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CFNM girl vs gym schoolgym karate figting

Update: 24.08.2018

W-532 "Stupid wrestler"

Gallery size: 210 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 210 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

Jane had just turned 18 years old - one year older than Jenny and one younger than Ronald. The beautiful girl with long blond hair reaching almost to her waist would begin to attend the same high school as Ronald the following week. Like Ronald she was also an athlete; a superb one. Not only was she a highly regarded gymnast, Jane also set the state middle school records in both the discuss and shot put. Jane holds a second degree black belt in karate.

She met Ronald, 19 years old wrestler, in school gym. Completely naked, he went out from changing room and said "Go away, now mens time in th gym! Weak girls must respect strong guys!"

"Oh you think you are stronger?" Jane said as she looked up at the large boy standing near-by. At six feet two inches tall and weighing nearly 200 well proportioned pounds, Ronald glared down at the five foot six inch, 135 pound Jane. She slowly began to remove her sweatshirt. "Very well big boy, it seems like someone needs to teach you the proper way to behave towards girls." Showing no outward sign of fear, Jane began to walk towards the large boy.

The two of them stood in the center of the gym facing each other - the 200 pound naked wrestler and the 135 pound gymnast in black gym leotard and black boxing boots; it hardly seemed like a fair fight. Angry that this fit girl should challenge what he thought was his God given authority to do as he pleased, Ronald - arms wide apart in a wrestling attack - approached Jane, determined to put an end to this nonsense. Much to his surprise, he was met with a powerful roundhouse kick to the side of his face and the fight was on.


Ronald's head snapped back from the force of Jane's blow. Instead of pressing her attack, the pretty girl in leotard simply smiled and waited for him to recover. Furious now the large boy attacked again, swearing and throwing wild punches as he did. Years of martial arts training had given Jane the reflexes and confidence to stand up to his assault. She comely blocked or avoided his blows. When she had an opportunity to counterattack Jane would respond, either with another kick or her surprisingly strong and fast fists - fists that can shatter bricks. As the battle wore on, Jane's superior conditioning and fighting ability began to take a toll on Ronald. His face was swollen, he was bleeding from the nose and mouth and had bruises all over his body. Jane didn't even have her hair mussed. Despite his best efforts, the star wrestler hadn't landed a single blow. He was exhausted while Jane appeared fresh as a daisy. She even began to joke while beating him up. "Gee kiddo, you are sure is a wimp," Jane smirked as she landed several solid punches to Ronald's face and mid-section." I really expected more from a varsity wrestler." A powerful thrust knocked him clear across the room and flat on his back." Maybe I should go out for the wrestling team; tee, hee, hee." Slowly Ronald got to his feet. "Ronnie, you really need to get yourself in shape," another series of lightning fast punches drove the stunned boy back again, "you haven't been taking good care of yourself this summer have you ?"

Jane had him backed up against a wall now and was landing kicks and punches almost at will. Ronald was reduced to trying to block or deflect her blows; something he found increasingly harder to do as the girl's attack increased in intensity. The scene in the house would have looked very strange to an outside observer now. The large, powerfully built naked high school wrestler was helplessly pinned in the corner while the much smaller girl in black gym leotard - her long beautiful blond hair bouncing back and forth - pummeled him relentlessly with her hands and feet.


"I intend to teach you much more than that...much, much more." Jane laughed when she said this.


"WHAM," Jane's right foot crashed hard into Ronald's now swollen face for the umpteenth time, sending the him down to the carpet again. This time however, he made no attempt to get up. Ronald just lay there on his back, staring up at the ceiling in shock. In the short space of ten minutes, the macho wrestler had been completely battered and beaten by a sixteen year-old girl in leotard who hardly worked up a sweat. Jane put one foot on his chest and flexed her muscles. 


"Whoa," Jane cautioned, "This is just the beginning...the beginning of what I'm sure is going to be a very 'interesting'  week for you." Girl in leotard laughed again.

Looking down at the naked battered boy beneath her, Jane smiled. " Well Ronnie, it looks like you weren't  as tough as you thought you were. Now, you and I are going to get to know one another better aren't we ? She playfully shoved her boxing shoe up his nose." Staring up at her, Ronald - beaten but still defiant - replied," Fuck you, bitch."


"My, my such language. I guess we have our work cut out for us, don't we?" Jane reached down and, with a surprisingly strong grip, grabbed Ronald firmly by his hair. She slapped him hard back and forth across the face several times before yanking him to his feet. "You have been a very naughty boy today haven't you? And what do we do to naughty boys? We spank them of course." Still holding the now helpless Ronald firmly by his hair, Jane marched him over to a near-by chair and sat down. With strength that amazed him, the athletic gymnast in leotard tossed the 200 pound naked wrestler across her knee. "Consider this the first part of your 'retraining' Ronnie." Then, with her bare hand, Jane began to spank his bare buttocks hard.

"Stop this right now!," Naked and helpless Ronald demanded as he squirmed around, trying to break Jane's hold on him. But his efforts were useless as the strong 18 year-old girl in leotard held him firmly in place while she continued to whack his behind. As Jane's spanking continued, tears began to swell up in Ronald's eyes. His demands now turned into pathetic pleas. "Please, please stop Jane; I will respect girls anymore."


"You're damn right you won't tough guy. When I'm through with you, you'll worship the ground I'm walking on." Jane smiled up.

By now Ronald's spirit was completely broken. First he had been beaten up by the much smaller girl and now he was being totally humiliated as she spanked his bottom raw. He cried freely. "Aw, poor baby," Jane teased," is the little girl too tough for the big, strong macho wrestler?" She stopped spanking him and let the once proud boy cry, flush in her victory. Now he was too badly shattered to offer any resistance.

Ronald just lying there in the middle of the gym... crying.

"Rise and shine lover boy," Jane said as she playful kicked Ronald in the naked balls,"it's time to start your service for me."


Ronald finally realized, whether he liked it or not, this 18 year-old supergirl in black gym leotard easily punished him and now he is her slave.

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