cfnm mixed wrestling leotard muscle powerful amazon goddess lift and carry ballbusting femdom

Update: 07.10.2016

B-429 "Lifted and ballbusted"

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Mixed wrestling, lift and carry, ballbusting, 220 pictures 1920x1080 (FullHD), CFNM, no blood.

Muscle powerful amazon woman warrior against big man - CFNM erotic mixed wrestling match!

Strength is not an issue is you know how to make him weaker than you. Here are examples of some incredible straight as an arrow kicks to the crotch. Some appear to be so hard that the man's entire package flops into the air, restrained only by what is left of his cords tucked into his well stretched out crotch. Even if kicking a man in the balls is outlawed in a CFNM match, the temptation of punting for two points is so irresistible to some women that even if the attack results in disqualification and a mark in the loss column the crotch shot is worth it for the pain factor alone. And when you look at the greatly satisfied leotarded woman towering over the debilitated naked man clutching his man eggs after such a match costing foul it's really difficult to think of him as the winner under any circumstances. A successful kick in the balls pretty much spells out who the real winner is going to be. Here we display images of woman successfully applying the crippling match winning maneuvers in no holds barred matches. Again note how well the man's facial expressions sell the effectiveness of the dead on kicks.

Sierra, the female fighter, says: "It gives me great pleasure and delight to have my leotard on while my male opponent naked, I know he's under my control because having him disrobe is a way to strip him of any wish of resist me. I enjoy my superiority. Nothing amuses me more than seeing my naked male opponent try to resist me. Finally all that resistance fades when he comes to the stark realization that his vulnerable point at my mercy. There is only one way to save his manhood, surrender in his nakedness and submission to me. CFNM represents the sexual tension of the unattainability of the leotard-clad woman and the utter vulnerability of naked male. Male cannot hide his desire from the Mistress. She can take full advantage of his nakedness to control him. This loss of control is intoxicating for the nude male and soon he finds that he craves not fight back but only this openness and vulnerability around his Mistress".

Derek, the male fighter, says: "There can be nothing worse than looking across the mat prior to the start of a match and watch your pending clothed opponent laughing and pointing at your naked crotch or giving the inch worm symbol with her thumb and forefinger. Soon chuckles from female fans and big cocked men fill the room as your face turns red from your shortcomings. You feel your little fellow shrivel with shame as the spectators howl with laughter. Your female opponent yells across the ring: <<Hey, that's cute. It looks like a penis + only smaller!>> You look past your opponent and watch the fans fall all over themselves with uncontrollable merriment v all of it at your expense. A cold chill runs up your spine as your thoughts race. You soon realize your female foe might go easy on the balls of a big-dicked rival as she may have designs on using his package later. But she will have no qualms about destroying your nuts and pathetic win during the fight. Emasculation or worse - is all but guaranteed. But you have nowhere to run. You and your small penis are going to have to go through with the inevitable".