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Update: 19.08.2016

W-421 "Tag-team championship"

Gallery size: 200 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, 200 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), no nudity, no blood.

Tonight we are going to make our 11th defense of the WORLD TAG-TEAM championship. We are the SUPER STUDS Dino and Geo. We are the most popular tag-team in the history of the league. We have a tremendous following. The vast majority of our fans are women. We think the reason for that is simply both Deno and I are very well endowed and we have great bodies. There is also the fact that we love to show them off. Deno thinks it s because we both have large manhood s. As for me I ve been told by several of our fans it s because we both have great butts. I don t care which it is as long as they keep paying us to wrestle. The arena is very brightly lit for tonight. On the marquee is the reason for the huge crowd waiting to enter.

Tonight!! The Super Studs Vs The Sophisticated Ladies for The World Tag-Team championship!!

After relaxing in our dressing room while the under card went on, it now time to get ready to wrestle. Deno and I strip out of our street cloths. We then shift into our ring gear. Both of us gather up very shiny pantyhose and slid our feet into them. Inch by inch we pull and smooth them up our legs. Having just shaved our legs, under arms, chest and pubic areas the pantyhose sparkle in the light. Next comes very tight and very small thongs. We pull them up our legs but it takes several minutes to adjust them to out manhood. These thong serve two purpose first they act as our jockstraps, as we have no other protection. Second they shape our manhood s in a perfect bulge. It s the bulge that I think fills the seats of the arena. They are a very light blue and shine in the lights. Next comes our wrestling boots. They too are light blue and also shine brightly. Then it s time for the best, our gold and jeweled encrusted world title belts. We follow that with light blue ring jacket, that are also encrusted with sparkling glitter and stones.

Across the hall our opponents are also getting ready to wrestle. The Sophisticated Ladies are making their first attempt to win the title. They are Katie and June Carnegie, mother and daughter team and they are stunning. They may be the most beautiful women in wrestling. Katie is 36 yrs old and her daughter June is jut 19. Don t let their beauty fool you they are tuff and ruthless. Also they are very good wrestlers who like to punish their opponents. The Ladies will come to the ring in their best wrestling gear. Black thong leotards. They are very high cut and very tight. They like to show off their butts and love to show everyone their camel toes. Along with their black leotards they wear black pantyhose and boots. The best thing is that they enter the ring in long black evening gowns with long satin gloves. They remove the gowns but usually wrestle in the long gloves.

We are all in the ring now. For us it was a long and slow process. Both Dino and I have to almost fight our way thru our fans. The guys all want to slap up on the back or high-five us. The women are much worse, they grab our butts or our manhood s. They run their hands up and down our pantyhose covered legs, some put things in our thongs, keys, phone numbers, all kinds of stuff.

The announcer enters and begins:
"This match is for the Tag-Team Championship of the World!! In the black corner making their first attempt to win a title they are known as THE SOPHISTICATED LADIES the mother and daughter team of Katie and June Carnegie.
Their opponents they are known as THE SUPER STUDS DINO and GEO!! This is a two out of three fall match pin or submission!"

With that out of the way Dino and I remove out sparkling ring jackets. Across the ring our opponents are making a show of removing their black ball gowns. WOW!!!! Are they hot. They look more like sisters than mother and daughter. Not to be out done Dino and I slowly unbuckle out gold world title belts and hold them high in the air as we parade around the ring. Quickly we adjust our thongs and pull up our pantyhose. Across the ring the Sophisticated Ladies adjust their leotards and also pull their pantyhose. All four of us are ready to wrestle.

BONG!! BONG!! Dino begins for our team and I exit the ring. Katie starts for our opponents as her daughter exits. Dino begins to circle and look for his first opening. Katie moves in, faints a lock-up. Instantly she jams her arm between Dino s legs, grabbing the back of his thong and pantyhose. She hooks his head and lifts him off the mat. Stunned, Dino kicks his legs wildly. Hold Dino chest high Katie turns to me, lifts Dino high over her head and slams him down to the mat. A stunned Dino arches up and screams in pain. Katie is instantly on Dino. She drops across him in an Upper Body Press grabbing the back of his knee she hooks his leg and rolls his shoulders onto the mat. Only 8 seconds into the first fall and Dino is in trouble. His shoulders are down and Katie has his leg hooked up tight. Dino fights as hard as he can, trying to keep his shoulder up. His struggles have caused the hold Katie has on him to tighten, She now has his leg tight up very tightly. The ref is keeping a close watch on his shoulders:


As the ref s hand strikes the mat, Dino just beats the three count. Twisting turning and kicking Dino fights Katie attempts to pin him.


Again Dino is able to beat the count. A clearly frustrated Katie now is angry at not being able to pin Dino. Getting to her feet She pulls him off the mat. Dino is on rubbery legs and has trouble standing. BAM!! BAM!! BAM!! Three very hard forearm smashes crash into Dino s upper chest and neck driving him back into a neutral corner. The match is now 4 minutes old. Dino is in big trouble and I can't reach him to tag in. For the next 30 seconds Dino is trapped in the corner and pounded on non-stop. His legs buckle and he slides down the ropes to the mat. It looks very bad for my tag-team partner. He is sitting on the mat with his head resting on the middle turnbuckle, his legs are spread wide apart and his arms are draped in his lap. Katie grabs Dino by his shiny blue boots. She drags my helpless partner to the center of the ring. Pulling him to his feet she instantly smashes him on the side of his head with her forearm. Dino drops to the mat holding his head. I am not sure he is even conscious.

Looking down on him I see that his bulge has grown larger inside his thong. That thong is the only thing holding him in. Dino is getting a DEFEAT BONER . I have to do something to help him. This TAG-TEAM TITLE MATCH is going badly for the SUPER STUDS. Quickly I realize that I am too late. With the match now just 7&1/2 minutes old Dino is finished. He no longer has the ability to fight. Without ever having to tag her daughter in Katie has single handedly battered one half of the TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS.

Katie pulls Dino off the mat. She twists his arm into a wringer. Building momentum Katie whips Dino into the ropes. He is shot back at her. Waiting for him Katie jams her black gloved hand across his face. Instantly I know what has happened. Katie has locked a BRAIN CLAW onto my partner. Dino immediately begins to scream in pain. He desperately bangs on Katie s arm s with his fists. It clear he just does not have the power to break her hold. Dino's screams of terror and pain echo around the arena. Out in the crowd the fans are almost silent. The only thing you can hear clearly are the soft sobs of our female fans. Looking out at the fans at ringside I can see many with tears running down their faces. A soft chant begins to be heard.

"HELP HIM HELP HIM HELP HIM!" The fans want me to help Dino out of this torture. Then for the first time I hear Dino call out to me. Help me Geo, please help me!! In all the time we have been Tag-Team partners I have never heard Dino scream like that or ever call out for help. With 7minutes and 45 seconds gone in the match Dino is very near defeat. I can take no more of his screams, I must help him. I leap into the ring and run toward my partner. What I don t see is Katie s daughter June has also leaped into the ring. Just two feet short of being able to help Dino I am caught by. She has reached out and wrapped her hand around my head. The pain and shock is instantaneous. It feels as though thousands of volts of electricity are shooting thru my head. Dino and I are both caught in BRIAN CLAW holds. Now my screams join with Dino s as we are both trapped. The announcers at ringside are stunned at what is happening in the ring. Cathy Dixon and Billy Ray Harkness both former wrestling champions gasp in astonishment.

Cathy Dixon: "Billy Ray, this is hard to believe and hard to watch. The SOPHISTICATED LADIES have both of the SUPER STUDS locked into painful submission holds"

Billy Ray Harkness: "Yes, they do Cathy. The girls have both men is very serious trouble. Their fans are literally sobbing in grief by what is happening to The SUPER STUDS. I ve never seen anything like it"

Cathy: "Up in the ring Billy Ray, things are getting worse for The SUPER STUDS. Dino s knees have buckled and he is headed for mat. The screams from both of these guys is ear splitting"

Billy Ray: "I've never heard men scream like that in the ring before. The pain they are in must be tremendous!"

Cathy: "There is something going on in the ring. Yes-Yes, it sounds like Dino is submitting to Katie. There is no indication from the ref that Dino has given up the fall. However I clearly heard him submit!"

Dino has begun to sob in pain. There is nothing I can do to help him. There he goes, there he goes. He s giving up the fall. He has submitted.


Katie continues to hold Dino tightly in the CLAW. She has pushed him off his knees and onto his back. Dino s legs are spread wide apart and his body is twitching. Also his manhood stiffens as he nears defeat. Again Dino call out his surrender:


Those are Dino s last words in this match. Just seconds later Deno can hold out no longer and slips into unconsciousness.

Cathy: "That s it it s over for Dino. He s submitted to and has been knocked out by Katie. THE SUPER STUDS have lost the fall"

Billy Ray: "YES, they have. However, even though one man has been defeated by knock out. There is still one wrestler continuing the fight. It is possible that they could lose both falls right now"

Cathy: "You mean that if Geo cannot break the hold and exit the ring he could be charged with losing the second fall?"

Billy Ray: "That is exactly right Cathy. Geo must escape the hold and exit the ring. If he fails to do so, he will lose the second fall and the titles!"

Cathy: "I would say that things look grim for THE SUPER STUDS. Their time as Champions seems to be coming to an end"

I know that Dino has submitted the first fall and has been knocked out. I must escape this hold and get out of the ring it s the only way to save our titles. I begin to pound on June s arms. The claw has weakened me to the point where my efforts quickly fail. I grab her wrists and try to pry her hands off my face. It s no use, she is just too strong. The pain is nearly over whelming. I should be able to break this hold easily. However, the claw June has on me is sapping my strength. Each second I am trapped in this hold I become weaker and weaker. My knees begin to buckle Slowly I sag to the mat on my knees. It s over, I can take no more punishment from June, she s got me and she is going to defeat me. The pain is just too much, I must surrender to her. I m finished.

"I'm done !!! I'm done!! I SUBMIT!!! Let me go!! PLEASE JUNE, let me go!! I GIVE UP!! You've Beaten me, I GIVE UP!! I GIVE UP!!"

June hold me for a few more seconds and I fall into unconsciousness. She pushes me onto my back in the middle of the ring.

DONG!! DONG!! DONG!! The bell signals the end of the match and The Super Studs reign as world champions. Both Dino and I have been defeated by The Sophisticated Ladies.

Cathy: "What a stunning end to this match. No one predicted this outcome. We have new Tag-Team Champions. The Sophisticated Ladies have won the titles!"

Billy Ray: "This is truly an unbelievable ending. Up in the ring both men have been knocked out by these girls. They lie side by side stretched out on the mat. What a sad and stunning end for these men"

Cathy: "Yes, Billy Ray it is. The Super Studs were thought to be almost unbeatable. And yet there they are on their backs out cold. Forced into submission and knocked out by Katie and her daughter!"

In the ring Dino and I lie on the mat out cold. The announcer enters to make everything official:

"Wrestling Fans, in 8minutes and 12 seconds the winners of this match via submission as well as KNOCK-OUT and now the new WORLD TAG-TEAM CHAMPIONS they are THE SOPHISTICATED LADIES!!"

Katie and June come to were Dino and I placed the world title belts. They pick them up, wrap them around their waists and buckle them on. For the next several minutes Katie and June strut around the ring with their arms in the air accepting the cheers of the fans. They then duck between the ropes and head up the aisle. As many of the crowd leave the arena, many more leave their seats and gather beside the ring. Our fans stand in stunned silence looking at us lying on the mat unconscious. After several minutes three of the medical staff enter the ring to tend to us. Slowly they bring us around and then do a thorough check of our necks, heads and shoulders. Both of us are still in pain and our hands fly up to our heads. Finally they help us to our feet. Both Dino and I are very wobbly as we try to move. Our legs feel like rubber. It takes two of the medics to help each of us to our corner.

Standing in our corner we need to hold the ropes tightly to keep our balance. Coming down the aisle is the league promoter, he has a very sad look on his face. "What went wrong with your guys? They were supposed to be an easy match for you!!"

Geo: "We don t know, we have no memory of the match. Did we win? Where are our title belts? What is going on?"

P: "What s going on !! what s going on!!! I ll tell you what s going on. You two got your asses handed to you"

Dino: "What?"

P: "OK, here s what happened. You both were defeated by the ladies. They got Dino in a BRAIN CLAW. He was screaming in pain and was almost out. Geo, you jumped into the ring to save him. Only they also got you in a BRAIN CLAW. Now both of you are in the ring at the same time. Dino fades fast as his legs buckle and he sinks to the mat. Dino you are on your knees and Katie has you locked up tight. You struggle for a few second then you scream out your submission"

Dino: "My submission? You mean she submitted me? I lost to her? NO-NO, that can't be. She's not good enough to defeat me. She must have cheated!"

P: "No Dino she didn't cheat, she beat you fair and square. She got the CLAW on you and drove you to your knees and forced you to submit. Then she put you on your back and knocked you out. You lost the first fall"

Geo: "What about me? What happened to me? Did I do better?"

P: "No, in fact it took June less time to defeat you that it did for Katie to defeat Dino. Dino was screaming in pain. You jumped into the ring to save him. That s when June got you. She surprised you and locked on the BRAIN CLAW Now it's you that s screaming. Just like Dino, you sink to your knees too. Seconds later you are screaming you submission. Now you Geo have just lost the second fall. June takes you to the mat on your back and knocks you out. Well, that s just about it. You men were defeated in two straight fall and you ve lost your titles. You are now EX-CHAMPIONS!"

Geo: "NO!!! OH NO!! We were beaten, they defeated us. They took our titles"

The promoter leaves the ring with Dino and I standing there very near tears. Beaten and humiliated.

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