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leotard mixed boxing girl beats boy

Latest update: 29.09.2023        B-800 "Don't tell Kimiko"

Mixed boxing, 320 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Luckily for Todd, Kimiko (his wife) was away for the week, when his bad attitude got him into another fight.  If he was careful, she need never know about it.  On this occasion, he’d angered another colleague, Siren.

Siren was a fascinating young woman: she had Chinese features, yet spoke with a Texas drawl. Although her parents were indeed Chinese, she was born in Texas, and fiercely proud of her birthplace. She had a gentle, sometimes maternal-looking face, which made it incongruous to think of her arranging with Todd to settle their differences with a fight. Then again, Todd was such a fool when it came to alienating women, he would probably have made Mother Theresa put on the boxing gloves.

He was especially keen for Kimiko not to know about this fight, for the obvious reason that she had warned him to "Stop pissing off superior women"; but more specifically because there were sexual connotations to his behaviour towards Siren. He arrogantly considered himself to have been quite the lover with her at one time, and his swaggering behaviour towards her had all the hallmarks of supposed "male conquest" to it. (She, on the other hand, considered him to have been a bit of a disaster.)

For the first time, Todd wasn’t too keen on fighting Siren. For all her maternal appearance, she looked strong. She stood an inch or so taller than he did, and she radiated subtle, feminine, strength. She had indeed beaten him, wrestling, incredibly quickly several weeks previously. It had humbled him for a day, before he thought no one would believe her if she told them she had defeated him in under a minute. There was no witness to it, after all.

So this time it was to be a boxing match. When Todd hesitated, Siren told him it was either that, or she would challenge him to a fight in the office, in front of the staff. A friend of hers agreed to film it, because she didn’t trust him to honour what he agreed to in defeat. She was sure she would defeat him, but considered that if there was no record of the fight, he could deny it and go back to his old ways. For some reason, the name of this friend with the camera has been kept a secret, so I will call her "Anon".

"Fight," directed Anon, once Siren had mysteriously announced to Todd that she had a surprise for him "after I knock you out". The two combatants moved to the centre of the ring. They circled, then Todd, wanting to push the pace, shot a jab at Siren. She swerved to avoid it, and he couldn’t help noticing her lovely rear view, pushed out to the side. It was just how he liked them, round and womanly…

Siren got him with an absolute beauty on the chin. "Y’all, that was a Texas size punch," she announced. Well, Texas, Taranto, or Tashkent, who cares? The reality is that she very nearly had him over with her first punch. Her right fist was at full stretch, and the man on the receiving end fell away from it, back-peddling furiously to stay on his feet.

Todd was stung as much psychologically as physically. This smiling, motherly type of woman, who looked as if she would be more comfortable baking a cake, had very nearly put him down. He uppercut in response – and the smiling woman (curse her!) seemed to ease herself out of the way. With his right fist soaring pointlessly into the air, she helped herself to the open invitation of his jaw with her left fist. Todd’s head jarred, vibrating painfully while his body lurched to the side.

Siren brought him back and sent him in the other direction with her right fist. Todd defensively clinched. He clung onto that gorgeous female form for safety, but she worked him to the ropes. He lashed out with his right, to try to get off them, and once again she made it look so easy dodging it, before swinging her left fist into his exposed kidney area. When her right fist burrowed into his stomach, it seemed to pin him to the ropes.

The Chinese-Texan redhead slammed her left fist under Todd’s chin. Anon licked her lips at the ferocious beauty of this perfect uppercut. The woman’s punch had the man disorientated, and she had time to prepare her next shot. She left hooked his jaw; he spun half a circle away from her, then collapsed to the mat.

Siren stood over him, and told him to "get up and fight like a man". It gave Anon a warm glow to see her friend, looking so sexy, with the man she had just knocked down at her feet. She was almost sorry when he got up, although she excitedly anticipated a continuation of Siren’s female dominance.

For his part, Todd was heartily sick of Siren’s smile. There she was, fists at the ready, and obviously relishing the contest. It wasn’t natural, he told himself as they circled. How he would love to knock that smile off her face…

She got him in the eye with a powerful right cross. It occurred to her that she wouldn’t need the footage of the fight after all. His resultant black eye would tell everyone in the office all they needed to know. With that happy thought, she struck his ear with a left hook. The slap of her glove as it banged into his ear seemed to echo throughout the gym for him. The blow made him feel dizzy, and he had difficulty coordinating afterwards.

Siren was on fire. She blasted Todd’s jaw with a right cross. Coming after the blow to his ear, for a moment everything seemed to go black for him, and the strong woman looked on, hands on hips, while her male opponent staggered and lurched about. Then she knocked him down.  "I’m fixing to make this the last round," she told him as he dropped onto the mat.

Siren enjoyed a little celebratory dance while Todd recovered enough to get up. After a little token circling (at least on her part) she planted a confident left jab on his jaw, smiling as broadly as ever. Her enjoyment couldn’t have been more of a contrast to the despair so evident on Todd’s face.

Showing experience and talent, she turned half round and sent a crisp right uppercut under his chin. Todd turned to her and clinched. For the second time, he clutched imploringly at that lovely female figure. Why ever did he always end up fighting them, he thought miserably, as he clung to her heavenly body (while she thought she’d get him onto the ropes, walking with the clinch).

Once he was where she wanted him, she gave out a little "Umm" sound as she left hooked into his kidney area. It was worse, suffering a second blow there for Todd than a face punch. His movements were still impeded following the first punch there; now the throbbing pain sent echoes throughout his body, and every slight step would hurt in his kidney. His mouth opening silently as her fist struck home told her everything she needed to know. 

She compounded his torture by thrusting her right fist up into the same area. It’s probably the body blows that do the bulk of the work in boxing, in wearing the opponent down, while face punches get all the glamour. Siren understood this, and ruthlessly exploited Todd’s weakness that she had created.

On the other hand, being female, she wanted some glamour too (and why not, given she was being filmed?) So it was a good old uppercut. Todd’s mouth opened again at its widest, and even his hair seemed to shoot up, as Siren’s left fist was propelled up and under his chin. While his head was forced over the top rope, she helped herself to his stomach, where she sent a cruel, low – very low – blow. He crumpled and folded around her fist. The sickening pain overwhelmed him, and he sank helplessly to his knees. 

"Get up and Fight!" ordered Siren, keen to finish the bout. When Todd either didn’t or couldn’t, she impatiently gripped his wrists (not easy, in boxing gloves) and stood him up, all the time smiling as if to say, "There now, isn’t that better?"

He was all in. Stooping, shoulders hunched, he resembled a clumsy monkey, ungainly and oafishly plonking his feet now here, now there. Siren held her right fist up, steadied it, and teased him with it (oddly, in much the same way that a woman will tease a man with a sexual favour: hinting at it, so very nearly beginning it, then withdrawing it slightly).

Then, just like the woman with the sexual promise, she let him have it - on the chin and ramrod straight. It knocked him out clean, and Siren stood over him to begin the countdown. This consisted of the commentary that all Todd’s opponents seem to enjoy, ending with "I guess Todd just got KTFO by a real TEXAS WOMAN."

The first thing he was aware of after coming round was a pair of eyes, real Texas eyes. Siren had him in a schoolgirl pin – an excellent hold for a woman who seeks to dominate a man – and was staring down at him. She forced him to spread his legs, then demanded "Who is fucking who, Todd?" When he replied she was the one, she insisted, "Say my name, Bitch." Still being groggy after being knocked out, he almost said, "Bitch is fucking me", but had just enough wit to alter the "Bitch" to "Siren".

She lay against him heavily, said "Thank you," and kissed him. (Can anyone understand them?) Then she sat on his face for the customary lady pleasuring that Todd’s victors claim as their right.

Satisfied, Siren got off him and walked to a corner. There, she reached for a contraption that turned out to be a strap on. Back in the centre of the ring she ordered him to get on his knees. He did, and saw the strap on for the first time. This, he realised with horror, was the "surprise" she mentioned before the fight began. She demanded that he suck it, and as he moved his face towards it, he thought "Don’t tell Kimiko".

Todd did as he was told, and it seemed to give Siren the same pleasure that a man gets when a woman gives him a blowjob. With the ordeal done, she pushed him onto his back with her foot, which she kept on him in another victory pose. Then she made him get on all fours.

"Do NOT tell Kimiko!" he thought, gritting his teeth as the hideous thing unnaturally penetrated him. If Siren’s previous demand of him had been an ordeal, whatever was this? Extreme perversion? Hell? 

"I’ll never go to Texas," Todd thought, as Siren took her grotesque pleasure. "Or China," he thought again, when she laughed at one point.

At last she withdrew the evil toy, and told him to lie on his back. She sat on his face again, and did what all Todd’s female victors again like to do, and wrapped her hand around his cock. After what he had just endured, he was relieved to find it was a woman’s hand after all. An experienced woman’s hand, too. "Will you now be my bitch at work?" she asked, manipulating, probing, teasing and tickling. "Yes, mistress," he thought it expedient to reply.

He came with a shudder, and Siren stood over him seeming to require another act of submission from him. He played up, like the good toady he was, telling her, "I’ll not fuck with a Texas woman again" ("Or set foot in the poxy place," he added to himself). At this, Anon put down her camera, entered the ring, held Siren’s arm up and announced, "The beautiful woman from Texas is the winner."

She and Siren embraced. She seemed to be familiar with the monster still strapped around Siren, and she stroked it lovingly. They embraced and left the ring, promising one another all sorts of pleasure.

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