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wonder woman vs superman mixed wrestling superheroes femdom fighting

Update: 30.06.2017

W-469 "Universe wrestling"

Gallery size: 140 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 140 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Superman paced his dressing room back and forth. It is not that he is scared or nervous, Just worried. This is too be his 10th match. So far he is 9 & O, undefeated. He has faced superhero's from other planets and other galaxies and has defeated them all. Tonight will be different, tonight he will be facing someone from his own planet. 

For the third time he checks himself in the mirror. His suit is perfect, skintight and shiny. His cape is wrinkle free. His red boots shine like the stars. He is in a word perfect. In another dressing room Superman's earthly opponent is also just as concerned as superman. Wounder Woman is 3 & 1, she has lost to a heroine from another galaxy. In a long and grueling battle Wounder Woman was pinned after almost 60 min of hard wrestling. Tonight she believes she is ready. 

Each Superhero is permitted one super power to take in the ring. It can be a skill they already posses or it can be a talisman weakening their opponent. Neither one can know about the opponents talisman. 

Both Superhero's are now in the ring. Both have been adjusted for strength and speed. Both are close to equal. Wounder Woman looks radiant in her red and blue outfit. Her legs shine in her tan pantyhose and her boots hug her legs perfectly. The announcer begins:

"Welcome fans to a great night of wrestling. This is the main event. The contestants are both from Planet EARTH. In the star corner she has a record of 3 wins and 1 defeat lets welcome WOUNDER WOMAN!! and In the comet corner he is also from Earth. Her opponent SUPERMAN!!!"

With the intros and instructions given to both superhero's they return to their corners.


BONG!!! the bell sends them out of their corners and toward each other. Coming to the center of the ring they lock up and struggle trying to get the upper hand. Almost instantly Superman feels something wrong. Wounder Woman's strength is equal to his, in fact she seems to be a little stronger than he is. Quickly she manages to get him in a Hammer Lock. His left arm is bent up behind his back. Superman is now experiencing a brand new feeling. PAIN!!!! He knew mortals felt it  but he never expected to feel it. He swiftly grabs at his shoulder. "Oh no, this must be pain!! My arm hurts so badly. It feels as though she is tearing my arm from my shoulder". 

Confused and for the first time in his life frightened. "None of my other opponents did this to me. How is she able to do it? I won't be able to take this for very long!!" For a minute or two Superman struggles to get free of the Hammer Lock. He is eventually able to work his way to the ropes and break the hold. 

Breathing deeply he momentarily forgets his opponent. Wonder woman does not. Wrapping her arms around the man of steel's mid-section she pulls him away from the ropes. With her hands clasped together just at his belly-button and his back up against her, Wonder Woman uses her power to squeeze Superman. 

From the ringside table the announcer describe the action. "The Earth man seems to be in trouble. His female opponent has him at a disadvantage. Right now she is squeezing him and has him grimacing in pain".  

"She's squeezing me too tight. Trouble breathing. I've got to get free!!" Superman twists from side to side trying to loosen Wonder Woman's grip on him. He grabs her wrist and tries to pull them away from his abdomen. Even using all the strength he can muster, it's no use. Her grip is just too tight. 

Pushing back as hard as he can with his legs Superman finally makes it to the ropes and breaks the hold. 

Breathing deeply and trying to get past a dizzy feeling Superman holds onto the top rope for support. Bent over at the waist he has one hand on the rope and the other hand holding his stomach. 

The announcer begins:  "Earth's so called MAN of STEEL has so far been out wrestled by his female opponent. She is in complete control of him and this match. If he doesn't do something soon she will surly defeat him.  

As for The Man of Steel he agrees with the announcer. "I've got to do something. I need to get back into this match. Wonder Woman is completely dominating me. I can't let her defeat me." The only problem with that is what can he do. 

After a minute or so the ref tells superman: "Come on let go of the ropes and wrestle!!" Superman takes a couple of steps and is met by Wonder Woman. Seeing that her opponent is still wobbly she grabs his arm and twists it hard. Superman screams in pain "My arm!!!" He is then whipped across the ring into the ropes. As he springs back toward Wonder Woman she drives her forearm into his upper chest sending him staggering backward a few steps and dropping to the mat on his knees.   

With Superman on his knees Wonder Woman grabs both of his arms and pulls them behind him. 

"AAAAAUUUUWWW! My arms, my arms. She's tarring my arms out!!   "What has happened to me? How is she able to do this? I'm Superman, I should be stronger than she is." 

The powerful man of steel struggles to his feet. Inch by inch he tries to get to the ropes. After several minutes of this struggling he gets one of his red boots between the ropes. Wonder Woman is forced to break the hold.  

Superman crosses his arms in front of him. With his boot still between the ropes he get a few seconds to rest. "I thought she was going to break my arms. I need time to recover. She's working me over good!!" Again the ref is forced to tell Superman to: "Get of the ropes. You have to wrestle her!!" 

Reluctantly Superman lets go of the rope and moves forward. He takes only two steps before Wonder Woman attacks his again. Grabbing him by his hair she pulls his head down into a FRONT-HEAD LOCK. Superman groans as his head is squeezed, OOOOOOHHH! Holding tightly to his head wonder Woman hip tosses Superman onto his back. 

Superman instantly bridges up to keep his shoulders off the mat. "I've got to keep my shoulders up. She's trying to pin me. The pain in his head and neck is excruciating. He kicks his legs wildly trying to escape the head lock. After several minutes of struggle, once again Superman is able to drape his red boot over the bottom rope. 

The ref calls for the break: "Come on Wonder Woman, he's in the ropes. Break the hold. Let him go!!" Reluctantly Wonder lets go of The Man of Steel. Slowly he gets to his feet holding the ropes for support. Letting go of the ropes he grabs his head with both hands and rubs his temples. 

"My head, it really hurts. I'm so dizzy. I can't continue much longer." 

As he steps away from the ropes Wonder Woman quickly gets behind him. Reaching around his head with both arms she swiftly locks on a SLEEPER-HOLD. As she applies the pressure Superman cries out in anguish. "NO-NO, not this!! Don't knock me out, please don't knock me out. 

Pain is etched on the superhero's face. He knows that if he doesn't get out of this hold defeat is only seconds away. 

Scream after scream comes from The Man of Steel. AAAAAAAUUUW!!!, NOOOOO!!, OOOOOHH!! He claws at Wonder Woman's arms wrapped tightly around his head. As hard as he pulls he cannot pull them away. Second by second the pain increases. Second by second his consciousness slips away. "  "I've got to get free. The pain in my head is too much. I can't take much more. She's going to knock me out." Just at that moment Wonder Woman increases the pressure on Superman. Again he screams in pain, AAAAAAAUUWW!! STOP!! PLEASE STOP!!! NOOOOOO!!

I'm dizzy, I'm having trouble seeing. I'm finished, she's beaten me. I have to surrender to her." 

Having heard The Man of Steel screaming in pain the ref asks if he want' to submit.

"How about it superman? Have you had enough? Are you ready to submit? Let me know and I'll stop it. Has she beaten you?" 

Superman quickly realizes he's finished. He can no longer go on he has to surrender to Wonder woman. "I'm done. I can't take any more, she's beaten me. I've been defeated!!"  

"YES-YES!! I've had enough!! She's beaten me!! I SUBMIT!!! LET ME GO WONDER WOMAN!! You win, I've been defeated. I SUBMIT!!!"


Wonder Woman releases Superman. He drops instantly to the mat. Sprawled out on his back it's clear the he has been knocked out. Two or three seconds before wonder Woman released him Superman slipped into unconsciousness. 


Billions of fans across the galaxy on huge screens and small TV's cannot believe what they are seeing. Superman, with his leg spread apart, his arms out wide from his shoulders Lying on the mat in defeat. And more than that, he lies at the feet of his victorious opponent  wonder woman. 

Wonder Woman stands over him with her arms in the air and a giant smile on her face. The announcer begins:

"Wrestling fans, the winner of the match with a SLEEPER HOLD submission and knock out. From EARTH!! WONDER WOMAN!!"


The fans cheer wildly for Wonder Woman. The underdog has defeated the overwhelming favorite.  


On the mat Superman begins to come too. Slowly he regains consciousness. Looking up he sees Wonder Woman standing over him with her arms in the air. "OH NO!! she's beaten me, how could I have been defeated by her?  Wonder Woman returns to her corner leaving her defeated opponent lying on the mat in the middle of the ring. "My head, the pain!! I can't move, I can't feel my legs or arms. I can't get up!!

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