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CFNM headscissors female domination mixed wrestling gymnast leotard

Update: 01.09.2017

W-478 "Beaten by Hilary"

Gallery size: 190 Full HD pictures

Mixed wrestling, Ballbusting, 190 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), completely CFNM, no blood.

I was at home with my girlfriend, Hilary. She is the typical mediterranean female: 22 years old, brown hair slightly wavy, beautiful dark eyes, two incredible legs and a fantastic smile. We happen to read on facebook of Ronda Rousey, the MMA fighter. They read intrigued that she might even fight with a man she can win the same. I take this opportunity to say that it is impossible that a female can beat a male in a fight. To hear say, Hilary said that if she fight with me she can disintegrate to me. I laugh, even if I'd like to fight against her. I honestly thought that she was joking but instead she was very serious, in fact right after my short laugh she challenged me officially. I accept the challenge but first I have to explain the rules of the fight. We haven't any protection for an MMA match, so I decided to explain quickly the rules of mixed wrestling (scissors, grips, facesitting, victory poses, ecc.). Before fighting, Hilary decided to dress her gymnastics leotard that had brought with her and offered me to undress completely. I was agreed for the hot weather and stood naked before her. Finally begins the fight. I started better with my best physical and height (I am 1.85 meters , which is 6.0 ft and 24 years old, Hilary is 1.72 meters, which is 5.7 ft) but her agility is clearly better and immediately she came out of my lock and applied to me an headlock. I swear: I could not breathe. I did not think that in this little body could give off that power. I try to save myself but I can not, while my face began to turn red. I do not know how I manage to free myself. She look at me and says: "Wow, you're suffering. I am so superior?". I do not have time to answer that she apply an headscissor. Once again I could not breathed. I see some videos of mixed wrestling and I did not think that those scissors were series, but the headscissor of Hilary was powerful. I resisted one minutes and then I beat her three shots on his leg. She had won the first round by submission. I did not think that his superior agility affect so much. She looked at me again with her look almost dominant and said: "1-0! Still one and I won, male!". We had decided that in any case had to win two rounds to win. No time to finish this sentence that threw me to the ground and she sat over me, then stretch her beautiful leotard clad body on my naked body, causing me an erection, she added his feet to my feet and tried to open my legs as much as possible. Initially it was almost pleasant, after it was incredible suffering. It was very painful, so I escaped a groan of pain. Listening that she looked at me and started laughing to humiliate me. After she even jumped on my chest and she applied to me an headscissor much stronger than the previous one. Pride I told myself I had to resist and react immediately, but that gap was very powerful, so I took off energy. I resisted a minute in this hell, until I had to beat blows gently on the floor in sign of defeat. I was incredulous. I had no energy, I was lying on the ground with my arms and legs expanses while she got up slowly, smiling and looking into my eyes. She put her foot (very nice by a pedicure) on my naked groin, she put your hands up and looked me into my eyes again and said: "Who is the winner here?". With a whisper I told, "You, Hilary..." but it was softly that she began to press harder on his chest, repeating the same question. I could not answer her because she posed her foot on my neck. After a few seconds left the foot. Hilary was in disbelief but she saw me so grounded she was instinctive to apply myself a victory pose and said "I am superior that you! You do remember this!". After I got up and I found in front of me Hilary that she told me "I have dominated you, now you must kiss my feet!". She kicked to me in my balls that I bent down and saw his two feet. She quickly took my hair and I realized immediately that there I was no escape and kissed her feet as a sign of submission. At the end of all she lifted my chin with her finger, looked at me with a look of superiority and said "Feel less now, male!".

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