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erotic mixed wrestling fm headscissors femdom fighting

Update: 16.11.2018

W-546 "The Weak Leg slave"

Gallery size: 110 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, catfighting, 110 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

I am master, and my long-time female slave finds me a new slave to play a wrestling game with. I instruct the new slave to wrestle with my long-time slave. The new slave is overpowered and forced onto her back. My established slave spins atop her and wraps her in a devastating power head scissor while on top. New slave knows she can’t last long and tries to copy the move from below, straining and struggling to match her oppressor’s power. As they face each other struggling in a wrestling 69 head scissors it is clear that the new slave is losing the power struggle. Her legs just can’t cause any damage or hurt to the long-time slave who is clearly punishing her weak opponent. Eventually the weaker girl’s quaking legs fail her the contest of power and dominance and her legs falling uselessly away meekly pedaling and submissively reflecting her plight with useless shaky motions. The longtime slave releases the hold moving to a victorious reverse facesit. Underneath the new slave smothers and gasps her movements slow and resistance ceases in submission unable to gather any air. I proclaim the winner and direct the longtime slave to get off her after a brief celebration where she assumes several winner poses sitting on her face then kneeling on her and finally foot on the neck and striking the final ‘I am the winner’ pose.

I question the loser why she lost. I suggest her legs are weak. She insists she has strong legs, but the contest has already proven that false.  I decide to wrestle this loser. I easily power her to the floor as she is totally submissive to me and defeated lacking any confidence. I command her fight back as I straddle her breasts and lean forward. She uses the opportunity to catch my head in a head scissors wrapping her legs around my head hesitantly believing it will have no effect on me. I taunt her telling her she can’t hurt me. All this time my long-time slave is cheering her master on laughing at the meek defeated girl I am dominating. I begin to feel pressure from the hold shocked that her legs DO have strength, surprised, she seems to know and hesitantly applies pressure believing I am feigning feeling effects. I immediately react to the pressure. I struggle and turn red proclaiming in broken gasps she is strong. My longtime slave is soon alarmed and prods me to escape. She points out that the slave is weak and why am I struggling? I try to escape and seeing that she indeed has me trapped she gains confidence and pours on some real power. When I fail to escape my long-time, slave moves to panic and then finally disgust as the new slave exerts confidence the amused domination now openly taunting me to do something about it. I am so weakened by the crushing scissors she has applied that she rolls me under her still maintaining the hold. Now on top and scissoring me she really lets me have it and I howl in pain sputtering pleas to allow me out, but she just laughs. My established slave walks out disgusted by my helplessness at now being controlled by the weak-ass slave she had just destroyed – with ease informing me that a loser cannot be master and that I am really just a slave to the girl controlling me.


Soon my new mistress (who owns me now) announces - you heard her — I am your master slave boy and she moves to duplicate the reverse facesit she recently suffered to humiliate me and regain her pride. Her taunting and sitting leave me breathless and humiliated — and a docile slave. Spitting taunting and a total facesit using both reverse and forward facing as she smothers me under her until I mercifully pass out. The last scene shows her duplicating victory poses over my limp body.

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