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Update: 26.03.2021

F-669 "Brawler in boots"

Gallery size: 300 Full HD pictures

Mixed fighting freestyle, 300 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

Juan’s defeat to Jane 6 months previously (see Gallery B-409) had been a grave setback for him. He had always thought of himself as popular with the girls, but now they laughed at him. Gone were the swagger and the self-confidence, which he had always told himself were such a winner with girls (even though they weren’t). Gone, too, was his self-esteem. He was Juan, the lad-about-town, but he had been made to lick a woman’s boots! It was one thing being beaten; it was another thing being humiliated. 

No, he must even the score, he told himself. He could bear the jokes no longer: males singing, "These boots were made for licking", and females sniggering at him behind their hands. He must find her out, challenge her, and beat her. It was the only way. 

But he had a job. Whenever he went to the gym, she wasn’t there. So to compensate he went all-out on the fitness regime, hoping to impress people again. He’d be gasping on the exercise bike, or sweating with the weights, and always people seemed to be laughing. It didn’t matter what he did – he was the man who had lost a fight to a woman. In despair one evening, after he had almost fainted trying to run to Paris on the treadmill, he lost concentration, glanced about and there she was: having a go at a punch bag, just as he had seen her previously. At last! 

"There you are!" he announced exultantly, approaching her.

Jane looked across from her punch bag, and saw Juan glaring at her.

"Oh, hello, how are you?" she replied.

"How am I?" Juan demanded, "I’m back and I want my revenge for last time. I’ve been looking for you!"

"I told you before, I’m a single Mum with two small kids. I’m not like you, able to go to the gym after school."

"I’m not at school."

"Oh, so you’re a big boy now! Ready to play with the big girls, are you?"

"I want you in the ring now, without gloves. You made me kiss your boots last time. You’re not going to humiliate me like that again.

"No? So how do you want to be humiliated?"

"You think you’re so clever, don’t you, you fucking bitch!"

"You know, you’re a very unpleasant young man, and I will be delighted to enter the ring with you, and teach you how to treat a lady."

Jane strode towards the ring, and climbed the steps, swaying her splendid bottom as she did. "It always distracts them," she said to herself. She stood in the middle and waited for Juan, who practically ran up the steps in his eagerness, and tripped over the ropes, before hurriedly joining her.

Without any formality, he launched a massive haymaker, which she ducked under, punching him in the balls with her right fist by way of reply.

"You call me ‘bitch’, and I’ll show you how a bitch fights!" she dictated to the gasping, retreating, Juan, before following up with her left fist into his stomach. He coughed and retreated a further pace, so Jane let him have it. She cracked him on the chin with a glorious straight right. He fell away from her punch, and it was only the ropes that kept him upright. 

"Now I’ll show you how a lady fights!" she shouted, left-hooking him into the corner. His head lurched to his right so Jane accepted the invitation that his right jaw presented, and clipped him with a surprisingly effective short right hook.

So effective, in fact, that once again it was only the boundary of the ring that prevented Juan from falling. But he was retching, panting and sweating profusely ("Yuk," thought Jane).  He could only take one more punch for the time being, she knew. She drew her left fist back, and smashed a classic uppercut into his chin. His feet left the canvas and he went, as it were, into orbit from her punch for a moment, before falling forwards into a sprawl at her feet. 

She walked around him, admiring her handiwork. Then, with her mind going back to his remarks about not being humiliated in the same way as before, she removed his shorts. After that, she stepped back a pace, looking at him and waiting for him to recover. It was up to him if he wanted to retire or continue, she thought, though she hoped he’d want to carry on.

Juan began to stir. He tried to collect his thoughts, and was aware that something was horribly wrong. Why was this woman looking down at him? Then realisation set in, when he noticed those high-heeled boots. She’d out-fought him again, hadn’t she? He’d been knocked out by the same woman! Tears of embarrassment welled up, try as he might to repress them, while all the time that virago regarded him with amusement. There was something else wrong. Oh God, he was naked!

"Where are my shorts?" he demanded.

"Your shorts?" Jane echoed him, casually. "They’re around somewhere, I’m sure. I threw them out of the ring, because I thought one of us might trip over them."

"We wouldn’t trip over them if you hadn’t taken them off me!"

"That’s true. Still it’s done now, isn’t it?"

"You had no right to do that!"

"Do you want another fight about it?" Jane asked, licking her lips in anticipation.

"Damn’ right!"

"Oh good."

She stepped back, and adopted a fighting stance while she waited for him to get up.

"Right, I’ll get you for that you bi – Ow!"

Jane opened the second half with a straight left, interrupting his bluster. She forced him back a couple of paces already.

"Never waste your thoughts on bravado," she advised him, kneeing him in the balls and punching his face with her right at the same time, causing him to yell.

"Yes, you may well shout, but you’ll be wailing before I’ve finished with you," saying which Jane thundered a second left uppercut into his face.

He cried out in pain, and she drove her right into his stomach. God, that hurt! Juan’s head swum, and he sank to his knees. She stood for a moment watching him, before grabbing his shoulders and bringing him back to his feet.

"Come on, you did that last time, you wimp! I want to end this with a flourish, you know. Here, you’ve got an erection! I say! Deep down you like getting beaten up by me, don’t you?"

A right uppercut had him on the ropes, and Jane now helped herself to his face with a variety of choice, accurate, and devastating punches. She left off after a while and looked at him with her hands on her hips. He’d hooked his hands into the ropes to keep himself up, but his head was slumped forward with the beating he’d received. Jane grabbed his chin with her left hand, and took him to the middle of the ring.

"You wait till I tell my little daughter about this!" she exclaimed, still gripping Juan’s chin with her left hand, while she clenched her right fist. "She’ll love it! ‘If you’re a good girl and go to bed early, Mummy will come and tell you about the fight she had with a young man at the gym this afternoon.’ ‘Did you win, Mummy?’ ‘Yes, dear, I beat him up.’ ‘Oh, good,’ she’ll say, and settle down for a nice sleep. She loved hearing about our last fight. My son wasn’t so keen though! Anyway, we can’t stand around here chatting, can we?"

Jane brought her fist back, and powered a straight right into Juan’s face. She held the pose as his feet left the canvas, and he sailed a few feet through the air before landing on his back. She followed him down, sat on his middle with his erect penis against her bottom, and punched his face.

"Please, no more!" he begged, after two or three punches. "I’ve had enough. You’ve won."

She left off and stood over him with her boot on his erection. Her heel was one side of it, and her sole the other, and on his balls.

"Now, you’ll treat a lady properly, is that clear?" she demanded sternly, applying a little pressure with her boot.

"Yes, ah, God!"

"You’ll hold the door open for any women you happen to meet, and say ‘After you,’ right?" 

"Yes, ah, please!"

"Because if you don’t, I’ll bounce you back to the ring, throw you over the ropes, and we’ll do this all over again. Ok?"


"Yes what?"

"Yes, ma’am."

"That’s better."