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tag team mixed wrestling submission

Update: 08.12.2017

F-495 "Senior tag team champions"

Gallery size: 300 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 300 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

At 56yrs old I had finally had my dream come true. I was now one half of the world senior tag team champions. My partner Tracy was the other half. She is 52yrs old and one of the most gorgeous women I have ever met. We met at the gym and after several months of working out together decided to try the senior wrestling circuit.

The senior circuit consists of wrestlers over 45yrs. old. At 56 and 52 years old respectively Tracy and I were on the high side of the age curve. However once we started wrestling as a team we found that we both had a lot of ability and worked very well together as a team. In less that 14 months we had worked our way up the rankings been undefeated and had won the title. The husband and wife team we defeated for the title were only in their late 40’s.
Tonight’s match is a very strange one. Our manager arranged it before we know any thing about it. Although we are getting paid almost four times our regular purse we know next to nothing about our opponents. We know that we will be wrestling before a very small crowd of invited “guests” and the wrestlers we will be facing are not part of the senior circuit.


As Tracy and I arrive at the arena it seams strange to see only two cars in the parking lot.

We go right to our dressing room, as there are no fans wanting autographs. Our manager is already there waiting for us. From the look on her face we know something’s wrong. Excitedly she explains her concerns. “ I really don’t know what’s going on hear. There are only four people out in the arena and I’ve just learned that your opponents are a couple of teenage girls form Peru. I’ve been told that there only 18yrs old.” Tracy and I look at each other in astonishment. No way we won’t to wrestle 18yr olds. We send our manager out to tell who ever arranged this that the match is off. Ten minuets later our manager is back “I’ve spoken to both the promoter and the PWF and they both say that we signed a contract to wrestle and that we have to do it’. After some heated discussion it is clear that we have no choice and that we must wrestle. We signed a contract and we are being paid a lot of money.

Tracy and I agree to get in the ring and just end the match as quickly as possible.

I quickly change in my gear, light blue tights and light blue lace up boots and our world title belts. Tracy pulls on shiny and sheer black pantyhose, a very reveling light blue leotard and light blue lace up  boots and her title belt.

Coming down the isle of the arena it seams strange not to see the seats filled with fans. The place seams cold and empty. As we near the ring Tracy and I see that the referee for our match as well as our young opponents are already weighting for us. Our ref will be Stephanie she is very young and new to the sport. Both Tracy and I are a little concerned about her inexperience. In the corner opposite us are our opponents. Tracy and I exchange quizzical looks as we see for the first time the tag team we will be wrestling. Across the ring are two very lovely and exotic looking young girls. They are quite tall almost 6ft. They are each wearing a black leotard, shiny tan pantyhose and black boots. Neither of our young opponents has any figure they do nothing to fill out their bikinis.

Stephanie calls both teams together at center ring. She begins her instructions “This is a special tag team match. It is two out of three falls pin or submission. It is a non-title match.  Tracy and G as tag team champions I expect a clean professional match”. Turning toward our opponents Stephanie continues, “ I’ve been told that both of you speak English. Follow my instructions and have a good match. Return to your corners and may the best team win.”

Tracy and I return to our corner. We remove our sequined ring jackets unbuckle our championship belts and drape them over the turnbuckle. We’ve decided that I will start the match and try to put a quick end to it. Neither of us want to hurt these two young kids were wrestling. Tracy and I embrace and she kisses me on the cheek before she ducks through the ropes. I adjust my tights and stretch as I await the bell.

At the sound of the bell I move out of our corner and begin to circle to my right. Moving to center ring I lock up with my young opponent. The instant we lock up I realize that there is something very different about her. Although she is only a girl 18yr girl old she seams to have the strength of a very powerful man. Within seconds she has my left arm trapped in a very painful over hand wristlock. I cry out in pain as I dance on my toes trying to ease the pressure on my arm. Changing her grip she slips behind me twisting my arm into a Hammer Lock. My wrist, arm and shoulder scream with pain as my 18yr old opponent bends my arm mercilessly. My right arm flails wildly about trying to get hold of my opponent or reach the ropes. Suddenly her right arm slams across my face twisting my head and neck. Her fingers dig into my neck muscles and begin to squeeze. I’m over come with the pain. I’ve never felt anything like this before. My teenaged opponent has me trapped and helpless I no longer have the ability to escape this hold or to keep wrestling. I have been in the ring 22 seconds and I am ready to submit the first fall.

I’ve lost the ability to think rationally I am no longer a world champion wrestler. Stephanie our referee and Tracy my tag team partner cannot believe what they are seeing. I’ve lost control of my muscles. I try to stand on wobbly legs but my knees buckle and I slowly collapse to the mat. Sitting on the mat with my legs stretched out in front of me I am a completely beaten wrestler. The first fall is just 31 seconds old when I scream out my submission. Slapping the mat and franticly waiving my free arm I try to get Stephanie’s attention. “ Ref –Ref – I give up – I give up She’s breaking my arm, I SUBMIT!!!”.  Our rookie referee seams bewildered, she doesn’t seem to realize that I want to submit the fall. She looks at Tracy my partner and shrugs as if asking what to do. Tracy shouts at her “ That’s it - that’s it - he’s given up - break the hold  - the fall is over”. Confused by the suddenness of my submission Stephanie kneels down in front of me to confirm it. “ That it “G” had enough. You ready to submit the fall”.  Waiving my arm and nodding my head in a helpless sign of defeat I again cry out my submission. “ Yes – yes – I submit – I submit – get her off me – please –I give up – I give up”. Stephanie signals that I’ve submitted the fall and calls for the bell. It seams to take forever for my teenaged opponent to release me. I can hear Tracy shouting at the ref “ Come on – come on –He’s given up - break the hold – she’s still got him”.

At last my arm is free and the pain and numbness end. After being released I collapse on the mat unable to move. I am laying spread eagle on my back looking up at the ring lights. My breath comes in gulps as I try to regain control of my arms and legs. My tag team partner Tracy has rushed to my side. Kneeling down beside me she brushes my face with her fingers. Looking down at me I can see the disbelief in her eyes. “ G – honey – what happened? – You gave up so quickly- why didn’t you fight her?”  Between gulps of air I tell her “ too strong for me – I couldn’t get out of the hold – My arm and shoulder such pain – I had to submit – She was breaking my wrist – I don’t want to wrestler her again – she’s much to powerful”. Stephanie raises the young girl’s arm in victory and we can hear one person in the arena cheering and clapping. Coming back to us she looks down and tell us “ five minutes between falls – G you will start the second fall”.  Shaking my head no I tell Tracy “ I don’t want to wrestle her again  - she’s to strong for me – she’s going to hurt me”.

Tracy begins to help me off the mat. With my right arm draped over her shoulder she helps me back to our corner. Leaning against the turnbuckle I slump down sitting on the middle rope my arms draped over the top rope for support. Tracy massages my left arm and shoulder trying to get the feeling back in them. “ Oh god Tracy – I don’t want to wrestle that girl again – I’ve never felt anyone so powerful.” Tracy looks nervous as she continues to rub my arm “What are we going to do – if we don’t finish the match they’ll take our titles and ban us from the league. We’ll never wrestle again.” At that moment Stephanie leans into our corner “Three minutes till the bell – G you will start the second fall”.  Nodding reluctantly I tell Stephanie that I’ll be ready. Turning back to my beautiful tag team partner I beg Tracy “ Please don’t let her hurt me – If I get into trouble jump in the ring and help me.”  Tracy promises to come to my rescue if necessary. As bell time draws near I get to my feet and work my arm and shoulder to loosen them up. After stretching a bit I adjust my tights and await the bell.

Moving out of our corner I slowly begin to circle to my right. Back peddling I try to keep my left arm and shoulder away from my opponent. Carefully moving toward center ring I begin to try and lock up with this teenager. As we close in on one another the powerful 18yr old girl demonstrates amazing speed. In a lighting quick move she grabs my right boot pulling up on my leg. At the same time she drives her shoulder into my mid-section. I immediately loose my balance and begin to fall backward to the mat. Crashing down on my back my teenaged opponent twists my leg and bends it into a step-over toehold. Wrapping my leg around hers she presses down on my boot twisting my knee and ankle. My leg throbs with pain as I trash about trying to get free. Twisting and turning from one side to the other my arms flail about first slapping the mat then grabbing at my trapped knee. I reach out behind me trying to tag out. Tracy is leaning over the top rope as far as she can. Her arm stretches out toward me. My arm stretches toward her. It’s just to far; our fingertips are inches apart. I trash around on the mat looking for a way out of this punishing hold. Digging the palms of my hand into the ring canvas I desperately try to inch my way toward my corner and Tracy’s outstretched hand. Before I can make any headway my young opponent gets to her feet grabs up both of my wrestling boots and drags me to the opposite corner.
Quickly tagging her partner I am attacked by the second teenager. Scooping my boots off the mat she holds my legs up and drives her knees into the back of my calves. Holding my boots as she spreads my legs apart she kicks my knees and my calves over and over. Dropping my left boot she stands on it as she twists my right leg. My leg feels as though she may twist it off.


The second fall is less than 30sec old and I am again painfully trapped by my 18yr old female opponent. My right knee throbs with pain as this young girl twists it mercilessly. I know that unless I can escape from this hold I will be defeated again. On my back with my right leg in the air I have no way to escape. Looking back over my shoulder I scream for my tag teem partner to help me. “ Tracy help me please – I can’t get out – she got me – she going to make me submit”. True to her word Tracy ducks through the ropes and charges across the ring to help me. Before she can get to me, my opponent’s partner leaps over the top rope flies at Tracy. Catching her with a clothesline across her chest Tracy boots fly off the mat and she crashes down on her back. The impact of the clothesline has left her dazed on the mat. With my tag team partner flat on her back unable to get to her feet I have no hope of escape. My young opponent takes my wrestling boot and bends my leg at the knee around her leg. Taking my other boot she pulls my leg out straight hooks it over hers and drops to the mat. The powerful teenager has me trapped in a Figure-Four leg lock. I scream at the pain in my legs. My knees, thighs, and calves throb from the tortuous hold. At 38sec of the second fall I’m finished. Waving my arms franticly and slapping the mat I signal that I’m ready to submit. It has taken these two 18yr old girls less that one minute in the ring to defeat me twice.

“I submit – I submit – Let me go – I’ve had enough”. I scream out my second submission of the match. Writhing on the canvas I can’t understand why I’m still trapped. Raising my head, neck and shoulders off the mat I look at my young opponent eye to eye. Moaning with pain I pled with her for mercy. Please – Please – Let me go – I’ve given up – you’ve beaten me – I submit – Please stop”. I am terrified by look in her eyes. She shows no pity. She just points to something behind me. Across the ring my tag team partner Tracy is stretched out on the mat writhing in pain. I can see the second teenager has Tracy in the same Figure-Four leg lock I’m in. Looking at my helpless partner I know there is no hope of escape. Her screams join mine, as we are both tortured by our teenaged opponents.

Stephanie our ref has backed into a corner and seams to be just watching Tracy and I take this terrible beating. Tracy lifts her arm and reaches out toward Stephanie pleading for her help “ Help me ref – please – help me – I give up – I give up”. When Stephanie makes no move to break the hold Tracy begs her opponent. “ Please – Please – let me go –your breaking my legs – I give up – I give up”.

Tracy and I remain trapped for what seams like an entirety. We writhe on the canvas twisting, turning looking for relief form the pain and a way to escape these holds. In desperation I scream at Stephanie “Ref – Ref – Ring the bell – Stop the match please – We’ve had enough – please we can’t take any more – We give up – We give up’. It does no good our young ref seams dazed and bewildered she makes no attempt to help free us.

For the first time in a very long time tears full my eyes. Worse for the first time I am afraid in the ring. Looking over at Tracy I see she is now almost hysterical. She is sobbing uncontrollably and her body is twitching violently. I don’t know how we are going to get out of these holds. Looking around the ring for any help we can get I see that one of the two or three spectators in the arena has come to ring side. The man has a broad smile on his face. Coming closer he grabs the bottom rope and begins to speak. “ You can beg all you want but they wont let you go – I thought that as champions you would be a better test for the girls – but it seams that I was wrong.  You gave up very easily it only took them a few seconds to defeat you”.  Sobbing uncontrollably I no longer can control my self and I beg for help. “ Please – Please – can you make them stop – There hurting us – Please – were finished – help us?”  Shaking his head he taunts us “ So I guess you did not like wrestling my two daughters. If they were older they would have defeated you for your titles. Would you say that my girls are the best and the strongest wrestlers you have ever faced and that you would like to submit to them and have them let you go right?”

Hoping that he will tell his daughters to release us from these holds I again plead for our freedom. “Yes  - your daughters are the best wrestlers we’ve ever faced –we’ve been beaten

Please let us submit – they’ve got us we can’t escape we’ve been defeated – please – we give up – we give up”.

With just a quick word to his two daughters Tracy and I are released from the figure-four leg locks. Pulling my legs up to my chest I rub my throbbing knee. Looking over at Tracy I see that she too is trying to rub the pain out of her knee. Neither one of us can get to our feet.

We make no attempt to leave the ring. Hobbling on one knee I try and crawl to the ropes. I can only drape one arm over the bottom rope before I collapse to the canvas.

The stranger at ringside comes close to me and leans in to speak in my ear. I can see that he’s about my age. “ Now that you and your partner have been beaten by my daughters, I tell you this. I will be back. My wife and her sister are coming to take you Tag Team titles. Soon you will again be defeated this time for your championship belts”.

As he is about to leave he turns and speaks quickly to his daughters. “ My girls will finish you now”. He shouts as he hurries up the isle. Before I can react one of the teenage girls grabs the waistband of my tights and pulls me away from the ropes to center ring. I scream as my manhood is crushed. Reaching down she turns me over and pulls me off the mat. I can barely stand, as my legs are still very weak. Getting behind me she lets go of my tights and I can feel her arms rapping around my head. Already dazed and beaten there is little I can do to defend myself, in just seconds my 18yr old opponent has me trapped in a sleeper hold. I am stunned by the power of this teenage girl as she squeezes the sleeper around my head she lifts me completely off the mat my white wrestling boots dangle inches off the canvas. Looking across the ring I see my partner is also struggling in a sleeper hold. We cannot help each other. As the pain in my head and neck increase I begin to slide down the long tunnel toward unconsciousness. As I am about to go out my opponent eases the pressure on my head and neck. Slowly my head clears and the pain returns. After a second or two she very slowly begins to increase the pressure as the pain increases I begin to sob uncontrollably. Tears run down my cheeks, my breath comes in gulps I plead with my young opponent not to hurt me “ PLEASE – PLEASE – Let me go – Don’t knock me out – Please – Don’t knock me out – You’ve beaten me – please - I give up – I give up”. That’s the last thing I remember.

I don’t know how long I was out. The last thing I remember is being trapped in the sleeper hold. As I slowly return to consciousness I look around the ring and see Tracy trapped in the ropes her arms caught between the middle and the top ropes. In the next second or two I realize that I too am caught in the ropes. As my partner wiggles to free herself I ask her.

“What happened Tracy? – Is the match over?”  As she frees first one arm then the other she comes toward me. “Yes “G” honey the match is over – we lost”.  Pulling on the top rope in an effort to free me Tracy refreshes my memory. “ We were beaten in two straight falls. They forced you to submit both falls. The whole match only lasted 3&1/2 minutes. I never got in the ring. After you submitted the second fall your opponent put you in a sleeper hold. You hollered for me to help you and when I climbed into the ring the other one slapped a sleeper on me. You were knocked out and tided up in the ropes. Then I got knocked out and they put me in the ropes too. All in all I’d say we got beat pretty bad. Free from the ropes at last Tracy and I head back to our dressing room. I hang my title belt on its hook and sit down. I untie my boots and pull them off. “Tracy, what’s going to happen to us if we have to face his wife and her sister? They are going to hurt us bad, we can’t beat them.
We’re not good enough or strong enough. I don’t want another match like this.


I peel my tights down to my knees, sit down and then peel them off. Slowly I head to the shower so Tracy can get out of her wrestling gear. In the shower I say to myself over and over, I don’t want to wrestle them. I’m scared of them. I don’t want to get hurt again!!”"

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