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Update: 30.04.2021

W-674 "Skye vs Joe"

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Skye is one determined woman. In the locker room, as she changes into her custom made suit for this crucial match, she fumes over being told how to wrestle. This is every wrestlers dream, the world championship of wrestling and the wrestling commission wants a good match. So they tell Skye’s manager that she should take it easy on the male champ if it looks like he is going to lose too quickly. She knows it’s important to fill the arena seats with fans, but no one tells Skye how to wrestle. Skye knows she needs to focus on tonight, because if she loses, it will be a long time before she might get another chance at the world title. If ever. 

Skye thinks, "I’m going to take this guy apart at the seams in front of that commission. I’ll show them."

Skye makes her entrance into the arena to the excited fans. They are really pumped up after the previous matches of the evening and are on their feet, cheering this championship match. Skye feels the electricity flowing through the crowd and smiles to her fans. Her body is in top condition and she knows it. She is sexy beyond belief. As she steps through the ropes, it’s always good to show a little skin from under her ring robe to excite the crowd more. She wants them at a fever pitch for this match. Skye circles the ring for the crowd and then leans back in her corner with her arms resting easily on the top ropes.

Now it’s Joe’s turn to make his entrance, wearing a full length robe, with his long hair, that the women just love. He’s a crowd pleaser and the ladies follow him on social media. As he steps through the ring ropes, Skye grabs him by the hair and drags him through the ropes. She brings her knee up to his head in a smashing knee lift, Joe falling back on the ropes. The referee tells Skye, "We’ll have none of that, go to your corners". Some of the crowd boos and whistles their disapproval of Skye’s early assault, others yelling for the referee to let them wrestle.

The referee makes the introductions to the event.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, tonight’s main event will be for the world championship title. In this corner, wearing the black lace teddy, hailing from St. Petersburg, the champion of Ladies Wrestling, Skye Johansen. And in the opposing corner, wearing the white bikini briefs, hailing from Ann Arbor, the champion of men’s wrestling, Joe Simms. This will be a one fall, one match, Texas style, no holds barred match, with no time limit. And now to your ringside announcers for this championship match, Dave Patterson and Suzie Payton.

The crowd settles in for the match they’ve been waiting for.

"Well Suzie, it looks like Skye is hot and ready to go. She couldn’t even wait for the bell to get at Joe. 

"Right you are, Dave. She definitely is hot about something. She is always one cool wrestler and is very disciplined. This is something different for her."

The contestants, disrobe and prepare for the bell. Skye does a deep knee bend while facing the corner holding onto the ropes. She then turns and grabbing the top rope leans forward and stretches her arms out behind her. Skye then settles into the corner waiting for the bell.

Ding! There it is.

The two champions circle each other looking for an opening. Joe makes the first move, grabbing Skye’s hair and putting her in a side headlock. Skye was afraid of this. She needed to put that pent up anger to work for her instead of worrying about the wrestling commission. She pushes Joe off her head and he slams into the corner. Skye says to herself, "I’ll give them a match to remember, watch me".

"Joe has made the first move, Dave. He puts her into that side headlock like he owns the ring. And just that quick, Skye has pushed him off of her and he crashes into the turnbuckle."

Skye slams his head into the turnbuckle once to stun Joe, then puts HIM into a side headlock. She really starts to grind on his head, then drags him across her body over onto the mat.

Dave says, "Just like that, Skye has reversed the hold and has Joe on the mat in a headlock."

Grabbing his long locks, Skye picks Joe up off the mat standing him up. She steps back with her right leg before lifting Joe off his feet with a knee lift to his head. Joe falls back against the ring ropes with his arms outstretched on the top rope. Skye immediately goes to work on him, driving her knee into his balls, then reaching over the top rope, pulling the middle rope up over Joe’s shoulders, trapping his arms. Skye steps up on the bottom rope and begins raking his eyes. Joe is totally defenseless with his arms hung up in the ropes. She climbs to the top rope, standing up and stepping off straight down, burying Joe’s face deep into her slit, locking her ankles in a head scissors. Now sitting on the ropes and Joe’s shoulders, she holds the top rope, leaning back towards the ring, putting maximum pressure on Joe’s neck and head.

Dave says, "Skye is all over the male champion, driving a knee into his head and now has him tied up in the ropes. She’s blinding him with her nails, raking his eyes, and now what’s she up to? Skye is climbing the ropes and, OH MY GOD, she has dropped straight down onto his head in a hanging leg scissors. That has got to be unbelievable pressure on Joe. Her full weight coming down on his head."

"Now Dave, she is taking it up a notch by leaning back using the ropes for leverage."

"The crowd is just stunned, Suzie. No one was expecting this vicious attack from Skye. Especially not Joe."

Skye lets go of the ropes and flips over, dragging Joe out of the ropes between her vice like legs. 

"Joe is flat on his back now in the middle of the ring, Suzie. I wonder what she’s waiting for. It looks like she could go for the pin."

Skye stands over him with her hands on her hips wondering what to do next. She can see the championship title in her future, all she has to do is pin him, but the commission didn’t want a short match. They wanted the fans entertained. So be it.

"Skye is yanking him to his feet by a fistful of hair and now powers him into another side headlock, Suzie"

She drags him over to the ropes and forcing his head against the top rope, blinds him by rubbing his eyes on the rope to the corner. She leaves him draped in the corner while she slowly pauses deciding her next move.

"Skye is using those ring ropes to her full advantage, Dave. She is no hurry to finish him off and it looks like Joe is going to have a long night. Now she is sliding Joe’s head down the ring ropes. He won’t be able to see a thing!"

Skye climbs the corner turnbuckle and mounts Joe’s head between her thighs, holding onto the top ropes for leverage, she bears down, squeezing the life out of him.

Dave says, "Skye has him in another headscissors and is really concentrating on his head and eyes tonight. Well, you know what they say, Suzie, cut the head off a snake, and the body dies." Suzie replies, "Well said, Dave."

Skye finally releases the hold and walks slowly away from the corner as Joe crumples to the mat. She now stands facing him, holding the top rope, staring at Joe with determination.

Suzie says, " I think Skye is taking her time on Joe and I wonder why. It looks like she is still fuming like when she entered the ring. I said at the beginning of this bout, that something was not right about her. Whatever it is, she is making Joe pay for it."

Suddenly Skye turns and goes after Joe like a woman possessed. She slams her knee into his head as he still sits slumped back in the corner. Joe falls over, face first. Skye threads his head through the ropes, locking her hands across his face, while sitting on his back and hooking her high heels on the bottom rope. She leans back.

"Looks like Skye isn’t done with our boy yet, Suzie. She is now rocking on the ropes trying to break Joe’s back."

Dragging him to center ring by his hair, she sits him down. Standing behind him, she straddles his neck with her thighs and reaches down, bending his leg over his other knee, before pulling up on the straight leg.

"Look at that Dave! Skyes’s got him in a figure four stump puller! Definitely a submission hold but something tells me this isn’t how this match will end. The fans are right back in this now, cheering and whistling for more excitement."

Before Joe can signal to the referee that he’s had enough, Skye releases the hold and lifts him to the ceiling. Joe stares at the arena lights that look like stars, and the arena starts to spin.

"I think Joe has forgotten how to say, ‘I give up’, Dave. Skye has released the ceiling hold and moved on to a standing swing. This girl knows all the holds and just may try all of them on Joe tonight!"

Skye releases the hold and puts Joe on his feet once again by grabbing his hair and lifting up his dead weight.

Dave says, "I can’t believe Joe can stand up after the punishment Skye has dished out."

"Well, he wasn’t on his feet for very long, Dave. Skye just went for a flying headscissors and he’s down on the mat again."

Skye uses her full power in the headscissors, grinding his head like a meat grinder. She lets up just before Joe passes out and moves on to a head splits, straddling his head and making it hard for him to breathe.

"Well Suzie, it looks like Skye could have won this match some time ago but she just won’t finish it. She has been working over the male champ for 20 minutes now and doesn’t show any signs of stopping. His shoulders have been pinned many times but she always lets him off the hook."

Skye now moves on to a Flying V, sitting on Joe’s back with her legs making a V and pulling Joe’s arms straight back.

Skye releases the hold and gets up off Joe. His quivering body is racked with pain and he does not get up. Skye walks over to the corner and leans back, exhausted.

Dave says, "What a workout this girl has had tonight. She has shown the fans, and me that she is a true champion and deserves the world championship belt."

"No doubt about it, Dave. I can’t see anyone beating her in the ring. I did just get word that the pro wrestling commission has just included a bonus in the champion’s winnings for this match. Hmmmmm. I wonder what that is all about."

Skye now leaves the corner moving to Joe’s twisted form in the center of the ring.. She slides his head up between her thighs and lifts him straight up into a piledriver. She holds him off the mat, savoring the moment, then drives Joe’s throbbing head into the mat.

"It looks like this might be it, Suzie. The mighty piledriver as only Skye can deliver it."

"But no! She hikes him up into another piledriver and down he comes for a second time! One of her piledrivers is usually enough to finish off most opponents, let alone one that has already withstood the pain Skye has put to him. Oh my, Dave, it looks like she is lining him up for another piledriver!"

Skye makes the next one a compact piledriver (665-450) and drives his head for the final time into the mat. Joe falls over flat on his back completely out of it. Skye rolls over on his prone body, covering his shoulders with her ample breasts and lifts his one leg.

The referee counts, 1 – 2 – 3. 

Ding, Ding, Ding.

Skye stands over the defeated male and puts one heel on his neck in her victory pose. The crowd goes wild over their new world champion. The referee enters the ring to announce the final results of the match and present Skye with the title belt. 

Lifting Skye’s arm in the air, the referee announces. "Winning by pinfall, in 27 minutes, 13 seconds, presenting the new world’s champion of wrestling, Skye Johansen.

Dave says, "I can’t believe it. What a match! Skye totally dominated Joe and gave the fans one they will never forget."

"I’m sure the wrestling commission is happy with their new champion, Dave. And she definitely deserved the bonus!"