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Leotard CFNM mixed wrestling arm twisting femdom erotic fighting

Update: 26.07.2019

W-582 "CFNM championship"

Gallery size: 230 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 230 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

First let me explain, in this wrestling league all the men wrestle nude and all the women wrestle wearing something. In other words they are not nude. I am a 27 yr old male wrestler and am currently the league Champion.  The founders, and the biggest financial supporters of the league are about a half dozen extremely wealthy woman. They pay the bills and most of the salaries for both the men and woman wrestlers. They however, do not decide who wins or who loses. That is completely on the “up and up” Winners are determined in the ring. 

Ok, that’s enough of that. You will figure it out as the night progresses, it’s time to get ready to fight. I remove all my street cloths. I lace on shiny white boots, I pull up white spandex arm gauntlets and slip into a white mask. Yea, I know I said that men wrestle nude, but I’m the champion. I do what I want. 
As I wait to be called to the ring I can hear the excitement building in the crowd. That can only mean that my opponent has entered the ring. Then it comes, the knock on the door. “It’s time Champ. They’re ready for you.” With that I open the door and head to the ring. 


As I enter the arena the cheers and cat calls begin. I have a very big following of both men and woman. With each step I can feel their hands rubbing my back as well as my buttocks. The woman all seem to want to touch me and the men all want to wish me well. “Go get her Champ” You got this Champ, make her your bitch”. I can also feel keys being pressed into my hands. Like I said, I’m very popular.  

Up in the ring I head to my corner. Looking across the ring at my opponent I am surprised that I don’t recognize her at all. I thought I knew all the female wrestlers in this league, guess not. I do know one thing, she is gorgeous!!! Beautiful face, great legs, blond hair and blue eyes. She is a knock out!!! She is wearing a very tight thong leotard the does not come close to covering her breasts. Along with that she also has on very shiny almost knee high black boots and shiny tan pantyhose. Did I mention that she is gorgeous?   
The ref call us to the center of the ring for her instructions, yes the ref is a women. She tells us that this is a World Title match and that the belt that I am wearing is on the line. I already know this, all my matches are title matches. She tells us that this is a pin or submission no time limit contest to a finish. We both know what that means. If she can get a penis claw  on me, or I can get a breast lock on her either of us can win by submission. I have never lost a match by submission.  


We both return to our corners. For the information of the fans the announcer begins:

"Wrestling fans this is a one fall contest to a finish. It is for the league championship. In the blue corner making her first appearance in this ring, Darleen Cavanaugh. Her record is 9 wins and no losses. And her opponent, defending his title for the 7th time. His record is 34 wins and only 3 losses. He is the current league Champion!!! David Newlen"

As my name is announced a huge cheer comes from the fans. Darleen and I shake hands and head back to our corners. Darleen takes some time to adjust her leotard and pull up her pantyhose. As for me, well I’m ready to go.

DONG!!! The bell rings and we both head out of our corners. Darleen comes charging straight at me. She leaps into the air and wraps her legs around my head. Where did this girl come from,  her very first move is to get a FLYING HEAD SCISSORS on me. Two seconds later I am flipped over and land on my back in the center of the ring. 


The fans are instantly abuzz as I am taken down to the mat. What they don’t know is that the head scissors she has on me is crushing my skull. Her legs are the most powerful I have ever felt. The pain is radiating down my spine and all the way to my legs. 
I instantly begin to flip from side to side as I kick my legs wildly. I am desperately trying to get free of this hold. As I continue to flip my manhood slams against my upper thigh back and forth. I wrap my hands around her knees as I try to pull her legs apart. As hard as I struggle I cannot open her legs enough to get me head out. 
Several minutes have passed and I am still struggling. I’m starting to think that I won’t have to worry about her getting me in a PENUS CLAW I may have to give up long before then. Having taken a new tactic I have inched myself close to ropes and have grabbed the bottom one. Slowly she is forced to release me and I then struggle to my feet using the ropes to pull myself up. 
I am very glad to be free of the head scissors, but am not nearly ready to continue wrestling. I was force to expend a great deal of energy trying to escape the scissors. My breath comes in huge gulps as I try to recover. 


Darleen seems unwilling to wait for me to recover. She rushes past the ref grabs my arm and pulls me off the ropes. A quick twist and she gets a HAMMER-LOCK on me. This may not sound like much, but this girl is very strong and she has my arm twisted up behind me. Still dazed and weakened by the head-scissors I am having a hard time trying to get free. 

As I try to fight out of the hammer-lock, Darleen changes moves. Grabbing my free arm she pulls it back behind me. She stretches out my other arm and now has a SURF-BOARD on me. As she twists my arms behind me she is also lifting them higher. Slowly inch by inch she raises my arm forcing my knees to buckle,  driving me toward the mat. 

I take a quick look at the clock and realize that we have been wrestling for almost 6 minutes. In all that time I have yet to get a offensive hold on Darleen. The fans are becoming very restless, they are not used to see their Champion taking this much punishment. 

I would like to say that the momentum has changed, but it has not. Darleen is still in complete command of the match and me. My arms have been released, however she has slipped in behind me and gotten an ABDOMINAL-SCISSERS on me. Her powerful legs are now wrapped around my waist and are squeezing the breath out of me. All I can do is cry out in pain. Up till now I have been able to control my need to cry out. Now however, the pain has begun to overwhelm me. 

“OOOOOOOHH!!! God you’re hurting me!!!! AAAAAAAUUUU my abs’s, my abs’s !!! The pressure she is putting on my mid-section is crushing. “Who is this girl and where did she come from?”  My mind is racing looking for a way to turn this match around. If I can’t find one soon there is going to be a new Champion very soon. 

“Oh god no!!! you’re crushing me, you’re crushing me!!! A sudden burst of power from my opponent has hurt me. How is she able to do this to me? Suddenly I hear the ref’s hands begin to slap the mat. I instantly realize that my shoulders are down on the mat. The ref is counting because Darleen is pinning me.


I am just able to beat the count and get one shoulder off the  mat. Oh god. Oh god, she almost pinned me!! She’s going to beat me. I’m going to lose my title!!” A strange feeling comes over me. I suddenly realize that tears are starting to run down my cheeks. I’m crying. 

Then it happens again, Darleen has reached down and grabbed one of my wrestling boots. With almost unimaginable strength Darleen has pulled my leg back forcing my shoulders back onto the mat. I instantly begin to struggle to get off the mat, but she is holding me tightly. I have no chance to escape being pinned this time. The tears from my eyes is suddenly a torrent running down my cheeks. 
My mind races “She’s got me pinned. I can’t get free, I’m going to lose my title. Oh god, I can’t get my shoulders up. She’s pinning me, NO-NO, I’m being pinned!!!  Then that terrible sound starts again, it’s the sound of the ref’s hand slapping the mat. I’m down. My shoulders are dawn again!! I’m being pinned!!! I’ve got to get up.” The sound terrifies me!!!


At the last possible second I get my shoulder off the mat. Did I do it or did she let me up? I am not really sure. There is one thing I am sure about, if I can’t soon escape from this SCISSORS HOLD Darleen will soon defeat me and take my title. I am in terrible shape, my breath comes in gasping gulps. I can’t seem to get enough air into my lungs. Her Scissors hold on me has weakened me as well as causing me great pain, I have never felt legs as strong as hers.  

After another minute or two in her powerful SCISSORS HOLD, I am suddenly free. I can’t believe she has released me, I was only seconds from defeat and complete submission to her. Darleen has gotten to her feet and is now standing over me. I have rolled onto my front and have gotten to my hands and knees. Gulping down air I as yet do not have the strength to stand. 

I need not have worried, standing behind my Darleen has grabbed me by my hair and one arm and pulled me to my feet. Standing up I can’t believe how dizzy I am. If Darleen were not holding me tightly I would collapse back to my knees. 

Taking a quick look at the time clock I am shocked to see that we have been wrestling for only six minutes. Well Darleen has been wrestling, I have been taking a beating. “How could she be doing this to me? I’m a world champion. How can she be destroying me this easily?”  

I have no time to think about it any longer. Darleen takes my arm and twists it tightly into an ARM WRINGER. Pulling me as hard as she can she whips me into my corner turnbuckle. I slam into the corner with great force, once again Darleen has displayed her overwhelming power. BOOM!!!! Her knee crashes into my already painful mid-section. 

The air rushes out of my lungs as her knee impacts me only an inch above my exposed manhood. All I can do is grab my lower AB’s and scream. “AAAAAAAAHHH!!! OOOOOOHHH!!! Slowly my knees buckle and I sink to the mat. 

The ref moves in and pushes Darleen back. She leaves me on my knees clutching my lower stomach. The ref sees that I am in bad shape. “What do you say Champ? You’ve taken some heavy punishment. Want me to stop then match? Are you ready to give up? To say I’m dazed and a little confused would be putting it mildly. My mind swirls “Oh god yes, I’d love to give up!! She’s beating the crap out of me, but I’m the Champion, I can’t give up in front of all my fans.” 


Here she comes again!! “Oh no, she’s attacking me again!!! Darleen moves very quickly to get as me. She again pulls me to my feet. This time she whips me across the ring into the ropes. Springing back at her she ducks under my outstretched arm. Locks her leg around me and gets me in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH.  I am completely exposed, all she needs to do is reach down and lock a PENUS CLAW on me and I’m finish. 

I’m struggling but I can’t get free. She has the STRETCH on me to tight to get away. My arms fail about as I try to grab the ropes or find some means of escaping from her. I am desperate to get free. Along with the excruciating pain of the AB STRETCH and new feeling has begun. 

It is a feeling that male wrestlers get when they are trapped and are about to be defeated. My manhood has begun to swell and stiffen. I’m getting a DEFEAT BONER. “No-No. it’s happening!!! I’m getting hard!!! It’s stiffening!! I’m getting a defeat boner!!! I’m going to lose the match!!!!” 

Before the ref can ask me again if I want to give up, Darleen again lets go of me. This is my last chance to save my title. I spin around and grab both of Darleen’s breasts and squeeze as hard as I can. I can see the surprise in her eyes and the pain on her face. For the first time I am on the attack. 

I think I may have a chance now. “I’ve got her, now I’ve got her!!!” Let’s see how she likes being in pain for awhile!”My mind races as I squeeze Darleen as tightly as I can. Then suddenly I am stunned, Darleen has gotten me in a PINUS CLAW.  Together we stand in the center of the ring facing each other. Me squeezing her breasts and her squeezing my manhood. 

The fans know that this will decide who wins the match. Will Darleen defeat me or will I force her to submit. Strangely Darleen has a wild look on her face. She seems not to be in any pain at all. In fact her face has an angry look on it. 

Seconds later I feel her increasing the pressure on my manhood. More and more the pain increases. “Oh god, you’re hurting me!!! You’re hurting me!!!! AAAAAAAAAAA!!! NO-NO-NO!!! how can you be doing this to me?” 

My manhood has continued to stiffen and now I have a fully erect boner. My huge erection enables Darleen to use two hands to squeeze me. She’s got me!!! She’ got me. I can’t take any more. I have to surrender to her. She’s defeated me, I can’t go on!!” 
Seeing the predicament I’m in the ref asks if I have had enough and do I wish to concede the match to Darleen. There is no choice, I must surrender to her and lose the match and my title. I lift my hands off Darleen’s breasts and raise them head high palms facing her:


Darleen releases me from the PINUS CLAW. Cupping my hands over my manhood I drop to my knees. I can feel the tears running down my cheeks. Soon I am sobbing greatly. I have just suffered the worst defeat of my career. 

Still on my knees the Announcer begins:  


The ref takes the World Title Belt from my corner and wraps it around the waist of the new Champion Darleen. She raises her arms over her head and thanks the fans for the cheers. After a few seconds she comes to were I’m kneeling on the mat. She puts her hand on my shoulder then removes my mask. “How you doing David? I hope I didn’t hurt you too badly. I try to dry my eyes and look up at her. “You hurt me bad enough!! You got me to submit to you. I’ve never lost like that before. You really beat me.” With a look of sad respect on her face Darleen tells me: “don’t worry, I'll give you a rematch very soon. Get in shape and we’ll do it again.” I nod as she walks away, but in truth I am not sure I want a rematch. “Yea, a rematch. Just what I need, to be battered by you again and humiliated in front of the few fans I have left.”  

I get to my feet and wave to the fans then exit the ring, broken, battered and humiliated. A defeated now former Champion.

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