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Latest update: 16.06.2023        W-785 "A title match that ends a career"

Mixed wrestling, 420 pictures 1920x1080 (Full HD), no nudity, bloody action.

In my dressing room I am preparing for my match. This is not just any match it is a World Wrestling Title match With me Vs "Showgirl" Lacy Regal. I wrestled her for the title 6 months ago and was extremely lucky to have pinned her. She came within minutes of defeating me. I was completely spent and ready for her to pin me for the victory and the title. She instead tried to make me submit to her. That was her greatest mistake.

Getting ready, I reach into my gear bag and pull out my very shiny white jockstrap. I place both my feet in the jock and slowly pull it up me legs. I take a minute and adjust my large manhood inside the jockstrap. Next I lace on my shiny white boots, finally I wrap the WORLD TITLE BELT around my waist and buckle it on. I am now ready to head to the ring.

Across the hall my opponent is also getting ready, Lacy pulls on shiny tan pantyhose. they shine brightly in the lights. She then wiggles into a skin tight dark red leotard with gold flames across the shoulders. She then laces up dark red boots. Lacy is now ready to head to the ring.

With both of us in the ring the announcer begins:

"Ladies and Gentlemen, This is a one fall match. Pin or submission to a finish. It is for the World Wrestling Championship!!!! In the red corner making her second attempt to win the title. Is, "SHOWGIRL" Lacy REGAL!!!! And her opponent, he is the current and undefeated WORLD WRESTLING CHAMPION!!! "Hollywood" DAVID NIXON!!!"

With the intro’s over we both head back to our corners to wait for the bell. BONG!!! I exit my corner take a few steps and Lacy is on me. She has my arm bent up into a hammer lock. I’m not sure but she seems both faster and stronger than the last time we wrestled. With her controlling my arm she steers me to her corner. 

She then pushes me face first into the turnbuckle. She follows that up with two very hard punches to my back. The first one slams into right were my liver is. The pain of the punch is overwhelming, it comes very close to knocking me out. The second punch lands directly into my lower spine. 

The second punch has caused my legs to go numb. I crumple to the mat as my legs will no carry my weight. Defenseless in front of her, "SHOWGIRL" Lacy Regal begins to stomp on me as hard as she can. Several of her kicks slam into my head. I an dazed and very dizzy. I begin to scream out in pain and fear. "Stop please stop!!! Ref make her stop, she’s going to beat me and take my title!!!! 

Of coarse the ref can do nothing to help me. Lacy gets me back on my feet using my arms. She now has both of them locked into a DOUBLE HAMMER LOCK. With both my arms bent up behind me I cry out in pain. "My arms, oh dear god my arms!!!! You’re going to dislocate my arms Lacy, please let me go!!!   She of coarse ignores me and increases the pressure on my arms. Facing the turnbuckle my chin rests on the top on. She releases one of my arms, however before I can move it her fore-arm slams into my back. Her fore-arm smash is like a canon ball smashing into me. 

I’m dazed and just on the edge of being unconscious. I won’t be able to stand many more of those crushing fore-arms. BAM!! The second fore-arm explodes on my back. I lose my grip on the top ropes and drop to my knees in the corner. 

Lacy has me now, she has dropped me to my knees with her powerful fore arm smashes, I can’t last much longer. She grabs my arms and pulls them back behind me. She then drags me out of the corner. We are now in the center of the ring, me on my knees Lacy on her feet holding both my arms behind me. She pulls me up to my feet. Having released my arms she now wraps her arms around my head and neck. 

She then slowly begins to squeeze me. As the air is cut off to my lungs I know the end is near. I can’t stand any more, Lacy has beaten me and I have no choice but to surrender to her ending one of the shortest title matches in league history. I have failed as a Champion, getting beat so quickly. 

"Please Lacy, please Let me go, I can’t take any more!!!!! You’ve beaten me!! You’re the champion now!! I submit I submit!!! Please don’t knock me out!!! I give up, I give up!!! You win!!!"

The new champion drops me to the mat. I land face up at her feet. She stands over me with her arms in the air signaling her victory over me. I have lost the match and my title. I lie here beaten with a rock hard DEFEAT BONER between my legs, stretching my jockstrap to it’s limits. 

Back in my dressing room I struggle to remove my wrestling gear. I stretch my jockstrap as far as it will go and ease it past my stiff manhood. I lower it down my legs and pull it past my boots and off. I then untie my boots and pull them off. I head to the shower with my rock hard boner sticking out. Knowing that this has been my last wrestling match and it is now time for me to retire. 

Wile the title match was going on two other wrestlers were getting ready for a match of their own. These two youngsters are fighting for only one spot in the wrestling league. The winner gets the only open spot in the league. The loser faces utter destruction of their career hopes. 

First there is Coby Mc Greger, at 19 yrs old he is undefeated in the junior league and is in fact the Champion of the league. He reaches into his gear bag and pulls out shiny light green tights. He steps into them then slowly works them up his legs and over his butt. He spends several seconds adjusting his manhood in them. He finally gets a perfect male bulge to his manhood. Coby laces on his shiny white boots and is now ready to head to the ring. 

Coby’s opponent is also getting ready to wrestle. Jenifer Lovelace is 18 yrs old, in fact she has just turned 18 less than 2 weeks ago. She is very excited about getting a chance to wrestle on the main league roster. She pulls on shiny dark tan pantyhose, she then wiggles into a skintight Yellow leotard coverer in shiny stones. She laces on shiny white boots. Jenifer is now ready to wrestle. 

Up in the ring Coby is supremely confident he is absolutely sure he can and will defeat Jenifer and become the newest member of the Main Roster. With all the pre match things over both young wrestlers stand in their corners waiting for the bell. BONG!!!! the match has started. 

Both young wrestlers exit their corners. As they close in on each other, Jenifer cocks her arm back and throws a powerful fore-arm that connects with Coby’s chin. The 19 yr old undefeated male wrestle drops to the mat as if he were shot. The ref comes to look Coby over. He is badly dazed. The ref ask the teenage boy if he wants to submit the match to his opponent. Coby’s answer although weak comes quickly. No-No, I won’t submit the match. I can still win!!!!" With that Coby quickly gets to his feet. The ref signals for the match to continue. 

Jenifer moves in on Coby, trying to continue her advantage over him. A weakened and still dazed Colby reacts to an arm hold Jenifer places on him. "My arm, my arm!!! Dear god she’s going to break my arm." Jenifer’s reaction to Colby crying out is to grab his other arm and twist it up behind him. 

The young male wrestler now has both his arms twisted and pulled out straight out behind him. Jenifer then kicks the back of Coby’s leg and he drops to the mat on his knees. This begins a difficult time for Coby as Jenifer demonstrates a superior knowledge of pro-wrestling holds. The 19 yr old male is put in several very painful and exhausting holds. Both his arms and legs have been attacked by Jenifer. 

Using his arm that is bent up behind his back, Jenifer steers Coby into her corner jamming his back up against the turnbuckle. There she unleashes a barrage of powerful fore-arms and punches on him. Her first fore-arm slams into the side of his head. He instantly tries to cover up using his arms for a shield. This causes Jenifer to go low. Her next blow slams into Coby several inches below the waist band of his shiny light green tights. 

Coby’s hands fly to a spot between his legs as he cries out in pain "My manhood!!!! She punched me in my manhood!!! Oh my god it hurts!!! The ref moves in quick and asks Coby. "Do you want to submit the match Coby?" Holding tightly to his manhood, Coby answers the ref. "No-No, I don’t want to submit the match. I can still wrestle!!! I can still win!!!!" 

Jenifer takes Coby’s refusal to submit as a challenge. She reaches down pulls his hand off his manhood and grabs it herself. She begins to squeeze it as hard as she can. Coby grabs the top rope with both hands to hold himself up. Jenifer then grabs on of his arms and pulls him out of the corner. Now in the center of the ring Jenifer jams her arm between Coby’s legs. She grabs the back of his tights, then hooks his head. She lifts him off the mat and high into the air. 

She drops to her knee then slams Coby down across her out thigh. Coby screams inn pain as his back slams into her thigh. She then places one hand on his chin and the second hand on his now swelling manhood. Jenifer has Coby locked into an "OVER THE KNEE-BACK BREAKER. With his back in pain and his manhood being squeezed. Coby does not even wait for the ref. he starts screaming his submission instantly

"I GIVE UP!!!! I GIVE UP!!! She’s got me!!! I can’t take any more. Please stop the match, I submit!!! Oh god, I submit!!!" 

The ref finally tells Jenifer to release Coby, he has surrendered the match to her and she has won. Jenifer rolls Coby off her thigh and he drops to the mat FACE UP!!! The ring people rush to Coby and kneel down beside him. He tells them that he can’t get up and will need help. One of the ring people tells him WOW, MAN THAT WAS A CRUSHING DEFEAT!!!! That girl really put it to you." Coby looks up and says "I know, I know!!!! I though she was going to pull my Dick off. She really hurt me!!! I had no choice but to submit to her!!

Tonight was the end for both men. The former champion retired and never wrestled again. As for Coby, he never made it to the main roster and quit wrestling several years later.

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