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tag team mixed wrestling ballbusting femdom

Update: 22.12.2017

W-497 "Royals vs Champs"

Gallery size: 290 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 290 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Man are we getting sick of this. This is the third time we’ve been matched against a new and untested tag-team. I don’t know what this promoter is trying to do. Is he just looking for anyone to beat us? We’re the world champions, does he think just anyone can step into the ring and beat us? Well that’s not going to happen. 

As we step inside the arena the marquee slaps us in the face:

"Tonight World Tag-Team championship Match The Champions “THE SUPERIOR MALES” Vs From England The new and exciting team of Princess Ann Dumont & Princess Denise Windsor “The Royals”


Our names are not even mentioned. We’re the world champions and we don’t even get mentioned. 


In our dressing room my partner Tommy Tyler or TT as he is sometimes called and I let our anger fester. We’ve had it with the disrespect this promoter shows us. It’s time we made a statement. We are the champs and we’re going to stay the champs for a very long time. We’re going to take it out on these English girls. We’re going to make them sorry they ever came to America. We’re going to show them just how tuff American men are. No way they take the titles from us. American men don’t lose to English Princesses.

Me, I’m Jonathan Jason Joy commonly known as “Triple J” along with my partner Tommy Tyler or TT as he is called we are “The Superior Males” the reigning Tag-Team Champions of The World. The time to defend our titles is near and we begin to get ready. Reaching into my gear bag I pull out four items and arrange then next to me. TT also gets his four things out so he can get ready to fight.

We are quickly out of our street cloths and now stand nude. I reach for my gear, taking a seat I carefully gather up my very shiny and shimmering deep toast pantyhose. Putting my feet in them one at a time I carefully begin to work the hose up my legs stretching and smoothing as I go. The hose TT and I wrestle in are a light brown color that sparkle and shine in the ring lights. Stretching them over my knees and up my thighs I carefully pull them tight. I work them over my manhood and butt and pull the elastic waistband up to just below my naval. A few feet away my partner TT has done just about the same thing.

We both now adjust out manhood to go to the right inside our pantyhose. A few leg bends and stretches and we pull our hose up tight. Even in the light of the dressing room our pantyhose sparkle. Next we both step into shiny white thongs and pull them up. Once again we need to adjust our manhood’s. We then lace on very shiny white boots. These boots have an almost mirror finish to them. They too reflect and shine in the light. Next our prized possession the world title belts are strapped around our waists then finally sparkling white ring jackets. “The Superior Males” are ready to wrestle.

Entering the ring we get a look at our opponents “The Royals” Princess Ann is almost six feet tall. Her tag-team partner Princess Denise is over six feet. These are two tall women. Both are very well built displaying well conditioned bodies. Both are blond and are in fact quite beautiful. They are dressed in sheer black body stockings that start at their necks and run down to their toes. Both body stockings are long sleeved and they both wear shiny black boots.

The ring announcer enters and begins:

“This is the main event. It is a two out of three falls match for the World Tag-Team championship. In this corner. They are the challengers. From England they are Princess Ann Dumont and her partner Princess Denise Windsor. They are THE ROYALS. And in the opposite corner. Jonathan Jason Joy Also known as Triple J and his tag-team partner Tommy Tyler who his fans know as TT. They are The SUPERIOR MALES The World Tag-Team Champions.”

With the announcement made all four wrestlers come to the center of the ring. The ref quickly runs thru the instructions and we return to our corners. TT and I slip off our ring jackets. As we do howls, whistles and cheers come from the fans. As champions and as well endowed males we have a very large female following. Draping our jackets over the turnbuckles we unbuckle our world title belts. Once again the cheers, whistles and howls come from the fans.

With just seconds before the bell TT steps between the ropes and out onto the ring apron. I quickly pull up and smooth out my pantyhose and thong and get ready. I will start the match facing Princess Ann. The bell and I’m out of our corner. We circle and lock-up, in a lighting quick move Ann drives her knee into my mid-section and slips behind me. Before I can react to the knee she wraps her arm around my head and locks me a DRAGON NECK-BREAKER. She cinches it up tight bending me backward as she twists my neck. I get a split second look a TT; he has a shocked expression on his face. He can’t understand how I was taken so quickly.

With my back arched up against the neck-breaker my pantyhose and thong are stretched tightly across my manhood. Just seconds into the match Princess Ann has complete control of me and is working my neck over. I claw at her hands trying to break the hold. She in turn jams her free hand up under my chin and drops the mat. The back of my head crashes into the canvas in a REVERSE FACE PLANT.

The impact stuns me and I am slow to get up. Princess Ann grabs my by the hair and pulls me to my feet. In rapid succession three, four, five powerful fore-arms smash into my chest driving me back against the ropes. Draped on the ropes she has me bent over the top ropes. Her left hand is around my throat chocking me as she uses her right to smash me in the chest.

I am off to the worst start in my entire wrestling career. I’m trapped on the ropes and I have yet to make my first offensive move. Using my hair to pull me off the ropes Princess Ann drags me to the center of the ring. Still using my hair she pulls my head down as she explodes upward with her knee. Her knee impacts my chin and I fly backward slamming down to the mat.

With just over two minuets of the match gone, I’m stretched out on the mat stunned and groggy. I know I must tag out or I will be pinned. Princess Ann has devastated me and I need a break in the action. I roll over and begin to crawl toward my corner and TT’s out stretched hand. I am only inches from his hand and escape from the ring when she pulls me back.

Back in the middle of the ring I am at Princess Ann’s mercy. Face down on the mat she grabs one of my shiny white boots and lifts my leg off the mat. Bending my leg at the knee she then wraps her arms around my ankle and clamps down on me. Pain shoots up my leg into my butt and half way up my spine. She has me in a REVERSE-ANKLE LOCK. Its half leg lock and half Boston crab.
Pain causes me to panic as I try to escape the hold. “She’s got me, my leg she’s going to break me leg”.


I claw at the mat. I twist and turn, my arm out stretched trying to tag out or reach the ropes. TT seems a mile away and the ropes not much closer.

The ref knees just in front of me “Are you ready Champ? Do you want to submit? I can end this. Are you ready to give up?” Even though the pain is overwhelming and I really do want to submit I shake my head NO!! I don’t want to be beaten.

Then suddenly for no reason Ann drops my leg. Relief floods me as the pain in my leg eases. I roll onto my back and grab my aching knee. This is a mistake as I should be trying to tag out. As the pain in my leg subsides a shiny black boot crashes into my mid-section. The air rushes out of my lungs leaving me gasping for breath. What I hadn’t noticed is the Ann had gone to her corner and tagged in Princess Denise.

Fresh and ready to punish me Princess Denise drops to her knees beside me and begins to pound on my abdomen. Double-Fisted Ax Handles smash into my belly over and over. My hands clutch at my stomach trying to protect it, but its no use. Over and over Princess Denise’s fist slam into me. Getting to her feet Princess Denise pulls me up. Twisting my arm into a wringer she whips me into the ropes. Running after me she drives her knee into me as I rebound off. I scream as the air is forced out of my lungs. I double over my hands clutching at my stomach as I stagger forward.

The fans in the arena go wild as they watch the action. At the announcers table both announcers are almost breathless as they describe the action. At home the pay pre view audience is stunned as they can’t believe what they are seeing.

Mary Elizabeth Miller: “What a stunning first fall this has been. The girls from the UK have really taken it to “Triple J.”

Eddie King: "Yes they have Mary. What is it with you ladies from England? You come to America and beat up on American men."

Mary Elizabeth: "It seams as though Triple J is in real trouble. Princess Ann has the champion in a nasty REVERSE ANKLE LOCK. This is a submission hold and Triple J is struggling to escape."

Eddie King: "Those at ring side can clearly see the pain on the face of the Champion. As well as hear his screams. He surely can’t take this kind of punishment for very long."


Mary Elizabeth: "OH!! Ann has dropped Triple J’s leg and has tagged in her partner Princess Denise. He’s failed to make the tag. He’s still in the ring Triple J now must contend with a fresh Princess Denise."


I drop to my knees still holding my belly. 


Gasping desperately I try to get air into my lungs. Still on my knees still holding my sore belly, Princess Denise’s boot smashes into the back of my head. I’m sent rocketing forward crashing face first into the mat. Stretched out on the canvas Princess Denise drives her boot into my unprotected side several times. My entire mid-section is on fire. I can hardly breathe and I can not move.

I’m shown no mercy and given no time to recuperate. Princess Denise pulls me to my feet. I wobble and stagger as my legs can’t seam to hold me. As I steady on my feet the Princess twists my arm and slings me into the ropes. As I fly back she is waiting for me. Her arms wraps around my head, her leg intertwines with mine. The nylon of her bodysuit and my pantyhose rub tightly together. I am in the center of the ring far from the ropes and the out stretched arm of my partner. Terrible and overwhelming pain floods my body. My manhood begins to swell and stiffen as I inch closer to defeat.

Mary Elizabeth Miller: “What a sight, the world champion on his knees pounded down gasping for air. Triple J has never taken a beating like this."


Eddie King: "You’re right about that Mary. From the opening bell he’s been battered and beaten by both women. OH WOW, a kick to the back of his head has sent the Champion sprawling on the mat face first. He looks like a beaten wrestler."


Mary Elizabeth: "Princess Denise pulls Triple J off the mat. She has something in mind what is she going to do to him. A whip to the ropes. Look at that-look at that. She’s got him. Princess Denise has the world champion trapped in an ABDOMINAL STRETCH."


Eddie King: "Oh man he’s finished now. He’ll never get out of that. He’s taken too much punishment and he’s far too weak. The tell tail signs of defeat for a male wrestler are beginning to show on Triple Joy. The English Princesses are going to win the first fall."


Mary Elizabeth: "No question about it Eddie. Triple Joy is being defeated. His manhood is now completely erect and hard a sign of surrender in a male wrestler as it strains against the nylon of his shiny pantyhose."

I’m trapped; she’s caught me in an ABDOMINAL-STRETCH. “No no she’s got me. I can’t get out. She’s going to finish me she’s going to beat me. I’m going to lose the fall.”


Twisting and turning, thrashing about wildly. The more I struggle the tighter the Ab stretch becomes.

“Where’s the ref - where’s the ref? I want to submit, I’ve got to get out of this hold!” is all I can think of.

Finally the ref is here:

"How about it Champ? You ready to submit? Do you want to give up? Has she beaten you?"

At last escape. I scream my surrender to Princess Denise she’s defeated me:


"YES-YES I SUBMIT!! She’s beaten me, I give up. OH, PLEASE-PLEASE LET ME GO, LET ME GO, You win Princess you win. I GIVE UP. You’ve defeated me!!”


Princess Denise lets me go and I slump to the mat.

My partner TT leaps into the ring and runs to me. He kneels down beside me and begins to check me over: "Are you hurt J? What happened to you?"

Still gasping for breath all I can do is lie here on the mat. “She beat me T. She worked me over bad. I never got started she was al over me from the bell. There strong T both Princesses very strong. I can’t fight them to strong for me. Look at me; she’s given me a defeat boner. It’s so stiff it hurts. We’re gone to get beat; they’re going to take our titles.” TT begins to help me to my feet. He wraps my arm around his shoulder and carries me back to our corner.

Mary Elizabeth Miller: "TT has gotten his beaten partner off the mat and has helped him back to their corner. I don’t know about you Eddie but I can’t see how Triple J can possibly start the second fall. He looks awful. He has deep red welts all over his chest. His pantyhose slid down and are just barely covering his now very stiff manhood."


Eddie King: "Well he has two minuets to recover and be ready to wrestle."

With only a minute left between falls I need to fix myself. Starting at the tops of my boots I slowly pull up my pantyhose smoothing out all the wrinkles. I adjust my thong covering my very stiff boner as best I can. I check my legs to see if I have any runners. I push the hair back out of my eyes and I’m now as ready as I will ever be.

Too soon the bell for fall number two rings. With my pantyhose up and tight I move out. Our plan is for me to quickly tag out and let TT win this fall. Across the ring my opponent Princess Denise moves out toward me. I faint toward her several times but she makes no response. Each time I faint toward her I move just a little farther away from my corner.

WHAM!! She’s on me. She has my arm and has moved behind me. I look around and realize that I’m too far away from my corner to make a tag. Grabbing my other arm she wraps them around my head then jams her boot into the back of my knee sending me to the mat. Princess Denise has got me again.

I’ve already lost one fall and now I’m on my knees in the center of the ring with no way to escape.

My arms are wrapped across my face and are being pulled tight. I’m struggling to breath and my vision has started to blur. SMASH!!! Princess Denise has Curb-Stomped me into the mat. It’s almost a knock-out blow. I’m very woozy and I don’t have full control of my arms or legs.

After several kicks to my side Princess Denise pulls me off the mat. With dazzling speed she bends my arm into an Over Hand Wrist Lock. My wrist, elbow and shoulder burn with pain as my arm is bent. Using her free arm she jams it up under my chin in a choke. Using the wrist lock and the choke she drives me back into the turnbuckles in her corner.

Crack – Crack – Crack!! You can hear the chops as they impact my neck. I’m trapped in our opponent’s corner and both Princesses are working me over. From outside the ring Princess Ann has her arm wrapped tightly around my neck cutting off my air. As she chokes me she is also pounding my back with her fist. In the ring Princess Denise is smashing her fore-arm into my chest and is occasionally driving her fist into me below the elastic waistband of my pantyhose.

“I’m trapped, I can’t get free. OUCH!! Her fist smashed me just above my manhood. I can’t take much more of this beating”. From both front and back the two Princesses batter me mercilessly. My eyes flutter and I almost pass out. Suddenly there is a commotion across the ring. TT has jumped over the ropes and has tried to reach me. Just a few feet away Princess Denise wheels around and kicks TT squarely between his legs.

My tag-team partner and one-half of the world tag-team champions crashes to the mat on his knees. Pain is etched on his face. His mouth is open but nothing comes out. Almost completely paralyzed he can’t scream. His hands are cupped around his manhood. Many at ring side see the tears form at the corners of his eyes and roll down his cheeks. My partner has been in the ring less than thirty seconds and is effectively out of the match. My last hope to save our title is gone.

Seeing TT completely devastated on the mat Princess Ann , leaps over the ropes and attacks TT. Wrapping her arms around his head she pulls him to his feet and locks on her Sleeper-Hold TT struggles but it’s no use. This powerful male wrestler and world champion has already begun to succumb to Princess Ann’s sleeper. He claws at her arms but is too weakened from the groin kick to escape the hold. Slowly, very slowly his arms drop to his sides first one then the other. His manhood begins to swell just like mine. The tighter the SLEEPER gets the harder Tommy’s boner becomes. His legs buckle and bend at the knees. It seams to take forever as he melts to the canvas, all the wile having Princess Ann’s arms tightening their grip on him. He’s finished, his legs are stretched out wide apart and his stiff manhood strains against the nylon of his pantyhose and thong as he lies on the mat. His eye’s have closed, his arms fallen uselessly at his sides. Tommy Tyler, half of the world tag-team champions has been knocked out by Princess Ann a young female English wrestler.

“OMG, she got him. She knocked Tommy out. They’re going to get me now. We’ll be defeated. We’re going to lose our titles.” Princess Ann leaves Tommy out cold on the mat, stepping between the ropes she exits the ring.

Princess Denise pulls me out of the corner and to the middle of the ring. On instinct I stretch my hand out toward our corner. No one is there to tag me; my partner is lying on the mat unconscious. The Princess jams her arm between my legs crushing my manhood. She wraps her other arm around my head and scoops me off the mat. “Owww, she’s crushing me. It hurts oh man it hurts.” Holding tightly to the back of my pantyhose she hoists me high in the air and smashes me down to the mat. The powerful slam sends shock waves up my spine. I arch up and grab at my back. “Oh god I’m hurt. My back, my back. I’m going to get pined. I can’t fight her off she’s going to pin me.’

However Princess Denise has other plains. Grabbing one of my shiny white boots she flips me face down on the mat. A Second later her elbow slams into my at my lower back. The point of impact is just inches above the waist band of my pantyhose and thong. Twice more the Princesses elbow slams into me.

Mary Elizabeth: "Disaster for the Champions, Tommy Tyler’s been knocked out. Half of the world’s tag-team champions lies unconscious on the mat."

Eddie King: "The title holders are in big trouble. I mean really big trouble. Tommy’s out cold and triple J is taking a horrific beating. Who would have thought this possible just hours ago? Two younger less experienced female wrestlers have battered and pounded the male champions to the verge of submission."

Mary Elizabeth: "Male vs female it doesn’t seam to matter. Two very skilled and powerful young females came here tonight and demolished two far more experienced males. The girls from England just completely out wrestled and out fought the American men."


Eddie King: "I really have no choice but to agree with you. American manhood has taken a colossal and humiliating beating from English femininity."

My arms reach back toward my aching spine. Like a knife jammed into my back Princess Denise’s knees impact me. One knee digs into me just below the waist band of my pantyhose and one knee just above.

“What’s next? What is she going to do to me? One more elbow and she’ll have me. I’m just about finished. I can’t continue to fight, she’s beaten me.” Suddenly my right arm is grabbed. Princess Denise pulls it forward, slips it under my chin and pulls it tight around my neck. “Oh shit, she’s choking me. Choking me with my own arm. I can’t pull it free. Air I need air.” As she pulls my arm tight it begins to choke me. I’m having trouble breathing.

With my arm wrapped tightly around my neck, she next grabs my boots. First she crosses one boot over the other. Grabbing them she bends my legs at the knee. SWISH, WOSH!! I’m turned over and lifted off the mat. My back is arched across her shins and I’m looking up at the ring lights. I struggle to get free but she has me tied up tight. My legs are locked down by her crossing my boots over each other. She has one of my arms locked tightly around my neck. With only one arm free I have no leverage to escape. I’m caught; she has me an inescapable Back-Breaker. I squirm and wiggle but it’s no use she’s got me locked up tight.

“She’s got me, it’s over I’m finished. I can’t get out of this hold. My back, my back, sweet mother of mercy she’s breaking my back.”

"Where’s the ref, where is she? I want to surrender, she’s beaten me. I just want to submit and end it."

"REF-REF, I give up!! I’ finished!!"


What the hell, she’s still got me. Where’s the Fuckin ref? Come on girl, she’s beaten me. Get her off me.


"PLEASE, help me. Let me go, PLEASE let me go!!”

Mary Elizabeth: "Did you hear that Eddie? I’m sure I just heard the champion submit to Princess Denise. Is it over? Have they lost their titles?"


Eddie King: "Yes! I did hear it. But I’ll tell you Mary, I don’t believe the ref heard it. He’s made no move to free Triple J and Princess Denise still has him lock up tight."

At last the ref kneels down beside the trapped champion:


“Are you done champ? Is that it, you want to submit the match to her?”


Defeated and humiliated I offer my final surrender to Princess Denise:

“YES-YES!! I’m done, we’re both finished. I submit. She’s beaten

me, They’ve beaten both of us. WE SUBMIT!! THEY WIN!! WE’RE FINISHED, LET ME GO, PLEASE LET ME GO!! WE GIVE UP!!”


Mary Elizabeth: “That’s it, it’s over. They’ve done it, they’ve won the match!! We all just heard Triple J submit. He’s been beaten. Both men have been beaten. The Superior Males have lost the match and they have lost their titles."


Eddie King: "This is an almost unbelievable end to this match. The Superior Males, the world tag-team champions defeated. I have no explanation for what we’ve seen here. This should not have happened."

Mary Elizabeth: "Well I can explain it for you Eddie. What happened is that Both American men were beaten by two lovely young English girls. Who I may add are taking the world title back to the UK with them."


Eddie King: "I guess I have to offer my congratulations to the new champions. They had a plan and they carried it out very well. So hip-hip who ray for the ‘Royals” the new world champions."


Up in the ring the ref has called for the bell and signaled the end of the match:


“Let him go Denise. He’s submitted to you. You’ve won the match and the titles. It’s over." And just like that we’re finished. The Superior Males are defeated and lose their titles.


Princess Denise drops me to the mat and runs to her partner. Princess Ann jumps the ropes and the two girls embrace in their corner. Tommy is still stretched out on the mat out cold. I lie several feet away struggling with the pain in my back. Of the now former world champions neither man can get to his feet.

The ring announcer enters and begins:

“Ladies & Gentlemen. The winners of two straight falls and the match. And now The New World Tag-Team champions from England. They are known as “The Royals” Princess Ann Dumont and her partner Princess Denise Windsor.”


All thru the crowd the Union Jack, the English national flag is waving back and forth as the British fans celebrate the victory. A chant rises up just like a soccer match as the new champion’s wave to the crowd.

As both Princesses exit the ring people begin to sing “God Save The Queen” The British national anthem.

As for the “Superior Males” we are still on the mat unable to get to our feet. As the cheers die away for the new champs the medical staff enters the ring and begins to tend to us, the losers. Two men help me to my feet and to our corner. Across the ring several people are trying to revive Tommy from his knock out.

After several minuets he is helped to his feet. We slip on our beautiful sparkling ring jackets but there is no joy in us. We silently exit the ring, no cheers no singing, nothing. Both of us need help getting back to our dressing room. One thing I notice immediately is the sign saying “World Tag-Team Champions” has been removed from the door to our dressing room. It now hangs across the hall on the “Royals” door.

Finally back in our dressing room we sit and try to gather ourselves. Tommy is still very woozy from his knock out. She managed to put him a very deep sleep and he is badly affected. I am battered and deep bruises are starting to show up all over my body.

TJ: "We got beat real bad Tommy."

TT: "I know J; I never got into the match. I stepped into the ring and got knocked out. We lost the match and we lost our titles. What are we going to do?"
TJ: "We got to try again. We need another match with these girls."


TT: "Ya, I know but what if they beat us again? I don’t want to lose to these two again. I don’t want to be knocked out again. TJ: You can’t think like that Tommy. It was a fluke. We just got caught off guard. We can beat them. We can get our titles back."

After several more minutes I untie my shiny white boots and pull them off. I stand and peel down my pantyhose; I slip off my ring jacket and head to the shower. In the shower I can hear very soft sobbing coming from the other room. Its Tommy he’s sobbing and talking to himself: "Knocked out; I let her knock me out. In the ring for 10 seconds and I let her take me. I couldn’t even help my partner. He must hate me. I let him get beat. I cost us the titles. The big tuff wrestling champion got beat by a girl; he let himself get knocked out."

I can now hear him crying; he feels so bad. I stay in the shower long enough to hear that he has stopped crying. I grab my towel and head back. On the stool I see Tommy untying his boots; He stands and strips out of his out of his thong. “We’ll get them next time” he says. I hope he’s right, I don’t want to lose to them again!

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