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mixed wrestling sister vs brother young teens leotard femdom fighting

Update: 08.07.2016

W-415 "The Last battle"

Gallery size: 210 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 210 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It has been 10 months and 3 weeks to the day since they had last wrestled each other. In that time he has successfully defended the title 9 times beating all challengers. As for her, she really did not want to wrestle him for the belt. Their first match had been very difficult for both of them and she was prepared to wait to fight the next champion. Unfortunately that was not to be. After their first match there had been an immediate outcry for a rematch. In the months that followed the demand became louder and louder. In the end they could put it off no longer. The strange part of it is that in just under 4weeks, 26 days to be exact Patrick would not be the Teen Champion. That will be his 20th birthday and he must relinquish the title. All of that no longer mattered the match has been set and they will again fight for the title.

In his dressing room Patrick prepares for the match, he has put his reluctance behind him and is sure he will again beat Colleen. The past few months of training and wrestling have honed his body and his skills to a fine edge. Patrick removes his street cloths raps himself in a towel and receives a rub down from his trainer, just one of the perks of being champion. He pulls up his jockstrap and slowly wiggles in to his wrestling singlet. It is skintight showing every ripple, curve and bulge on his body. Patrick admires his physic in the mirror his manhood bulging under the tight fabric of his singlet. The white satin like fabric shines in the light. In the last 10 months Patrick has attracted a large group of young, and in some cases not so young female fans. He enjoys having them watch him wrestle. He loves to hear the whistles and catcalls of his female fans. He laces up white paten leather boots, and raps the Championship Belt around his waist, slips into his white satin and sequined ring jacket with TEEN CHAMPION on the back in gold letters.

In her dressing room Colleen too is prepared to fight. She will give it all she has knowing that her brother will be doing the same. In the mounts that followed the Tournament Colleen has gone undefeated in 12 matches and has established a large fan following of her own. Standing in front of her mirror in just her thong panties and bra Colleen sees that she no longer has any "baby fat". Her body is trim and athletic looking. Perfect well-rounded breasts, flat stomach and gorgeous long legs. Just a little less than a month before her 19th birthday she has become a gorgeous young woman. The match will soon be starting as she changes into her wrestling gear. Shinny dark tan pantyhose are pulled up and smoothed. A one-shouldered dark green metallic suit and dark green wrestling boots and a green satin ring jacket finish her look. A knock at her door signals it is time for the match.

The arena is electric with excitement as the two young wrestlers enter the ring. Their fans cheer wildly as each is introduced, the instructions are brief and the bell starts the match.

Patrick waists no time as he charges at Colleen sliding across the mat trapping her legs in a scissors and forcing her face down on the mat. With one leg folded over the other Patrick pushes on the toe of Colleen's boot. Twisting from side to side she tries to grab Patrick any way she can. After several minuets of struggle she claws her way to the ropes and grabs the bottom strand. Patrick breaks the hold at the count of three and backs away. Colleen uses the ropes to pull her self to her feet. Patrick quickly moves in and twists his sister's arm into a wringer and whips her into the ropes. The rebound finds his knee being driven into her mid-section. Colleen stagers a few steps and drops to her knees. Patrick is on her in a second grabs her arms bending them back trapping Colleen in a surfboard. Colleen screams in pain as her arms are bent and twisted; she is asked if she wants to give up. She shakes her head no as she tries to crawl to the ropes. Patrick has followed her slow progress toward the ropes, and has dropped his foot from between her shoulders. Feeling this she does a backward roll, releasing her arms from the surfboard. As she rolls over she snaps her legs out, the soles of her boots catch Patrick under his chin. Patrick is stunned for a second and falls to the mat on his bottom. Colleen moves like a cat she stands on one of her brother's boots and stomps the side of his knee. Three stomps later she bends his leg into a step-over toehold. Pressing down on his white boot Colleen has Patrick slapping the mat and covering his face in pain. The ref is on her stomach checking Patrick's shoulders as Colleen bends his leg. Dropping his leg to the mat Colleen drives her elbow into the side of his knee, once, twice, three times her elbow crashes onto his knee. She intertwines her leg around his putting her boot to the back of his knee and pushing. Patrick is again slapping the mat grabbing his head and twisting from side to side looking for an escape. He finally in desperation uses his free leg to kick her in the back of the head several times. Colleen topples over onto her back holding her neck. For the next 30min the match rages back and forth, each young wrestler giving and taking punishment. Colleen and Patrick trap each other in one hold after another. Snap mares, body slams, suplexes are all used against each other. This battle is even more spectacular than their first one. Both wrestlers try to get a submission from each other. First Colleen traps Patrick in a figure-four leg lock. Then it is Patrick putting Colleen in an abdominal stretch. Both brother and sister are asked time and again to submit, and both refuse each time. Patrick has just landed a solid drop kick on Colleen, as both wrestlers slowly get to their feet he tries for a second one. Colleen sees it coming and ducks out of the way. Patrick crashes to the mat on his back. Colleen charges in leaps in the air for a flying body press, as she comes down she crashes onto Patrick's knees. Colleen is stunned lying on her back. Patrick sees his chance, trying to end the match in a spectacular fashion he climbs to the top rope. He stands there for just a second arms out stretched, leaping in the air he does a flip and comes crashing down onto nothing but mat. Colleen has rolled out of the way.

Quickly she is on her fallen brother, pulling him to his feet she reaches between his legs grabbing his shinny satin singlet and jock strap hooking his head she lifts him off the mat. Holding him chest high she drops to one knee slamming his back across her thigh. Patrick rolls off her leg arching his back holding his aching spine. Slowly getting to his feet Colleen puts him in a front headlock, taking the leg of his shinny white singlet she lifts and suplexes Patrick onto his back again. Patrick cries out in pain as his back arches up. As he is pulled to his feet this time Colleen drives Patrick face first into the corner. With his arms draped over the top rope Colleen slams her knee into his back over and over. The ref moves in to pull Colleen off her brother, as she does Patrick slumps to the mat on his knees his arms now draped over the second rope. The count reaches 8 before Patrick can get to his feet. Still in the corner Colleen moves quickly around the ref. Taking his head in her hands and putting her boot in his belly Colleen monkey flips Patrick out of the corner on to his back. Pulling her brother to his feet she sends him flying up and over three more times. Colleen's speed has begun to overwhelm Patrick as she suplexes and slams him again and again. After each slam he lies on the mat seemingly unable to get to his feet. A giant suplex leaves him stretched out on the canvas. Regaining her feet Colleen moves to pull Patrick off the mat once more, as she does the TEEN CHAMPION begs his sister and wrestling opponent "No more Colleen- Please- Don't slam me again- You've beaten me - just let me fall and pin me - I'm finished".

Patrick is both stunned and surprised as Colleen continues her attack. Trapping his head between her legs Colleen puts her brother in a standing head scissors and squeezes as hard as she can. On his knees trapped and in pain the Teen Champion claws at his sisters stocking coverer legs. Smash after smash rains down on Patrick's back as he tries to free himself, with each new blow he cries out in pain. Colleen bends over wrapping her arms around his middle; lifting him off the mat she drapes him over her shoulder. Sliding her arms up and cupping his chin with her hands Colleen traps her brother in a Hangman back breaker. Patrick's white boots dangle in the air as his legs twitch and quiver. His already damaged back is bent and tortured. His female fans are in tears, as they see their champion crying out in pain and fear. They cannot believe what they see and hear as their Champion Patrick cries out begging his sister to release him from this torturous hold " Please Colleen let me go - you win - I give up - I give up". As she moves into place in front of Colleen, Colleen tells the ref to "go ahead ask him - does he want to give up". The ref looks into Patrick's eyes and knows the answer before she can even ask the question. " Have you had enough Patrick - do you want to submit" she asks him. He looks at her with tears in his eyes but does not answer.

"Give it up Patrick - you've had enough - let me stop the match - tell me you submit" the ref says to him. A badly beaten and humiliated Champion cries out his submission " Stop the match - please - I submit - I submit - please - let me go - I give up - I give up". Patrick begs for mercy from his sister Colleen "let me go Colleen - Please - you win - you've defeated me go I'm finished please let me go". The ref signals for bell and tell Colleen " it's over Colleen - you've beaten him - let him go". Colleen releases the now defeated former champion, her brother Patrick. He collapses to the mat sobbing and in tears. The Championship Belt is taken from Patrick's corner and placed around Colleen's waist, as her arm is raised in victory. After waving to the crowd for several seconds Colleen kneels beside her fallen brother. Placing his head in her lap she begins to dry his tears, and pat his face. " Why Colleen why, I would have only been the champion for a few more weeks? Did you have to beat me so badly? I would have let you pin me". " I'm sorry Patrick I love you but I also love to wrestle and I wanted to be champion - and I though you should know that I could always beat you, I just let you win".

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