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mixed wrestling headlock woman on top

Update: 18.05.2018

F-518 "The Muscle Destroyer"

Gallery size: 320 Full HD pictures

Mixed fighting freestyle, 320 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

It's a freestyle mixed wrestling match between strong muscle woman and her poor male victim. This powerful amazon is most skillful in different martial arts, she can kick and knee her male opponent's body and face with easy, her strongest legs are deadly when she applying a headscissors and her massive biceps looking incredible during headlocks. When she twists an arm of poor guy, he has no chance to resque himself from the great pain and total submission.

Amanda, the female fighter, says: "It's amazing what happens when one person goes to the gym and to classes and the other doesn't! I certainly have an easier time as the months move forward. I find myself enjoying it more and more as well. I like to play a little game now where I let him think he is going to escaped a choke or a scissor hold only to be dragged right back into it! I usually then add a little more force and make sure he knows that I was 'just playin' with him. He's getting older so I better get the wrestling in before he can use age as an excuse. I can actually beat him easier now than I could when we first wrestled. I have taken Jiu Jitsu and am considerably stronger. He has got no chance but he does have the smarts to know it. I can subdue him pretty easily and have a bunch of holds I can use to get him to tap out. Once I know he has been sufficiently defeated I like to carry him around like an old school Amazon Warrior!"

Jim, the male fighter, says: "I think women have stronger muscles pound for pound. When my wife started working out with me the first thing I noticed was her endurance was much better. Over time she would take advantage of it a push beyond my limits. Gradually she overcame my strength advantage until now she is stronger than me. In wrestling she will tire me out and then I'm at her mercy with my strength levels falling more and more until she ties me in a knott!? Will women outpace men in sports? Of course they will. And the simple reason is the Natural Superiority of Women. Just as women have better brains than men, they also have faster, stronger bodies. In the end, even the size "advantage" of men will be meaningless. Women will dominate every sport with ease! It is just a matter of time before women will catch and surpass men in many sports. Females haven't reached their evolutionary peak as of yet, but one thing is for sure, the prototype female of the future will out earn her husband and be the superior athlete. You see it happening at this very moment, and if you don't see it you are blind! Women are far outnumbering men in the gyms, and it is becoming apparent, that women are winning the battle of the sexes. Men have always been vulnerable, just ask any man who has been hit in the balls! This is something we women already know, as a simple grab and soft squeeze of the balls in the bedroom, gets you instant attention and obedience, regardless how tough he may be. Women will become the superior athletes, and topple men in their own arena!"

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