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CFNM seethrough leotard ballbusting in dance gym

Update: 06.07.2018

B-525 "Ballbusting only!"

Gallery size: 520 Full HD pictures

Ballbusting, 520 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

Christina, the female fighter, says: "As a girl, I was always told how sensitive a male's testicles were; that these organs were a man's kryptonite. I had always assumed the pain was a bit exaggerated by the boys! I never realized HOW vulnerable male genitalia were until a couple years ago. I was play-wrestling with my then-boyfriend in bed. We would do this from time-to-time because it actually turned me on. We would sometimes wrestle as part of foreplay. I wore a leotard, he was naked. My boyfriend had a loose and long scrotum, so his testicles hung very low. I got a little overzealous and accidentally squashed his testicles into the bed with my knee! I could feel his balls so I jumped off instantly. He immediately curled up into a fetal position, holding his manhood in agony. I felt SO powerful! Most females seem to quite enjoy seeing someone getting whacked in the balls or otherwise suffering a "male injury". The problem is that guys on the receiving end usually find the experience acutely embarassing as well as painful - and nobody likes being laughed at, especially by members of the opposite sex. The upshot is that men frequently get upset when it happens to them, even accidentally, and women (especially as they get older) try to hide the amusement they get from seeing it happen. So a fetish develops. One of the reasons guys get so upset about a women hitting a man in the testicles is that the woman is intentionally injuring the mans sexual organs, his genitals, she is taking advantage of his being a male by injuring that which makes him male. In the process, yes, she is cuasing him severe pain. Nature gave us females much protection in our groin, in that our privates are very low and not really exposed. Nature did the opposite with males. However the weakness of the male groin is the great equalizer of the sexes, as males are stronger and run faster. The fact that some men fear females is a good thing in that most crimes are commited by men against women, not the other way around. And the next time you see a male rolling on the ground after being hit in the groin, you can tell your daughter what is happening, don't laugh, just tell her the power that she has and not to abuse this power over the opposite sex. Why don't you guys just admit females are superior for not having balls? A woman can contol a man anytime she wants with his balls. So why not ladies enjoy the power that you have over a man's balls. Nature gave it to you and us, so why not use it. The human female sex is superiior for not having hanging testicles. I actually feel sorry for some guys for having balls. They are so easily hurt. So men with this power of strenght should consider the weakness of balls, that women do not have. So who is weaker, the female that lives longer, or the male that has delicate balls?"

Greg, the male fighter, says: "Ladies, have you understood what happens to a man who has been kicked in the testicles by a woman? Even if she holds back and kicks with only part of her strength, he suffers from a pain which women cannot even imagine. This is how delicate testicles are. A woman who would have been at an overwhelming disadvantage with a "no blows below the belt" rule defeated a man she would never have been able to defeat otherwise just because she was allowed to kick him in the balls. Furthermore, men who possess testicles, the ultimate weak-point, are in fact the ones with the overwhelming disadvantage. The "no blows below the belt rule" was made up by men for their own advantage, because they did not want to lose to women, and is a form of sexual discrimination. Because they are delicate, testicles have many nerve endings and these are made to cause pain if struck or put under pressure so that the owner will take care not to damage them. This pain is extreme and is not solely confined to the testicles and even a fairly moderate blow can cause debilitation by causing the owner to go into shock; a very hard blow can not only rupture the testicle, but can cause so much shock that the owner dies. Human nature being what it is, testicles are very often the subject of torture to force a man to tell all he knows as in almost all cases, no man can withstand the pain caused. Women also find testicles a welcome vulnerability in an otherwise much stronger assailant in self-defence; the famous kick in the balls is a great equalizer. Additionally, because testicles, along with the penis, are an observable difference in the sexes and because they are what make a man a man, they are often the target (both mental and real!) of female hate (and revenge!) for making men “the way they are”! I am a male, and it does hurt to be kicked in the balls; however, I think that it is so so hot when a really gorgeous petite woman has the power to bring me to my knees and/or to her submission with just a simple kick of the sexy foot- in or out of heels- her knee, or a hit or grasp and squeeze with her dainty hand to my balls. A woman grabbed my balls one time, and she squeezed them very hard as I began to cum. It hurt so badly, but the thought of me being rendered so over powered and helpless, as I held my breath, by such a sexy little thing like that, by such a simple little hand on the balls, and with me cumming at the same time..."

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