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Update: 22.09.2017

F-481 "The American sex icon"

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Mixed wrestling, 450 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, no blood.

The American sex icon Pammy was making an appearance at a prison abroad that held men who had been convicted of raping, beating or killing women. She offered to meet some of the men in the ring, promising that they couldn't be punished by the authorities for anything that might happen there. Pammy got the warden to promise to shave time off the term of any man who could beat her.

She is shown leaning against the ropes, not in a corner. She is saying, "Every man here wants to rape me and put me in my place, because that's who they are. Let's see which ones are stupid enough to try.".

Some of the men wanted to wear masks, rather than be recognized later if video of the event became public. They also wore prison uniforms. When the first man came at her, the famous sex goddess met him with a little kick to his shin, which stopped him in place, then a forearm to the chest. That was followed by a kick to the balls, a chop to the back of his neck when he bent over and three knee lifts into his chest. Then, when he collapsed, she kicked him several times until he was out of the ring, too hurt to continue. She is shown delivering the little kick to his shin as he has an arm raised to attack her. She is shown kicking him out of the ring as he is prone on the mat.


The second man ran at her. This woman of his dreams caught him under an arm and tossed him over her hip. She followed him to the mat and wrapped her armpit over his face, smothering him. He flailed about until he was unconscious for lack of air. She has his head locked in her armpit as he is flat on his back, and her cleavage is on full display. She is smiling broadly. Then the unruffled babe dragged the man across the ring by his hair and kicked him out of the ring. She is dragging him across the ring by the hair, smiling.


The third man - no taller than she was in her high heels - was more cautious. But Pammy caught him with a flying drop kick which drove him back into a corner. She is shown doing the dropkick. Then she threw a series of punches into his gut, using only her right hand. She is shown doing that, holding him against a ringpost with her left forearm across his neck while punching him in the stomach with her right fist.


Then the battering beauty picked him up in the classic body slam position - one arm threaded between his legs and her other arm around his neck - and threw him to mat, finally kicking him under the bottom rope out of the ring. She is shown holding the man upside down in the air, smiling, ready to body-slam him. One of her arms is between his legs, and the other is around the back of his neck, which is down below her waist.

The fourth man put up his arms in a boxer's position. Pammy takes up the same position, a big smile on her face. Amused, the dominant icon quickly thrust three fingers into his throat, making him gag. She is shown thrusting her fingers into his throat. Then she put both hands on his head and slammed it backwards into the ringpost. Then - when he bent over before her - the violent vixen slapped both of his ears with her open palms… Then knelt down and brought a forearm up hard into his crotch. She is shown hitting his crotch that way. Then, with one hand on his butt and the other grasping the back of his hair, she propelled him across the ring and out of it. She is shown propelling him across the ring.


The fifth man was not so sure he wanted any part of Pammy. She could see his fear, and she obviously loved it. She is standing directly in front of him with her hands on her hips and a smile on her face. She is stroking his cheek lightly with her fingers. She is slapping him hard across the face. The babe of his dreams is saying to him. "Kneel down and crawl out of the ring, you pathetic coward. You know I can get very painful revenge for the women you have hurt." He is shown crawling out of the ring.


Then came the pre-arranged main event: Pretty Pammy against the two toughest men, the men who had dominated the prison's own fight contest. Pammy insisted that these two show their faces. In return, she offered them big money if they could beat her. And she got the warden to agree to let them wear normal wrestling attire, which he had his reasons for agreeing to. The two men are shown in a corner, one inside the ring and one outside.


Pammy had disposed of the five men without taking more than 30 seconds with any, except for the armpit smother. Pammy has her hands clasped behind her head as she and the smaller of the two men stand near the center of the ring. She is saying, "I'll give you the first move before I start messing up you and your buddy."


Infuriated by the insult, the man threw a quick right jab at her face. She leaned back and it missed. Teasing him in more ways than one, she said, "Try again." And he did. He is shown throwing a looping left and missing as she leans back again, smiling. She hit him with a backhand across his face with her left hand and then with a kick to his head from her right foot. She is shown connecting with the backhand. She is shown connecting with a kick with her right foot directly to the side of his face.


He is on his knees, resting back on his haunches, not on all fours. She is standing directly in front of him, his face right at her crotch.

She puts her hands under his armpits to lift him to his feet. She is saying, "I could put you away right now, easily, but I'm not that nice."


She has him standing and she has her hands clasped behind her head, and she says, "Try again."


He threw a right with a closed fist at her lovely face, but without bringing her arms down, the tormentress leaned back and kicked him in the knee. She is shown kicking him in the knee as his punch misses as she leans back. Her hands are still clasped behind her head. He is shown grabbing his knee in pain while hopping on one knee. She still has her hands behind her head and is smiling. When his pain subsided, he threw a hard right at her blonde head. She blocked it with her left arm, and she slapped him in the face with an open right palm. It was a great big, sweeping blow. She is shown blocking with her left and slapping him with her right.


That happened two more times. He'd throw a punch, and the girl would block it and stagger him with big, overhand slaps. He has fallen to his knees and is kneeling upright before her. She has her hands on his head and is saying, "I'm going to let you feel up my thighs - with your ears.". His head is now between her thighs as she holds him in a standing headscissors. She is looking across the ring at the other guy. She says, "You should run away now. You know this guy is a match for you, and you can see he's no match for me. You know you want to run. Anything else would be stupid. Just run." She is motioning to him to leave.


If there had been no spectators, he might have run. But he stepped into the ring. Knowing her abilities now, and seeing her occupied with the other guy, he ran at her at full speed with the intention of clotheslining her. As he neared her, he jutted his right hand all the way out from his side with the intention of bringing his right arm into her throat to knock her backwards with the force of his momentum. As he gets to her, she leans her torso sharply to her left, so that his arm passes over her. And her right leg comes up into his chest. She landed three more kicks with the same foot to the same place - his chest - as he stood frozen by the first kick.


The larger man is now on his knees in the same position as the smaller one, on his haunches. He is dazed having difficulty breathing. She is standing between the men. She has her hands raised above her head in victory, with her palms pointing toward each other, as if she's inviting the applause of the crowd for her dominance so far. Now the utterly dominant beauty positioned herself behind the two men she had downed so easily, and she suddenly threw a flying dropkick at both of them at the same time to the back of their heads.


Both her legs are off the ground, each one connecting with the back of the head of one of the men. That left the men on their respective faces, dazed. She is shown kneeling on the men, so that one of her knees is on the back of each. She is resting there, brushing a wisp of hair out of her eyes. What the pretty lady did then caused squeals of male pain that were heard loudly throughout the hall.


She has reached under the chin of each man and is pulling their heads back hard. The picture shows both of the men grimacing in extreme pain and shows her with a big smile, as if posing for the camera. She is shown standing above the two men, between them. They are flat on their faces. She is primping for the camera in some way. This is basically the same scene, but she has assumed another pose for the camera, a glamorous or sexy one. Now she is still standing above the two men, between them. With one foot, she is turning the smaller man from his front to his back. Moving deliberately, the dominant babe took control of each dazed man in a different way.


She has the smaller man's face locked in her right armpit and the larger man's head locked between her feet. One picture shows her bosom on full display and a big smile on her face as both men struggle. This is a close up of just her and the smaller man in roughly the same position. She is saying, "I could end both of you fellows right here and right now. Easily. I wonder if I should do it."

She is still holding the men in the same basic way, but the three are in different positions, indicating that the men have been struggling and that she has been holding them a while.


As the men struggled more and weakly, the tormenting blonde finally let them go and stood and bowed to the camera. She is shown bowing. Then she denuded them of their trunks. The smaller man is on his back. The bigger one on his stomach. They both have their feet toward her. Her hands are at the top of the trunks of each, as she bends over, giving a big view of her bosom to the camera. The same scene is shown from behind, featuring her well displayed butt as she bends from the waist. The two men are now stripped to their shoes and socks. Now they are both on their stomachs. She stands above them at their feet, holding their trunks up as trophies.


She has dropped the trunks and is shown reaching between the legs of each of the men, her arms reaching up toward their stomachs. She has a big smile on her face, and she is shown from both the front and the back in different pictures. Now, with her hands still between their legs, she has hold of one wrist of each guy, and she is standing, having pulled each wrist down between the guy's legs and up through his crotch. The men are bent over, so that their butts are in the air higher than their heads.


She has pulled them both backwards a few steps. But now they are standing and are obviously in pain at their crotches. A similar scene at a different part of the ring, with her having obviously pulled the men all around. Now she has jerked the men's arms in such a way as to send them somersaulting forward. In this picture, they are in the air completely, with their heads tucked, looking as though they are going to land on their backs. She is still holding their wrists. The men have landed on their backs. She is standing behind their heads, fluffing her hair or generally striking a self-congratulatory pose. She has now positioned herself between the men and is looking down at them with their trunks in her hands. She is saying, "Put these back on, fellas. I want the fun of taking them away from you again."


She is shown resting at a ringpost across from the men, her arms flung casually over the ropes, just waiting. She asked for somebody at ringside to hand her something. It turned out to be a mirror and hair brush. She is shown fixing up her appearance, unmindful of the men. The smaller of the men is struggling to get to his feet after having put on his trunks. Coming up behind the smaller man, who is halfway to his feet, she wrapped her arms around his stomach. She is shown lifting the man in the air and bending backwards. Leaning hard backwards, the devastating beauty threw him in that direction, over her head, so that he landed hard on his partner. One man is lying on the other. Both are stunned. She is standing over them smiling. The blonde dominator pulled the smaller man to his feet with the same kind of grip around his stomach, then, holding him, turned her back on the bigger man. She is shown with her back turned on the bigger man, holding the smaller one. The bigger one is sitting up, looking directly at her ass.

She again propelled the one man over her head, to land on top of the other. The larger man has now been flattened back to the mat by the weight and force of the other man's body. The dominant sex goddess has taken the hand of the smaller man and is dragging him across the ring. He is on his back.


She has him up against a ringpost. He is turned sideways to her. One of her arms is reaching across his front and holding his far arm against him. She has her other hand reaching down into his trunks in the back. She is saying, "I'm going to strip you again now, Sweetheart, and there's not a thing in the world you can about it."


His trunks are down around his ankles. She is holding him in the same way as in the previous picture, with her hand on his butt. With her lips at his ear, she is saying, "This must be so humiliating for you. But now it's going to get worse. I'm going to make you hard. Then, every time you get hard, I'm going to make you regret it. The only way for you to avoid pain is to stay soft. But you can't. Not while I'm here. I'll decide when you're hard and when your soft."


She is standing directly in front of him. They are facing each other. But she has maneuvered both his hands behind his back, and is holding each in a hammerlock, with one of her hands around each of his wrists. She is resting her head on his shoulder, almost kissing his neck, and her right foot is off the mat and she is rubbing her right thigh against his thigh. She is saying, "Part of your body is having an excellent time, isn't it? But soon fun time will be over."


She suddenly pulled both her arms toward herself violently, caving in the small of his back with her bear hug. Pain shows on his face. She is saying, "Aww. All of a sudden you don't seem to be enjoying our body contact any more. You're all shriveled up.". The sexy combatant has released her hold around his stomach and back, and now his back is up against the ringpost and she is standing in front of him. She is holding his head in her hands as she looks at him, one hand covering each of his ears. She says, "Let me see if I can fix that."


Now her arms have wrapped around the back of his head, and she has pulled his face forward into her bosom. His hands are at her arms, trying to pull them apart. She is smiling broadly at the audience and saying, "Sure enough: There you are again, all changed. You're like a machine I can turn on and off anytime I want."


Suddenly the devastating seductress karate chopped both sides of his neck at once. He slid to his knees. As he did, she brought one of her knees up hard into his chest. And again she brought both of her hands down with a karate chop to each side of his head. She is shown kneeing him in the chest as he kneels before her. With one of her hands under his chin, holding it pointing directly at her crotch, she addressed the audience. She said, "Is he like this?" and she made a thumbs-up gesture, "or like this," and she made a thumbs-down.


She is shown saying, "or like this?" with her thumb pointing down. The audience made clear to her that the man was deflated. With her position and man's not having changed much, she is saying to the audience, "Do you think I can fix that?'. The audience made clear that it thought she could do whatever she wanted. Still standing in front of the kneeling man, she has lifted one of her feet off the floor and is resting its thigh on his shoulder, and she has pushed his head into her crotch with a hand on the back of his head.


At this stage, the larger of the men had scraped himself off the mat and was coming at her from her side with murderous intent, determined to wash away his humiliation at her hands so far. He had his trunks on. As he approaches from her side, she stops him cold by pointing at him with the arm nearest him (the other is still at the back of the smaller man's head) and says, "You should give me your trunks and run away now, Big Guy, because I've still got one hand free to deal with you."


After a pause, the big man realized he must continue his attack. As he approached her, the smiling, unruffled blonde, who had dropped her pointed arm to her side, suddenly lashed out with it, landing a direct hit with her fist at the front of his throat. She is shown punching him in the throat while still holding the smaller man in the same position in which she has been holding him, her thigh over his shoulder, and her other hand pushing his head into her crotch. After that, it was obvious to all that the bigger man couldn't breathe. His hands went to his throat as he staggered around the ring, frightened and breathless. Pammy put a hand on the forehead of the smaller man and pushed him over onto his back.


With the bigger man staggering around, and with the smaller man on his back, she has bent over and wrapped her hands under the smaller man's knees and straightened up, so as to lift his mid-section into the air so that everybody can see that he is hard. She is smiling broadly. Suddenly she was twirling the smaller man in a circle, his entire body having come off the mat as she held him under the knees and turned to her left.


She is shown having turned away from the bigger man, who is still staggering, with his hands at his throat. He is now behind her, and the smaller one is in front of her. The smaller one is stretched out horizontally. His back is just inches off the mat, and his arms are stretched out backwards, over his head, as he flies through the air in her grasp. The surprisingly strong blonde twirled the smaller of the men until his body crashed into the body of the bigger man, who was still staggering and holding his throat. The smaller man's body is shown hitting the bigger man's, as Pammy holds the smaller man's ankles under her two armpits.


The two men are shown lying in a pile, with the smaller man on top. They are both on their backs. Together, they form a sort of cross, with the smaller man on his back lying across the bigger man's chest. Both of their backs on are on the mat. They are not unconscious. Pammy has her back turned to them and is posing for the crowd, her arms raised in victory over her head, her palms pointing toward each other.


Pammy is doing a vertical handstand with one hand on the face of each of the men. She is supported entirely by her arms. Her legs reach into the air. Each man has at least one hand on her wrist, as if trying to get her hand off his face, but is failing. Her body is pointing directly up, and her feet are together. This is the same picture, only her feet are now spread far apart and she is doing the splits. Her legs are parallel to the floor. Upon coming gracefully to her feet, the woman who was toying with the two macho men set about separating her pathetically fallen foes. She is shown pushing the smaller man off the other man with her foot.


She was going for the bigger man. She is dragging the bigger man - still on his back - across the ring. With one arm, she is pulling him behind her by one of his arms. Big smile on her face. (Let's show front and back views of her.). Now his female opponent raised him to his feet. His back is against the ropes. She is standing very close in front of him with her hands locked behind her head. Their faces practically touch.


She dropped to lower his trunks to the mat and was back up before he could react. She is shown bent over, lowering his trunks. Suddenly she became all seductress, melting into him. She is shown hugging him with her face touching his. When that had the predictable effect on his body, she showed the crowd her handiwork. She has let him go. She is standing so that the crowd can see him completely. Her arm farthest from him is out at full length and she is bowing slightly to the crowd. Then she turned back into him and got back to business. She is shown slapping his face.


She thrusted one hand hard into his chest, her palm open. She is shown thrusting a palm into his chest. She smacked both his ears with her open palms. When he bent over, holding his ears, she kneed him in the chest. She was simply working him over. He was helpless. She is shown kneeing him in the chest while holding him up with a hand in his hair so that he doesn't fall to his knees. In the background, the smaller man is watching from the mat. Then she again stood aside and showed the crowd the results of her work, gesturing and bowing as before.Picture: She is shown bowing, with her arm that is farthest from him extended at her side. He is soft.


The dominant babe repeated that sequence two more times: Snuggling into him to get him aroused, stepping aside to show the crowd her success, working him over with various blows to make him soft, stepping aside, then repeating. She is shown with one hand on his throat, holding him up, while her other hand is drawn all the way back, her palm open, as if she is about to slap him. Then, having demonstrated to one and all her utter, easy control over the man's libido, the destructive seductress simply stopped.


She is standing directly in front of him, very close, with her hands clasped behind her head. She is saying, "Go ahead: Touch me anywhere. I dare you. Everybody knows how much you want to. Go ahead. Attack me or feel me up, or both. Your choice.". But the man just stood there in front of the taunting beauty. His hands opened and closed at his sides. But he did nothing. She sneered at him. She is still in the same position. She's saying, "I guess you're afraid of girls now, huh? This must be so humiliating for you: Just standing there shaking with fear when you've got an ultra-hot babe within inches and taunting you. You are really incredibly pathetic."

Then the breathtaking babe turned her back on him. She is standing just as close to him but with her back turned and her hands on her hips. The unstoppable female force advanced toward the other man. She is moving toward him. He is face up, and is propped up on his elbows, and he has one foot flat on the mat, as if prepared to use it to shove himself backwards if she comes too close. He is still on the mat, and we see that he has, indeed, retreated as she has slowly come closer. He looks scared. Ignoring what was going on behind her, Pammy decided to torment the fellow on his back. She is now standing near him and enticing him sexually. She is bent over - giving him a view of her cleavage - and her hands are at her ankle, set to stroke her leg lightly. She is saying, "Don't you see anything you like, Muscle Boy? I know you're used to taking what you like when you see a woman. Why not now, hmmm?"


The man didn't move. She now has her foot on his chest. He is flat on his back doing nothing, just looking up at her, frightened. Now the humiliated bigger man apparently found his anger and humiliation and lust overcoming his fear, at least so long as the irresistible lady's back remained turned. He is now standing directly behind her, and she has grabbed his crotch with one hand without looking back. He is frozen in pain. Hardly even turning to face him, the luscious blonde reached back and put him in a simple headlock and threw him over her hip. He is in mid-air, flying over her hip while she holds his head. He is shown sprawled across the smaller man, so that they form a cross. The big man's head is on one side of the smaller man's torso, and his legs are on the other side, and his butt is on his chest. So the smaller man is pinned under the bigger one. Pammy has the bigger man's head locked in her armpit, while her free hand reaches back and rests on his crotch.


The superbabe held the men effortlessly. In the same position, Pammy is saying, "Welcome to my favorite position, Big Guy. From here, I can turn you on with one hand or off with one armpit. And when I say 'off', I mean really off. I can cause also you all the pleasure or all the pain I want. Easily. Or I can make you choose between suffocation and excruciating pain. Let's face it, Big Fella: I own you. You're mine. Get used to it."


Now Pammy is just holding the armpit smother. With her other hand, she is casually brushing a wisp of her hair out of her eyes. He is trying to pull at the arm with which she is holding him, but he is getting nowhere, and his efforts are of no concern to her. She is looking down at the man in her grasp and is saying, "I want you to understand that any time your face and my armpits are in the same room, if you're still awake, it's only because I've decided to let you be."


When she stood, both men were unable to. The big man was semi-conscious. The littler one was pinned and lacked the strength to move himself. Or maybe he was scared to. The dominant sex goddess took her time relieving them of their wrestling trunks again, this time taking the clothing completely away, rather than leaving the trunks around the men's ankles. She is shown bending over the big guy and taking his trunks down. Though the seductive destroyer could have put both her antagonists away once and for all, she gave them time to recover. She took the time to pay some unnecessary but ladylike attention to her appearance. She is shown fixing her make-up in a mirror, perhaps applying lipstick. One version of this picture is focused on her alone. Another shows the whole ring, with both men still sprawled in a pile.


Finally, the larger of the men started to stir. Pammy did what she could to encourage him to give her some more fight. She is shown waving his trunks in front of him, taunting him with them. The man grabbed and missed as the woman moved them away and smiled broadly. Now on his feet, he is shown just missing his trunks as he grabs with one arm. She toyed with him effortlessly. He swipes with the other arm in another position and misses. She is smiling.


The audience - though predisposed to side with the male - was laughing at him. As they stand facing each other, with his trunks hanging from her hand at her side, Pammy says, "I'm going to show you how to grab something, Big Boy: I'm going to grab your balls. There's no way in the world you can stop me. I can grab whatever I want of yours, whenever I want."


The man immediately went on the defensive. The beautiful woman's eyes gleamed with malicious intent as she stalked him and circled him. Both fighters are slightly crouched as they circle each other. The man's trunks are hanging from the woman's hand. Suddenly she flung herself at him, her hands coming at his crotch - without having dropped his trunks - driving him back into a corner. His back is against a ringpost, her body is up against his, holding him in place. All four of their hands are at his crotch. Looking at his face, she is saying, "Let's see if your big, strong, manly hands can fight off my soft, dainty, girly-girl fingers. But I have to warn you, if my pretty fingernails are damaged, I'm going to be very upset with you."


The elemental battle continued for a while. The woman smiled. The man most certainly did not. The woman had the initiative. But she took her time. The spectators squirmed in their seats. She is saying, "I think I'm getting in. You're losing to a girl yet again. And, yes! There it is. I'm in." The muscle man opened his mouth as if to scream, but nothing came out. She is holding him and smiling at his face, which registers agony. Finally, she let him go, and he fell to his knees. She is standing above him. Her hand rests lightly in his hair as his head hangs right near the level of her crotch. She is saying, "You never had a chance. Babe. Never even close. And you never would, no matter how many times we tried that.". She turned to face the other man, who was still on the mat. She is shown bending over, revealing much cleavage, beckoning him toward her with her fingers as the bigger man gazes at her ass.


The smaller man got to his feet and backed away from the beautiful woman whom, under other circumstances, he would have dearly wanted to move toward. He found himself in a corner alone. But she directed him to the same corner as his partner. He is standing with his back to a corner as she points to the other corner (not diagonally across the ring). He stares at her. He is now halfway between the two corners, moving tentatively where she is pointing, under her watchful eyes. He keeps his eyes on her, nervously.


When the two men were next to each other, the lady put her wrists under the armpits of the larger man - who was still on his knees - and raised him to his feet. He didn't resist. She is shown raising him. She stopped and smiled at the audience. The two men are just standing there in front of her as she stands in front of them smiling and raising her arms in her usual victory pose. She put a hand lightly on the cheek of each. She is shown touching their cheeks. And she is saying, "I'm going to work you both over at the same time, without even closing my fists. You should thank me. But closing my fists would make it WAY too easy.". Then she simply went to work on them. The gorgeous sex symbol effortlessly tormented both of these larger, muscular, very tough guys just as she had earlier worked over the bigger man alone. She was showing her utter dominance and their utter helplessness before spectacularly girlish body. One of her palms is shown striking the big man in the chest, while her other is cocked to attack the smaller man.


Indeed, she never closed her fists. She'd slap one, then the other. She'd bang their heads together. She'd throw repeated open-palm shots at their torsos. She'd kick them in the shins. With one slap, she'd connect with both of their faces. She cut through their defenses easily, making them cringe before her. She was playing with them, but in a very painful way. And she was smiling. She is shown banging their heads together. She is shown slapping the big one in the face while, with her other hand, holding the other man in place with a palm on his chest. Then she stopped. She is standing directly in front of both men, her hands clasped behind her head. She is saying, "Go ahead, guys. Take your best shots. I dare you." They look at her without acting.


The two men look away, still without acting, as the woman stands before them in same position. Still standing there like that, she is saying, "Afraid of the lady's armpits, huh, fellas? Well, you should be. You should be very, very afraid.". The she said, "OK. Let's try this." And she put the little man on his knees as easily as if she were folding a lawn chair. She did it by putting a foot behind one of his knees and pushing. She is shown standing between the two men. One is on his knees behind her, his face inches from her butt. The other is inches in front of her. Again, her hands are clasped behind her head. She is saying, "How about now? Everybody knows how desperate you both are to touch this - in one way or another. I'm making it as easy for you as I can. Try anything you want. I dare you.". The men made no move, and the woman finally stepped out from between them. With a point of her finger, she told the bigger man to get down on his knees, too. And he did. She is shown pointing down, and the big man is down, looking at her for approval.


Her victory final, absolute and undeniable, the destructive seductress raised her arms and walked around the ring in victory. She has her hands raised in her signature victory pose as she walks around the ring. Then, at a signal from the conquering vixen, all the men she had so easily disposed of earlier were ushered into the ring, including the one who was too scared to fight her. All the men are in the ring. None are standing. Pammy has her hands in the air in her usual victory pose. She has been walking among the men and none has dared to try anything.