconscious. The ref calls out to Jane: "Jane, Jane, he’s out. He’s been knocked out. I don’t know what happened. He’s out cold. 

It’s determined that between the kick to his chin and the FIGURE FOUR LEG LOCK, that Billy passed out. Jane is   quickly kneeling beside her beaten husband. "Billy wake up honey!! I’m sorry, I’m so sorry!! Please Billy PLEASE wake up!!" 

Slowly the unconscious male wrestler wakes up. "God Jane, you knocked me out!! You really destroyed me. I’ve never been defeated that fast." It takes Billy several minutes to get to his feet. He then makes his way back to the men’s dressing room. The three other men are there waiting for him. As soon as he enters they they know what has happened. His large DEFEAT BONER is quite evident inside his tights. Looking at their faces he knows that they know he was beaten. "Yea!! That’s right. I lost too. She beat me with a figure four. But she also knocked me out. It seems as though we were all beaten." All four of the male wrestlers hand their heads in shame. They all have the tell tale sign of defeat, each of them have large BONERS stretching their tights.

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