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japanese fighting femdom fetish ninja girl's bare foot on male's face

Update: 06.09.2019

F-588 "Assassins contest"

Gallery size: 200 Full HD pictures

Mixed fighting freestyle, 200 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), partially CFNM, bloody action.

A 20 y.o. female ninja (Mistress Asami) is barefoot. A 18 y.o. blond man (Owen) plus a second 18 y.o. man (Ken) who is the same as the Owen but with black hair. It would take place in a dojo. Asami is taller than both guys.

Mistress Asami is the training master for an order of ninja assassins. The two young men want to join the order, but must face an initiation. They must fight each other and only the winner may join. The men face off, and the black haired one kicks the blond in the face, with a spray of blood. The blond wipes his mouth, then kicks the black haired guy in the balls. The black haired guy falls to his knees, clutching his grion in agony. The blond delivers a hard kick to his face, leaving the black haired guy out cold on his back. The blond turns to Asami and bows, as she acknowledges his victory.


Asami begins to tell him he has earned his place in the Order, but first she must take care of something else. She moves to the black haired guy, who has begun to wake up, moaning in pain. She tells him he has failed him initiation and must pay the price. He looks terrified, then Asami stomps his head, then presses her barefoot to his face, smothering him. As Ken kicks and struggles as he chokes and dies, blond Owen becomes aroused by the sight of Asami dominating the other man. Ken finally goes still and lifeless.


Mistress Asami turns back to Owen, but frowns at what she sees as his erection strains his fundoshi. Owen plays ignorant, but Asami tears off his fundoshi, leaving him naked, his erection undeniable. Asami tells him that the Order only accepts serious assassins, not perverts looking to get off. Owen says he is serious, but Asami tells him he will have to prove himself by fighting her. Owen kicks at Asami several times, each time she easily blocks the kick. One time, she catches his foot, we see his fearful reaction before she delivers a kick to his balls. He falls to his knees in pain,  then takes a hard kick to the face. He lies crumpled on the floor, nose and mouh bloodied, before staggering back up to his feet. Asami kicks him hard in the gut, and he falls back to his knees clutching his stomach.


Asami stands in front of him and he looks up at her pleadingly, totally defeated. She calls him pathetic, then puts a hand around his throat and lifts him up in the air. He grabs her arm with both hands trying to free himself as his feet kick uselessly in the air. Finally he goes still, almost unconsious. She moves over to where Ken still lays, and drops Owen so that he lays across Ken's body. Asami presses her foot over Owen's mouth, smothering him. Owen is too weak to do more than squirm as he suffocates, his still hard cock twitching before erupting with cum, before his whole body jerks and goes still. Asami looks down on the two failed initiates with contempt, and we get one last look at the two broken young men piled on top of each other.

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