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W-425 "Career rebuild?"

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After several devastating defeats in tag matches my career was just about ruined. Dino decided to leave wrestling and try something else. As for me wrestling is all I know, it's what I do. I need to start over.

I come to a small Indy federation to start my comeback. Most of the wrestlers in this Fed are part-time wrestlers. My opponent tonight is just such a wrestler. Margaret Mattson is an up and coming wrestler in this fed, she hopes to make a career of wrestling. At 22 yrs old she is 9 years younger that I am and has no were near my experience. While I'm wrestling here there will be no mention of my being a "Former Tag-Team Champion" I will go by just Geo and nothing else. The time has come for me to get ready. Off with my street cloths and into my gear. Shiny black fishnet pantyhose. Over which I pull on a very shiny wet look spandex thong. Grabbing both waistbands I adjust my manhood to get a perfect bulge. Next, shiny black boots and finally a rhinestone and glitter black satin ring jacket.

Across the hall Margaret is also getting ready. First shiny toast pantyhose, a bright pink leotard and shiny pink boots. She does her make-up and hair. She looks like the home coming queen in high school. There is no way this girl is 22, she looks more like 16. With both of us in the ring the announcer begins:

"This is a one fall match pin or submission. In this corner, making his first appearance in this ring, please welcome GEO! And his opponent, she is the Princess of wrestling Margaret Mattson!"

The princess of wrestling, that's what they call her? WOW, backwoods wrestling, let's see what they call her when I'm done with her. With just a few seconds to go before the bell I quickly adjust my pantyhose and thong. BONG!!! And the march starts. I move out of my corner and brace for a lock-up. The Princess comes right at me and we lock up. The first thing I notice is she is very strong. The next thing I notice is she is also very fast. From the lock-up she slips her arms free and and applies an OVER-HAND WRIST LOCK on me. WOW!!! She's so strong. Instantly my arm is in pain, man this hurts! Using the wrist lock she drives me to my knees. She lets go of the wrist lock and quickly grabs both my arms. Holding my wrist she twists my arms up behind my back. OOOOH!! OOOOH!! AAAAAAH!! My shoulders are in a lot of pain as she twists me. I turn from side to side trying to ease the pain. She is so strong. I struggle to get one knee off the mat. With great effort I get back on my feet. I'm bent over at the waist as she tries to raise my arms and force me back down. Slowly I inch my way to the ropes and get one boot between them. She lets me go instantly as I step between the ropes. I take a second to adjust myself. I step back onto the mat and she has me. She has slipped her arms under my arms and and lock on a FULL-NELSON. With her hands locked in behind my neck she is pushing forward on me. Pain is shooting both up and down my spine. She has now started to lean back stretching me out a she does. My boots have come off the canvas and I am now hanging by my neck. It takes me over 2 minutes to get free of the hanging full nelson. My neck hurts, my back hurts and my shoulders hurt. Right now this young girl is giving me all I can handle. I step away from the ropes and she is instantly on me. She grabs my arm and twists it into a wringer. She then whips me across the ring into the ropes. As I fly back at her she reaches between my legs grabbing the back of my thong and fishnets. Hooking my head she lifts mw off the mat takes a few running steps and power slams me to the canvas. "OOOOOH!! MY BACK!!! I can't help myself as I cry out in pain. I'm on the mat on my back. I arch up trying to ease the pain. Margaret reaches down and takes me by the hair and arm and pulls me to my feet. Again she jams her arm between my legs. Grabbing my head she lifts me into the air. She holds me for a few seconds then she drops to one knee and slams me down across her thigh.

AAAAAOOU!!! Again I scream in pain. Draped over her thigh she puts on hand on my chin and her other hand over my manhood and pushes down. She has me in a BACKBREAKER. "MY BACK, MY BACK!! As she is bending me over her knee she slowly begins to squeeze my manhood. A thousand volts of pain shoot thru my body. I scream for the ref "REF-REF, SHE'S CRUSHING ME. MAKE HER STOP STOP, SHE'S SQUEEZING MY MANHOOD!!!" The ref quickly comes to see what she is doing to me. "COME ON MARGARET, LET HIS MANHHOD GO." She does so quickly and The Princess of Wrestling shoves me off her thigh. I fall to the mat at her feet. Again she is on me swiftly, she pulls me to my feet and whips me into the corner. She follows me there and spins me around so back is toward her. Then it starts and rain of punches and knees explode into my unprotected back. Kick after kick, punch after punch smash into me. After taking five or six hard punches and five or six kicks to my back, my legs give out and I slump the mat on my knees. The ref moves in and pushes Margaret back. "Come on Margaret, let him up and out of the corner." It takes me several seconds to get to my feet. Even then I am still holding on to the ropes for support. I am in really bad shape, this young kid is really taking it to me. With one hand holding the ropes I use my other hand to rub my back. I'm not sure how much more I can take. The ref comes over to me and tells me: "Come on Geo, let go of the ropes or I'm going to count you out." I continue to hold tightly to the top rope "More time ref, please I need more time". The ref instantly begins to count me "ONE -TWO -THREE- FOUR". She continues her count till 14 when I release the ropes and step away from them.

We lock up and I manage to get a HAMMER-LOCK on her. I have her arm bent up behind her back. With unbelievable speed she spins around and now it's me that's caught in a HAMMER-LOCK. I am instantly up on my toes trying to ease the pressure. From the HAMMER-LOCK she quickly moves into a COBRA CLUTCH. She has my arms wrapped around my head and she is squeezing me very hard. She has me very close to submission, although she may be looking for a knock out. My vision blurs and I am close to going out. Suddenly the pressure is off my head and my vision clears quickly. As I try to shake out the cobwebs from my head her arms snake around my mid-section. She has me in a BEAR HUG. I gasp as she squeezes the air out of my lungs, she has tremendous strength. Seconds later she lifts me off the mat, up and over her head. I crash to the mat on my head and shoulders from a belly to back suplex. I'm dazed and disoriented from the suplex. I'm lying on the canvas at Margaret's feet, with my legs spread apart and my arms out to my sides. I am completely defenseless. My young female opponent wastes no time in continuing her attack on me. Grabbing me by my hair and arm she pulls me up again. Back on my feet it is easy for the fans to see I am on wobbly legs, Margaret has to hold me up. However, it's not for long. She again jams her arm between my legs and hooks my head. Displaying her enormous power she easily lifts me off the mat. She turns me upside down, holds me there for a few seconds and then slams me back down to the canvas. Her BODY SLAM of me is so powerful that I bounce when I hit the mat. For a second or two I slip in and out of consciousness. I lose track of where I am and what I'm doing. My back arches up off the mat and my hands fly to the injured spot. "OH god my back. She's trying to break my back!!" I scream in pain as I hold onto my aching spine. I'm helpless now, I have no more fight left in me. Looking up at her I softly whisper "Pin me Margaret, I'm finished. Just pin me". But that is not how she wins her matches. She again gets me to my feet. And again she lifts me off the mat. Again I am slammed down across her thigh. It's very clear that she is trying to hurt me. It seems as though she wants to win the match in dramatic fashion. Stretched out across her thigh I have no way to escape from this hold. Margaret has her fore-arm across my neck and is slowly chocking me. Her other hand is pressing down on my manhood. I'm trapped and in a lot of pain. "PLEASE, Margaret you're crushing my manhood. Stop, please stop!"

I'm scared of what she is doing to me. I've got to get out of this hold. She looks down on me and says "Come on Geo, you're finished. I've got you, submit the match!!" I know she's correct but I can't submit. "NO-NO, won't submit!! I can't lose another match!!" With that she pushes me off her thigh. I land on the mat and try to roll away from her. I don't get very far when she kicks me in the back. I'm am lying face down on the mat holding my back. I've taken a tremendous beating from this very young girl. I know I can't take much more from her. Margaret reaches down and grabs my head with both of her hands. She pulls me to my feet in front of her. Still holding my head tightly she puts it between her legs and squeezes. I'm bent over at the waist with my hands on her thighs. I try to pulls her legs apart but it is no use, she's too strong. She then wraps her arms around my middle. I am desperate to get free of her. She begins to squeeze me "What are you doing? What are you going to do to me?" I don't have to wait long to find out. With my head still trapped she lifts me off the mat and across her shoulders. I scream in terror "NO-NO, not the torture rack!!" But that is exactly what she is going to do to me. I scream in pain as I am bent over her shoulder "AAAAAAH!! NO-NO!!! But that is all I can do, just scream. Margaret shouts at me "I've got you now Geo. You're done, I've defeated you. Time to submit!!" She's right I can take no more punishment. My only choice is to surrender to her. I am about to suffer my third defeat in a row.

"OK-OK, I'm finished, you've beaten me!! I GIVE UP!! LET ME GO!! PLEASE LET ME GO!! YOU WIN, I SUBMIT!!!"

Margaret drops me to the mat and I land at her feet face up looking at the ring lights. I lie on the mat, surrounded by the shattered remains of my once great wrestling career. I can't get up so I just lie there. Margaret comes and stands over me with her arms in the air. After a minute or two she goes back to her corner to await the announcement. As I lie there the ref knees down beside me: "Are you OK Geo? Can you get up?" I take several very deep breaths before I answer "No can't move yet. Just let me lie here, she hurt me bad"' the ref stands and walks away. The announcement begins with me still lying on the mat looking up at the ceiling. The announcer just stands over me. "The winner of the match with a TORTURE RACK SUBMISSION MAGGARET MATTSON!!"

After a few more minutes I slow get to my feet. I am on wobbly legs and grab the ropes for support. It takes me almost 5 minutes to make it back to my dressing room. I am all alone as I sit down on the bench. "Beaten, for the third time in a row I've been defeated. I'll never get the chance to wrestle for a title again. I take off my boots, my thong and then my fishnet pantyhose. Slowly I make my way to the shower.