nuscle woman vs man wrestling headlock

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W-544 "Adele vs Bobby"

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Adele, the female wrestler, says: "My husband and I wrestle a lot and our wrestling usually ends with him submitting to my strong legs. He is bigger than me (5'10" 190, to my 5'2" 135) and has more upper body strength, but my legs are very powerful from 14 years as a gymnast. I'm also very flexible so once I get my legs around him it's usually over pretty quick. I've crushed a watermelon and a cantelope with my thighs. The canteloupe was hard, but the watermelon just exploded when I squeezed down on it.

He is a professional wrestler, but I can still beat him singlehandedly, and always get him in a headscissors until he admits that i am his goddess and he is my bitch.

For some women that love to give scissors hold in is a real turn-on for them just to see the man suffer.and nothing makes the women laugh to hear man beg or crying from the pain! My upper body strength matches or more my husband and I can hold his arms pinned. My legs are stronger so I enjoy grapevine holds and like to spread his legs with mine coaching him along the way to fight back and stop me only to spead his legs farther and farther! I'm much more flexable and my legs are bigger and stronger so I continue until he begs me to stop! I also pin him from behind and pull his arms behind his back, I again coach my husband into using his full strength and realize I'm stronger as I overpower him and pull his arms back until he begs again! I have him admitt I'm stronger to be released! I also enjoy leg scissors and hold his chest while he's on top so with him trapped I push like a bench press against his wrists until his arms are behind his back while holding him firm with my legs! I wear him down until his arms weaken and start pushing until I get his wrists past his shoulders! He can't get away because of my leg hold, Once I have his wrist behind his shoulders he is so weakened that I start pushing his wrists together behind his back or shoulder blades! That will get him begging and almost crying! His face is pulled into my chest and he sees my pecs contracting while I do this! Once he's pinned like this I have him lick my hard pecs while I coach him about his weakness and my strength!

I have used quite a few holds on him. Grapvines, scissors, headlocks, school girl pins and full nelsons. I overpower him now, as I have got much stronger than him. If I'm too forceful, I can hurt him and he wimpers and panics.

He got really scared because I was really overpowering him, hurting him and moving him around with ease. He was trapped and helpless. I felt really awesome. So powerful and in total command. Finally he gave up and told "I wrestle a lot of women and I found out that a reverse headscissors is the most devastating scissor hold because you women can apply a tremendous mount of pressure! And there is no way to escape or get out of!"

Bobby, the male wrestler, says: "I know that my wife head scissors me as foreplay before sex. The harder I try to break loose the tighter she squeezes. I have no choice but to tap out. She has total control over me and shows no mercy. Its not fake. If anyone else wonder if volleyball girl could scissor.. My wife has about 172cm and ~60kg, long legs and about 21-22" tights. She is stronger than most of girls but probably not as volleyball players.. If she cross her ankles and just get her legs straight I can still breathe, but if she start to squezee with her 30% of strength i cant breathe but still I do not have to tap out. When she is in about 50% her possibilities I'm tapping out. there is no possibility to get out. then she use about 75% of her strength - I'm starting to panic and pressing all my fingers into her tights. sometimes i can hear every bone in my neck making some noise. It doesnt matter how much breathe did you take, she will throw all of it out of you. Few times i had nearly passed out - it depends of scissoring length and breathing. My wife do not have to use all her strength (but she has good applying technique around neck).

My wife has legs that are 33" long and is 2" taller than me. A few years ago I asked her to scissor me around my waist. It was like being placed in a giant vice! She would do this in and off for the next couple of months and then one night I asked her to scissor me around the neck. I've told her that I want to get scissored by gymnasts Shawn Johnson, Victoria Larvie, and Alicia Sacramone! That'll be delicious! (if u know what I mean!) I can eat them out for as long as they want with my head between their thighs and face buried deep in their smooth, creamy, yet rock hard thighs! She put me out in about 20 seconds! She has never squeezed me around the neck since as the breathing noises I made whilst unconcious scared her.

Some women I have wrestled use the python technique when applying a bodyscissors when flat on back her legs wrapped around upper stomach, simply waited till I breathed out and tightened after each exhale.... before long I could not breath in or out, and it was either tap or suffocate...

My wife loves to squeeze me too. She squeezes tighter when im giving her oral sex especially right before she has an orgasm. It hurts but it sure feels good at the same time.

My wife is an extremely talented submission artist. She has wild variations of every submission hold. She will apply a camel clutch for at a few minutes just to wear me me down. That is when she gets serious and the pain really begins. She will.take one hand off the chin and glab an ankle of mine and tuck it in under her armpit, and then does the same on the other side. Now i am caught in a camel clutch with both legs pulled up and tucked under her arms. She holds this excruciating manuever until i am like jelly and cant fight back, often watching t.v. while doing it as i am completely helpless. I can submit if i want, but it wont do any good as almost every match ends in an extremely painful pretzel hold. Look that move up. Absolutely humiliating. Plus, I'm nude but she is always wear gymnastic leotard and black knee high leather boots which make my bare legs stick to her more which insures no escape. I cant lie, the leotard and boots are very sexy. But the worst part is at that point, begging or submitting wont get me out, as the submission she requires is for me to squeal like a pig. She has no idea how dangerous she is either as i have been rendered unconscious many times in figure four scissors. She is amazing and scary all at the same time. 

My favorite is the schoolgirl pin. My wife clad in leotard and I'm nude wrestle on the floor. She forces me down on the floor on my back, straddles my chest, pushes my arms down to the floor with all her weight, and pins my arms with her legs, her knees pinning my forearms while her hands are pinning my wrists. She holds me in this position for about 10 minutes while I struggle to get free. She taunts me and calls me her sex slave. I get incredibly aroused. This is our foreplay.

My wifes fav is rear naked choke, grapevine and body scissor. Sometimes she feels bad when she gets me with the grapevine pin. It is very humbling when you cant even move, and she can just add a bit of strength to get a tap out. She usually just uses it as a pin, but we both no if I dont give up it will become a submission. But this time she defeated me in reverse headscissors. She hooked her legs around my neck, moaning from the ecstasy. She squeezed my balls with her hand and my neck with her tights and the more I've tried to escape, the harder she squeezed. Her death-by-thighs is swift and effective, and only beat by her ability to flip on her hands and use the power of her legs to quickly bring a man down.  I can't escape her bodyscissors and especially head scissors. Once she winds those pythons aroundy neck, I have seconds to tap!"