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Update: 17.02.2017

F-449 "Sparring in Dojo"

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Mixed wrestling, Ballbusting, 270 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Ballerinas are the ultimate icon of the unobtainable, beautifully delicate female dancer. But these graceful gymnasts of the stage develop lethal skills and strengths with their legs so that when releasing their hidden sadistic desires, they use use them to destroy men's balls like no other women. turn these weapons into the the destroyer of men's balls. But when these same ballerinas keep their ballerina shoes on with their rock-hard wooden tips, then use them as ballbusting weapons to deliver excruciatingly hard blows to the balls of men, they can be the most fearsome of all ballbusters. Yet it is all done with grace and art almost making ballbusting an acceptable theatrical art. I am seeing in the studio where I go for two years now. A girl who is intent on going pro (kickboxing, I forgot to mention), every so often she chooses off on a guy to fight her and beat her without his cup on. Like, she PROVOKES these guys. She kicks every one of them in the balls and, boom, over just like that. Once she gets a foot in, the guys they don't get up.


Mary, the female fighter, says: "I took some ballet in college specifically to improve my fighting. Flexibility was the biggest improvement I saw, but other aspects of combat improved as well. Ballerinas are strong as hell and tough as nails. I learned so much about how my body moved that I could do things I never thought I could pull off. All girls know where balls are, and I know what happens when we kick them. My personal trainer told me that it's the source of a mans strength and when you hit them there they lose all their strength, so a woman has to take a mans strength before she can get away or hurt them back. It appears to be true. So when I do karate I always "accidentaly" sneak a little kick into the guys balls, then its easy to win the fight (if he can even get up)."

Dan, the male fighter, says: "If in a mixed fight the female gets hit in her breasts she for the most part can keep fighting, but if while fighting the female hits the males testicles he's in a lot of trouble. was a kid I had several fights with girls and lost every time because they hit me in the testicles. now when I was fighting them I was really just trying to pin them so I could end the fight and I was bigger than them. so I would tackle them to the ground and that's where the troubles for me would begin. the girl wouldn't just lay there and let me pin her she wiggled and rolled to get free and some how either punch and knee would tap me in the balls of and elbow and once I was grabbed. that would cause me to pull back or loosen my hold on her and she would brake away. now I was still a little off and she was seeing her advantage and would move in for the final hit to the balls. and end the fight. oh and the time I was grabbed I brought my arm down and knocked her hand away only to find her rolling me over on my back with her on top. she had me pinned and short of breath and looking right into her eyes and saw pure evil glee there. she kneed me in the balls a bunch of times."