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femdom mixed wrestling headscissors muscle tights lycra pantyhose smothering

Update: 07.06.2019

W-575 "Deadly headscissors"

Gallery size: 200 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 200 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

When you think of action packed martial arts actions most of the names that comes to mind are men – as it’s a male dominated genre.

But one thing is for sure, there are women out there who prove that it doesn’t take a Y Chromosome to be a kick ass action star or an effective fighter. It takes skill, training, hard work and skill in martial arts, regardless of gender.

Some of the best martial arts actions of all time are led by strong women and female martial artists. In the name of equality, these results remind us that we like to see both men and women fighting in an acrobatic and exciting way.

So who are the top women in martial arts actions? Nastasa among the most qualified and experienced martial artists in the world. She is a dream. Unbelievable pretty, mysterious and extremely tough, she is considered one of the best martial arts stars of modern times as is without a doubt one of the most talented. She has some really impressive abilities as an actress as well as a martial artist, as she has grown up up surrounded by some of the Hungary’s top martial artists.

When Nastasa was about 18, she realised that her thighs where great to use when wrestling. At first it was to win wrestling and because it was fun to scissor guys stronger than her. See the shock in their eyes when she scissored them and they couldnt break free. When she grew a bit older it started to turn her on when she was squeezing, especially when she used a tight front neck scissor. It felt great to push is throat up in her crotch at the same time as she was squeezing. As she got more dominant as a person she started to enjoy scissoring, pinning and facesitting much more. At the same time as she grew older her thighs and butt got bigger and it became more easy to beat a guy. She enjoys a good struggle, but she enjoys it the most if the guy is helpless under her or between her thighs. Nastasa always go for the tap out eventually, she likes to torture her victims a little bit first, she'll squeeze and release, hold them still for a few minutes, or her favorite is to slowly increase the pressure everyone the exhale, it is such a powerful feeling because she slowly draining them of all of their energy and oxygen, to see the look on their face as they know what is happening, but are powerless to do anything about it is so hot!

In her next appearance she will have a official fight. As the undefeated world champion in the wrestling league (she wins about 27 title bouts) she really feels  boring only defeating her chanceless opponents without letting feel them a sort of pain. The feeling during she has killing Mr. Nagy produced in her body a lot of pleasure. So she decided to link up the WFC – the World Free Fighting Company. As the name said – there are no real rules.

Here er first fight brings he ragainst Tom Sharpe – an 28 years old man with absolutely bad manners. During the presentation of the fighters - staying in their corners - he offends Nastasa continual, provokates with bad gestures. Our beauty – dressed in red high cut leotard, red high heeled shoes and sexy dark pantyhose – proceeds her mishievious smile. But: About this provokation she quickly know,  she has to stablish an example.

And so it comes: Only three seconds after the fight starts Nastasa hammered both of her open hands in a horrible way to both sides of Tom’s neck. The poor man fells down like the titanic is going under,  laying out cold in the middle of the ring. As the referee wants to count Nastasa raise her his attempt forbidden hand.

She’s not ready yet. Nastasa shows her pretty body. Because the man didn’t awake maybe she uses a bottle of water to help.

Then starts the fighting sequence, where Nastasa continual dominates with scissoring and choking.

Staying behind the unconscious man, she tears at his hairs and placed his head between her legs at the backside of her right leg. Pressing the unhappy man now on her standing left leg and close her legs together – it looks not good for Mr. Sharpe. With her left hand she takes the crossed right leg and pulls…more and more. For the silent audience is it obvious that the end for the python-like squeezed man is quickly near. As Nastasa is sure her prey is dead she let him gracious free. But there is no „thanks“ to here. Falling like a sack of potatoes to the ground the referee again wants begin to count.

By number three he stops, feels the pulse at losers throat. Of course there is none. Putting on a stretcher two ambulance man carry the "losing" man out of the ring. Nastasa looks more than confident, winning her first really easy fight.

Nastasa is amazing. An absolutely Beauty coming directly out of dreams. Her power, her flexibility, her attitude and particular the gleaming in her eyes when she is playing with this helpless, a copy of a fighting man. You'd like the way she's Fighting Rough. You'd like everyything she arrange with her willess toy. It look's like he's waiting for his this Slaughter ending finish.

She has the skill to entertain as well as fight. She definitely has potential to be a most effective special agent in the future if she decides to focus her energy in that area. In the audience says a man to his neighbouring: "We have to speak with her." These are two members from The CIA, looking for qualified people.

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