tag team teens mixed wrestling ballbusting headlock femdom fight

Update: 14.06.2019

W-576 "Boys vs Girls II"

Gallery size: 210 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 210 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Tonight will feature team matches. It will pit a 3 member boys team wrestling against a 3 member girls team. These will be young and up and coming wrestlers, ranging in age from 18 to 20 years old.

The battered, beaten and demoralized boys team returns to their dressing room after losing all three matches to the girls. All three of the defeated male teens had to walk up the isle in front of their fans with swollen DEFEAT BONERS in their thongs. It was completely humiliating. Now back in their dressing room they each strip off their thongs and take a long shower, hopefully some cold water will shrink their manhood’s.    

After their showers they all slip into new clean thongs, and pulls their wrestling boots on. Rick is the first one to speak. “We got beat, all three of us were defeated by these girls. Now we have to fight them again in the tag-match. I don’t know about you two guys, but I don’t want to lose again to a girl.”

Next is Chase “Yea!! Well easy for you to say, you just got pinned by your opponent. Me and Donnie were both submitted by ours and I don’t want to lose again. After a few minutes they all agree that they all must try harder to win this match. 

The intermission has ended and all 6 wrestlers are in the ring. The girls look happy and excited. They stand in their corner staring at the boys and giggling. As for the boys they look embarrassed and almost scared. Rick and Donnie turn away from the girls and rest their heads in their hands on the ropes. It is clear to everyone in the arena that they are deeply humiliated by their defeat at the hands of the girls.  

With the announcements made the match is about to start. After some discussion it is Chase Falmouth that will start for the boys and Louse Carmen for the girls. All the other wrestlers exit the ring. In a few seconds the bell ring to start the match. BONG!!!! The match is on. Instantly the fans realize that Chase is scared. Instead of coming out of his corner to lock up with Louse he instead backs tighter in the corner and covers his head with his arms cowering from her. 

"NO-NO, I don’t want to wrestle her. She pinned Rick and she’s going to pin me!!! I don’t want to lose to another girl!!!" The ref moves in and begins to count Chase out. After a few seconds Chase realizes he has no choice he must wrestle her. 

Louse waists no more time on Chase. She moves in quickly on him and gets behind him locking on a FULL-NELSON.  Instantly Chase is up on his toes trying to ease the pain. He bends from side to side and tries to bend forward in an effort to escape the hold. Chase has now begun to move from one leg to the other. The fans can see the tremendous fear on his face. 

In a sudden movement Louse releases Chase’s arms and drops them down grabbing him around his mid-section. In one powerful move she picks him off the mat, lifts him over her head and slams him down to the mat. CRASH!!! Chase’s neck and shoulders slam into the mat having been suplexed by Louse. 

Chase is unmoving, lying on the mat. As he is very close to his corner both Donnie and Rick are both reaching out trying to tag him. It seems as though Chase is unable to reach either of his tag-team partners. He lies stretched out just inches away from help. At the last moment just one second before Louse is about to grab him Chase reaches out and tags in Donnie. As Donnie steps between the ropes a terrified Chase rolls out of the ring. 

Attacking instantly Louse grabs Donnie’s arm and twists it very hard. Pushing him back against the ropes, she then whips him into her corner were her tag partners wait for him. As Donnie slams into the turnbuckle both Cheri and Justine grab him. Cheri wraps her arm around his neck and begins to choke him. As she does she pulls back on his neck causing his back to bend arching out. Seeing the perfect target, Justine reaches around Donnie and grabs his manhood. Donnie instantly begins to scream in pain. “NO-NO, please don’t squeeze me. OMG, it hurts!!! IT HURTS!!! Ref-ref, help me please help me!! They are crushing my manhood and choking me!!! 

It takes several seconds for the ref to intervene. Slowly she is able to get Donnie free from the choke and the squeeze. He is however still in the girls corner. Louse takes full advantage of that as she again attacks Donnie. Gasping for breath after being choked Donnie has lost his ring awareness. He does not realize the he is still in his opponents corner. 

Before he can figure out what is going on, Louse races toward the corner and drives her knee into Donnie’s mid-section. He opens his mouth and screams “OOOOOOOHHH!!!” His knees buckle as he grabs at his abdomen. Holding tightly to his middle Donnie sinks to his knees. Louse moves quickly to get to Donnie as he kneels on the mat. She grabs him by his hair and one of his arms and pulls him to his feet. 

As he rises off the mat it is clear to see that Donnie has an enormous boner. His manhood has swelled to several times its regular size filling his bright red thong. At this point Louse tags out and Justine enters the ring. Justine begins were Louse left off. She drives her fore-arm into Donnie’s chest and sends him slamming back into her corner. 

Once again Donnie is grabbed by the other two girls. One grabs each arm and pulls it back. Donnie is stretched out tight against the turnbuckle. His back is arched out clearly showing his stiff and swollen manhood inside his tightly stretched thong. 

Justine cannot resist such an inviting target. Reaching out she grabs Donnie’s swollen manhood and begins to squeeze, locking him in a CROTCH CLAW. Donnie looks down in horror as Justine grabs him, then begins to scream in pain. “AAAAAAAAHHH!!!! NO-NO-NO!!!! HELP ME REF, PLEASE HELP ME!!! SHE’S GOT ME!!! OH god she’s got me!!! MAKE HER STOP!!! PLEASE MAKE HERE STOP. SHE’S CRUSHING MY MANHOOD!!! AAAAAAAAHH!!!

Before the ref can stop Justine, Donnie has dropped to his knees. His head has fallen back against the lowest turnbuckle. In a very soft voice Donnie begs Justine “PLEASE Justine PLEASE, don’t knock me out. I’m begging you, please don’t knock me out!!!” However, it is already too late for Donnie. His arms hang limply at his sides. His eyes are closed and he seems to be unconscious. The ref raises his arm and lets it drop. Twice more the ref raises his arm and twice more it falls limply to his side. Donnie has been knocked out by Justine’s CROTCH CLAW. 

The ref signals that the fall is over and that Justine has knock Donnie out. He raises her arm in the air to affirm he victory over Donnie. The score board now reads “GIRLS 4  BOYS 0, indicating that the boys team has lost all 3 matches and the first fall of the best of five falls tag-team match. 

Justine grabs the still unconscious Donnie and pulls him out of the corner and stretches him out on the mat close to the ropes. He lies on his back out cold still with his manhood stiff inside his thong. Justine puts her foot on his chest in a victory display. 

The ref now signals for the next two wrestlers to enter the ring. After a few seconds of doubt Rick enters the ring and will face off against Cheri. Even though Rick is the oldest and most experienced wrestler among the boys he is very frightened to wrestle Cheri, or any of the girls, 

Cheri intends to waste no time with Rick. As he steps between the ropes Cheri is there to grab him. Wrapping her arms around his head Cheri pulls Rick the rest of the way into the ring. As she does she also tightens the HEAD-LOCK she has on him. For all the fans sitting at ring side it is very clear for them to see the terrified look on Ricks face. The 18yr old male wrestler is scared to death. He looks up at his female opponent and almost tearfully begs her : “Don’t hurt me!!! Please don’t hurt me!!! Take me down and pin me, just please don’t hurt me!!!” 

Not what Cheri has in mind for him. Releasing Rick’s head she grabs his arm and twists it into an ARM-WRINGER. She places her thumbs in his palms and bends his hand up. This forces Rick to bend down. Raising his arm above his head causes Rick’s knees to buckle and he slowly sinks to the mat. 

On his knees on the mat Rick’s arm is in a lot of pain. Cheri is not only bending his hand, she is also twisting his arm. A look of total fear is on Rick’s face, as he screams out in pain. “My arm, my arm!!! You’re breaking my arm!!! Now it is Rick’s turn to feel his manhood stiffening. As Cheri works over his arm his manhood begins to swell inside his shiny red thong. It’s not long before it is hard as a rock and standing out straight. 

Reaching down Cheri grabs Rick by his hair and pulls him to his feet. As he gets to his feet his stiff manhood is easy for everyone to see. Cheri still holding him in the arm ringer whips Rick into the ropes across the ring. As he flies back at her she wraps her arms around his head and begins to squeeze. Rick is caught in a SLEEPER-HOLD. 

Rick twists and turns, he grabs Cheri’s arms and tries to pull them away from his head. It’s no use, Cheri has him locked up tight. Tears begin to form at the corners of Rick’s eyes and roll down his cheeks. In a total panic Rick begins to cry out. “She’s got me, she’s got me!! I can’t get free, she’s got me!!! NO-NO please don’t knock me out!!! You win, you’ve defeated me!!! Please Cheri don’t do this!! I give up!! Don’t knock me out, I submit to you, you win!!!”

Slowly Rick slumps to the mat. Once again Cheri has the male wrestler on his knees. As for Rick, his eyes slowly close as he begins to lose consciousness.  Cheri continues to squeeze his head in the SLEEPER. With Cheri holding his head Rick’s knees are just barely touching the mat. It’s as though he is hanging by his head and neck. Finally Ricks head slumps to his chest he’s finished. His shiny red thong is stretched to its limit by his swollen manhood. Cheri drags the unconscious male wrestler and lays him down beside his tag team partner. Both young men lay side by side out cold, with their opponents foot on their chest, and their manhood’s stiff and swollen. 

It is time for the third and last fall. Chase Vs Louse. Louse is quickly in the ring waiting for Chase. As for Chase, he seems reluctant to get in to the ring and face Louse. After a few seconds Louse makes up Chase’s  mind for him. Reaching over the top rope she grabs Chase by his hair and pulls him into the ring. 

Chase flies over the top rope does a flip in the air and crashes onto his back in the center of the ring. Instantly it’s clear that Chase is terrified to be in there with Louse. He has a look of absolute fear on his face and several tears run down his cheeks. As he lies on his back he raises his hands in front of him as if to hold off Louse. “NO-NO, get away from me!!! I don’t want to wrestle you. PLEASE-PLEASE don’t hurt me!!! OH god, please don’t hurt me!!!”. 

Louse ignores Chase’s plea for mercy and moves in on him. Reaching down she grabs Chase by the and his arm, she then pulls him to his feet. Before he can do anything to protect himself Louse, twists his arm and shoots him across the ring. Chase crashes into the turnbuckle very hard. He begins to slump to the mat, but grabs the top rope to hold himself up. That was a mistake!! Seconds later, Louse’s knee slams into Chase’s mid-section just above his manhood.  Chase screams in pain and slumps to the mat. “OOOOOOOUUUUU!!! My stomach, my stomach. OH god you hurt me. It hurts!!!”  He is now holding his lower abdomen and his manhood with both hands. 

Not waiting for him to get to his feet, Louse knees down in front of Chase. She grabs his hands that are holding his mid-section and pulls them away. “BAM-BAM-BAM!!!” Louse throws three quick but powerful punches between Chase’s legs and hands. All three slam into his manhood one after the other. “OOOOOOHHH!!! OOOOOHHH!!! She hit me low!!! AAAAAUUU!!! Between my legs, she punched me in my manhood!! 

Chase’s face is a bright red and he is gasping for air. Once again Louse pulls Chase back to his feet. This time she hooks his arms over the top rope to hold him up. The battered teenaged male wrestler is scared of what happens next. He begs Louse not to hit him again. “PLEASE-PLEASE!!! Don’t hit me again. Not in my manhood, please not again!!! 

It seems as though Louse may take pity on the battered male. She pulls Chase out of the corner and to the center of the ring. It doesn’t take long to dispel that idea. Louse swiftly moves behind Chase she grabs his arms and pulls them behind him, locking Chase in a painful SURF-Board hold. He instantly begins to scream in pain “My arms, my shoulders!!! You’re going to break them!! At this point Chase’s head is tilted back as far as it will go. He is up on the toes of his shiny red wrestling boots trying to ease the pain. His upper body is bent back and his red thong is stretched tightly over his manhood. Inside his thong Chase’s thong his manhood has swollen to over three times its normal size. Chase has a Hugh DEFEAT BONER. 

Slowly Chase begins to slump to the mat. His knees buckle and inch by inch he sinks farther and farther down toward the canvas. Before he reaches the canvas Louse releases his arms and instantly wraps her arms around his neck. Louse has locked on a reverse neck breaker known as the COBRA-NECK BREAKER. 

This hold spells the end for Chase and he knows it. He desperately claws at Louse’s arms that are locked around his neck, however he cannot pull them free, he’s trapped. Caught in one of the most painful holds in wrestling Chase begins to scream “LET ME GO!!!! LET ME GO!!!! Don’t do this to me, please not this!!  Leaning down close to Chase’s ear Louse whispers to him. “I’ve got you Chase, I’ve got you!! You can’t get free, you’re going to submit to me. You’re going to scream you’re submission to me”. 

Chase has never been in this condition before tonight. Having been undefeated, he knows that he is going to lose for the second time tonight. To make matters worse he is going to lose to a girl for the second time tonight. Never again will he be introduced as “UNDEFEATED”. In fact none of the teenage boy will ever hear it said about them again, by the end of this match all three will have been beaten twice by the girls. 

As for Chase his is still in the finishing hold. His head is bent very far back. His back is also bent. His large manhood is rock-hard and stiff into side his thong and his knees are also bent. Chase is now just seconds from an overwhelming defeat at the hands of his female opponent, Louse. 

Louse again whispers in Chase’s ear. “How about it big guy?? That thing between your legs is stiff and swollen. You ready to submit?? Had enough yet? Give up and I’ll let you go!!!” 

Unable to escape, or take any more punishment Chase has only one choice, he must surrender to Louse: 


However a now panicked Chase has not been released from the COBRA hold. Once again he is forced to scream his submission:

"LET ME GO!!!! LET ME GO!!!! I SUBMIT TO YOU!! You’ve defeated me!! I submit!!! I submit!!!! Oh please, I SUBMIT!!!" 

Louse has a sadistic smile on her face as Chase surrenders to her for a second time. His neck is bent as far back as it can go without snapping. His body is also bent back very far. His bright and shiny red thong is stretched over his manhood as tight as it will go, as his huge bonner stands straight up. 

Chase’s breath comes on tortured gasps. As he is continued to be held tightly by Louse. As the seconds turn into a minute, chase’s arms drop limply to his sides. His knees buckle and slumps to the mat. With his last breaths he begs Louse: "PLEASE-PLEASE, DON’T KNOCK ME OUT!!! OH PLEASE LET ME GO. LET ME GO, LET ME GO!!!"

These are chases last words as he slip into unconsciousness. Louse drops the knocked out wrestler on the mat and raises her arms over her head and places her boot on his chest. All three of the teenage males lie on the mat out cold with their opponents feet on their chests.