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W-548 "Training days"

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Annabel and I started an intensive period of training aimed to make the gorgeous blonde, the skilled and tough fighter she wanted to become. According to her request, I gladly took upon myself the role of her personal trainer. Of course I didn’t have any formal qualifications for that role so you could say I acted more as her sparring partner. However since I was a fan and follower of femfighting and had some connections in several underground fighting scenes I was a very valuable advisor to her on her quest to join this world. 

It was a great period of time for me. During the training, which mainly took place in her basement, I got to know her toned and luscious body very intimately since it is a contact sport after all. Sexy leotards were the standard for her and my full nudity were not rare either. Not surprisingly Annabel was very comfortable with her body in black thong gym leotard and my nudity was very usable for her. Rolling around with her and grabbing her nearly naked body anywhere I want without any restrictions was beyond my wildest dreams about her. I was simply hypnotized with her body in gym leotard – it was lean, toned and yet extremely curvy in all the right places. She was a goddess! 

During the training things sometimes turned sexual – it was always in the context of using sexual moves as part of the fight but I won’t deny that the lines between business and pleasure did get crossed every now and then. However, things never turned romantic between us, she always had her black gym leotard on. Anyhow I don’t want you to get the wrong idea, it wasn’t all just grab and tickle, most of the time it was hard training and serious fighting. I took a lot of painful beatings at the hands of that large breasted beauty in black gym leotard.

Since the fights are all no-hold-barred matches, we wrestled the same way – anything goes! There were only two red lines during the training – no punching in the face, and for Annabel – no punching in the balls! After all I didn’t want to get seriously hurt in the process. Other than that it was a real anything goes kind of fight. She was even allowed to grab and squeeze my balls. I did ask her however, that every time she is doing that, she will first just signal me for a second or two by grabbing my balls without applying any pressure, giving me the chance to surrender, and only if I don’t surrender she can do what ever she likes. In most cases she actually respected my request and gave me a chance to surrender and to save my balls. Sometimes girl in black gym leotard got carried away in the heat of the battle and just crushed the hell out of me, but over all I can’t complain she was pretty considerate. 

For our first training session I wore what I thought appropriate for wrestling - a pair of Speedos. When Annabel got a first glance at me she was shocked. It was the first time she saw just how big my manhood is. She put on a big smile, came closer, and without any hesitations grabbed my package for closer examination. I should have got used by now to Annabel’s direct approach but still I was a bit surprised. Surprised, yet delighted – her gentle touch fondling my package was great! The only time she touched it before was that knee she drove into it a few days ago… 

“Wow!! I didn’t know. Where did you hide it all these years?” 

Finally! Finally she noticed me and I’m being recognized for my impressive cock. It was music to my ears. No longer will it be this one sided attraction with only me drooling over her perfect physique while she treats me as her non-sexual friend. Now she will also have some physical interest in me. 

“Well, this is going to come in handy in more ways than one during our practice. I mean, you appear to be a great simulation for the big guys I’m going to fight against. And I’ve already realized in Greece that I’m… let’s say, having troubles, when big cocks are in the picture.”

I wasn’t sure exactly what did she mean but it was definitely good news. It was the first clue that things may turn sexual during the training. And as you know despite our platonic relationship Annabel was a long time fantasy of mine.

“I almost feel bad I’ll have to hurt such a beautiful package… But don’t get your hopes up - I’m not cutting you any slack“ she remarked with a vicious smile before patting my manhood twice and releasing it. Oh well, not everything she says can be good news…

As for Annabel herself, she used to come to our training sessions wearing a black gym leotard. On the first training when I saw her wearing this string leotard I was actually a little disappointed. It’s not that she didn’t look extremely sexy in it, but I had some secret hope that she will choose to fight topless after that barrier was already crossed that day when she asked me to be her trainer. Anyhow, seeing her in a leotard was always a treat and each time she surprised me with a new and sexier leotard. The top was usually two sizes too small to contain her magnificent breasts and the bottom was almost always a thong that displayed her shapely ass. 

Quite early in the training I noticed that her leotard is always moist between her legs when we are fighting. The damp spot that was sometimes noticeable on the crotch of her leotard left no questions regarding the source of that moisture… It was very flattering to think that I’m responsible for that, but after discussing it with Annabel, we both learned that fighting brings her to a very high levels of sexual arousal! This was also the explanation to the orgasms she reached when that guy licked her pussy on the beach after they fought. It was very important that she realized that since it obviously has implications on her fighting and she needs to take it under consideration. 

We had several types of training between which we rotated all the time. First of all Annabel worked a lot in the gym by herself lifting some weights in order to get stronger. The results were very evident as I could feel while wrestling her that she is getting stronger and stronger with time. After a while I couldn’t just overpower her easily like in the beginning. Another very pleasant outcome of that work was her stunning physique. Her sexy body in black leotard became very toned and tight and she looked even more athletic – shapely legs, flat tummy and her bouncy boobs looked like they are always in a push-up leotard… Her big C or D cup breasts were definitely the most beautiful natural breasts I have ever seen! And I had the pleasure of playing with them while we grappled…

We had endurance training just like the first time she asked me to punch her breasts. In those sessions I used to repeatedly punch her in the breasts, stomach or even in the pussy in order to get her used to the specific type of pain and to develop some endurance. I never felt quite right doing that but she insisted and it definitely made her tougher, a must have quality for a real fighter. 

A lot of the sessions focused on classic wrestling moves, wrestling holds and martial arts practice. We both had a little bit of prior knowledge and the rest we picked up from the web. We practiced many submission holds, how to apply them and ways to escape them. Annabel’s physical strength which was surprising for her size and her superb flexibility made her a very efficient wrestler.

The last type of practice and definitely my personal favorite was working on sexual holds. Holds that are focused on the sex organs, both the male and female ones. We did a lot of simulations on how Annabel’s breasts will be attacked and how her pussy will be tortured. Annabel learned just how painful such holds can be and how vulnerable her intimate parts are. From the attacker side Annabel became closely familiar with the male anatomy. I’m not talking about the sex aspect in which she was already a master, but rather how to exploit every weakness and every sensitive point the male genitals provide. I, being the subject who provided her those genitals to practice on, had to suffer the excruciating pain as she became viciously effective in applying various holds that involve balls squeezing. Black Panther in gym leotard quickly learned how to bring me into submission with minimal effort while applying maximal pain to my crotch. Well, as I said, it wasn’t all just fun and games… Annabel became very fond of such holds due to the relative ease at which girl in leotard could made naked guy submit and she used it more and more often while we were fighting in order to secure her wins. 

Another aspect we worked on was how to attack using the sex organs. Annabel learned to use face-sitting in order to dominate and humiliate her opponent and how to apply an effective breast-smother. After all she was more than equipped for it with her massive jugs… 

When I felt Annabel was almost ready to start engaging in real fights I issued a challenge to her to prove to me that she is indeed ready. I challenged her to beat me and make me submit without using what became her expertise and I suspect also her hobby – squeezing my balls. Annabel happily accepted and said it shouldn’t be a problem for her. As I completely undress myself gave the signal to start the fight this lethal lady in black gym leotard and matching boxing boots delivered a devastating, kickboxing style, knee to my left ribs. I was gasping for air when a second blow hit me. This time it was her left knee to my right ribs. About 5 seconds into the match I collapsed to the ground and was already totally at her mercy. Annabel rolled me face down to the mat, grabbed my right leg and performed a perfect single leg Boston Crab hold. I could hardly breathe from the excruciating pain in my ribs and the pressure on my back was intolerable. Blonde goddess in black gym leotard reached with her free hand and grabbed my package. But instead of hurting it she started patting it, sending me a very clear message that she can damage my naked vulnerable balls but choose not if I submit. She smiled and ordered "Naked male always weaker than girl in leotard! Call me Queen, weak boy, or I'll destroy your manhood!" I called her My Queen, submitted to her and no longer had any doubt in my mind – she is ready!