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husband vs wife mixed wrestling headscissors

Update: 01.06.2018

W-520 "His only loss"

Gallery size: 290 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 290 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

He is 26 yrs old and for the last 3 yrs he has entered the ring as the WORLD CHAMPION. In fact he has never been defeated by anyone. Since his very first match at 19yrs old he has won every one. Tonight he will face the newly ranked #1 contender. For the champion this match is a mandatory title defense. 

Sitting in his dressing room the champion, Denial Banyan  is contemplating tonight’s fight.  His opponent has just been ranked as the #1 contender. He has faced this opponent before and won an easy victory. He knows however that a title fight brings out the best in everyone. He knows he too must be at his best. 

As bell time nears he begins to dress in his wrestling gear. Off with his street cloths, he digs around in his gear bag. He pulls out a pair of shiny dark tan pantyhose. Slowly he works them up his legs, pulling them tight as he goes. He stands and pulls them up over his butt and his manhood. They fit him tightly and they sparkle in the room lights. Next comes his shiny white thong. It slides easily up his pantyhose covered legs and butt. It takes a bit of doing to adjust his manhood in his thong. Then, shiny white lace up boots come next. They fit tight to his legs and they too shine in the lights. Finally comes his most precious possession the World Championship Belt. He wraps it around his middle and buckles it on. He is now ready to head to the ring.   

As the Champion steps between the curtains the crowd roars with excitement. He is the most popular Champion in the history of the league. Every were he wrestles the arena is completely sold out. He makes his way down the aisle high fiving as many fans as he can. He hops up to the ring apron and enters the ring.

Across the ring is the challenger for his title and his opponent for this match Dee Banyan. She is also his wife of 8 months, they are newlyweds.  Dee is stunningly beautiful and a very accomplished wrestler. She comes to the ring in a very dark shiny red leotard, black pantyhose and red boots. 

With both wrestlers in the ring the announcer begins:

“Wrestling fans are you ready for some excitement?? This is the main event and it is for the WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPIONSHIP!!!!! In the red corner, she is the challenger!! DEE BANYAN. And in the white corner, he is the world wrestling champion. He has an undefeated record and is defending his title for the 16th time. DENIAL BANYAN!! This is a husband vs wife title defense".

Well now everyone in the arena knows is husband vs wife and not just challenger Vs champion. I hate this, the last thing I want to do is hurt my new wife. This is however a mandatory title defense and neither of us could say no. So, here I am going out to defeat my wife in this match. 


With the intros over we each return to our corners. I quickly adjust my manhood, pull up my tights and thong. BONG!!!! There’s the bell and the match is on. I move swiftly out of my corner and lock up with Dee. We struggle for a few seconds, then I quickly move behind her. Grabbing her arm I twist it up into an ARM-WRINGER. Dee is instantly up on her toes grabbing at her shoulder. My speed has surprised her. I’m faster that when we wrestled before. 

Holding her arm tightly I reach down and grab one of her shiny red boots. Pulling up hard I get her off balance and she falls face first on the mat. Still holding her arm, I grab one of her boots and pull her leg up toward her back. With both her arm and leg trapped in a Combination Hold, Dee cries out in pain. "OH, my back, my back. You’re hurting me Denial, you’re hurting me!!"

There it is, she’s trying to psyche me out. She knows I must hurt her to win the match. I have no choice, I have to do it if I want to win and I do want to win. “I’m sorry honey, submit the match and I’ll stop hurting you!!” Knowing I have figured out her strategy she answers. “No way Denial. I want to be the champion!" 

After changing holds on her I continue to punish her. It’s been almost 4 minutes since I took her down. She is breathing hard and sweating. Having moved from the leg & arm combination hold I’ve moved forward on her back and now have Dee locked into a CAMEL-CLUTCH. For the past minute I have been pulling up on her chin as hard as I can. I must give credit to my gorgeous young wife, she is very tuff. After another minute or so I ask her “Had enough yet? Submit the match and I’ll let you go. Come on honey, please submit, I don’t want to hurt you!!!” 

Asking her that has made me lean as far forward as I can. As I finish asking her, she reaches up grabs me by my hair and pulls as hard as she can. As she does she tells me “I’ll never submit. I’m going to take your title.” 

No sooner than she says it, she manages to flip me off her back and onto the mat. One second I am in complete control and the next I’m on my back stretched out on the mat. My wife has just demonstrated just how strong she is. 

She is on me in an instant. Grabbing one of my shiny white boots she lifts my leg off the mat and begins to twist it. I kick violently with my free leg trying to get lose. She puts a quick end to that as she steps on my free boot as she twists the other. I now feel a personal demonstration of just how strong she is. My ankle, knee and hip all feel her power as she twists my leg. 

I try not to show it, but the pain is overwhelming. She soon has me crying out from it. “My leg, oh god my leg!!! OH god it hurts!! You’re really hurting me!! OH god my leg!!!” Looking up at her I see a smile cross my wife’s face. 

She holds me in the leg twist for what seems like an hour. I struggle trying to get free, but all my efforts fail. She has me held tight. Since I wrestled her over two years ago she has improved dramatically. She is much stronger, faster and much more skilled. I’m going to have to work very hard to beat her and hold on to my title. 

Soon she decides to change holds on me. Tucking my boot under her arm she reaches down and grabs the other boot and does the same. She now has both my boots tucked under her arms. In a smooth but powerful motion she rolls me over onto my face and locks me into a BOSTON-CRAB. 

Pain shoots up my spine, across my shoulders and down my legs. This is one of the most painful holds in all wrestling. My face contorts as it registers the pain I am in. Again I lose control and cry out. “MY BACK!!! I reach behind me with my arms trying to rub my back. I am not sure what it will do all I know is that I am in terrible pain. “IT HURTS!! IT HURTS!!! OH god it hurts!!"

Dee knows she is really punishing me. She has never before heard me cry out like this. Wanting to end it quickly she tells me “I’ve got you Denial, you can’t get free. Give up, come on honey I don’t want to hurt you. Submit and I’ll let you go’ don’t make me do this to you. GIVE UP DENIAL, GIVE UP!!!"

I am however not yet ready to become a FORMER champion. “NO-NO, not going to give up!!” I am quickly shown that was the wrong answer. Dee instantly increases the pressure on my back.   “AAAAAAAHHH!! NO-NO-NO!!! Slowly over the next few minutes I claw my way to the ropes and grab on. The ref tell my wife that she must let me go. 

Dee drops my boots and I am at last out of the Boston Crab. For a few seconds I just lie on the mat holding on to the bottom rope. I am unable to move or to pull myself up. Swoon the ref moves in “Come on Denial you’ve got to get to your feet. I’m going to count you out. Get up Denial!!” Slowly painfully I pull myself up off the mat. Still holding the ropes I take a few deep breaths. 

Finally I release the ropes and take a step forward. Using every ounce of strength I have left Dee and I wrestle back and forth for the next 6minutes. We exchange holds on each other. We pound on each other. We twist and pull on each other. Back and forth it goes, one minute I am on top in command of the match. Then just as quickly, it’s she that is in command of me. 

The fight has the fans on their feet cheering every move. Her fans cheer as she lock a painful hold on me. My fans cheer as I lock one on her. Back and forth we fight. Slowly almost unnoticed my strength ebbs away. My breathing gets harder, it gets harder to escape from her holds. On the other side of the coin she is now breaking my holds easier and faster. I am causing her much less pain and she is getting the better of me. 

Then it happens, the momentum of the match swings completely in her direction. I no longer have the strength to break free of her holds. I am now taking all the punishment. An abs claw has me screaming in pain. “My abs my abs, you’re tearing my abs out!! Dee-Dee please stop, you’re going to injure me!! IT hurts, OH god you’re hurting me!!!"

After a few more seconds of the claw hold Dee turns me over face down on the mat. I start to crawl toward the ropes, but I don’t get to far. Dee grabs my boots and pulls me back. Standing over me she drops down smashing her elbow into my lower back. The pain is like a million volts of electricity shooting up and down my spine. “OOOOHH!!! My back!! You’re going to break my back!! No more, please not again!!”

I no sooner get the words out when my wife again drives her elbow into my back. “AAAAAAUUUUOOO!!!! Why are you doing this to me? You’re hurting me, I can’t take much more of this!!! PLEASE, pin me. Just pin me I won’t fight you, just pin me please!!!"

“I can’t just pin you, I have to win big.” I don’t understand why she feels like this. But there is nothing I can do to stop her. I can now feel her stepping on the back of my thighs. I feel her locking my boots around hers. She leans as far forward as she can. “I’m going to make you submit to me. I’m going to take your title. I’ll soon be the Champion!!!” 

With that said she reaches for my arms and grabs both of them. She pulls them back behind me and begins to rock back and forth. Building her momentum she lifts me off the mat and pulls me up into a MEXICAN CEILLING HOLD. I’m trapped looking up at the ring lights with my arms and legs bent. I can feel that both my thong as well as my pantyhose are stretched very tightly. I have no strength left to try and break the hold. She ‘s got me locked up tight and she knows it.

“Come on Denial, I’ve got you. You can’t get free. Submit to me. Don’t make me hurt you needlessly. You know I’ve got you!!” She’s right she has me, I have no chance of getting free or winning this match. I’m about to suffer my very first defeat. I’m about to lose my title. I’m going to be beaten. 



And just that fast it’s over. My reign as champion has come to an end. 

Dee lets me go and I fall to the mat on my back. I can’t move, I can hardly breath. All I can do is lie there looking up into the ring lights. My beautiful wife of 8 months does not come to see how I am. She walks back to her corner and stands their look down on me. My manhood has swelled and I have a bulging defeat boner. It’s clear she has noticed it and has a slight grin on her face. 

The announcer begins the final call of the match: 

“Wrestling fans, in the time of 17minuts and 31 seconds in what must be considered to be a shattering upset. The winner of the match via CEILLING HOLD SUBMISSION and now THE NEW WRESTLING CHAMPION OF THE WORLD DEE BANYAN!!!"


Well there it is the official announcement of my defeat. Battered, beaten and dethroned. Destroyed by the woman I love. She took my pride as well as my title. 


It takes me several minutes to get off the mat and on my feet. Holding my back with my right arm I slowly stumble back to my corner. I must now do what I never thought possible. From my corner where it is hanging I take the WORLD TITLE BELT. Folded up so the silver and gold emblem shows I slowly make my way across the ring. Standing directly in front of my wife I slowly kneel on one knee before her. With my head bowed I lift the title belt up to her. “I am no longer champion. You have defeated me and are now the champion. I present you with the world title belt. It is now yours”. 

It takes my several minutes to get back to my dressing room. I enter and sit down on the bench. Holding my head in my hands tears begin to flow down my cheeks. “Beaten, how could it have happened? What did I do wrong? How could she defeat me like that? OH god, I’ve lost my title.” 

Seconds later the door opens and Dee walks in. she has the world title belt buckled around her waist. She sees me sitting on the bench. “I’m sorry Denial, sorry I had to beat you like that. The new promoter wanted a female champion and a big victory. I had no choice.” With that she walks out on me. With the tears still running down my cheeks I slip off my thong. For just a second or two I can only stand there in my pantyhose and boots. “Well they got their wish. A female champion and a big victory. All I’m left with is a big defeat.” 

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